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Do you need someone to explain what a club chair is? You can consider your question answered; by the end of this article, you will be an expert on club chairs.

When the people who live there are able to kick back and relax in their own home, that’s when it’s truly at its best. After all, that’s where people go to relax at the end of the week or on the weekend.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to creating a cozy abode, but one of the most crucial is the furniture already there. The club chair epitomizes the concept of cozy furnishings. The leather club chair can be a bold statement piece depending on the shade and style you choose.

Everything You Need To Know About Club Chairs

Armchairs and wingback chairs are just two examples; others include egg chairs and tulip chairs. Among modernists, there is a preferred option. But what is the difference between a club chair and a normal chair?

What Is a Club Chair? (+ the Best Club Chairs) | Living Spaces


A club chair is a type of armchair distinguished by its plush padding and leather upholstery. Club chairs, which are typically low-backed and have generous seating, have a unique history that contributes to their character.

The back and arms of a standard club chair are usually made of a single unit, but armless club chairs are also widely available. Traditional homes often have these, which go by other names such as leather armchairs or smoking chairs.

These chairs have an air of antiquity about them, making them perfect for a living room that aims to impress. The aesthetic value of your home can be greatly enhanced by installing one of these.

Where to use

It’s easy to see why club chairs have become so popular for the casual office. They are stylish and soft for a pleasant sitting experience. A club chair provides a comfortable and versatile seating option for waiting and lounging areas, libraries, and social gatherings.

The frame of this type of chair typically has a conical, rounded shape. Depending on the scenario, the backrest of the chair may also be made available. If you’re looking to “lighten up,” grab the rotating seat.

One of the most practical places is the living room or family room. It works wonderfully as an armchair in a space where you want to relax and read or have after-dinner conversations. The master bedroom, an at-home office, or even an open living area with seats are all good alternatives.

Name origin

The name “pleasant chair” was initially used to describe the chair before its widespread adoption in nightclubs. Particularly in gentlemen’s clubs, they were available for men to use whenever they felt the need for a break from the house and a drink. That’s why they call them “club chairs” now.


Club chairs were conceived and first produced by designers in France around 1929. The term “fauteuil confortable,” meaning “comfortable armchair,” was coined to distinguish it from the more formal “fauteuil de style.”

The earlier “fauteuil de style” armchairs were much less cocooning due to their straighter lines. Although the club chair’s original designers have been forgotten to history, their creation was an instant hit with consumers.

The club chair’s popularity and utility led to its rapid spread from gentlemen’s clubs to other types of dining establishments. Later, it was paired with tables to soften the formality of the house’s formal dining rooms.

Modern club chairs

During the Art Deco era, the club chair went through a transition from its original round form and padding made of double conical springs and coir to its current more fluid and clean lines. In the decades that followed, new silhouettes such as the “gendarme’s hat” and the “moustache” emerged.

These days, you can choose from a dizzying array of club chairs when shopping. Modern swivel club chairs can be found in both classic and cutting-edge designs.

However, the backs of today’s leather club chairs are typically only as high as the armrests. The reclining club chair is a contemporary update on the traditional club chair.

Things to Look for in a Club Chair

Finding an arm chair that provides comfort in both overt and covert ways is the goal. In a word, they are reassuring. Remember that you will be spending a lot of time in this chair reading or dozing off. Oversized chairs are a common sight.

Although leather has traditionally been used, other materials and styles have been explored. The term “club chair” describes the general shape rather than any particular design or era. That means there will be many different interpretations of what a club chair is.

How We Came Up With Our Top 10

One, you need to make sure you’re cozy. The chair’s high level of comfort is a major selling point for us. The armchair you choose to spend the afternoon in should be comfortable. Oversized and stuffed items are appealing to us. As long as we can relax, that’s all that matters.

The emphasis should be placed on quality workmanship. A well-made club chair can speak for itself, regardless of what you call it. We really appreciate it when the designers take the time to show us all the little things they did to make the chair more relaxing.

The definition of a club chair is constantly expanding, and our selection reflects that with a wide range of styles. With so many options, we hope you’ll be able to find something you’ll enjoy.

