What Is A Mattress Topper Used For

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Helen Skeates
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The name of this product itself should answer the question of what a mattress topper is for. You put it on top of your mattress to make it taller and fluffier. Altering the feel of your bed can also be done with the help of a mattress topper.

Read on to find out if this is something you need for your mattress and why. Mattress toppers last for a long time and can significantly improve the quality of your sleep. Read on to find out what a topper is and if it’s the same thing as a mattress pad.

What Is The Use Of A Mattress Topper?

The name “mattress topper” comes from its intended placement atop a mattress. By doing so, you can customize the bed’s feel and thickness to your preferences. The primary mattress is shielded from the weight and stress of the topper, extending its lifespan.

Protects the mattress

Adding a bed skirt or box spring to your mattress can help keep it from sagging too soon. It can lessen the load on your innerspring mattress’ springs or the stress on your foam bed’s layers. Those who are unable to immediately replace a mattress with a depression in the middle often use a topper on top as a permanent solution to the problem.

What Is a Mattress Topper and what is the Use of It? – NapCloud

A mattress topper can also help your bed last longer because it is simpler to maintain. The thinner material and removable cover work together to shield the main mattress from dust and moisture while still being easily cleaned. The topper should also be easier to dry than a mattress in the event of a spill.

Improves support and comfort

The mattress topper has additional health benefits. You’ll be able to find the perfect thickness and level of firmness for your unique body and sleeping style. Combining the features of the mattress and the topper is another useful tip for finding your ideal bed.

A mattress topper, as we mentioned before, is a quick fix for sagging mattresses. By using a topper that promotes a neutral sleeping position, you can put off replacing a bed that has sagged or dented. However, we want to make it clear that a topper is not a suitable replacement for a real mattress.

What Are the Benefits of a Mattress Topper?

The following are some benefits that can be gained from using a mattress topper:

Firmness Adjustment

The surface feel of your mattress can be drastically altered by using a topper. Some models of mattress toppers are made to make a soft mattress feel firmer, while the vast majority of toppers have a softer feel and are meant to be used with a firm mattress. If you don’t want to spend the money on a whole new mattress but aren’t happy with the softness or firmness of your current one, a topper may be the answer.

Mattress Protection

Mattress protectors are thin and designed to keep your mattress free from spills, stains, dust, and other contaminants; toppers are thicker and serve a different purpose. But a mattress topper can extend the life of your comfort layer and protect your bed’s surface. This can help your mattress last longer.

Stronger Support

The mattress’s soft top will lose its shape and comfort after some time has passed. This can lead to a loss of support, creating an uneven surface, and additional aches and pains. A strong cover provides an extra layer to stop your body from sagging in problem areas like the stomach and the hips.

Better Cooling

If you sleep hot because of your mattress’s surface, a breathable topper can help regulate your body temperature and improve your night’s rest. Materials like open-cell foam, natural wool, and ventilated latex make the best cooling mattress toppers.

Fewer Disruptions

How quickly do you and your sleep partner feel the effects of movement on the mattress surface? If so, you and your partner may have trouble sleeping because of motion transfer. This is especially true of hybrid and innerspring mattresses. Memory foam, polyfoam, or latex toppers are more likely to absorb movement and less likely to transmit it throughout the surface.

Cost-Effective Solution

Mattress toppers can range in price, but in general they are much more affordable than purchasing a new mattress of the same size. Toppers are not as long-lasting as mattresses, so they should only be used as a stopgap; however, if you use a topper instead of purchasing a new bed, you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

What Is The Difference Between A Mattress Topper And A Mattress Pad?

The mattress pad is one of the most common bed accessories that is mistaken for a topper. Memory foam mattress pads are sometimes sold alongside memory foam toppers. It’s unclear whether or not these terms are interchangeable because of this.

Do these two goods even differ from one another? A mattress topper, as we’ve established, can drastically change the way your bed feels. Put simply, a mattress pad is going to be thinner than a mattress topper.

You can find a quilted mattress pad made of cotton, foam, or synthetic fibers. And unlike mattress toppers, most mattress pads can be cleaned in the washing machine. As such, a mattress pad can double as a protector for your actual mattress.

Do I Need A Mattress Protector And Topper?

