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If you’re wondering, “What is a Euro mattress?” the answer is that it has a Euro top. Do not confuse it with a pillow top mattress; for more information on the distinction between the two, see the related article below. It’s also important to verify whether or not the bed is a Euro mattress or European size.

Here is a guide to finding European-size mattresses in the United States, in case you’re still lost.

What Does A Euro Mattress Mean?

Another name for a Euro mattress is a Euro top. It’s similar in structure to a pillow top bed, and it could even be thought of as a subset of pillow tops. A Euro mattress, like a pillow top, has an extra layer of padding at the top that makes it cozier than a regular mattress.

However, the Euro mattress can be thought of as a step up from a pillow top. Because it is made with superior materials, it costs more than a standard mattress with a pillow top. Unlike conventional pillow top beds, this one has a distinctive design in which the plush layer is stitched directly to the mattress’s surface.

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Euro top vs pillow top

  1. Because there is no barrier between the plush top and the main mattress structure, pillow top mattresses are more comfortable than Euro mattresses.
  2. Since pillow top mattresses are typically thinner than Euro top mattresses, the latter type is preferable for reducing motion transfer.
  3. Because the plush top is sewn into the cover of a Euro mattress, the mattress has a more technical design and appears more uniform and sophisticated; it also provides side support.
  4. Unlike pillow top mattresses, which have extra padding sewn directly onto the mattress, Euro mattresses do not feature a flap.
  5. Euro top mattresses are more long-lasting than pillow top ones because of their flush design, which eliminates the indentation that forms between the mattress and foundation when a person moves around in bed.

Benefits of a Euro Top Mattress

Extra layers of softness A euro top mattress’s extra soft layers make it ideal for relieving stress on the body. These beds are ideal for those who suffer from hip or back pain, or who prefer to sleep on their side. If you tend to sleep on your side, a euro top is your best bet because it provides the most contouring and cushioning for your shoulders and hips as you compress into the mattress.

Since the Euro top is sewn into the mattress’s base border, it can contain a wide variety of materials. In contrast to a pillow top, the materials used in a Euro top are an extension of the mattress’s core, so they can include coils, foam, memory foam, or latex. Because of this adaptability, a euro top can be worn in a wide range of styles and comfort levels.

What Is The Difference Between Euro Top Pillow Top And Tight Top Mattresses?

A tight top mattress is not the same as a Euro top or pillow top mattress, but they are similar. Tight top mattresses do not have an additional layer of padding on top, but rather use a flat fabric like cotton, polyester, or wool. The name “tight top” refers to the tautness with which the fabric layer across the top of this mattress is stretched.

One more way in which a Euro top or pillow top bed differs from a tight top is the softness and contouring nature of the top cushioning layer. A tight top mattress, on the other hand, is not soft because it lacks that extra layer of padding at the top. Plush tight top models, on the other hand, employ a more substantial soft layer.

Are Euro Top Mattresses Firm?

Pillow top mattresses are softer than Euro top mattresses because the padding is sewn on top of the cover instead of underneath it. When lying down on a pillow top, you will experience more sinkage than on a Euro top. Euro mattresses have a more solid feel because of their dense, cohesive construction.

However, because its edges aren’t flushed, a pillow top is more likely to shift. This makes the sides of a Euro top bed feel more firm than those of a pillow top bed. A pillow top is the way to go if you prefer a soft mattress, while a Euro top is better for those who prefer more support.

Please read our guide if you aren’t sure how firm your mattress should be. The level of firmness in a mattress is significant because it determines how well it will support and comfort the sleeper.

How Thick Is A Euro Top Mattress?

A standard Euro top mattress is around three inches thick, and because there is no gap between the layers, it is denser than a pillow top. Even though a Euro bed’s flushed structure requires more materials, it gives the impression of a plumper pillow top. Find out if a Euro top is right for you by following these guidelines on how thick a mattress should be.

Can You Flip A Euro Top Mattress?

Turning a Euro top mattress instead of flipping it is the norm. This is because most beds that have padding on the surface only cover one side. This designates a soft upper layer and a firmer, more supportive lower layer.

If you flip your Euro top mattress, the softer materials will be used on the bottom, which can cause permanent deformation over time.

Who should not buy a euro top mattress?

Although euro tops offer a great deal of versatility and comfort, they may not be the best choice for everyone. A euro top is not the best option if you like your mattresses on the firm side. The extra padding of a euro top mattress makes it more comfortable to sleep on. If you prefer a very firm bed, a tight top is the way to go.

Things to consider before purchasing a Euro Top mattress

Mattresses for every need and price range are described here. Consider your anticipated mattress usage before making a purchase. The mattress you choose will have a significant impact on your quality of sleep, so it’s important to think about whether it will be used occasionally as a guest bed or frequently as an RV’s extra sleeper. Lower quality mattresses wear out quicker and lose their support more quickly.