10 Top Club Chairs

1. Coggins Club Chair

  • Format: Classical
  • Style: Extra-wide leather chair with thick padding at the arms and back

If you’re looking for a classic club chair, look no further than the Coggins Club Chair. It’s spacious, with plenty of padding in the arm and backrests for supreme relaxation. The luxurious Italian leather from which it is crafted speaks to its quality. The brown color is very attractive.

The chair’s supportive back and firm seat are both much appreciated. It’s the kind of thing that deserves an evening of your time. It’s worth noting that the cushion on the seat is fixed in place. This is a minor point, but we felt it necessary to bring up. The chair is a great buy and well worth the money.

2. Clark Leather Club Chair

  • In a contemporary and modern style.
  • Style: oversized, vintage with flared sleeves

Stylish and sophisticated, the Clark Leather Club Chair is a must-have. The distinctive retro flair of the flared arms screams ’50s fashion. For a lower price, it substitutes vinyl leather for top grain leather on the sides and back. It is comfortable and has a medium level of firmness.

The black chair is our favorite, but it also comes in a vibrant tangerine that would be perfect in a modern or beachy living room. The Clark Leather Club Chair is substantial in size and weight. Check that you have enough room.

51 Club Chairs that Offer Supreme Comfort and Timeless Style

3. Pablo Club Chair

  • The Rustic Style
  • Crafted with a leather covering, a hardwood structure, and brass tacks.

The Pablo Club Chair is typical of the type of furniture you’d find in a cabin or lodge. This club chair meets all expectations for a high-quality piece of furniture thanks to its combination of classic design and eye-catching details. This chair has a lot going for it. To stay true to the design’s definition, it’s constructed entirely of leather.

There’s something about the leather’s patina that makes it feel classic. The front arm accents of brass tacks are a nice touch. The high-density down in the chair’s removable seat cushion ensures a pleasant sitting experience. The tufted back improves an already elegant design.

4. Rhodes Fabric Club Chair

  • Cottage/Country Style
  • Style: Stylish padded design in two shades of blue

The Rhodes Fabric Club Chair may seem unassuming at first glance, but its understated elegance belies its low price. The smoothness of its contours is a good indicator of how cozy it is. It’s a lovely club chair that will look great as an accent piece in any room, and it has a medium level of firmness. It would look right at home in a rustic bedroom.

This chair shows great craftsmanship with its solid construction and generous padding. Fabric used for the seats is a polyester blend. You can choose between a light blue and a dark blue Rhodes Fabric Club Chair. Both tones are exactly right. This chair is one of the lighter options we considered. It also doesn’t need any assembly and can be cleaned quickly and easily.

5. Chimayo Club Chair

  • The Industrial Style
  • Style: Genuine leather and metal frame combine traditional and modern elements

There’s something delightfully steampunk about the Chimayo Club Chair. As befits a club chair, the upholstery is made of leather. Its weathered appearance adds to its warmth and coziness. However, the design deviates from convention by having a metal back and front edging. The silhouette is modern, with the arms cut wide.

When compared to other chairs in this style, you may be surprised by how compact this one is. The juxtaposition of the smooth curves and sturdy metal parts was a major selling point for us. It’s a unique piece that would stand out in an industrial setting and start conversations.

6. Rigg Nailhead Armchair

  • Stylish: glitzy
  • Concept: a gray velvet-upholstered box with nailhead trim.

Class is in the air with the Rigg Nailhead Armchair. Its boxy silhouette and plush gray velvet upholstery exude an undeniable air of refinement. We enjoyed the way the frame’s sharp angles contrasted with the backrest’s rounded shapes. The nailhead trim along the front and sides gives it a striking look.

The seat cushion has a medium level of firmness. A quilted pillow is included for your convenience. You can get cozy in the club chair because it’s on the roomier side. The design as a whole is stunning. It will be the center of attention wherever you put it. It’s gorgeous, and it’s also strong and well-made.

7. Smith Club Chair

  • Format: Classical
  • Decoration: Nailhead and leather upholstery, elaborate wooden frames

The Smith Club Chair is a timeless classic with a modern, international flair. Beautiful details can be found in the cabriole legs that are exposed and the ornate woodwork that runs along the top. Because of these features, it is also a great choice for a contemporary or modern living room. Genuine leather covers the seats, while faux leather covers the back and armrests.