Depending on the condition of your mattress, you may need both a protector and a topper. Never underestimate the value of a high-quality mattress cover or protector in extending the life of your mattress. If your bed provides adequate support and comfort, though, you won’t need a mattress topper.

Can You Use A Mattress Topper As A Mattress?

A mattress topper can be used to fix a dented or sagging mattress, as was mentioned before. A good night’s sleep can’t be guaranteed on a consistent basis with a quick fix like this. You also can’t skip the mattress altogether and sleep on just the topper.

A mattress topper may make the mattress more comfortable, but it is not designed to bear the full weight of the sleeper. You may also feel a distinction between sleeping on a mattress and a topper. A mattress topper alone is not illegal, but sleeping on a proper bed is the best way to protect your spine.

How to Choose a Mattress Topper

In addition to protecting your mattress from damage over time, mattress toppers allow you to modify the feel of your mattress to make it softer or firmer. There is a wide variety of mattress toppers available today, each with their own unique blend of materials, thickness, firmness, cost, and effectiveness. Your ideal mattress topper will be determined solely by your individual requirements and tastes.

Below, we’ll examine the advantages and disadvantages of various mattress materials, talk about the numerous uses for mattress toppers, and address some frequently asked questions.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Mattress Topper

Consider your new topper as an extra cushion for your mattress. You should evaluate various models and types of toppers in the same way you would a new mattress. Controlling the temperature, adaptability, durability, and motion isolation are all crucial features for couples. The cost is another crucial factor.

Keep in mind that some brands use deceptive marketing language when discussing the effectiveness of their toppers. Be wary of materials that claim to provide “universal comfort” or “endless support,” or that are labeled “green” or “natural,” but are actually made primarily of synthetic components. Here are the most crucial factors to think about when purchasing a new capper:

  • Capable of Cooling:Some mattress toppers, like some mattresses, tend to trap heat, making for a warmer night’s rest. When compared to materials like down and feathers or wool, temperature is more likely to be retained by memory foam, polyfoam, and non-vented latex used as a mattress topper. The amount of heat retained or released depends in part on the topper’s softness. When you bury yourself too far in a topper, airflow is impeded and you end up overheated.
  • Price: While the price of a new topper can range from under $100 to over $500, the majority of premium models are currently retailing for between $150 and $450. The cost of a topper can be affected by its specific characteristics, such as its organic certification status, its thickness, or its material composition. There is also a wide range in price between different brands.
  • How to Get to Sleep:Are you a side sleeper? If that’s the case, you might find the most relief from pressure on your shoulders and hips by switching to a mattress topper. Back sleepers typically prefer mattresses with a firmer, more neutral feel. That way, your torso and waist won’t sag as much and you can relax in the snug, even support. A mattress topper for a stomach sleeper should provide extra support for the area between the shoulders and hips.
  • High-Quality Components:Longevity and superior performance in various areas are typically associated with particular topping materials. High-density memory foam, perforated latex, all-natural wool, and lofty down are just some of the options. These materials can significantly increase the price, but in the long run, the premium product will be more cost-effective.
  • Degree of Stiffness:Different sleep positions and body types necessitate a different level of firmness. A softer topper is recommended for people who weigh less than 130 pounds and/or sleep on their sides. Mid-level firmness may be preferable for those weighing between 130 and 230 pounds, regardless of sleep position. A firmer topper with more robust overall support is recommended for people who weigh more than 230 pounds and who sleep on their back and/or stomach.
  • Thickness: Between one and three inches is the typical thickness of a topper. Because they are laid on top of the mattress, toppers raise the height of the bed by an additional 1–3 inches. A high-profile topper may make your bed too tall if it is already quite thick. Because of this, it may be harder to get in and out of bed. However, thinner toppers may not be able to modify your mattress’s firmness as effectively as thicker ones.
  • Release From Tension:The best pressure-relieving mattress toppers will hug your shape while still providing proper spinal alignment. Some people who sleep on their sides prefer a softer mattress. If their backs aren’t straight, they’ll be under unnecessary strain. Since sleeping on one’s back or stomach helps to align the spine, these sleep positions typically require more support and less conforming to provide the most comfortable pressure relief.

Which Type of Mattress Topper Should I Choose?

