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There are four criteria to evaluate when deciding on a quality pillow top mattress. You should first determine your sleeping style before evaluating the three factors that affect the softness, firmness, and support of a pillow top mattress.

Have you noticed any damage to the pillow top? Also included are instructions for mending a pillow-top bed. Even if you’re just replacing your bed, it’ll be helpful to know the answers.

What Is a Pillow Top Mattress?

A mattress with a pillow top has an extra soft layer sewn onto the very top. A standard pillow top has a thickness of two inches. A mattress with a pillow top has an additional layer of padding sewn directly to the cover, as opposed to extra padding layers that sit underneath the cover. Although most pillow tops are attached at the center, the perimeter is usually removable. Pillow tops are so called because of their plush, flat, pillow-like appearance and feel.

What is a Pillow Top Mattress? Why you should avoid

Similar to a pillow top, but with denser, higher-quality material and a more secure attachment to the mattress surface, this is what you can expect from a Euro top. A Euro top has more reinforcements there so it won’t wear out as quickly at the sides. A Euro top mattress is more expensive than a pillow top because of its higher quality construction and longer lifespan.

A pillow top or Euro top mattress will typically share its cover material with the mattress itself. Fabric choices can be as basic as a synthetic poly blend or as extravagant as Tencel or silk. Mattresses with pillowtops and Eurotops can be found at most department stores and online. Both can be stuffed with any of the following:

  • Foam with a “memory” –Memory foam, or polyurethane viscoelastic material, softens in response to body heat and takes on a conforming shape. Pressure has a diminished effect, and motion transfer is slowed. Although older versions of memory foam “sleep hot,” newer versions with gel or open-cell technology help reduce heat retention. You can expect a lot of sinkage and softness from a memory foam pillow or Euro top. Check out our compilation of the best memory foam mattresses if you find that type of mattress to be more suitable for your needs.
  • It’s made of polyfoam, which Polyfoam, like memory foam, is a polyurethane product, but it does not have the same viscoelastic properties. Polyfoam is commonly used to supplement memory foam or latex due to its rapid pressure response. Low-density polyfoam is not as sturdy as high-density polyfoam because it contains fewer foam particles per square inch. It’s possible that low-density foam won’t hold up after just a few years.
  • Latex –The latex used to create latex foam is harvested from the rubber tree. In comparison to memory foam, latex is much firmer and springier, with almost no sinkage. It doesn’t normally retain heat and has natural ventilation properties. Latex mattresses with pillow tops are supportive and can range from medium-firm to firm.
  • Multiple types of foam –A higher memory foam concentration in a pillow top will make it feel softer and more elastic. Polyfoam is used to make a mattress that sinks without providing the same degree of hugging support as memory foam and responds to pressure more quickly. Latex pillow tops are more responsive to motion than memory foam ones because of their springy and supportive nature.

How To Find A Good Pillow Top Mattress

The three mattresses down below are the best pillow top mattresses currently available. It is recommended, however, that you learn about the four criteria that can help you choose the most suitable bed. After reading this article, use the four criteria we’ll go over to evaluate each brand.

  • The Saatva Classic Mattress is a luxurious Euro pillowtop bed that comes in three different firmness levels.
  • Pillow top layer is optional on the Serta Perfect Sleeper hybrid mattress.
  • A hybrid mattress with a quilted pillow top, the Helix Midnight Luxe
  • Consider the sleeper

When shopping for a pillow top mattress, it’s important to think about the person who will be using it first. The next step is to calculate the user’s weight and sleeping position to guarantee a good night’s rest. Hybrids with a medium pillow top are suitable for back sleepers, while those who prefer to sleep on their stomachs should opt for a mattress with a firm, thinner pillow top made from high-density material.

However, those who prefer to sleep on their sides will benefit from extra padding to alleviate pressure points. If you sleep on your side, you’ll benefit from the extra softness of a pillow top mattress. You can go with a softer mattress if you’re on the lighter side, but those of us who are heavier need something firm with a strong coil support system to keep us from sinking into the mattress.

  • Type of material

Since there are a variety of pillow top beds available, you can choose from a wide range of materials and designs for your bed’s mattress. You can make sure it lasts by choosing individually wrapped spring coils that reduce motion transfer and by selecting high-density foam. Those who like the memory foam’s contouring feel but find the heat retention uncomfortable should make sure the foam has cooling and breathability features.

The best material for a pillow top mattress is the one that the sleeper prefers. If you want your pillow top mattress to last for a reasonable amount of time, though, careful selection is essential.

