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You’ve probably seen this countless times on TV and in the movies. You go online and type, “what is a lounge chair?” because you don’t know the term for it.

A lounge chair is a type of chair designed for lounging that is reclined and typically does not have an armrest. Furniture like that, which is both stylish and functional, is always a welcome addition to any home.

You may be wondering if there is anything else to that piece of art besides its visual appeal. Let’s relax, put up our feet, and find out what we can about chaise lounges.

The History Of Lounge Chair

Originally referred to as a chaise lounge, these chairs were made so that you could prop your feet up while sitting or lying down. Lounge chairs aren’t meant to be used as beds, unlike modern sofas.

Excavations in Egypt have uncovered what are thought to be lounge chairs from as early as 3000 BC. The artifacts also showed the distinction between the lounge chairs used by the wealthy and the poor in ancient Egypt. Lounge chairs for the wealthy are crafted from wood and finished with ivory or ebony, while those for the lower classes are crafted from wicker and palm sticks.

The ancient Greeks provide perhaps the best example of how lounge chairs function of any culture in history. The early Greeks stuffed cushions into the backrest and draped fabric over their reclining chairs, which they called klinai or kline. In these long chairs, they could chat with one another or enjoy a meal together.

Ghế thư giãn Eames Lounge Chair | HF Interior

The Romans, like the Greeks, liked to relax in comfortable chairs at mealtime and social gatherings. They spent so much time in their lounge chairs that they coined a term for eating while reclined: “accubatioThis passion, however, did not extend to their upholstery skills, as evidenced by the fact that their “lectus“, which means “chaise” in Latin.

The classic chaise lounge was created by French artisans some time around the sixth century. In the nineteenth century, this furniture began to be associated with femininity, despite having originated as a status symbol during France’s Rococo era. The finest materials were used in their construction, and they were intricately designed.

The modern chaise lounge owes a debt to the Hungarian designer Marcel Breuer. In 1928, he came up with the idea for a set of lounge chairs that would be constructed of chrome-plated steel, padded, and covered in leather. Breuer’s Wassily Chair was the name of the chair.

Types Of Lounge Chairs


The most typical kind of lounge chair has an asymmetrical head and backrest and is called a méridienne. It’s built so that you can lean to the side at an angle without having to worry about falling backwards, thanks to the padded backrest. It’s padded and upholstered to ensure maximum coziness.


Récamier lounge chairs, in contrast to the first, are symmetrical, with each end functioning as either a footrest or a headrest. There’s no back, but you can use either end as a footrest.

The previous paragraph’s use of all capital letters for its name may have left you wondering why. Madame Récamier, who popularized this style of lounge chair in the early 1800s, is credited with giving the chair its namesake.

Duchesse Brisée

The name “Duchesse Brisée” translates to “broken duchess” because this style of chair typically consists of three pieces: the main seat, a footrest, and an armrest. The chaise lounge can be assembled from the separate pieces or used separately.

Other Lounge Chair Designs

These three styles are the closest we have to the lounge chairs commonly seen in films set in ancient times. As time went on, numerous variations on the lounge chair emerged. In the paragraphs that follow, we’ll talk about all of these things.

Armchairs and recliners

An armchair is a simple, padded chair with armrests that has been overtaken in popularity by recliners. Recliners are more adaptable and comfortable than other types of chairs.

Club chairs

The Eames Lounge Chair is a high-tech take on the classic club chair, complete with adjustable recline. It’s leather-upholstered and includes an ottoman. English Gentlemen’s clubs of the 18th century favored club chairs, which feature a low back and deep seats.

Wing chairs

Unlike club chairs, which have low backs and no protection from the wind, wing chairs have high backs and “wings.” The overstuffed cushions of these chairs made them a hit a century after the club chair did.

Eames lounge chair

In the mid-1930s, roughly two and a half decades after Breuer’s Wassily chair was first introduced in Europe, Charles and Ray Eames created the Eames Lounge Chair for the Herman Miller Furniture Company. The result was a surge in demand for plywood lounge chairs supported by aluminum bases throughout the United States.

Poolside loungers

Unlike the aforementioned styles, poolside loungers are designed specifically for use in the great outdoors. It’s also popular for use at picnics and campsites. 

10 Best Armchairs and Lounge Chairs for Your Living Room 2023

Mama Bear Chair by Carl Hansen and Son: Best Mid-Century Modern Design Armchair

The striking individuality of modern designs is one of their most coveted qualities. Those seeking a fresh take on a timeless favorite will appreciate the Chair of a Mama Bear.

Carl Hansen and Son updated the traditional wingback chair in 1954 with a sleek Scandinavian design aesthetic.

