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A queen-sized bed is common knowledge, but what exactly is a short queen mattress? You won’t find it in most mattress shops unless you specifically ask for it, but it serves a number of important niches.

Simply put, a short queen mattress is a variation on the standard queen size that comes in at a slightly shorter length. A regular queen measures 80 inches in height and 60 inches in width, while a shorter queen measures 75 inches in height and 60 inches in width. Only a difference of five inches there.

Depending on your height, that may not seem like much, but if you move around a lot in bed or are particularly tall, you may feel the difference.

Why Would You Want a Short Queen Mattress?

Most people who own a short queen mattress do so because it will be used in a recreational vehicle. There are a few reasons why RV queen mattresses are shorter, but weight and space are the two most common.


Mattresses (and everything else inside the RV) contribute to the total weight that a towing vehicle can handle. Take note of the RV’s listed weight before making a purchase. Find out if your car is capable of towing your RV and if your RV is legal to drive on public roads. The RV’s total weight includes everything in it, from the refrigerator to the carpet to the mattresses. Since mattresses are relatively heavy, it makes sense for RV manufacturers to shave weight there.

Short Queen vs. Queen: What's the Difference? - Amerisleep

The result is a short queen mattress that is often very uncomfortable because it is mostly air. The RV short queen mattress is usually just a thin piece of foam rubber. This is why many new RV owners feel the need to upgrade their mattress to a more luxurious short queen model right away.

Because of the compact nature of RVs, space is utilized to the fullest extent possible. Manufacturers can free up space for a larger kitchen or bathroom if they can shave five inches off of mattresses. This is the ultimate cause of the limited length of queen-size beds. There isn’t enough room in the room for a queen-sized bed. It is impossible to fit a standard queen-sized bed into the area designated for a short queen bed in the RV, no matter how much you try to squeeze it in there.

A queen-sized bed with a low profile may seem odd at first, but it may be just what you need.

Is a Short Queen Mattress Comfortable?

Yes! If you know what to look for, a short queen mattress can be just as comfortable as a regular queen. Even though the mattress that came with your RV from the factory probably didn’t provide the best night’s sleep, you can easily swap it out for a gel memory foam short queen mattress. Memory foam was originally developed by NASA to alleviate the discomfort of long periods of space travel by cradling the body and relieving pressure points. Because it molds to the shape of your body, memory foam provides uniform comfort from your neck to your hips. The one and only drawback to memory foam is that it can get too hot due to how well it conforms to your body. However, this is why we employ gel memory foam. The memory foam incorporates gel beads to disperse body heat and eliminate any perspiration. You can get the best sleep of your life on a gel foam mattress.

Can You Put a Regular Mattress In An RV?

Regular-sized mattresses can fit in some RVs, but these vehicles are uncommon. Did you know, however, that there is such a thing as a short king mattress? Yes, sleeping on a queen- or king-sized mattress that is too short is an inevitable part of RV travel. If you have your heart set on a specific mattress, however, it is important to check with the RV dealer to see if it will fit inside (and it wouldn’t hurt to bring a tape measure along just to be sure).

Thankfully, Dynasty Mattress also produces short queen mattresses that are just as cozy as their standard queen counterparts. Mattresses in this collection also feature CoolBreeze Plush GEL Memory Foam technology. Swap out your RV’s standard queen mattress for a Dynasty Mattress short queen and you’ll have the best night’s sleep possible on the road.

3 Advantages Of Buying A Short Queen Mattress

People choose this mattress for a variety of reasons, some of which were already mentioned.

A short queen mattress is preferable because… It could also be the impetus behind your acquisition of one. A queen mattress that is “short” is what?

The benefits are as follows.

Reason #1. Convenience

Mattresses sized as a queen but shorter in length are designed with RVs in mind.

It’s five inches shorter than a standard queen mattress, but it still offers the same level of support and comfort.

Moreover, if you plan to use them as a travel companion, this is a far superior option to air mattresses.