Most euro top mattresses will have an average level of comfort and support. That means they’ll have a firmness somewhere in the middle. There are, however, manufacturers who specialize in both firm and soft euro top mattresses. It’s important to know what you’re looking for in a mattress so you can pick the right level of comfort.

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The different types of Euro Top mattresses available

The wide selection of euro top mattresses available to shoppers belies the widespread misconception that they are all the same. The primary distinction is due to the materials used in the construction of the mattress and the euro top.

Our research has shown that the majority of sleepers benefit most from a hybrid mattress. To provide the best of both worlds, a hybrid mattress combines a spring unit with foam. The popular foam layers on top of the mattress provide comfort and pressure relief while still providing the support, feel, and bounce of a traditional innerspring unit. The hybrid three-quarter mattress made by Brooklyn Bedding is our top choice.

Memory foam mattresses: This material was developed and used by NASA before finding its way into mattresses. While memory foam’s pressure-relieving properties are undeniable, the material’s unusual texture may take some getting used to. We advise anyone considering buying a memory foam mattress for the first time to try it out first.

One of the most all-natural and eco-friendly mattress options is a latex mattress. The amazing pressure relief and support capabilities of latex make it a popular choice among health-conscious consumers.

Top 5: Euro Top Mattresses


Brooklyn Bedding creates the luxurious Aurora Euro Top Mattress. There are literally thousands of people who have purchased this mattress and are satisfied customers of Brooklyn Bedding. The pocketed coils and comfort layers in the Aurora’s hybrid design work together to provide a firm yet cushioned night’s sleep. The Aurora comes in three different firmness levels, catering to customers with varying preferences. This mattress is our top pick for best value and best all-around because of its hybrid construction, low price, high reviews, and varied firmness options.

2. The Organic Luxury Hybrid by Awara

Mattresses by Awara are known for their high quality and eco-friendly construction. Pocketed coil innersprings, organic latex, organic wool, and organic cotton all contribute to Awara’s chemical-free and environmentally friendly design. The Sleep Foundation, Tuck.com, and Mattress Advisor have all deemed the Awara to be the best organic mattress available. The Awara’s Euro Top is stuffed with 4 inches of dunlop latex that has been certified as sustainable by the Rainforest Alliance. In addition to providing support and bounce, latex is excellent at relieving pressure.

3. The Evolution by Nolah Mattress

The comfort and support of the Nolah Evolution Hybrid mattress are provided by a combination of a pocketed coil support system and a Euro top. This section is constructed from numerous layers of supportive and breathable foams that help you maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. This mattress’s luxurious support system and comfort layers make it ideal for those who prefer to sleep on their side.

4. The Oceano Luxury Hybrid by Brentwood Home

For an exceptionally plush and supportive surface, the Oceano uses two layers of individually pocketed coils. This mattress’s combination of supportive coils and contouring memory foam makes it an excellent choice for sleepers of varying sizes and shapes. For those who prefer a more lavish feel, the Oceano has been voted “best luxury mattress,” “best overall mattress,” and “best hybrid mattress” by a number of reputable online publications and reviewers. If you prefer a more rigid and firm mattress, this is not the one for you.

5. The Titan Luxe Mattress

The Titsn is one of the few mattresses available that is designed to accommodate larger bodies or greater weight. The Titan is not like other mattresses that lose comfort or support when used by heavier people. When subjected to greater stress from heavier weights, the Titan will perform as designed. The Titan Luxe, the newest addition to the Titan family, features a euro top for added comfort on top of the company’s signature strong support.

Alternative options for purchasing a custom size euro top mattress?

Find local custom mattress factories if you’d rather not buy a mattress online and have one made to your specifications. There are a few local options for custom-mattress makers.

  • Manufacturers of Verlo Beds
  • Manufacturing Beds Since 1897

Euro Plush Mattress - Perfecta Mattress

What to do with your old custom mattress?

If you buy a new bed from an online retailer, you’ll need to figure out how to get rid of your old one. Fortunately, “A Bedder World” offers nationwide mattress disposal services. Your old mattress will be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way thanks to our partnership with local mattress recycling centers. Over 500,000 mattresses have been recycled so far. Set up a pick-up time here. Do it yourself by recycling it!


Finally, the end! A Euro mattress is also known as a Euro top mattress. It’s padded at the top like a pillow top, but the flushed sides give it a stacked appearance. This mattress is a good option for those who prefer a firmer surface without as much sinkage as a pillow top.

We expect you gained some new knowledge about beds from this article. Feel free to use our extensive knowledge base or ask us a question via email.

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