The chair’s stately colors and wood finishes belie the playful silhouette and give it a sense of sophistication.

The Mama Bear’s soft angled recline and detachable neck pillows demonstrate that it’s not all about style.

This, like many other contemporary items, is not cheap.

This armchair is priced in the thousands, which is significantly higher than the market norm; however, it is technically considered a design piece and is guaranteed to make a statement in your home.

Mama Bear Chair: The Good and the Bad
Pros Cons
Symbolic of the best of the Modernist era Expensive
Article of statement

Mid-Century Modern Swivel Chair by Art Leon: Best Swivel Accent Chair

Swivel armchairs are convenient because you can turn to check on your child while still on a Zoom call.

However, despite their convenience, swivel chairs aren’t always the most attractive option.

This Art Leon swivel chair has sturdy wooden legs but can turn 360 degrees for that multi-tasking at home, but is also just a perfect armchair to chill in and looks great in your living room.

This set up is ideal for people whose living room doubles as their office because the chair serves both purposes.

Comfort, functionality, and aesthetics are all points on which the vast majority of buyers have expressed extreme satisfaction.

The Good and Bad of the Mid-Century Modern Swivel Chair by Art Leon
Pros Cons
Inexpensive Some sizes may not be accommodated.
Multiple vibrant hues to choose from

Alrun Faux Leather Armchair: Best Armchair For Small Spaces

It’s all about making smart choices when decorating a small space, which may leave some feeling like they have few options.

Having plenty of light and choosing a low sofa can make your ceilings seem higher in a smaller room.

Furniture that can be easily relocated is ideal for those who are confined to a studio or other small living quarters.

This Wayfair faux leather sofa can be used in any home or office.

If you use it in your home office, you can easily pull it out to use as extra seating when you have guests over.

Look for seats with narrow armrests if you’re struggling for elbow room. Narrow armrests save room without sacrificing comfort.

If you need a chair but don’t have a lot of room, and you know you won’t be using it that often, you might want to find one without as much padding.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of the Alrun Fake Leather Stool
Pros Cons
Strong and dependable Not suitable for those with a large frame.
Optimal for confinement The reclined back may be uncomfortable for some customers.
Using high-quality components

Lohoms Modern Accent Fabric Chair: Best Budget Armchair

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you need to compromise on looks or quality when purchasing an armchair.

Try to find chairs that can serve multiple functions; for example, a decorative chair that can also be used for hosting guests.

You shouldn’t waste your money on a cheap chair if it doesn’t have the features you need.

You should spend your money on an armchair that is both comfortable and attractive.

When it comes to modern accent chairs, the Lohoms fabric one is tops.

It’s formal enough for a dinner party, but practical enough for use in your home office during online conferences.

This chair gives the impression of being expensive, but it can be had for much less than $200.

Lohoms, a contemporary accent chair made of fabric: pros and cons
Pros Cons
The timeless look is perfect for any setting. Slightly diminutive

Winterbourne Down Tufted Linen Lounge Chair and Ottoman: Best Lounge Chair Ottoman Set

You won’t often find a lounge chair or armchair that also includes an ottoman.

The addition of an ottoman not only improves the comfort of a room, but also helps you save money, as ottomans and similar footstools can be quite pricey.

Comfort and a contemporary aesthetic come together in the Winterbourne Down Tufted Linen Lounge Chair and Ottoman.

This chair’s upholstery is made entirely of linen, and its foam padding and sturdy metal legs ensure years of comfortable use. The seat is impervious to liquid spills, scratches, and sunlight.

Gray is versatile enough to work with any decor, so there’s no need to worry about limited color options.

It costs slightly more than $300, but that’s still affordable.

The chair and ottoman have received numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers due to their high level of comfort, sturdy build, and aesthetically pleasing design.

Winterbourne Down Tufted Linen Lounge Chair and Ottoman: Pros and Cons
Pros Cons
Sophisticated and cozy One and only color option
Quick and simple construction
Low-priced package deal.

Brigida Cigar Genuine Leather Recliner: Best Classic Recliner

A plush, traditional recliner is the pinnacle of relaxation.

These armchairs are not only the most comfortable option, but if you choose wisely, they can also be aesthetically pleasing additions to your living room.

41 Chaise Lounge Chairs That You And Your Decor Will Love

In homage to their heyday, we present the Brigida Cigar Genuine Leather Recliner finished with a nailhead trim in your choice of color(s) and constructed from premium, top-grain leather.

You can sit back and relax as you watch your favorite movie thanks to the extra thick foam seat and back cushion.

The classic style and cozy feel have been well received by satisfied customers.