You’ll be able to choose a mattress topper based on its material composition after considering the aforementioned features and deciding which ones are most important to you. The pressure-relieving, lasting, temperature-neutral, and other performance benefits and drawbacks of various topper materials vary.

In the Case of Memory Foam,If you prefer to really sink into your mattress at night, a memory foam topper is the way to go. You can rest assured that your shoulders, spine, and hips will remain in their proper positions thanks to the close conformity of the material. Because of this, memory foam is a popular choice for those who sleep on their sides. Memory foam is great for couples and co-sleepers because it reduces motion transfer and is silent during the night. Toppers infused with gel, graphite, copper, or other cooling materials can help keep the surface at a comfortable temperature, despite the fact that memory foam can trap heat.

Polyfoam:Although it does mold to the body, polyfoam is not as accommodating as memory foam. There’s a sense of increased responsiveness from this material. If you’re looking for something that contours to your body while still having some give on the surface, polyfoam may be a good option. Polyfoam toppers commonly have a wavy, ridged exterior and are sometimes referred to as “egg-crate toppers.”

Latex:Latex, like polyfoam, can be shaped to the body without losing its responsiveness. You won’t sink quite as far, but you’ll still feel less pressure. A latex topper may be preferable to a memory foam one for those who sleep on their stomachs or backs and require more support. Latex, when perforated to allow air to circulate, provides a cooler night’s sleep than foam.

Extra Resources:You can also choose from other materials besides the standard memory foam, polyfoam, and latex toppers. If you want an extremely plush yet breathable surface, a topper made from down and feathers, for example, could be the best option for you. Wool toppers are useful because they can insulate during the colder months and cool and wick away moisture during the warmer months. Finally, many inexpensive polyester fiber-filled toppers provide sufficient padding.

Toppers are not the same as Euro-top or pillow-top covers, so make sure you know the difference. A pillow-top is an additional layer of padding that is sewn into the sleeping surface of a bed but not flush with the comfort layer above it. The Euro-top is also encased in mattress fabric, but its seams are concealed and its edges are finished to match those of the comfort layer.

Although pillow-tops and Euro-tops can be purchased separately, they are more commonly included as optional customizations for a new mattress. If you already own a mattress, you would be responsible for sewing the pillow-top or Euro-top onto your mattress.

Best Mattress Toppers of 2022

Saatva Mattress Topper

Price: $330

Firmness:Four- or five-star medium soft or medium

Who it’s best for:

  • Those whose preferred level of softness is between medium and medium-soft
  • Smokers in bed
  • Customers searching for a cap that comes in a variety of materials


  • Pick from three different caps, each with their own look and feel.
  • Covers made of GOTS-approved organic cotton are standard equipment.
  • Guaranteed comfort for 45 nights and one year of use.

The three different styles of the Saatva Mattress Topper are all made from high-quality materials and decorated with thoughtful features to improve the quality of your sleep.

All three variations feature distinctive materials. High-density polyfoam, like that used in the “Foam” topper, contours to the body and relieves pressure without the uncomfortable “body-hug” associated with memory foam. This topper has a thickness of 1.5 inches, so it won’t radically alter the feel of your mattress, but it will add some much-needed padding for a more restful night’s sleep. On a firmness scale from 1-10, this is a 5, making it the firmest of Saatva’s three toppers. It’s also the cheapest option.

Graphite’s 3-inch height makes it the tallest available capstone. Adaptive memory foam is used for the top layer, and a denser base foam is used to reinforce the surface you sleep on. This topper has a medium softness rating (4) and shouldn’t be too sinky for sleepers up to 230 pounds. Graphite is added to the top layer to counteract the heat retention of the foam.

The “Latex” model is the softest option, with a medium-soft (4) feel and a 1.5-inch height. People who like the idea of contouring but find the warmth of foams uncomfortable should consider this model. The latex has been perforated to increase ventilation, making it a cool place to sleep. It has the highest price tag of the three options.

Saatva uses organic cotton that has been certified as safe for human health and the environment by the Global Organic Textile Standard for all of its topper covers. Each one also has elastic corner straps to prevent the topper from shifting, which can be an issue, especially for restless sleepers. Every purchase comes with a 45-night sleep trial and 1-year warranty, and shipping is free within the continental United States.

