What Is A Geri Chair

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Helen Skeates
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The geri chair is just one example of the many innovations made to aid the disabled and elderly. Find out in this article what a geri chair is and how it might benefit you or a loved one.

We can’t stop the hands of time from making us older. Our abilities decline as we get older. When we are confined to bed for the foreseeable future, it will be nice to have something soothing to look forward to.


The Geri Chair

A geri chair is a chair designed for the elderly. It is also known as a geriatric chair, positional chair, or clinical recliner. It can replace the need for a hospital or home care bed.

Its adaptable structure is ideal for the elderly whose mobility has been hampered by age. Due to poor posture or being confined to beds, they are at risk of injury or worsening conditions.

Drive Medical 3 Position Geri Chair - Drive Medical Geri Chairs

Although geri chairs are most commonly associated with the elderly, they are also ideal for those with limited mobility due to injury, illness, or rehabilitation. Despite its drawbacks, the geri chair has the potential to promote patient autonomy.

A geri chair can be adjusted to a variety of therapeutic positions, all the while providing stable, comfortable support. Independence plays a significant role in the healing process, and it can greatly improve a person’s quality of life.

It guarantees several supported positions for patients thanks to its tray, safety belt, and side rails. The majority of these seats are made with pressure relief in mind.

There’s no place a geri chair wouldn’t be welcome by a person with mobility issues. They are so versatile that they can be used anywhere from the comfort of your own home to a hospital, nursing home, rehabilitation center, cancer treatment facility, or dialysis clinic.

A geri chair allows a person to get out of bed but still have a comfortable place to sit that provides adequate support. It’s an easy way to give the patient a pleasant change of scenery. Those providing care will benefit from it as much as the patients themselves.

What are the types of geri chairs?

Different types of geri chairs offer varying degrees of support for the user. You can get chairs with an infinite number of positions, chairs with four positions, or chairs with three positions.

  • Freedom is maximized in infinite-position chairs, which permit full horizontal positioning and even Trendelenburg positioning. This variety serves multiple purposes as well.
  • As their name implies, 4-position chairs allow for multiple sitting angles. They’re versatile enough to accommodate sitting up straight, lounging lazily, or reclining fully, all while the legs are propped up.
  • Chairs with only three positions are the bare minimum. They allow you to sit up straight, recline with your legs up, or sit up straight with your legs up.

How to use a geri chair?

A geri chair is essentially the same thing as a wheelchair. The patient needs only to be moved gently from their bed or other surface to the chair.

Geri chairs typically have a lever or bar to help you recline in them. To lock the chair in the position that provides the most comfort and support for the patient, it is stirred into that position.

The geri chair’s included tray means it can also be used to help the patient eat. When feeding, simply place the food in the tray.

The geri chair’s difference from a basic recliner and a wheelchair 

When compared to a standard recliner and a wheelchair, the geri chair is superior in terms of support, comfort, and mobility. Patients who require a stronger and less constrictive seating option are encouraged to consider this option.

It has more flexible placement options built in. Ulcer and pressure sore prevention, as well as healthy posture and blood flow, are all aided by the chair’s adaptable design.

In addition, geri chairs have features like a tray, safety belt, and side rails to ensure the security of users who are frail or have trouble moving around. As an added bonus for convenience and security, it rolls easily from place to place on casters.

Padded seats, footrests, backrest, and armrests add extra comfort compared to a standard recliner or wheelchair. A typical geri chair will be constructed from hospital-grade materials, meaning it will be durable and simple to clean and sanitize.

Five Best Geri Chairs for 2022

1. Graham-Field Lumex Three Position Geri-Chair Recliner

The Graham-Field Lumex Three Position Geri-Chair Recliner is an advanced piece of furniture for long-term care facilities that prioritizes the convenience and independence of its occupants. The Lumex Three Position Recliner can be set to three convenient positions: sitting, watching TV, or fully reclined. By allowing you to adjust your body’s position, this recliner can help with circulation, reduce stress, and alleviate the symptoms of respiratory, cardiovascular, and other conditions.