Brigida Cigar Genuine Leather Recliner: Pros and Cons
Pros Cons
Easily Assembled Reclining there might be a bit of a stretch for those with longer torsos.
Classic style

Briar Chair: Best Armchair for Just Chilling

Most people’s go-to pastime while quarantined is watching movies online. It’s important to choose a supportive and comfortable chair because the average movie lasts two to three hours.

Choose a heavily padded chair upholstered in a plush fabric. Having a solid back will give you the utmost support as you watch the movie.

To keep your arms comfortable throughout your film marathon, remove the cushions from this Joybird armchair.

Joybird is known for making premium sofas that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. The prolonged construction time with the company, which can last several months, is, however, a common drawback.

The Briar Chair: The Pros and Cons
Pros Cons
Extremely Relaxing Not ideal for confinement
The potential for fabric customization is practically endless. The average Joybird build time is very long.

Faz Armchair by Vondom: Best Modern Outdoor Accent Chair

Those who are fortunate enough to have porches, decks, or patios may want to invest in an outdoor armchair to make the most of the warm weather.

The ideal patio armchair is one that can be easily transferred inside for the winter.

This way, you won’t have to tether it outside during the colder months when you bring it inside.

This modern geometric armchair looks great indoors or out and is sure to be a conversation starter whenever it’s used.

This chair is both stylish and functional thanks to its clear polycarbonate base.

Armchairs: The Pros and Cons of the Vondom Faz
Pros Cons
Extremely contemporary and chic The contemporary look might not complement traditional patio furniture for everyone.
Extremely durable and resistant to the elements Exorbitantly priced
Fashionable ware

Noelie Rattan Loung Chair: Best Rattan Armchair

Formal armchairs aren’t necessary for every room. The use of organic materials like rattan can make any room feel more bohemian. A rattan armchair brings a touch of the tropics to any room, whether it’s a city condo or a Hamptons beach house.

Because rattan is a natural material, no two pieces will ever look exactly alike. This gives the room a special ambience that works equally well in a lounge, bedroom, den, or study.

The Noelie Rattan Lounge Chair combines a sturdy wooden structure with a sculpted seat made of natural rattan and a cushion for added comfort.

The result is a simple, all-natural chair that is exceptionally supportive and adaptable.

Customers are always raving about how comfortable the rattan back is, despite some skepticism.

Noelie Rattan Chaise Lounge: The Good and the Bad
Pros Cons
Extremely cozy We recommend only using this product inside.
Modest decor is adaptable to a wide range of spaces.

Best Rocking Lounge Chair: Rocking Chair by Belleze

The nursery, the basement, the living room, and pretty much any other room can all benefit from the vintage charm that rocking chairs bring. These chairs were designed more for aesthetics than comfort, but they can instantly transform a room.

Don’t think of your grandparents whenever you see a rocking chair. Modern variations on the classic rocking chair can be found in a wide range of materials, forms, and sizes.

Belleze’s take on the traditional rocking chair is a study in contemporary design and color. This chair is not limited to being used in the nursery; when the time comes, it can be moved to any other room in the house.

*Ottoman can be omitted.

Belleze Rocking Lounge Chair: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Pros Cons
There’s a rainbow of hues to choose from! Not ideal for tight quarters.
Comfortable Rocking the chair causes it to move around.

How We Decided

For the purpose of selecting the finest armchairs, we established a number of guidelines. In terms of cost, convenience, and quality,


Our priority was to maintain competitively low rates. But for the Best Modern Design category, we made an exception.

The majority of the other chairs we considered cost between $118.99 and $909. We thought this was a comfortable buffer that would accommodate most situations.

For practicality’s sake, we kept most of the prices below $1,000, though we did include one extravagant item. At $2,160, the Geo armchair from ABC Carpet & Home was the priciest option. However, we reasoned that, given the chair’s high quality and distinctive style, the asking price was fair.


Armchairs typically bring up images of relaxation. Armchairs with padding and high-end fabrics were considered.

Padding, soft materials, and a touch of luxury all came to mind when we imagined what it would be like to relax. Silk, satin, and synthetic leather were some of our favorites.


Versatile armchairs were highly sought after. Everything that could serve double duty indoors and outdoors, or in a home office, was an instant hit.

New York is notoriously cramped, so furniture that can serve multiple purposes is highly prized. We also tried to find comfortable chairs that could be used for both watching TV and conducting business.

How To Choose the Best Armchair For You

Make sure you have everything on your wish list before you go furniture shopping. Use, dimensions, and construction details may fall into this category.

How Often Will You Use the Chair?

It’s important to think about how often and for how long an armchair will be used before making a purchase.