The Opinions of Our Lab Rats and Mice

According to our research, each of the Saatva Mattress Toppers has its own set of benefits. The latex model keeps sleepers exceptionally cool, while the high-density foam and graphite memory foam options provide superior support and pressure relief, respectively.

Brooklyn Bedding Memory Foam Topper (4 PCF)

Price: $224

Firmness:Sensible (5th)

Who it’s best for:

  • Overly responsive mattresses can cause problems for couples who share.
  • Individuals experiencing back discomfort or pressure
  • People who sleep on their sides or backs


  • Memory foam of medium density molds to the body without sinking or keeping too much heat.
  • Choices abound in both profile and cover materials.
  • Superb pressure-relief and isolation from motion.

An expensive topper isn’t necessarily the best investment if you’re saving up for a new mattress because your old one is worn out from years of use. The Brooklyn Bedding Memory Foam Topper is a cheap and effective way to extend the life of a mattress that has seen better days, even if the surface is already covered in indentations and impressions. A density of 4 PCF provides a happy medium between firm support and soft comfort, while avoiding the overheating issues that plague higher-density memory foam.

Depending on the condition of your mattress, you can select from two distinct settings. The 2-inch version is best for more lightly used beds, while the 3-inch version can breathe new life into a mattress that’s on its last legs. The topper is useful for couples and roommates who share a mattress and have trouble falling asleep due to its responsiveness. You can both stay asleep even if one of you shifts positions in bed, thanks to the foam’s ability to absorb motion and lessen its transmission across the surface. The 3-inch model is the best choice for those who want to minimize movement.

There are two options for the cover, both of which perform admirably as a cooling device. The organic cotton cover is soft and luxurious to the touch, making it ideal for those who have sensitive skin. The “Luxury Cooling” option provides a cover made of circular-knit polyester that is pleasantly cool to the touch. The seven available sizes of the topper include a shorter queen that works well with a wide variety of RV mattress bases.

Brooklyn Bedding offers free shipping on the Memory Foam Topper within the 48 contiguous states. You can try out your purchase risk-free for 30 days with free return shipping. A three-year warranty is extended to the original owner of the topper.

Laboratory Notes: Opinions of Our Test Subjects

The Memory Foam Topper (4 PCF) by Brooklyn Bedding strikes a nice balance between sinkage and support. The majority of our sleep testers reported minimal sinkage, and all three sleeping positions were comfortably cushioned by the foam.

Birch Organic Mattress Topper

Price: $400

Firmness:Sizeable (5-ish)

Who it’s best for:

  • Those in search of a more contouring and responsive mattress should consider latex.
  • Smokers in bed
  • Eco-friendly consumers


  • Eco-friendly, non-harmful components
  • Natural fibers like wool, cotton, and latex all breathe easily and keep you comfortable.
  • The plush pillow top makes sleeping in comfort and style a breeze.

The Talalay latex used to make the Birch Mattress Topper comes from environmentally friendly rubber tree plantations. An organic cotton cover and a layer of natural wool sit atop the topper to provide a breathable, temperature-regulating, and flame-retardant finish. The Birch Mattress Topper’s high-end construction from sustainably sourced materials ensures that you can rest easy at night.

The Talalay latex base shapes to the sleeper, while the topper has a medium feel and a moderately responsive surface. If you have trouble sleeping because of pressure points in your shoulders, lower back, or hips but don’t like the deep sink of memory foam, this topper may be for you. This topper is suitable for side sleepers weighing at least 130 pounds, as well as back and stomach sleepers weighing up to 230 pounds.

If you tend to get hot during the night, the Birch Mattress Topper is an excellent choice. The latex will not keep as much heat as memory foam or polyfoam, and the wool cover will keep you dry and comfortable. This top has the added benefit of being very long-lasting. The natural resilience of latex ensures that the topper will keep its responsive and supportive shape for years to come.

Like most models with natural latex layers, the topper is not cheap. Birch provides a 100-night sleep trial so you can try out the topper before committing to it. There is a 10-year guarantee on the cap as well.

