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The term “bamboo mattress” describes what it is perfectly. This particular design incorporates a cover or comfort layer made from bamboo. Which one of these two mattresses do you think is the real deal made from bamboo?

Below, we’ll discuss whether or not you should invest in a bamboo mattress and why. So, my question is: why the delay? Perhaps your search for the perfect night’s sleep will be aided by the discovery of a bamboo bed.

What is a bamboo mattress?

You can think of bamboo mattresses as memory foam mattresses with a bamboo cover instead of the usual cotton or synthetic one.

Stains are easily absorbed by bamboo because it is a porous material. That’s why it’s crucial that you regularly clean your bamboo bed!

Everything You Need To Know About Bamboo Mattresses

Like bamboo pillows, mattresses that use bamboo-derived elements like fibers into their construction and composition are often marketed as “bamboo mattresses.” That’s why it’s important to find out exactly what qualifies a bed as a “bamboo mattress” before making a purchase.

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Most bamboo beds on the market, for instance, have a bamboo mattress pad or cover. Memory foam, latex foam, or a hybrid may still serve as the principal component. Instead, the ideal bamboo bed will have comfort layers made from bamboo fibers.

You will read later on the many benefits of the bamboo mattress. Using an actual bed with bamboo fibers in the primary material will offer most of these advantages. You also want to check if what you’re getting is only a mattress with a bamboo-derived cover. Overall, check all the features on the model you’re eyeing to ensure that you will get the advantages you’re expecting on a bamboo mattress.

How are bamboo mattresses made?

You will read later on the many benefits of the bamboo mattress. Using an actual bed with bamboo fibers in the primary material will offer most of these advantages. You also want to check if what you’re getting is only a mattress with a bamboo-derived cover. Overall, check all the features on the model you’re eyeing to ensure that you will get the advantages you’re expecting on a bamboo mattress.

Is Bamboo Mattress Any Good?

The advantages of the bamboo mattress will be discussed in detail in a later section. Most of these benefits can be obtained by sleeping on a real bed constructed primarily of bamboo fibers. If you’re interested in purchasing a mattress, it’s a good idea to verify whether or not the cover is made from bamboo. Make sure you get the benefits you expect from a bamboo mattress by thoroughly researching the kind you are interested in purchasing.

The strong yet cushiony feel of a bamboo mattress filled with foam is ideal for relieving pressure. One more thing we enjoy about bamboo beds is that they are hypoallergenic. Did we mention that bamboo goods are naturally antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites?

What are the cons of bamboo mattresses?

A bamboo bed will likely have some flaws as well. Nonetheless, we believe the advantages are more than worth the drawbacks. Because we value honesty and want to provide our readers with as much information as possible, let’s talk about the downsides of bamboo mattresses.

The first is the high cost of purchasing a bamboo mattress. Keep in mind that it’s not as simple to manufacture as some other synthetics. Finally, to extend the life of your bamboo mattress, take special care to avoid spills and stains.

What Are The Benefits Of A Bamboo Mattress?

We believe that the fact that a bamboo mattress is made from a natural material is one of the main selling points for households considering making the switch. Bamboo beds are great for the environment and for your health if they are processed in an environmentally responsible manner. In addition, a bamboo mattress is more hypoallergenic than synthetic ones.

Bamboo mattresses are a great option for people who suffer from chemical sensitivities. How about the help it gives, though? Individuals have different requirements for rest and relaxation.

Even while it’s important to follow the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer, the majority of beds are already rather soft and smooth. Whether it’s the cover or the foam, sleeping on a mattress made from bamboo can keep you cooler at night. Some have likened it as resting in a thick gel foam.

What Is The Best Bamboo Mattress?

It’s not possible to single out one model as the greatest on the market. Instead, we will discuss where to look and what to look for in order to get the most suitable bamboo mattress for your needs. First, let’s talk about the comfort it’s supposed to bring in terms of pressure alleviation and support.

To avoid sinking and maintain a neutral spine, think about your body type and the way you sleep. Selecting a design with numerous levels allows you to tailor each component to a certain function. Perhaps one will provide cooling comfort while the other guarantees the ideal firmness.

Optimal user (or user) size should be selected in conjunction with available room size. You can both stretch out comfortably if you’re using it for two people. And finally, if you want peace of mind about the product’s safety, go with an option that has been approved by the United States’ CertiPUR-US program.

How do you remove stains from a bamboo mattress?

As a result of its unique composition, bamboo fabric cannot be treated with the same detergents and bleaches as cotton or memory foam.

For instance, rubbing alcohol can be used to clean stains from a cotton or memory foam mattress. The procedure of removing stains from bamboo is not affected by this, hence it will not work on that material.

Here are some alternative approaches to the standard mattress wash that you can utilize.

5 Tips to Remove Stains Once They Have Occurred

And despite your best efforts, a stain has appeared on your bamboo bed despite your careful precautions! Have no fear. If there is a stain on your clothes, we have some advice on how to get rid of it.

Here are the most effective approaches to cleaning a bamboo bed:

One, before addressing the area on your mattress, remove as much of the liquid as you can with paper towels or rags. This will make it easier to remediate the stain and cause less damage to the mattress.

Check the label to see what material your bamboo mattress is composed of; this will help you decide how to clean it.

Since rayon makes up the bulk of bamboo fabric, most water-based cleaners should work fine on a bamboo mattress.

Step 3: Dry the mattress thoroughly before treating a new stain. You can either wash them in warm water or let them dry naturally in the air, whatever is more convenient for you.