  • Firmness

When shopping for a bed, it’s important to know how to choose the level of firmness in the mattress. And if you’re looking for a quality pillow top mattress, it should be the right firmness for you. Pillow tops are known for their plushness, so you won’t have to sacrifice comfort even if you go with the tried-and-true medium- to medium-firm.

Be wary of sleeping on a mattress that is too plush, though. Don’t let yourself sink so far that your spine loses its neutral position. However, a very firm surface will not alleviate pressure points, which can cause discomfort.

  • Brand reliability

Do you know what the top-selling mattresses are in the US? What about well-known manufacturers of mattresses? These are all valid concerns, as your answer will largely determine how satisfied you will be with your new pillow top, or any bed for that matter.

If you buy from a reliable manufacturer, you can rest assured that you’ll get your money’s worth in terms of both materials and workmanship. The company will provide reasonable warranty and return policies at all times. You can rest assured that the well-known mattress brand will not use any questionable materials or manufacturing techniques.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Pillow Top Mattress?

Pillow top mattress pros

  • A pillow top mattress has an extra layer of padding on top, making it feel softer and more cushioned.
  • The pillow top’s softness can ease strain on the body’s weight-bearing parts.
  • Pillow top mattresses are ideal for lightweight people who find standard mattresses too firm.
  • There is a wide variety of pillow top mattress materials available.
  • Pillow top mattresses are easily accessible and less expensive than other types of beds.

Pillow top mattress cons

  • Pillow top mattresses are too plush and bulky for stomach sleepers and people who are overweight.
  • When compared to other mattress types, pillow tops are more likely to sag.
  • A pillow top can cause excessive sinkage because of its softness.
  • Unfortunately, not all pillow top mattresses are made with a sturdy coil system.
  • Depending on the quality of the coil support, motion transfer from pillow tops can be quite noticeable.

What Is The Difference Between A Pillow Top Mattress And A Regular Mattress?

Pillow top mattresses are distinguished from standard mattresses by their thick, padded surface. Pillow tops for innerspring and hybrid beds are available from some manufacturers. You may also come across a different kind of pillow top mattress, so you may want to read our detailed explanation of a Euro mattress.

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Best Pillow Top Mattresses 2022 – Top 6 Picks!

Best Pillow Top Mattress for Back Pain – Helix Midnight Luxe

Need a mattress to relieve your back pain? Try a pillow top model. Then the Helix Midnight Luxe is something you need to look into. The soft foam pillowtop and the zoned support system beneath it work together to bring the sleeper’s hips up to meet their shoulders, facilitating healthy spinal alignment in any position.

This bed is fantastic for those who suffer from back pain because it provides the perfect amount of sinkage and elevation to relax the shoulders and elevate the hips. There is also the Helix Standard line, which is the same mattress minus the pillow top and zoned support, and the Helix Plus, which is tailored to heavier individuals.

Best Cooling Pillow Top Mattress – WinkBed

The deep pressure relief and sinkage that make pillow top mattresses so appealing can also make them overheat quickly at night. This happens when the soft foam’s top layer presses in too closely, causing the structure to soak up and trap the user’s body heat. Praise God, thereare One of my favorite solutions is the Original WinkBed, a pillow top mattress specifically designed to prevent this problem.

There are a few different ways in which the WinkBed accomplishes this cooling feat. Tencel, a natural material with cooling properties, is used to make the cover of the mattress. Second, gel is infused into the foams used in the top layer to aid in heat dissipation. Finally, a tall section of pocketed coils forms the bed’s core, promoting great breathability and airflow. The WinkBed, all things considered, is a fantastic compromise: Soft padding on top to ease pressure and keep you cool in the summer.

Best Pillow Top Latex Mattress – Avocado

The Avocado Pillow Top is the bed to check out if you’re a green sleeper looking for a bed that’s just as eco-friendly as you are. Natural latex, organic cotton, and wool batting combine to make this bad boy extremely comfortable and eco-friendly.

This model has a pillow top in addition to the Standard Avocado’s firmness, so it feels more like a comfortable medium firm. Many sleepers will appreciate this mellow ambiance, but I think back and side sleepers who seek the ideal compromise between pressure relief and support will find it particularly appealing. In addition to being eco-friendly, I’d like to point out that latex is also long-lasting, airy, and buoyant—ideal qualities for a bed.