This type of mattress can develop holes or lose air pressure as altitude increases or decreases.

Reason #2. Comfort

A short queen-sized mattress is a popular amenity for RVs.

Why so?

It can provide the welcome relief they deserve after a long day of hiking or camping.

When it comes to pressure relief and support, short queen mattresses are second to none.

Reason #3. Hypoallergenic

Debris, mold, bugs, and dust can all find their way into your recreational vehicle or trailer while camping. Your health may be negatively affected by all of these.

The good news is that nowadays you can buy a hypoallergenic short queen mattress.

This mattress shields you from the usual bed-invaders like dust mites, mold, and mildew.

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In any case, that concludes this.

What Are the Sizes and Weights of Mattresses in RVs?

Comparing RV mattresses to traditional mattresses looks like this:

Size and weight requirements for a typical King bed are 76″ by 80″ and 120 lbs.
(Split) California King (two pieces) Dimensions: 72″ x 84″ Weight: 50 lbs.
Queen size (typical) is 60″ x 80″ and 100 lbs.
60 x 75, 75 lb., short queen size.
Size Big: 65 lbs. for a 54″ x 74″ full
Standard Twin XL size is 38″ x 80″ and weighs 50 lbs.
Measurements for a twin bed are 38 by 74 inches and weigh 58 pounds.

The RV short sizes are more compact and lighter in weight. The RV store sold you a cheap lightweight mattress because of its low weight and the ease with which it could be towed, so this is good news. It would be counterproductive to remove a lightweight one and put in a heavy one. The difference between a queen and a queen short may not seem like much, but it’s actually 25 pounds. From the appliances to the storage you choose for your RV, everything will depend on these considerations.

Top 7: Best RV Short Queen Mattresses

1. The Brooklyn Aurora

Brooklyn Bedding and RVMattress.com worked together to create the Brooklyn Aurora. You can get the same high-end pillow-top mattress that millions of people sleep on every night in their own homes, sized specifically to fit your RV or any other non-standard bed. This mattress is unparalleled in its class thanks to its patented Titan foam and pocketed coil support system, which together provide unrivaled levels of support, pressure relief, and cooling. You can tailor your experience by selecting the desired degree of softness, medium firmness, or firmness. Each mattress is made to order in Brooklyn Bedding’s Arizona factory and delivered to your door.

Things we adore

  • American-made at low, wholesale costs
  • Comfortable and reassuring to lean on
  • Incomparable Deal
  • Sizes range from the standard to the incredibly specific.
  • Variable levels of firmness

Short Queen Vs Queen Size Mattress: What Is The Difference? | DreamCloud

2. The Wanderlust RV Mattress

The Wanderlust mattress is a high-quality, reasonably priced memory foam option. This mattress can be ordered in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses to suit a wide variety of uses, including but not limited to recreational vehicles, boats, antique beds, and more. They manufacture all of their products at their own Arizona facility, which allows them to offer low wholesale prices.

Things we adore

  • Unbelievable price
  • Constructed with premium-grade memory foam
  • Available in a wide range of thicknesses and atypical dimensions
  • Superb feedback from the internet
  • U.S.A. Originated

3. The Sedona Luxury Hybrid

The Sedona is Brooklyn Bedding’s pinnacle of comfort and luxury. The Sedona has high-quality pocketed coil innerspring support and premium comfort layers. This inner spring unit has more than a thousand pocketed coils, which will shape to your body and support your spine as you move. The pressure relieving and temperature regulating properties of the gel-infused memory foam layers are an added bonus.

Things we adore

  • High-end, artisanal mattresses that rival those found in five-star hotels.
  • features a combination of high-end coils and premium foams
  • America Made
  • Excellent worth

4. The GhostBed Short Queen RV Mattress

For over 20 years, GhostBed has been providing customers with a top-tier memory foam mattress. This mattress is now offered in both RV short queen and RV king sizes. The majority of sleepers prefer a mattress with a medium-firm feel, and this one was made to accommodate them. Featuring a high-density core and two layers of comfort foam, this mattress will make your rig feel like a five-star hotel.