What Is a Mattress Topper & What Is a Good Topper Used For (Answered)

Laboratory Notes: Opinions of Our Test Subjects

The Birch Mattress Topper performed exceptionally well in our tests of temperature regulation. The latex filling allows very little heat to be retained, while the cotton cover and wool batting prevent condensation.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Topper Supreme

Price: $399

Who it’s best for:

  • Sleeping on one’s side or back
  • Those who suffer from backaches or pressure clusters along the spine
  • Those who dislike the firmness of their current mattress


  • Your sleeping surface’s comfort level can be drastically altered by its thickness and medium firmness.
  • Durable TEMPUR memory foam serves as the core material.
  • The cover can be washed in the machine.

A topper that cushions the body and reduces the firmness of the sleep surface can be helpful for people who suffer from chronic shoulder, back, or hip pain. The Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Topper Supreme, which is 3 inches thick and made from adaptive TEMPUR memory foam, is an excellent choice for these sleepers. The topper has a moderate softness (5), so the foam will conform closely, but the dense construction should keep it in good shape for a long time and protect it from wear and tear.

The foam is wrapped in a knit cover for ventilation. If the cover gets dirty, toss it in the washing machine, but if the foam gets stained, just spot clean it. There are six options, all of which are compatible with a standard bed.

We found the topper to be most comfortable for those weighing up to 230 pounds after extensive testing. The foam is dense and supportive enough to prevent deep sinkage for back sleepers while still providing ample padding for side sleepers’ shoulders and hips (which can improve alignment and alleviate pressure). If your partner’s movements keep you up at night, the TEMPUR-Topper Supreme may be the solution. The foam absorbs motion and virtually eliminates transfer across the surface, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep.

The topper’s price tag might seem high at first, but its reliability and effectiveness could end up being well worth it. Tempur-Pedic offers free shipping within the 48 contiguous states. After a purchase has been made, no refunds will be given, but the manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty against structural and workmanship flaws.

The Opinions of Our Lab Rats and Mice

“In our pressure relief and motion isolation tests, the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Topper Supreme fared exceptionally well. The topper’s substantial thickness means it will work well with even the most worn-in mattresses to enhance their comfort.

Silk & Snow Organic Mattress Topper

Price: $270

Firmness:Moderate (5), Stiff (7)

Who it’s best for:

  • Supine and supine sleepers
  • Warm snoozers
  • Eco-friendly consumers


  • Two Levels of Toughness
  • Cooling is aided by cotton’s breathability and Dunlop latex’s elasticity.
  • Both the GOTS and the GOLS have certified the components.

The Organic Mattress Topper from Silk & Snow is stuffed with a Dunlop latex core. This material provides adequate pressure relief without giving in too much support, making it ideal for a good night’s sleep. The components of the cape have been certified as organic by both the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). Those who prefer to sleep hot and value organic materials may like this option.

The pad is protected by an organic cotton cover. Cotton is great for people who sleep in hot and humid environments because it is naturally breathable and moisture-wicking. The cover is easily removable and can be washed in a washing machine. It’s important to remember that the latex center can only be spot cleaned.

The topper’s 2-inch height makes it a good option for those who want to rejuvenate the feel of a mattress that has seen only light use. There are two firmness options: medium (level 5) and firm (level 7). According to our research, the medium feel is ideal for back and side sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds who need pressure point relief without sinking too far into the mattress. Sleeping flat on your back or stomach was possible on the firm model’s uniform surface.

There are six common mattress sizes for which this topper can be purchased. Customers in the 48 contiguous states and provincial provinces of Canada are eligible for free shipping and a 100-night sleep trial from Silk & Snow. The latex center of an organic mattress topper is guaranteed for three years, and the cotton cover is guaranteed for one year.

The Opinions of Our Lab Rats and Mice

Certified organic materials are used in every step of production of the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress Topper. Many members of our sleep testing team were able to find a level of firmness that was both comfortable and supportive.

Turmerry Organic Latex Mattress Topper

Price: $249

Firmness:Tender (3), Moderate (5), and Firm (6)

Who it’s best for:

  • Finders of Values
  • Overheated snoozers
  • Consumers in search of a sustainable topping


  • Produced entirely from organically grown materials
  • Options of two densities and three degrees of firmness
  • Competitive pricing

Eco-friendly materials were used in the production of the latex model found in the Turmerry Organic Latex Mattress Topper. This topper is reasonably priced in comparison to other latex toppers, especially given its construction from authentic, certified organic materials. The mattress is adaptable for any sleeping position thanks to its adjustable firmness.