Reasons to choose Lumex Three Position Recliner

  • Rear swivel wheels measuring 5″
  • Sturdy, welded steel construction
  • Transport safety and convenience
  • Simple upkeep and cleaning

Features GF Lumex Three Position Recliner Chair

  • The Flex-o-Lator seat support system lessens the likelihood of discomforting bottoming-out.
  • The chair’s three readily accessible positions can be locked in place by the caregiver using the chair’s exclusive position lock.
  • The reclining position promotes restful sleep and enhanced blood flow.
  • The correct amount of support is provided by the seat and back’s ergonomic design and its variable-density foam construction.
  • The movable headrest can be quickly adjusted to fit any user’s needs.
  • The Lumex Three Position Medical Chair’s two swivel casters measure four inches and lock, while the chair’s four front wheels measure four inches and do not swivel.
  • The molded activity table can be securely fastened in place or left loose for quick recliner-to-floor transitions.
  • Strong, welded steel with an epoxy coating means minimal upkeep.

How to clean Lumex Geri Chair?

  • Inspect and clean the wheels.
  • Adjust bolts
  • Test the casters’ brakes.
  • Lock recline mechanism must be checked and cleaned.

For Lumex Recliner upholstery maintenance and stain removal

  • Common grime can be removed with a warm bath and some mild soap.
  • To remove stubborn dirt, repeat steps one through three using a soft bristle brush.
  • Scrub with a powdered detergent or other similar product to remove ground-in dirt.
  • Carefully scrape the gum and then dissolve it in kerosene or naphtha.
  • Avoid damage to your nails by blotting excess nail polish or remover right away.
  • Clean up spills as soon as possible with a white cloth and water or mineral oil and a ballpoint pen.
  • Get rid of the paint, shoe polish, and heel marks right away! You can use kerosene, naphtha, or turpentine on a white rag to clean. Paint strippers and brush cleaners should not be used.
  • Staining can be avoided by removing tars, asphalt, and creosote. Remove dirt and grime with kerosene or naphtha
  • Increases durability after being waxed and refinished. Apply a good paste wax.
  • This chair can be cleaned with a 10% (or less) solution of bleach or Clorox.
  • Kerosene and naphtha are flammable liquids, so use them with extreme caution and only in a well-ventilated area.

2. Graham-Field Lumex Electric Bariatric Clinical Care Recliner

If you need a wider chair to accommodate a larger patient, look no further than the Graham-Field Lumex Electric Bariatric Clinical Care Recliner. The chair’s sturdy steel construction allows it to support up to 700 pounds. With its four-way hand pendant, the chair can be adjusted to an infinite number of positions for the user’s comfort. The caregiver has full control over positioning thanks to separate controls for the leg rest and backrest.

Features Graham-Field Lumex Electric Bariatric Clinical Care Recliner

  • Bariatric Clinical Care Using the Graham-Field Lumex Electric Device The reclining chair’s built-in head pillow is an added bonus for relaxation and rest.
  • The chair’s Trendelenburg position can be quickly and easily accessed via a trigger on the push handle.
  • Complete with a rechargeable battery pack for use even when you’re not near an outlet.
  • The four swivel casters make it easy to move around even in tight spaces.
  • High-strength, chair-arm-mounted, corrosion-resistant tables are ideal for holding ingredients and tools during preparation.
  • Simple for a caregiver to activate
  • The operator can adjust the height of the leg rests and back support separately.
  • The added protection provided by Wall Saver Armrest Caps keeps walls from being marred and extends the life of the armrests.
  • Caregiver-operated, high-strength folding side tables sit flush with the arm of the recliner and provide a convenient place to set down or access items; the tables’ smooth surfaces and tapered edges make them simple to clean.
  • Heavy-Duty Casters, with four swivel casters for easy movement and maneuvering in tight spaces.
  • Assertion: Flammability Test per California Technical Bulletin CA TB-133
  • Passes the flammability test specified by California Technical Bulletin 133

Cleaning the Graham-Field Lumex Electric Bariatric Clinical Care Recliner

The upholstery on a recliner hardly ever needs cleaning. Normal soiling can usually be washed away with a dampened clean sponge or cloth and some mild detergent and water. Cleaning up after spills and accidents as soon as possible is essential.