Favorite things:

  • Popular and well-received memory foam bed
  • Excellent worth
  • Pressure-relieving, bolstering structure
  • U.S.A. Originated

5. The Eco-Green Latex RV Mattress

Plush Beds’ Eco-green latex mattress is unique in that it comes in a 3/4 size (also known as an RV Special), which is the smallest standard mattress size. You can enjoy superior support and a high level of health with a latex mattress. The organic cotton cover of the Eco-Green latex mattress further ensures the cleanest and healthiest night’s sleep possible. PlushBeds has been around for a while, and the company has always placed a premium on using eco-friendly methods of operation. You can rest assured buying from this company, as they are among the most prominent producers of latex mattresses. This is the best option for a latex mattress in a recreational vehicle.

Things we adore

  • Covered in organic cotton and natural latex
  • Officially recognized as “Greenguard Gold”
  • 100% American-made. Credible producer

6. The Plank

The Plank mattress’s firmer, flatter, flippable surface creates a neutral spine position, which is better for your back and posture. It was inspired by the minimalist approach to sleep in the Far East. The mattress’s dual comfort design provides two distinct sleeping surfaces: the top side is ultra-firm, while the bottom side is more in line with a conventionally firm bed. Each mattress is made to order in a factory in Arizona and sent straight to the customer.

Why we adore it:

  • Designed from the ground up for firm-mattress fans.
  • Two-sided and flippable, with a firm and extra-firm side.
  • Good source for products. Over a thousand ratings were given.

7. The Signature Mattress

Now you can sleep soundly on the same mattress that millions of people like you have chosen to sleep on in your RV, odd bed, or custom size. This hybrid mattress features a premium innerspring unit constructed with individually wrapped coils, plus supportive, pressure-relieving, and aligning luxury comfort layers.

Things we adore

  • High-End Hybrid Spring Construction
  • Sustaining and relieving pressure with high quality
  • Sizes range from the standard to the incredibly specific.
  • American Made

What is a Short Queen mattress used for?

Most RV Queen mattresses, or short queen mattresses, are designed for use within recreational vehicles. Manufacturers of recreational vehicles must get innovative when considering how to maximize the small amount of interior space available to them. The length of a short queen mattress is reduced by 5 inches, making it suitable for two people to sleep on. The RV can still accommodate most standard-height sleepers with the extra 5 inches of headroom. If the camper has particularly tight quarters, the short queen mattress may not have sharp corners but instead be rounded or cut out.

What are the different types of short queen mattresses?

There is a wide range of quality and style options for short queen mattresses. Customers can still find mattresses that meet their comfort and material preferences despite the unique dimensions.

  • Hybrid Short Queen: Calling a mattress a hybrid is just a fancier way of saying that it has both foam and innersprings. In addition to the pressure relief and comfort features of a foam mattress, this also has the traditional bounce and support of a spring mattress. Most people who go to bed at night don’t have any particular sleeping requirements, so we suggest hybrid mattresses for them.
  • Latex is widely regarded as the “natural” choice when it comes to mattress materials, and this short queen size is available in latex. Latex is extracted from the rubber tree and processed without the use of toxic chemicals or artificial additives. It’s worth noting that many of the chemicals previously used on mattresses (like Flame Retardant sprays) are now banned due to strict regulations regarding their use.
  • The use of memory foam in mattresses and pillows has increased in popularity in recent years. Because of its exceptional pressure relief and cradling properties, the material was originally developed for use by NASA and has since found widespread application in mattresses. Some people really enjoy the feel of memory foam, while others find it unpleasant. It’s important to know that a memory foam mattress feels quite different from a standard spring mattress if you’ve never slept on one before.
  • Short queen mattresses with rounded corners or custom cuts are common on RV beds. If that’s the case, we’ve included a shop in our recommendations that can make special arrangements and cuts to suit your needs.