Best Pillow Top Mattress for Stomach Sleepers – Saatva

Since stomach sleepers typically prefer firmer structures for hip and lower back support, I wouldn’t normally suggest a pillow top mattress to them. However, this does not rule out the possibility of a pillow top design. So, if you prefer to sleep on your stomach but still covet the softness of a pillow top, the Saatva is calling your name.

The coil-on-coil design of this bed’s innersprings provides superior comfort and support. The mattress is quite firm (I gave it a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale), but it is finished with a soft pillow top that helps relieve pressure. The foam, in my opinion, is just the right amount of softness to provide some instant relief without being so soft that your hip sinks into it. If you sleep on your stomach and want a more cushioned mattress, this is a good choice.

Best Pillow Top Mattress for the Money – DreamCloud Premier

You’ve probably noticed during your search that pillow top mattresses are a bit on the pricier side. However, I’d like to introduce you to the DreamCloud Premier mattress to show you that not all pillow top models are extremely expensive.

This bed was designed to be comfortable for a wide variety of sleepers; it features a gel-infused memory foam core, pocketed coils, and a quilted pillow top. While sinking a little into the soft foam top layers is to be expected, you should still feel relatively mobile. Because of this, I think it’s an excellent option for people who need pressure relief in a variety of sleeping positions, especially combo sleepers. The bed has great edge support and may be a good option for couples. The mattress is of excellent quality overall, and its low cost is a major selling point.

Best Pillow Top Mattress for Side Sleepers – Brentwood Home Oceano

If you prefer to sleep on your side and are in search of a mattress that will allow you to sink in for some much-needed hip and shoulder relief, you may want to check out the Brentwood Oceano. The interior system of pocketed coils is zoned for support, bringing extra relief to sensitive spots along the body, and the pillow top is outfitted with a thick layer of memory foam for deep body-contouring.

In addition, I’d like to point out that the microcoils embedded into the pillow top give the whole thing a lot of spring. Therefore, combination sleepers may enjoy this mattress as much as side sleepers due to the ease with which they can switch positions thanks to the mattress’ buoyancy. In sum, this is a dynamic mattress that strikes a nice balance between firm support and plentiful cushioning.

Pillow Top Mattress Options

Following an explanation of the manufacturing process, we will examine various pillow top mattress options. Firmness, bounce, and support are all areas where they diverge to accommodate a wide variety of sleeping preferences.

Memory and Poly Foam

Popular mattress materials include memory foam and polyfoam. Many manufacturers combine memory and poly foam to make mattresses that are both comfortable and supportive. The added pressure relief and comfort of a pillow top on a memory foam or poly foam mattress is a welcome bonus. Sleepers who prefer firmer and more buoyant support may find this combination to be too soft.


The natural cooling properties of latex add to its well-known bouncy, supportive feel. Naturally occurring latex tends to be more expensive than foam but may last longer in the long run. The luxurious surface feel and long-lasting core support of a latex mattress can be enhanced by adding a pillow or Euro top. Latex is a better option for those who don’t mind a little bit of motion transfer because of its springiness.


Innerspring mattresses are constructed with a system of steel coils or individual steel coils that are enclosed in fabric pockets. The springiness of the coils and the softness of the foam layers make for a very comfortable sleep surface. Innerspring mattresses, as opposed to those made entirely of foam, typically have stronger and more long-lasting edge support. A pillow top on an innerspring mattress provides a soft, luxurious feel while still being supported by the mattress’s springs. Read on to find out which of my recommended innerspring mattresses is best for you.


Mattresses for “bed-in-a-box” systems are rolled and compressed at the factory before being delivered to the customer. These mattresses may be made entirely of foam, like memory foam or latex, or they may have an additional support system, like steel coils. As the market for bedding sold directly to consumers grows and new players enter the field, bed-in-a-box models with pillow tops are becoming increasingly common. The budget-conscious snoozer who places a premium on ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and a lengthy trial period may want to consider a bed-in-a-box pillow top mattress. Check out my evaluations of the top bed-in-a-box options if you’re interested in learning more about this topic.

Think about the cover as you explore pillow-top mattresses. Others seek out hypoallergenic organic mattresses or those made entirely of natural materials, while still others favor a pillow top with a quilted cover. If you intend to use a mattress pad or some other sort of bedding layer over the pillow top, the cover materials may be less important to you.

Who Should Consider a Pillow Top Mattress?