4. Lightly dab the area until the stain disappears (be careful not to scrub the area with too much pressure as it can damage your bamboo mattress).

5 – If the spot is still damp after stain removal, a protective covering should be placed over it to absorb any further moisture. This should help keep that spot from being stained again.

When you’ve finished removing the stain, don’t use any heat on the area. Don’t put your mattress in direct sunlight or anywhere that could damage it; instead, use a fan or hairdryer for gentle air drying.

How do I prevent stains from occurring in the first place?

Avoiding a stain in the first place is preferable to removing one after the fact. Here are some ways to keep your mattress stain-free:

Put a mattress protector on your bed to prevent liquids from soaking through to the mattress.

Get rid of anything liquid that could spill in your bedroom. If you don’t want your cat or child’s accidents to ruin your mattress, they should not be in the room when you sleep.

-Watch youngsters carefully, especially in the event of a bed leak.

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Best Bamboo Mattresses of 2022

Editor’s Pick


  • The combination of bamboo charcoal memory foam and aloe vera helps keep things airy, keeps moisture at bay, and fights odors.
  • Those with hypersensitive skin may find relief in the 100% natural materials.
  • The steel coils of a hybrid mattress provide responsive support, while the memory foam provides contouring softness.


  • The coils provide for a slightly firmer feel than you’d get with a mattress made entirely of foam. You might want to seek elsewhere if you want something that is simply fluffy.

Best Bamboo Mattress For Hot Sleepers


  • The top layer of the memory foam mattress is infused with bamboo charcoal, which helps to absorb heat as you sleep and promotes airflow.
  • With its foam construction, this mattress can be compressed down to less than 40 pounds for shipping.
  • The hypoallergenic and antibacterial components of the mattress promote a hygienic sleeping environment.


  • Due to the thinness and softness of the top three foam layers, this bed may be more suitable for back and stomach sleepers than side sleepers.

Best Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress


  • The fluffy top is well supported by the solid foundation.
  • This CertiPUR-US certified mattress is created with antibacterial, hypoallergenic ingredients, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin.
  • The top layer of memory foam is ventilated to provide for a more comfortable sleeping temperature.


  • The sweat-wicking qualities of the bamboo charcoal layer may be diminished by the separation caused by the top layer of memory foam.

Best Pillow Top Bamboo Mattress


  • The coils and foam in the mattress work together to give a perfect blend of support and comfort.
  • The pillow topper made of bamboo fiber may be suitable for those with hypersensitive skin.
  • The foam layers underneath the pillow top are aerated to promote airflow and keep the mattress cool.


  • If you’re seeking for a more comfortable mattress, you might be disappointed with the amount of foam it contains due to its compact design.

How We Picked the Best Bamboo Mattress

To the modern mattress landscape of coils, memory foam, and latex, bamboo and bamboo charcoal are amazing, unique materials (though obviously bamboo has been used for countless purposes for centuries). Some of the criteria we used to choose the most comfortable bamboo mattresses are outlined below.

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Bamboo in Relation to Other Layers

Most of the time, a thicker mattress with a layer of bamboo and bamboo charcoal on top is the best option. To get the most out of the sweat-wicking, skin-sensitive material, it’s ideal to keep it as near to you as possible. What exactly does the remainder of the mattress consist of though? We favored mattresses that had an extra layer of foam and a thick foundation.

Thickness of the Bamboo Layer

The thickness of the bamboo layer in comparison to the total thickness of the mattress was another factor we thought about. It’s not going to do much good if there’s only an inch or so of bamboo-infused memory foam under the cover of your mattress. The mattresses that gave us the most comfort while yet being supportive were our favorites (typically three inches was standard).

Breathability of the Mattress

The ability of bamboo charcoal or a bamboo layer to absorb moisture and keep you cool is a significant advantage. Why negate that gain by using heavy, hot latex? We favored mattresses where all of the layers contributed to good air circulation.

Tips for Selecting a Bamboo Mattress

Here are a few more considerations to make before purchasing a bamboo bed.

  • The mattresses that have been discussed are available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. It goes without saying that you’ll pick a mattress that fits your bed frame’s dimensions (twin, queen, king, etc.), but finding the proper height can be more challenging. You need to know the height of your bed to order a mattress of the right depth.
  • Most of the mattresses presented here will have either a thick slab of supportive foam at the bottom, or a layer of individually wrapped coils. When opposed to a rigid foam layer, a mattress with coils may support greater weight while still feeling comfortable.


Are bamboo mattresses good?

Mattresses made of bamboo can be a terrific option for people who prefer to sleep on more organic materials. It is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, as well as being breathable and a good insulator. Because of this, it’s a good choice for people who live in warmer areas or who tend to get warm throughout the night.

What are the benefits of a bamboo mattress?

In addition to its sensitivity and cooling properties, bamboo is also an eco-friendly, natural material.

What is the best bamboo mattress?

There are a variety of bamboo mattresses available, but the most comfortable ones combine bamboo or bamboo charcoal with additional materials, such as memory foam and a stronger foam or spring basis. The Lucid 12″ Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera-Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress and the BedStory 12″ Bamboo Charcoal-Infused Gel Memory Foam Mattress were the most effective combinations of bamboo and other materials.


Do you long for a bed that is closer to nature? We’ve established that “bamboo mattress” simply means “mattress made from bamboo fibers.” Some companies only employ bamboo in the foam, while others include a topper or cover made from bamboo materials.