Warnings with the Graham-Field Lumex Electric Bariatric Clinical Care Recliner

  • All components should be checked regularly and replaced if necessary.
  • Do not use in the presence of open flame; doing so increases the risk of fire, smoke damage, and burn injuries.
  • The Lumex FR588W Bariatric Clinical Care Recliner requires servicing and repairs only by an authorized Lumex distributor. Any damage caused by unofficial maintenance or repairs is not the responsibility of GF Health Products, Inc.
  • There are no replaceable parts in the actuator’s electronics. The unit must be sent back to the manufacturer for servicing.
  • During the transfer of an occupant, all caster wheels must be locked.
  • Any unauthorized alteration to your recliner, including the use of non-Lumex replacement parts, may compromise the recliner’s structural integrity, increase the risk of personal injury, and will void the warranty.
  • Warning: Proposition 65 in the State of California Caution: This product may expose you to a chemical that has been linked to cancer and birth defects in California.

3. Winco Vero 5Y Series Standard Width Non Trendelenburg Care Cliner With Swing Arm

The Winco Vero 5Y Series Standard Width Non Trendelenburg Care Cliner with Swing Arm allows for complete customization of the chair’s configuration to meet the unique needs of each patient. The low-effort recline and infinite backrest positions of the Vero’s modular design encourage patients to care for themselves. Its attractive, durable, and easy-to-clean construction aids facility efficiency while its bilateral, foot-operated controls for most functions ensure clinician comfort.

3 Position Geri Chair Recliner, 250 lbs capacity | red-oak-medical-supp

Features Winco Vero 5Y Series Standard Width Non Trendelenburg Care Cliner

  • Patients undergoing treatments like dialysis or infusion, or recovering from surgery, where positional adjustments are helpful, can sit comfortably for up to 8 hours in the Winco Vero 5Y Series Standard Width Non Trendelenburg Care Cliner with Swing Arm.
  • Swing arms are highly recommended for situations where quick patient access for cleaning and transfer is essential.
  • The Vero’s swing arms can be opened on either side with the press of a foot pedal.
  • Reduce the clinical feel and the height of your seat with pedestal feet.
  • The 17.5″-high seat is achieved through the use of pedestal feet.
  • The seat of a 3″ Caster is 18.75″ off the ground.
  • The seat of a 5″ caster is 21″ off the ground.
  • Patients of shorter stature will find the 5″ casters and retractable foot plate especially helpful.
  • Powder-coated, long-lasting frame construction

Additional Features of Winco Vero 5Y Series Standard Width Non Trendelenburg Care Cliner

  • Swing arms – Even with a patient in a fully reclined position and an optional table left in the up position, there is no interference with the full swing motion.
  • The patient can choose a level of heat that is most soothing to them.
  • The combination of heat and massage increases patient comfort by providing a range of gentle vibrating massage modes in addition to the traditional heat setting.
  • There is a choice of a left, right, or dual-sided accessory hook. The accessory hook is useful for hanging things like a Foley bag. The marine-grade stainless steel is kept flush until it is needed, so as not to catch on anything.
  • IV You can get the pole and holder on either the left or right side, or on both. The holder swings freely with the arm of the chair, so it won’t get in the way.

Basic Safety Precautions with Winco Vero 5Y Series Standard Width Non Trendelenburg Care Cliner

  • When adjusting the recliner’s position, NEVER insert limbs or articles of clothing into openings.
  • When a patient reclines or changes positions in a chair, it is important to make sure that their legs are not blocked by the overlap table or the pivot table.
  • If the recliner’s Trendelenburg Damper/Gas Spring has been lost, broken, or otherwise compromised, do not use it. Recliners SHOULD NOT BE TRANSPORTED IN ANY VEHICLE OR TRAILER.
  • Only use the slidable footrest with help from the staff
  • When a chair is not being moved, the wheels must be locked. Chair casters should be locked when not in use.
  • Avoid getting your fingers caught in the chair’s recliner. The extended foot support (and similar parts) should be kept out of the reach of children.
  • Before repositioning a recliner, the attendant must ensure that the occupant’s arms, legs, hands, and feet are all free of obstructions.

