What Does LF Mean On My Maytag Washer? Learn From The Best Guide!

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Helen Skeates
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What does LF stand for on my Maytag washing machine’s control panel? If you see an LF indicator, it means that the water running into the washer is broken.

Make that it’s not kinked or clogged. Your washing machine’s error display will show up if something is wrong with it if you have a newer model.

Maytag Washer LF Low Flow Fault Diagnose & Repair - YouTube

It’s far easier to pinpoint the problem with a washing machine that has an error code than it was with older versions. You may learn all about the error codes in this post if you haven’t already. If you want to keep your washing machine in good working order, you’ll need to know what these trouble codes mean. This page is just the beginning; there’s so much more to discover!

Error Codes In Maytag Washers And How To Fix It

It’s a good idea to use Maytag front-load washer error codes to figure out what’s wrong. Because of the individual error codes embedded into each model, the following error codes may not be what you can see. To learn more about your specific model, consult the owner’s manual. Let’s investigate the washing machine’s error messages. The following are included:.

#1. LC or LOC

The control lock has been activated if this indicator appears in the display. Touching the control lock button, which is similar to unlocking the control, will solve this issue.

#2. dET

dET appears on the washer display if the detergent cartridge is not identified in the dispenser. Most likely, you’ve forgotten to replace the washer’s detergent cartridge. After solving the dET error code, you may wish to check that the detergent cartridge has been inserted completely or that you have selected the appropriate modes for your washing machine. Some later models provide the second choice.

#3. What LF mean on your Maytag washer

LF stands for what on my Maytag washing machine? Error number F8 E1 or LF / LO indicates that there has been no water entering the washer for at least 13 minutes, which is a problem. It’s imperative that you know how to troubleshoot a washing machine if you see one of these error codes. F8 E1 or LF error codes will cause your washer’s doors to be locked and its controls to become unresponsive. To find out what’s wrong, you’ll need to press the washer’s power button to get it to drain.

The draining process will take between 8 and 10 minutes of your time. There is no way to stop the pump from running while it is draining. Don’t do anything further for the specified amount of time after that; rather, wait before attempting any additional features.

Check the water supply where the error code is dependent after you have successfully drained the remaining water from your washer. Take a look to see if the water is running from the mains supply.

In the past, you may have mistakenly operated the washing machine, believing that the water supply was on. Check both the hot and cold water faucets to make sure they’re working properly. The washing machine won’t work until both the hot and cold water sources are available to operate. Remove the error code, then.

Pressing the power button will restart the washing machine. Unplugging and re-plugging the power cord may solve the problem with the power button. Return to the beginning of the cycle. If you’ve just acquired a new washer, one of these error codes is to be expected. Drainage begins as soon as you press power, and all of the other buttons are rendered inoperable.

#4. F5 E2

The door of your washer may not be locking properly if you get an F5 E2 error message on the machine. Most likely, this is due to a conflict with certain products. To clear the mistake, hit the cancel/stop button twice, then power once. Also, find out what the F28 code on a Whirlpool washing machine signifies.

#5. F8 E2

The dispenser system is malfunctioning if you receive a F8 E2 error code. Only certain Maytag washer models are affected by this problem. In order to be sure that you are using the correct amount of detergent, you will need to check the label on the container.

#6. F# E#

In addition to the issues stated above, other error codes follow the pattern F# E# and indicate a problem with the washer’s system. Wait at least a minute before reconnecting the washing machine’s cord to the outlet. Turn it back on and see if the error code persists. Customer service may be able to help you if the issue persists. If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone, they will dispatch a qualified technician.

How can I clear the error code on my hot tub washing machine?

Press the stop or cancel button twice, then the power button once, to clear the code. It’s possible to see the code if you don’t unplug the power cord. Objects were discovered in the washing machine during the process of cleaning. Washing machines need to be cleaned every time they are used.

Maytag Washer Not Filling: What To Check?

Your Maytag washer’s water flow problems could be caused by a variety of factors. A problem with either the drain hose or the water entry hose or filter could be the cause of the problem.

To begin, make certain that the drain hose is attached to the drainpipe in the right manner. Sometimes the person who installs it doesn’t put it in the right place. The drain pipe should be 4.5 inches (114mm) deep. Using tape to secure the hose to the drain pipe might potentially cause drainage concerns, according to the Maytag service center.

Make sure there are no twists in the drain hose while you are inspecting the drain hose. It should not coil or kink as it makes its way to the washer.

It’s also possible that the drain pipe is clogged. “Snakes,” which are long cables with blunt ends, can be used to push up into the drain hose from the end that goes into the drain pipe to see whether there are any obstructions in it.