Short Queen RV Mattress Pricing

The price of a high-quality short queen mattress is comparable to that of a regular queen mattress. A basic, inexpensive mattress can be purchased for $300–$400. A high-quality, long-lasting mattress can be purchased for $800–$1000, while a high-end model will set you back $1,500–$2,000.

Things to consider before choosing a short queen mattress.

There is a wide selection of short queen mattresses available, so it’s important to consider your own preferences and needs before making a purchase.

  • How frequently will you be using this mattress? For how long do you need it to function? Avoid cheap, low-quality mattresses if you want to use this one for more than one night at a time or if you want it to last for many years. These low-end mattresses are not designed to withstand regular use and are best reserved for occasional guests.
  • Do the sides of your mattress fit snugly together? Your shopping options will narrow to one or two stores if your mattress has custom-cut edges.
  • Do you have a preference when it comes to the texture of the material? Memory foam mattresses offer a very different level of comfort than either innerspring or latex mattresses. To find the perfect mattress, you must first identify your personal sleeping preferences.
  • How firm would you like it? The vast majority of sleepers, around 80%, have a preference for a medium-firm mattress, and many of the mattresses we provide on this list either allow you to select a firmness or are constructed to accommodate this preference.

Where to buy short queen sheets:

You can use regular queen sheets if they fit your mattress, or you can order special short queen size sheets to fit your bed. MattressInsider.com is where we’ve found the best selection of short queen sheets. They have the best options, and their service is second to none. They specialize in making mattresses to order and can accommodate any size.

Can you put a regular queen mattress in an RV?

Not at all; a “short queen” mattress is only 5 inches longer than its standard counterpart. Although some RVs do have regular queen-sized beds, the vast majority of RVs these days opt for a shorter queen mattress so they can fit more people inside. The dimensions of a short queen and a standard queen mattress are not the same.

Are RV mattresses different than regular mattresses?

Mattresses for RVs aren’t the same size as bed mattresses in homes. The lack of functional interior space is usually to blame for this. In order to conserve floor space, many factories now use shorter mattresses. Although some taller than average sleepers may find their feet hanging off the end of one of these “RV mattresses,” they are still comfortable for the vast majority of sleepers.

Will full size sheets fit a short queen mattress?

In this case, the queen mattress is too short for full size sheets. Using regular queen sheets on a short queen bed or investing in tailored short queen sheets from a retailer like mattressinsider.com are both better options.

How can I make my RV short queen mattress more comfortable?

You can either buy a brand new mattress from one of the stores we’ve provided links to, or you can buy a short queen mattress topper from a store like mattressinsider.com to put on top of your current mattress to increase comfort.

Short Queen Vs Queen Size Mattress: Major Differences | Nectar Sleep

Alternative options for purchasing a custom mattress?

Find local custom mattress factories if you’d rather not buy a mattress online and have one made to your specifications. There are a few local options for custom-mattress makers.

  • Factory Producing Verlo Beds
  • Manufacturing Beds Since 1897

What to do with your old custom mattress?

If you buy a new bed from an online retailer, you’ll need a plan for getting rid of your old one. Thankfully, “A Bedder World” provides mattress recycling services in cities across the United States. Your old mattress will be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way thanks to our partnership with local mattress recycling centers. Over 500,000 mattresses have been recycled so far. Set up a pick-up time here. Even better, reuse it yourself!


If you’re in the market for an RV bed, it’s important to know the difference between a standard queen mattress and a short queen mattress. You wouldn’t want to go out and buy a new, better mattress, only to find out it’s five inches too long to fit in your RV.

Thankfully, your needs can be met by Dynasty Mattress. RV mattresses in all sizes are available, and are crafted from our exclusive CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam. Every time you lay your head on your short queen mattress, you’ll find the soothing comfort you’ve been hoping for.