Warnings for Winco Vero 5Y Series Standard Width Non Trendelenburg Care Cliner

  • Turn off the power to this device when it’s not in use.
  • Keep cords away from moving furniture and other appliances.
  • This product requires adult supervision.
  • Disconnect by turning off all switches and plugging out of the wall. Just pull the plug to detach the cord.
  • Do not use in the open air
  • Attachments not approved by the maker should not be used.
  • Do not use if the cord or plug are damaged, the product is not functioning properly, it has been dropped, or it has been submerged in water.
  • Make sure the plug is not near any sources of ignition
  • Use only a damp cloth to clean the switch.
  • The power cord should not be used as a handle or for transportation of the product.
  • Using an extension cord is not advised.
  • The three-pronged plug on this item is compatible with a standard 120-volt outlet. If the plug is too large or too small for the outlet, you should have a professional electrician replace the outlet.
  • For supplementary safety, any car or trailer passenger is permitted to use this item.
  • Don’t ever prop yourself up on the chair’s arms or back.
  • Any reclining chair that can’t be fully reclined, is missing pieces, has torn upholstery, or shows signs of other damage should be thrown out immediately.
  • All fasteners should be checked for tightness at regular intervals.
  • Only in an emergency should you move a user with their chair arms open, such as when trying to squeeze the chair through a small door.
  • Weight limits should never be exceeded.

4. Invacare Deluxe Three Position Adult Recliner

The ergonomics of the Invacare Deluxe Three Position Adult Recliner were carefully considered. The seating surface is padded with advanced padding technology to ensure long-term comfort and support. The movable headrest of the recliner provides convenient support for the user’s head and neck. Patients can find the highest level of comfort in the fully reclined, leg-ottoman elevated, fully upright position.

Features Invacare Deluxe Adult Recliner

  • The footrests can be folded completely under the chair, making it easier for the resident to stand up.
  • Positions include sitting, with legs raised, and fully reclined.
  • Foldable and stowable overlap tray provides extra space when not in use.
  • Provides superior ergonomic support and exceptional durability.
  • Back support for a flexible neck rest
  • The press-pinned, blow-molded side panels can be quickly removed for cleaning.
  • Tray can move freely and lock into place thanks to the tabs.
  • The chair’s push bar and four casters make it simple to maneuver.
  • The movable headrest improves visibility of guests.
  • This recliner’s mobility and versatility are enhanced by its rear locking casters and front swivel casters.
  • The chair’s two back casters can be locked in place for stability.
  • Accords with the requirements of the Boston Fire Department and the California 117 standard
  • For added safety, flame-resistant upholstery is also resistant to fluids (CA117).

Assembling the Recliner Geri Chair

  • Take the back frame and cushion out of the packaging.
  • Put a lock on the back wheels. Use the space behind the chair to get some work done. Close the footrest and secure it before putting the cushioned back frame in place.
  • Raise the seat so that it is vertical behind the seat’s cross brace at the back.
  • Insert the back tubes into the rear seat cross brace’s open tube ends.
  • Raise the seat’s plastic skirt, which is attached to the floor, and line up with the crossbrace at the back of the seat’s frame.
  • Attach the hardware so that the holes in the skirt and the chair back are lined up.
  • Back cushion to frame must be fastened with two hex screws, which must be tightened thoroughly.

Reclining the Chair

  • When the recline lock bar is in place, the chair cannot be slid backwards. The reclining lock bar must be swung up and locked into place by an assistant.
  • To recline a chair, sit in it with your arms on the armrests and lean back while pushing forward with your arms.
  • When you lean back in the chair, the footrest will rise to meet you.
  • The user shouldn’t have to use too much muscle to adjust the level of recline. If the chair has trouble reclining, a caretaker should be summoned.