The open end can also be blown through aggressively to try and clear any obstruction.

The Water Inlet Hoses

The next step is to inspect the intake hoses. A pair of faucets for both hot and cold water can be found on each of the two. These can come undone or be fitted incorrectly. Every inlet hose’s filter will need to be checked as well.

Maytag Washer F5 error - cheap fix - YouTube

Checking Water Inlet Filters

Be sure to turn off the water supply to your equipment before performing any water system maintenance. Go ahead and shut off the washer’s hot and cold water supply by removing the hoses from both.

The water inlet hoses can now be disconnected. Take a look at where they are attached to your washing machine and disconnect one. The valve’s top will be sealed with a rubber gasket. Everything’s time to get rid of it and clean it up. Afterwards, you’ll be presented with a screen.

To clean them, you should be able to remove the screen. Rinse with cool water from the faucet. It’s possible that the filth has hardened, in which case you’ll have to scrape it away. Take care not to damage the filter in any way.

How Often Will I Need To Clean Out Drain Hoses Or Inlet Hoses?

The hoses on your Maytag washer should not need to be cleaned out very often. On a daily basis, how many loads of laundry you do will have an impact. Lint, hair, and fabric threads build up in the hoses and cause clogs when the hoses become clogged.

Doing more than one load a day may lead to hoses being cleaned out more frequently than individuals who use their washing machines infrequently.

Can I Put An Anti-Flood Control Or Device On My Washer?

For this reason, the specialists at Maytag recommend against doing this. The water flow into your washer could be disrupted if this is done.

What Does LF Stand For?

“Long fill” is the error code for the washer that begins with the letters LF. A lack of water indicates that the washer is taking too long to fill up. If the water pressure sensor does not indicate that the water level is correct, the main control will shut down. When the control panel is turned off, an error message is displayed.

What Do I Do To Reset My Maytag Washer?

In three simple actions, you can reset your Maytag washing machine.

  • A power/cancel button is available. To begin, simply press the button.
  • Start your washing machine on the cycle you’ve selected.
  • The start/pause button should be the final thing you do.

It’s now safe to continue the wash cycle on your Maytag washer.

How Can I Get Into The Diagnostic Mode On My Maytag Washer?

Be cautious when doing diagnostic tests. Some of the machine’s safety safeguards are bypassed during the testing, which involve moving parts.

Here’s how to perform a washer diagnostic on a Maytag:

  • If the washer is plugged in, all indications are off, and it is in standby mode, then it is ready for use.
  • For three seconds, press down a button on the washer’s control panel. Any button other than Start, Stop, or Power can be used. Press and hold the button for three further seconds after you’ve let go of it. Repeat the procedure a second time.
  • You’ll be subjected to extra diagnostic testing as a result of this. When all the lights come on for five seconds, you’ll know it worked. An “88” will appear on the clock. Use a different button if it doesn’t work the first time. If you are unable to enter diagnostic mode, you will need to contact your service specialist.
  • The saved fault codes will appear on the display when you enter diagnostic mode. Otherwise, the “88” will be displayed on all of the indicator lights. If no mistakes are found, the automated testing will begin in five seconds.
  • You should keep a record of any problems you find so that your service professional can fix them.
  • To exit diagnostic mode, press the “stop” or “power” buttons.

Can I Drain My Maytag Washer Manually?

A bucket, some towels, and patience are all you need to drain your Maytag washing machine manually.

  • The first step is to remove the washer from its wall-mounted position. Unplug the device after turning it off with the power button. Shut off the water supply to your home.
  • To begin, you’ll need to empty the drum of any clothing that may still be in there. After that, fill up the drum with water using a pitcher or bucket.
  • Take your bucket and place it beneath the drain hose once you’ve removed all of the waste from the drum. Remove it from the wall or sink drain and lower the open end into the bucket to remove any remaining water.

Are Maytag Washers Still Reliable?

People have traditionally relied on Maytag washers because of its affordability and dependability. Because of their reduced cost, they appeal to a wide range of consumers and can endure up to two decades or more in some cases.

How Do You Clear An Error Code From The Maytag Washer Display?

The first step is to fix the issue the code is pointing out. If you don’t address the underlying reason, the issue will recur.

The code can be cleared by hitting the pause/cancel button twice, followed by a single press of the power button.

If the code does not disappear after clicking the buttons, unplug the washer for one minute. Plug it back in after that. If that doesn’t work, take everything out of the washer and start over with a clean load.


How do I remove the inlet grille from the washing machine?