Customers can choose from a soft (3), medium (5), or medium firm (6) topper in either a 2 or 3-inch thickness. The cover can be unzipped to access the topper and machine washed in cold water. The latex cover has been certified as sustainable and chemical-free by both the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS).

This topper’s versatile construction makes it suitable for a wide range of individuals’ sleeping habits and sizes. Soft and medium toppers offer more contouring to relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips, making them more appealing to side sleepers. Since back sleepers typically need a balance of contouring and support to promote spinal alignment, the medium topper may be a good option for them. If you sleep on your stomach, you should get the firm mattress topper.

This topper is designed to provide relief for people who tend to sleep hot. The latex core and cotton cover work together to make this topper more breathable than foam mattresses.

In the 48 contiguous states, Turmerry offers free shipping. All toppers have a 5-year guarantee and can be returned within 60 days for a full refund if you aren’t satisfied.

The Opinions of Our Lab Rats and Mice

We put Turmerry’s Organic Latex Mattress Topper through its paces across all three firmness settings. Our team found the medium and soft mattresses to be the most accommodating, while the medium firm mattress topper was the best option for those who sleep on their backs or bellies.

PlushBeds Natural Latex Topper

Price: $429

Firmness:There are eight different firmness levels, from soft (3) to extra firm (8).

Who it’s best for:

  • Hot-blooded sleepers
  • Memory foam’s deep contour may not be for everyone.
  • Those who like a more interactive mattress


  • Alternative densities and textures are available.
  • Talalay latex, which is permeable, prevents heat buildup.
  • Cover made from organic cotton is available for an upcharge.

The Latex Mattress Topper from PlushBed comes in two different heights and five different degrees of firmness, making it suitable for a wide range of sleepers. Comfortable options should be available for customers of varying sizes, sleeping orientations, and personal preferences.

The ventilated Talalay latex used in the topper allows air to circulate while you sleep. Compared to memory foam, this material does not conform as closely and thus does not trap as much heat. Because of its more responsive feel, a Talalay mattress topper is a great option for sex and bed-sharing because it provides pressure relief without excessive sinkage and allows for more freedom of movement across the surface.

Soft (3) to medium firm (6) mattresses are suitable for sleepers weighing up to 230 pounds. Those who weigh more than 230 pounds may prefer the firm (7) or extra firm (8) options. Those who sleep on their sides may benefit from the extra thickness offered by the 3-inch option. Some people, especially those sleeping on older, more saggy mattresses, may benefit from having a layer of padding between themselves and the bed. Sleeping on your back or stomach is most comfortable on the 2-inch option.

A Latex Topper with an organic cotton cover can be purchased separately. To the 48 contiguous states, PlushBeds offers free shipping. The topper cannot be returned, but the company does offer a 5-year warranty on all purchases.

The Opinions of Our Lab Rats and Mice

The PlushBeds Natural Latex Topper is a perfect example of why our staff loves using latex in their beds. The bed’s responsiveness in keeping users on a level surface while they sleep and their ability to move around freely during our tests stand out as particular highlights.

Perfectly Snug Smart Topper

Price: $1,499

Firmness:Moderate (five)

Who it’s best for:

  • Those who still suffer from uncomfortable temperatures during the night
  • Those who perspire while sleeping
  • Elite consumers


  • Incorporates a programmable thermostat with heating and cooling capabilities
  • The core is made of supportive memory foam that molds to the shape of the user’s body for comfort.
  • The cover can be removed for washing.

Passive cooling is a feature of many mattress toppers; they achieve this by incorporating breathable materials like perforated latex, wool, or cotton. The Perfectly Snug Topper is specially designed to provide active cooling, making it one of the few toppers available. The entire length of the topper is carved out with inner channels that lead to tiny fans at the base of the mattress. Depending on the temperature settings, these fans will either heat or cool the incoming air. The temperature can be programmed and adjusted by the owners with the help of a mobile app.

The topper has temperature sensors all over it to monitor your body and adjust the temperature accordingly. The topper’s heating system can be controlled separately for each foot. You and your partner can each make adjustments to your side of the bed independently with the dual settings available on the larger sizes. If you want to adjust the temperature in your bedroom for the night because of hot or cold weather, you can do so with this app.