A chair’s support and comfort features won’t matter as much if you’ll only use it occasionally, rather than on a daily basis.

How Much Space Do You Have to Fit the Chair?

Before going out to buy new furniture, make sure to get accurate measurements.

Depending on its intended use, a chair’s dimensions may vary.

For the dining room, a narrow, sturdy chair is preferable, while for the basement or media room, a wider, roomier chair is more appropriate.

Look for a shorter chair in a bright color to draw attention to your high ceilings if you have a studio apartment.

Those who are fortunate enough to live in a large house or apartment should invest in a plush armchair.

What Kind of Material Are You Looking For?

The first options that were thought of were those that were soft and smooth, such as faux leather, satin, silk, suede, etc. The armchair should provide maximum relaxation.

We were also on the lookout for a material that would allow the armchairs to be easily rearranged should the need arise. Those that required minimal effort to disinfect were favored.

How To Choose the Right Armchair For You

Before going out to buy new furniture, it’s a good idea to make a list of the features that are must-haves for you. Information such as function, dimensions, and composition may be included.

Interior designer Tiffany Hicks suggests the following seven questions or guidelines:

When Choosing an Arm or Decorative Chair
Your fashion sense? Is it a club chair in the sense of being a very comfortable seat for lounging around in?
To what end will this chair serve? Do you want to be engulfed (high arms) or do you want to be able to rest your arms on either side, curl up, etc.?
Find a chair that fits in with the scale of the room and the rest of the decor. Dimensions, hue, and sheen all matter.
Do you need advanced functionality? Fully lounging, swiveling, rocking, ottoman with power outlets, etc.
Which genres do you prefer? Leather, performance fabrics, high-quality but expensive fabrics, and bespoke fabrics.
Set a price range to work within. Invest wisely.
How high-end is this armchair? How long do you want it to last, and how often do you intend to redecorate?

Deciding Between Cost vs. Quality in an Armchair

Hicks recommends scouring local estate sales, auction houses, and secondhand stores/websites (like eBay, Poshmark, Mercari) to find bargains.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find a one-of-a-kind piece that you can have reupholstered to your specifications.

It’s tempting to prioritize price over quality, but as Hicks points out, there’s a good reason why high-end pieces of furniture are so much more expensive.

She explains that the higher price tag is due to the labor- and material-intensive nature of producing and finishing high-quality pieces of furniture.

Hicks recommends picking up a low-priced piece that you can comfortably afford now, and saving up for a more substantial but still affordable piece later on.

How is an Armchair, an Accent Chair, and a Lounge Chair Different?

Armchairs are also sometimes called accent chairs, lounge chairs, or simply chairs.

It’s all the same thing, though an accent chair may also be one without arms or one that more closely resembles a desk or dining chair.

The term “lounge chair” is often used interchangeably with “armchair,” despite the fact that lounge chairs are more commonly known for their permanent recline.

When shopping for furniture, it’s helpful to have a firm grasp on the various lingo terms used in the industry.

This makes it easier to express and understand the precise nature of your desired purchase.

Here are some words and phrases you might encounter while searching for a comfortable chair.

Recliners vs Lounge Chairs.

Armchairs known as recliners allow you to recline by lowering the back and elevating the front.

These chairs are common in living rooms, man caves, family rooms, and other informal settings due to their relaxing and comfortable nature.

Some chairs can be reclined by simply pushing a button, while others require the use of a lever.

Lounge chairs typically have no arms and are designed to remain in a reclined position, but they can also have arms and be built in a more upright position.

The user is unable to alter the position of this chair, making it distinct from a recliner. Designed for lounging, it goes well with an ottoman.

The Eames Lounge Chair is unique among lounge chairs because its recline angle is fully customizable.

Chairs With Special Features: Wing Chairs, Morris Chairs, and Swivel Chairs

The “wings” on the back of a wing chair give the chair another name: wing-back chair.

When sitting in front of a fireplace, the “wings” were designed to block out cold drafts while keeping in warm air.

These days, very few wing chairs still feature exposed wooden legs beneath their plush upholstery. The exposed frame of traditional wing chairs was once covered by cushions at the seat, armrests, back, and sometimes the wings.

A swivel chair is a type of chair with a central support leg that can be rotated through 360 degrees.

The wheels on the chair’s base make it easy to roll from one spot to another in the office.

The Morris Chair has a reclining back and relatively high armrests, giving it a classic appearance.

The unique feature of this armchair is its hinged back, which is nestled between the two arms.

There is a set of notches, holes, or pegs in each arm that controls the reclining angle.

Most swivel chairs aren’t very big, but their height can be changed.

The draughtsman’s chair is a taller swivel chair that does not have wheels and is used in front of a drawing board.