5. Winco Three Position Drop Arm Convalescent Recliner

The Winco Three-Position Drop-Arm Convalescent Recliner provides convenient positioning for getting in and out. It’s a convalescent chair with all the bells and whistles! Both the patient and the caregiver will appreciate the added convenience of the chair’s dual drop arms when getting in and out of it. The chair’s ergonomically designed headrest, total lock casters, and thick expanded vinyl all contribute to a high level of comfort.

Winco Three Position Drop Arm Convalescent Recliner Highlights

  • Drop-arms can be released with a single button press.
  • Integrated headrest
  • Padded hand grip
  • Tri-switch lock

Features Winco Three Position Drop Arm Convalescent Recliner

  • Excellent for people who need some extra help
  • Protect your upholstery from accidental scuffs with this soft, padded armrest’s built-in guard.
  • The rear 5″ total lock casters improve maneuverability and stability.
  • Positioning is secure and comfortable thanks to the three-position lock.
  • Cushioned grip for effortless propulsion
  • Easy-to-use button for lowering arms
  • Inserted headrest
  • Chair-side storage for the nonporous blow-molded tray, which features a locking mechanism for convenience.

How to Assemble Winco Convalescent Recliner?

Setup in the Rear

  • After making sure your purchase arrived in good condition, set the chair up right on a flat surface. Take apart and discard packaging and hardware. Use scissors to remove the tape and plastic, being careful not to rip the upholstery.
  • Place the rear frame over the seat frame’s 7/8″ tubes.
  • Note: Spray the ends of the Seat Frame Rails with WD-40 (or another facility-approved lubricant) to facilitate assembly.
  • While pressing down on one side of the Back Frame, depress the 1/4″ Snap Button in the Seat Frame.
  • Snap the other Snap Button into the corresponding hole on the back frame, then repeat on the other side.
  • Important: Make sure the snap buttons stick out of the holes in the back frame.

Operation of the Chair

  • By detaching the Position Lock Bar from the back of the chair and removing the Snap Button on the right tray arm, you can make the chair non-restraint indefinitely.
  • By activating the Position Lock, the attendant can keep the chair in a fully reclined position. You can do this without risk by lowering the position lock with one hand and reclining the chair to the second or third position, at which point the notches on the Position Lock bars will align with the Position Lock Pins. Position Lock can be disengaged by returning the chair to its upright position and lifting the Position Lock off the Pins.
  • Lubricate the reclining mechanism’s pivot points at least twice a year with silicone lubricant to keep it functioning smoothly.

Operation of the Tray

  • Insert the tray arms into the tray receiving tubes (located under the armrests of the chair) by sliding them in. Snap Button (on Right Tray Arm) to unlock two additional positions beyond the default.
  • Please keep in mind that left and right refer to your position in a chair.
  • To accommodate for slight variations in the width of the chair, the Right Tray Arm is movable.
  • To store the Tray, simply slide the left arm tube into the corresponding tube on the right and press the Snap Button. When seated, the right side of the table should hang vertically over the right arm of the chair (Left and Right).

Winco 5291 XL Geri Chair Convalescent Geriatric Chair

Cleaning Instructions

  • Furniture should be regularly cleaned with a mild soap and water solution and a damp cloth (especially in areas where skin and hair make contact with upholstery) to remove grime, hair, and body oils.
  • If your recliner has upholstery or a finish, don’t use anything abrasive like bleach or a chemical cleaner.
  • In the event that chemicals or bleach are used to disinfect the furniture, they must be removed with a damp cloth and clean water before being left to air dry. If you don’t rinse your upholstery with clean water after cleaning, residues will build up over time, drying it out, altering its look and feel, and eventually causing it to crack.


Now that you know what a geri chair is, you can provide the appropriate level of comfort and support to an ailing grandparent or parent. A simple bulky chair to some may represent a glimmer of hope to others.

A geri chair can give a person with mobility issues not only support, but also a feeling of autonomy. Some of the freedoms they’ve lost may be restored.

Bringing someone their favorite color chair can bring more joy and hope than we can fathom. The results of someone’s imagination and effort can transform the world for others.

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