The soft memory foam used in the topper molds to the sleeper’s shape for optimal support. The foam also fills in the channels to keep the surface smooth and without bumps. The topper’s polyester cover is machine-washable, and so is the entire mattress.

The Smart Topper’s high cost reflects its cutting-edge engineering, but it could be worth it for those who have trouble dropping off to sleep because of the heat. Each purchase is guaranteed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and includes free shipping within the continental United States.

The Opinions of Our Lab Rats and Mice

The Perfectly Snug Smart Topper is innovative because it actively cools and dissipates heat. If you sleep hot throughout the night and need more than passive temperature control, this is the topper for you.

GhostBed Memory Foam Topper

Price: $319

Firmness:Adjustable (5-zone)

Who it’s best for:

  • Those who want a mattress protector that can withstand liquid spills
  • Persons who sleep on their sides or backs
  • The restless sleepers among us


  • Separated into five areas for customized firmness or softness, depending on the zone’s location.
  • Cooling channels are cut into the foam to increase ventilation and decrease the risk of overheating.
  • The cover is watertight and has a sturdy rim to keep water out.

The GhostBed Memory Foam Topper has some unique qualities that set it apart from similar products on the market. The five distinct zones of the topper’s memory foam provide varying degrees of firmness. Back sleepers, who typically carry more weight in their bellies, benefit from the design’s added reinforcement there to prevent sinkage. The topper is 3 inches thick, and its zoned construction makes it perfect for those whose mattress has become saggy or uneven.

The foam has cooling gel embedded within it, and air is pumped across its surface via channels. Therefore, unlike memory foam, the topper shouldn’t have the same problem of overheating. The Ghost Ice fabric used to make the cover is another element that helps keep things cool. The cover is made from a fabric that is resistant to liquids, so it can prevent damage from spills. There aren’t many alternatives, but none of them are waterproof.

This topper will stay put throughout the night, even if you toss and turn or switch positions frequently. The thick border band of the cover is what keeps the duvet in place all night long. The pocket depth of the elastic skirt is up to 18 inches, making the topper suitable for use with the vast majority of mattresses currently on the market. This includes many high-end models, such as those with pillow tops. The cover can be washed in a machine.

The Memory Foam Topper’s upscale price tag reflects the product’s high-quality construction and design. GhostBed helps you save money up front by providing free ground shipping to any location within the United States. The topper is non-returnable after purchase, but a 5-year guarantee is included with every order.

The Opinions of Our Lab Rats and Mice

The team’s back sleepers are raving about the GhostBed Memory Foam Topper. Back sleepers can rest assured that their midsections won’t sag thanks to the mattress’ zoned construction, which provides additional support around the torso and hips.

ViscoSoft Select High Density Mattress Topper

Price: $230

Firmness:To a Moderate Degree, Five (5)

Who it’s best for:

  • People who get the best night’s sleep on memory foam mattresses
  • Comfortable for both side and back sleepers up to 230 pounds
  • Couples


  • The pressure relieving memory foam material conforms closely to the body.
  • Cover that can be removed and washed
  • Relaxing lavender and refreshing activated charcoal infusions are available as add-ons.

This memory foam topper, the ViscoSoft Select High Density Topper, is of the highest quality. This material shapes to your body precisely, so it supports your spine and distributes your weight evenly while relieving pressure in all the right places. This topper is ideal for those weighing up to 230 pounds who like to sink into their mattress a fair amount.

Since it provides generous cushioning for the hips and shoulders, this topper can be especially useful for side sleepers. Poor spinal alignment is common among side sleepers; this can be remedied by providing extra padding to these areas and additional support to the rest of the body. This topper can support weights up to 230 pounds, making it suitable for back sleepers of all sizes. The foam cushions the head, neck, and legs while also providing firm support for the midsection.

Couples may also benefit from the ViscoSoft Select High Density Topper. The silent foam absorbs movement, reducing or eliminating motion transfer to an absolute minimum. Those who are disturbed when their bedmate shifts position or gets out of bed may find this useful. In comparison to other memory foam toppers, this one keeps you from overheating while you snooze. This is because the cover is made of rayon from bamboo, which allows air to circulate, and because cooling gel is infused into the foam.