Armchair Accessories: Ottomans vs. Poufs

A pouf is a large, firm cushion that is typically used as an accent piece.

They can be used in a variety of settings, from living rooms to nurseries to basements.

Poufs, in contrast to ottomans, serve primarily as decorative accents.

Both can serve as seating, but only the ottoman can also serve as a coffee table.

The ottoman is a non-backrest footstool that can be square, circular, or half-circular.

It is typically firm and overstuffed, making it an excellent choice for sitting while taking a phone call or resting your feet.

Large, small, furry, and leather are just some of the varieties of ottomans available.

1. Remove stains immediately.

Occasionally, mishaps are unavoidable. In order to prevent the spill from completely soaking into the fabric lounge, the best thing to do is to calm the crowd down and clean it up as soon as possible. Wine and coffee, if you please.

  • Remove the liquid with a paper towel and flush with distilled water immediately.
  • Never, ever rub together! Use a lounge fabric cleaner if that doesn’t do the trick.

In the case of solid foods:

  • You can remove food stains from fabric by scraping them off, blotting them with a paper towel, and then treating them with distilled water.

In the case of muck:

  • After it dries, brush it off with a brush made for fabrics. To remove the stain, dampen a cloth with a fabric cleaner and then either let it dry on its own or blot it with a paper towel.

2. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Any fabric can fade when exposed to direct sunlight, so protecting your lounge from fading by either installing window blinds or moving it away from windows is a good idea.

3. Vacuum your fabric lounge regularly.

It’s only natural for dust to build up over time. Therefore, you can easily remove any excess dust and debris without damaging the fabric by using an upholstery attachment on a low suction setting. If you do less, you risk hastening the parts’ deterioration.

4. Be cautious with chemicals.

Instead of using bleach or other harsh chemicals, choose a cleaner with a neutral pH that won’t leave stains or wear down the fabric. If you don’t, you might notice unsightly stains all over your lounge’s fabric, which could require a full reupholstery if you decide to fix it at all.

Vitra | Lounge Chair | Official Vitra® Website

5. Opt for invisible protection.

If the fabric lounge you’re interested in doesn’t already come with an invisible protection layer that repels liquids and stains, you should consider purchasing one. This will ensure that your lounge remains stain- and liquid-free for the length of time specified by the manufacturer.

6. Treat with care – avoid jumping.

You can extend the life of your fabric lounge by treating it gently and keeping pets and kids off the cushions and arm rests. Instill in your children an early appreciation for your furniture by modeling proper care for it yourself.

7. Keep sharp objects at bay.

It is important to keep your fabric lounge safe from harm by keeping sharp objects and Velcro away from it. The last thing you want is a torn lounge chair that can’t be fixed immediately.

8. Introduce professional cleaning.

You should hire professionals once a year who are familiar with the best methods for cleaning fabric lounge chairs and removing stains. Keep in mind that if you want your fabric lounge to last for a long time, it requires regular maintenance.

9. Add protective covers.

Investing in custom-made protective seat covers is a good idea for high-priced fabric lounges because they cover the armrests and seating to prevent stains from reaching the fabric.

10. Eat at the dinner table.

Eating at the table, rather than the couch, is a great way to keep your furniture stain-free. Keep food far away from your fabric lounge; remember, prevention is better than trying to find a cure.

11. Keep feet off the couch.

Avoid bringing shoes near the couch at all costs, and keep your bare feet off of it. Socks are the way to go if you really want to relax on your fabric lounge chair and take it easy.

12. Swap cushions weekly.

If you want to keep the shape uniform and avoid having one cushion flatten out more than the others, rotating them around once a week is a good idea. If you don’t, you’ll quickly notice that one side of your lounge’s fabric is wearing out more than the other.

13. Choose long-lasting fabric.

Of course there will be a wide range of fabric quality. As a result, if you care about Investing in a High-Quality Lounge Chair Fabric, you might want to go with microfiber because it is stain-resistant and easy to clean.

14. Read the instructions.

It goes without saying that before you take your own advice and purchase a fabric lounge, you should read the care instructions carefully. You will be given specific instructions on which fabric lounge cleaner to use and how to clean the chairs effectively.

15. Try not to relocate often.

Don’t move around too much if at all possible. The furniture in your home will likely sustain more damage during a move than it would during normal use, especially if you frequently bump into corners. Besides, if you don’t have to uproot your life, there’s no reason to.


Keep in mind that we first asked, “what is a lounge chair?” Hopefully, your questions about this piece of furniture have been answered by this article. A lounge chair is one of those investments that seems extravagant at first, but turns out to be well worth the cost.