The promise of relaxation offered by a pillow top mattress is hard to beat. But is a mattress with a pillow top the best option for everyone? Your preferred sleeping position and comfort level are the deciding factors. Pillow top mattresses are a good option if you:

  • You prefer a soft, cushiony bed – A pillow top mattress may be the answer if a plush, soft top layer is your idea of a good night’s sleep. If you prefer to sink into a cloud while you sleep, a pressure-relieving pillow top or Euro top mattress is a great choice. However, you may want to select a mattress with a more rigid surface if you favor firm support.
  • You tend to sleep on your back and/or side – If you sleep on your back or side, you might find that a pillow top or Euro top mattress is the most comfortable option. Most people who sleep on their backs or sides prefer softer mattresses that still provide adequate support for pressure points like the hips and shoulders and the spine. Pillow top mattresses are a good option for those who sleep on their backs or sides and value comfort and pressure relief at the surface.
  • You prefer the aesthetics of a more substantial bed – A pillow top mattress’s lofty look is aesthetically pleasing and draws attention to your bed.

Pillow Top Mattress Buying Guide

How do you choose the best pillow top or Euro top mattress when there are so many to pick from? What follows is a detailed guide that will help you choose the best pillow top mattress for your needs.

  1. Learn to recognize your own requirements – Which is more important to you, comfort or pressure relief, when shopping for a mattress? Which mattress type appeals to you more—the soft, hugging memory foam or the firm, springy latex? Will you be sharing a bed with someone who requires a different sleeping environment than you do? Get a list of must-haves together before you start looking.
  2. Consider the thickness. Pillow tops typically come in at the thicker end of that range, at around four inches, but more isn’t always better. Know what sort of surface you prefer in terms of thickness. If you’re looking for light pressure relief, go with a thinner pillow top, and if you want to sink into a deep cloud, go with a thicker one.
  3. Focus on excellence – A pillow top mattress may provide years of plush support or it may lose its bouncy feel after only a couple of years. Choose a model made with more long-lasting materials like memory foam or latex for your pillow top to ensure it lasts through frequent use. If you are unsure how long your pillow top should last, you should consult a salesperson or representative from the mattress company.
  4. Think of a foundation – Some pillow top mattresses are only stable when paired with a box spring or solid base. A mattress can be elevated to a more suitable height with the help of a base. Make sure you know how to use and care for your new mattress, as using certain models without a base can void the warranty.
  5. Make the most of your free trial – Try out different mattress brands during their no-risk trial periods. Some brands of bed-in-a-box offer 365-day trial periods, while others start at 30 days. Check out the details of the trial period and give a pillow or Euro top a try if you’re on the fence about it or want to see how long it lasts. If you order a product and then decide it isn’t what you expected, you can often send it back for an exchange or refund without any fees.
  6. Create a spending plan – You should know your budget for a pillow top mattress now so that you can shop smart. There is no need to go into debt to purchase a high-quality mattress that will last for years. Pillow and Euro tops are available in a wide price range, from budget to luxury.
  7. Make a shipping plan – Whether you purchase your pillow top locally or online, delivery will be necessary. Most online and “bed-in-a-box” retailers offer free shipping and delivery to your door. As more businesses enter the market, competition among them has driven more mattress shops to provide free delivery.
  8. Don’t miss the fine print! Make sure you know the return policy and warranty details before buying a pillow top. Many manufacturers stand behind the quality of their mattresses with a limited warranty that lasts for as long as ten years. The warranties offered by some premium brands can last for decades, sometimes even forever. After a certain amount of time, the user is responsible for a percentage of the cost of any necessary repairs or defects covered by the warranty.


How long is a pillow top mattress good for?

It all comes down to the materials! Steel coils are the most durable option, followed by latex and then traditional polyurethane or memory foam. Therefore, before purchasing a bed, it is important to carefully examine its construction specifications.

Can you flip a pillow top mattress?

I’m afraid not. Pillow top mattresses are designed to have the soft pillow layer on top, so turning one over defeats the purpose. The bed can be rotated 180 degrees to avoid sagging, though.

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What is the advantage of a pillow top mattress?

If you have deep pressure relief needs in your shoulders, hips, or lower back, you may find that the added layers of foam up top provide instant comfort and sinkage.

How do you fix a sagging pillow top mattress?

Turning your bed around by 180 degrees is a good idea. A piece of plywood placed under the sagging mattress can also help restore its original form. Even though a box spring isn’t required for any of the mattresses here, a slatted bed base is recommended.


Finally, the end! It depends on the sleeper, the mattress material, the firmness, and the brand’s reputation for quality. If you’re looking for a pillowtop bed, some of the best brands include Saatva, Serta, and Helix Sleep.

We hope this was informative, and we welcome your comments and questions.