ViscoSoft also provides two variants of the cap with upgraded features in addition to the base model. One of these quilted covers has a soothing lavender scent to help you unwind before bed. The other one has active charcoal added to it, which helps it cool faster.

Customers can save a lot of money by purchasing the Select High Density Topper. Though it’s more affordable than most memory foam toppers, this model conforms to your body and relieves pressure just as well as more pricey alternatives.

Mattress Topper FAQ

What is a mattress topper?

Mattress toppers are extra padding that are placed on top of your mattress and tucked in with your fitted sheet. Toppers, in contrast to fixed pillow-tops or Euro-tops, can be easily moved around and replaced.

A mattress topper is meant to enhance the comfort level of your existing mattress. Over time, a mattress’s surface will become uneven due to body impressions and indentations as the cushioning materials degrade and soften. The result may be a loss of support and the accompanying aches and pains. Most mattress toppers are medium in firmness, with the goal of providing some relief for those who prefer a firmer sleep surface. But there are some toppers that are more on the firm side, and they’re designed to be used with mattresses that are too plush.

Toppers are typically filled with memory foam, polyfoam, latex, down and feathers, down alternative fibers, or wool. Pillow toppers range in height from 1.5 inches to 4 inches.

Mattress pads and mattress toppers serve different purposes, but the two terms are often used interchangeably. Pads are intended to be used in conjunction with a topper, but they are thinner and less bulky. It is possible to find mattress protectors that are also waterproof. In terms of comfort, toppers make a huge difference, but they are almost never watertight.

What’s the best way to clean a mattress topper?

Toppers made of foam or latex often have covers that can be removed and washed in a machine. Care instructions are included on the cover, so please adhere to them. Foam or latex filling should never be washed in a machine and should be spot cleaned instead.

If the cover is not removable, dry cleaning is your best bet for keeping your topper in pristine condition. While it’s true that some toppers filled with down alternatives or wool can be washed in the washing machine, doing so often results in noticeable shrinkage and material deterioration. It’s possible that larger-sized toppers won’t fit in standard washing machines, too.

How much does a mattress topper typically cost?

The purchase price of a mattress topper can vary widely. The size, thickness, brand, and type of filling and covering all play a role. A queen-sized mattress topper will typically cost you between $150 and $400. Toppers made of convoluted polyfoam, also known as “egg crates,” are typically the least expensive option, while memory foam, wool, and latex mattresses are among the most expensive.

The following is a breakdown of the average cost of each type of topping:

  • Polystyrene Foam, Convoluted/Egg Crate:A sum that’s less than fifty dollars
  • Filling Fibers:Costing less than one hundred dollars
  • Down/Feather: $100 to $200
  • A Memory Foam Mattress: $150 to $300
  • Wool: $150 to $300
  • Latex: $200 to $400

How can you keep a mattress topper from sliding?

Many toppers slide, which is a major inconvenience. Some mattress toppers feature “anti-slip” bottoms that provide traction and prevent excessive shifting, while others feature elastic loops that allow them to fit around the corners of your mattress. If a topper doesn’t have these, especially if it’s on the thinner side, it could slide around on your mattress while you sleep.

What is a mattress topper? | Best mattress toppers | Argos

This problem can be reduced by either using a fitted sheet over the topper or a flat sheet over the topper with the edges tucked under the mattress. Make sure the mattress topper is the same dimensions as the mattress.

What are the benefits of using a mattress topper?

You can get a few more years out of your mattress with a topper if you’ve had it for a while and have noticed some unevenness in the surface. This is, however, only a stopgap measure. Like your mattress, the topper will wear indentations and impressions with regular use.

If your guests sleep on futons, foldout couches, or other unpopular surfaces, a topper may be a welcome addition to their guest room. Even if your guests sleep on the floor, this is a problem. Because they are used less frequently, the toppers in guest rooms tend to last longer.


You could find a mattress topper among other bedding accessories. But why would anyone need a topper for their mattress? A topper, which should not be confused with a mattress pad, is an extra layer placed on top of a mattress to alter its firmness, thickness, or height.

Memory foam is used in many of the best-selling models, while mattress pads come in a wider variety of materials. If your current mattress is conducive to your preferred sleeping position and weight, you can skip the topper. However, if your mattress is sagging, it can be used as a stopgap measure.

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