With a pair of pliers or your finger, remove the water inlet filters. Brush away any sand or grit that may have accumulated. If the suction grilles are calcified, you can soak them in a mild mix of water and vinegar. The water intake screens on the inlet valves of the washer should be cleaned.

How do I reset the spa washing machine?

Unplug the washing machine and wait a minute before reconnecting it. In order to reinstall the washing machine, you need to lift and lower the cover six times in a 12-second period. The engine is now ready to begin a new cycle.

What is the FL code of the Samsung washing machine?

If the FL error code is shown, the lock device has malfunctioned. When the door lock repeatedly fails to close, an error message flashes on the display. Remove the metal spring from the door seal by opening the door. The nib can be removed with a flat head screwdriver or a putty knife.

What does f8 mean on the washing machine?

Because there is too much water in the machine, an error number F8 E3 indicates that the water will not drain. – Overflowing the tub can cause the error code F8 E3.

How can I clear a Maytag washing machine error code?

Press the pause or cancel button twice and the start / stop button once to clear the code. If you’re still seeing the error number, try unplugging the computer for a few minutes. During the Clean Washer cycle, items were discovered in the machine. Rinse and repeat the washing machine cycle after removing all the objects from the drum.

Maytag Washer Repair – How to replace the Timer - YouTube

What Does Ld Mean on a Maytag Washing Machine?

Long drain is the fault code for the Maytag Bravo washing machine. When the machine is taking too long to drain the tub, this error code shows. The sewage pump may be to blame for this.

Is the drain hose kinked or blocked?

A code F9 E1 appears if the black drain pipe on the washing machine’s back is kinked or clogged. The drain tube can be visually checked for any obstructions.

Why is my washing machine showing F?

To identify a faulty component, the wash controller will display an F. The drain pump or too much foam likely caused the washing machine to not drain correctly because the door became stuck. Remove the wet laundry by opening the bathroom door and exiting through the door.

How do you clear the error code on a Maytag washer?

Pause or cancel twice and the power button once are all that is needed to delete the code from the device. For one minute, unplug or disconnect the washer’s power supply. It was discovered that items had been washed in the washer while running the Clean Washer cycle. Restart the Clean Washer cycle after removing the contents of the drum.

What does Fl mean on a washing machine?

Fault Codes for Samsung Front-Loading Washing Machines A Code of Error Troubleshooting a Washer An issue occurred when trying to unlock the door. Dc, the door is unlocked. Sudden increase in workload (F70) There are way too many suds in there.

Can I reset my Whirlpool washer?

My Whirlpool washing machine won’t start after a power outage. During this time, unplug the washing machine from the power source. Lift and lower the lid of the washer six times in a 12-second interval after plugging it back in. Now that the motor has been reset, you can begin a cycle on it.

How do I remove my inlet screen from my washing machine?

Using a needle-nose pliers or your finger, remove the intake screens from the water supply lines. Remove any debris with a brush. If the intake screens are calcified, you can soak them in a mild mix of water and vinegar. Clean water inlet screens should be reinserted into the washer’s intake valves.

What is e1 in washing machine?

An E1 Error number indicates that the machine is attempting to fill with water, but is unable to detect water entering the machine, according to my little study. An inlet valve clogged or failing, or an inlet valve with a broken seal, could be the cause of this problem.

How do I reset my Kenmore Elite washer?

HE Washer Reset Instructions for Kenmore Elite “Stop” twice and then power up your phone again. Once you’ve selected a wash cycle, select your wash settings (e.g. “Hot/Cold” or “Cold/Cold”), and then press the “Start Washing” button. To restart the washing machine after the reset is complete, press the “Start” button.

What is FL code on Samsung washer?

Using the FL error code, you can determine if the door lock assembly is defective. Before an error code appears on the display, the door lock will try to close seven times. Remove the metal spring from around the door gasket by opening the door. The spring can be removed with a flat head screwdriver or a putty knife.

Where is the water inlet valve on a Maytag washing machine?

Access is gained by removing the two screws on the bottom of the front panel. The couplings for the hot and cold water hoses are held in place by two hex bolts on the back plate, which you will remove. The Water Inlet Valve is seen here.

It’s A Wrap!

No more worrying about the little stuff now that you know what LF stands for on my Maytag washer. Every issue can be solved. Alternatively, if you already know what you’re doing, you can do the repairs yourself. It took a while for me to figure out what was wrong with my washer the first time I saw these error codes, but the internet saved me from having to pay a repairman. You don’t need a professional when the job is simple. This essay will put an end to your fear of those error codes. How do I reset my Maytag washer?

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