The upholstered rolled arms and nailhead trim make for a luxurious seat. The chair’s color, a rich brown, makes it seem cozy and welcoming. We could see ourselves settling into this chair for an afternoon of reading. The cushioned back and seat are both detachable for straightforward cleaning.

8. Riggle Velvet Club Chair

  • Chic and glitzy
  • Style: a big box with padding on all sides

The Riggle Velvet Club Chair’s unassuming boxy silhouette belies its high level of comfort. The armrests are rounded and the padding is thick and plush all the way around. The plush velvet upholstery will make you feel like a king or queen. It’s available in five beautiful colors, but our favorite is the sophisticated navy.

It’s a big chair, but it’s not cumbersome. However, you should take dimensions of your room before placing an order. The cushion can be taken out and switched around on the seat. It would look fantastic in a room decorated in a contemporary or modern style.

9. Evander Club Chair

  • A Contemporary or Modern Look
  • Traditional club chair style, with clean lines and brass nailhead accents.

Blending classic and contemporary design, the Evander Club Chair stands out from the crowd. It has the classic club chair’s brass nailhead trim, but its rounded silhouette feels more modern. The style is effective in so many ways.

The frame is made of birch wood and plywood, and the upholstery is faux leather. The chair’s unconventional antique black finish adds a touch of sophistication.

10. Hydrus Arm Chair

  • In a modernist style
  • Shape: rounded with a tall back

The Hydrus Arm Chair combines classic features of an armchair with the clean lines of a modern chair. The chair has a timeless appearance while also having the sleek lines and minimal detailing of a modern piece. The chair is surprisingly light despite its substantial appearance.

The attractive faux leather upholstery is a great design touch. Choose from black, dark brown, or taupe for this chair. Its refined style makes it a potential focal point piece in any executive’s workplace.

Club Chair Care

We are proud to offer vintage leather club chairs in pristine, fully or partially restored, original leather. Your chairs will serve you well for many years if you take good care of them.

We ask that you please not sit on the arms of these Vintage leather chairs and that you empty your pockets of any sharp objects (tools, keychains, etc.) before taking a seat. Take care of them as if they were in your own home, and encourage others to do the same.

If your chairs spend a lot of time in direct sunlight, you should condition the leather at least twice a year. We use a wonderful chair conditioner by the brand Cadillac. It’s sold at most auto parts and hardware stores, and you can also order it from them online at cadillacshoe.com.

For optimal results, we recommend pouring a small amount onto a glass plate, dipping your flat palm into it, and rubbing the chair in wide, overlapping circles. To fix a darker ring left by a drip, simply add more paint to that area and blend the circle’s edges with light, circular strokes. Using your hands directly is the most effective method; a towel or rag will only soak up the liquid. Cadillac is safe to use and won’t cause any irritation or dryness to your hands. It has no discernible aroma and can be easily washed off with soap and water.

Murray Club Chair in Buffalo Leather – Dartbrook Rustic Goods

Rapid action is necessary if the chairs become stained with water or another liquid. To lessen the potential stain, the same “feathering” method should be used. The best way to remove a stain without leaving a visible mark is to dampen a clean rag with water and rub the area in a circular motion.

Scratches: Kiwi Brown shoe polish, melted between your fingers and rubbed broadly over the scratched area, can help hide minor scratches on the chairs. Instead of focusing on the scratch itself, spread the wax out over a larger area so it disappears.


The club chair is still popular at trendy restaurants in the present day. It remains a popular choice both in informal eateries and at people’s homes. That’s why it’s so critical that absolutely everybody recognize a club chair when they see one.

Because of their basic shape and plush upholstery, these chairs can fit in with a wide range of design schemes. Club chairs are available in a wide range of hues to complement the decor of any space.

The club chair’s classical French design roots haven’t dimmed its appeal over time. Particularly leather club chairs convey an air of sophistication and individuality. Its unique quality can lend a room a touch of class without sacrificing any of the convenience.

Helen Skeates

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