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Read on to find out “what is a sling chair” if you’re curious about the term. One of the most welcome additions to any house is a sling chair. A sling chair is a chair in which a strong fabric is slung over the frame.

Why should you buy a sling chair?

If you’re looking to spruce up your home, sling chairs are a great option. They come in a wide variety of hues, designs, and constructions. You’re free to pick a look that best expresses your personality.

Sling chairs last for a very long time. High-quality materials are attached to wooden or metal frames to create seats. Sling chairs have a long lifespan provided they are treated well.

Sling Chair, the New Project Designed by Studiopepe for Ethimo

Sling chairs are not only sturdy but also light, making them convenient to move around the house. Sling chairs make it easy to move pieces around the room.

These seats can be used for a variety of purposes. Your patio, deck, or garden are all suitable locations for your sling chairs. They are so much fun that you can even put them inside your house!

In addition, sling chairs tend to be less expensive than other types of chairs. However, it’s still more expensive than a plastic chair. Sling chairs are much more reasonably priced than their pure wooden and wrought iron counterparts.

There is no denying the usefulness of these chairs. Those who want to improve the look of their homes should purchase some sling chairs.

The Sling Chair

You may be wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to sling chairs. In your own words, what are sling chairs? Just relax and take it easy; there’s a lot more to discover.

What are they made of?

Sling chairs are widely available. These chairs are widely available at home decor, garden, and internet retailers. Some common options for sling chair fabrics are described below.

Sling chairs typically have frames made of wood, metal, or plastic. The “x” shape of these frames is unmistakable. Sling chairs are convenient because they fold up easily for transport or storage.

Sling chairs can be made from a variety of materials. Canvas with fun prints or contemporary leather are both viable options. Sun and rain are no match for the acrylic outdoor fabrics.

The fabric and the frame are joined by a rod. It slots in between the two larger rods that hold the chair’s seat in place. These chairs are sturdy and foldable because of their design.

What are they used for?

Sling chairs can serve dual purposes as both seating and decor. If you’re looking for new chairs for your home, look no further.

Sling chairs are typically used in the garden or on the patio. It’s no surprise that these chairs are commonplace at hotels with pools. In your sling chair, you can take it easy and bask in the sunshine.

You can also use these chairs as an unusual addition to your living room furniture. Bringing these chairs inside can be a great way to personalize your space. A sling chair with a cute pattern is highly recommended.

How long do sling chairs last?

Sling chairs, when properly cared for, can last for many years. Your chairs will last much longer if you put them away during the winter and other harsh seasons.

Your sling chair will be quickly destroyed by prolonged exposure to snow, rain, and sunlight. The fabric of a sling chair can be torn if you jump on it or otherwise use excessive force.

However, there is good news. If the material ever wears out or fades, you can easily get a new one by contacting the distributor or doing it yourself.

The overall lifespan of a sling chair is entirely up to you. If you treat this chair with respect, it will serve you well for many years and look great in your home.

Are sling chairs comfortable?

They’re entertaining and long-lasting, but how comfy are they to wear? The quick response is “yes.” A sling chair’s structure itself provides some cushioning, so some padding isn’t necessary.

Sling chairs guarantee support and comfort due to the high quality material used. The thick, tension-resistant fabric will not stretch too much over time.

Sling chairs also eliminate the need for costly seat cushions. They’ve reached an independent level of comfort already. However, if you need more support, try adding a couple of pillows.

These seats are very relaxing. There must be a good reason why so many people enjoy lounging and tanning in them.

7 Key Benefits of Using Sling Patio Furniture

Water Passes Through the Fabric

The fact that the sling fabric can absorb some moisture is a plus for sling patio sets. That means you won’t have to worry about a slimy biofilm or discoloration left behind by standing water on your patio furniture. This also means that you will never have to deal with wet outdoor furniture, which is not the case with cushioned seating because these cannot be made to be water permeable. This also means that you won’t need to spend any extra time wiping down your patio set before using it again.

Resistant to Tearing and Holes

Never let yourself or a guest ruin an expensive fabric-covered cushion or other furnishing by snagging it on a piece of jewelry or a set of keys. However, the outdoor fabric used for slings is highly resistant to developing holes or tearing, making it an extremely durable choice for your outdoor decor, so you won’t have to worry about casual tears with sling patio furniture. It is durable enough to withstand the occasional rough treatment and will last for a very long time even when used normally.

No Need for Cushions

No more futzing around with loose cushions when you have sling patio furniture. Cushions are unnecessary because the sling already provides the necessary support and padding. You’ll never have to worry about gathering wet cushions for storage again or losing them in the backyard following a severe windstorm. This also means that you can relax knowing that your outdoor furniture cushions are protected from the rips, holes, and stains that are inevitable with regular use.

Easy to Move and Store

Most sling chairs have an aluminum frame because it is strong and lightweight. Sling outdoor furniture with an aluminum base is lightweight and easy to rearrange as needed for a party or to store away in the offseason. However, it’s not so flimsy that you have to worry about it toppling over in a severe downpour. Your guests will appreciate the extra support and be able to relax in comfort.

Durable and Weather Resistant

High-quality aluminum frames, a defining feature of sling furniture design, also offer an advantage: they are not only long-lasting but also resistant to the elements. The aluminum frames can’t be dented or bent, so they’ll keep their form forever. The powder coating used on most frames makes them highly resistant to the kinds of dings and scrapes that would otherwise quickly dull their appearance. The powder coating also protects the frames from fading, flaking, and mildewing, even in the harshest environmental conditions. The frames themselves will last for centuries.

Sling furniture’s frames aren’t the only parts that can withstand the elements. High-quality slings are crafted from materials that hold up well in harsh outdoor conditions, such as fading, discoloration, strains, tears, and wear, and are stitched together using threads that do the same. The slings should last for many years, if not decades.

Easy to Maintain

Maintaining your sling furniture is a breeze. You can simply wipe down the slings and the frames with some soap and water. After a thorough cleaning, the powder-coated finish can be protected with car wax. Mold, mildew, biofilms, and the stains they cause are of no concern because the slings are water permeable and dry quickly.


Sling furniture can be purchased with a wide variety of colorful options for both the finishes and the fabrics used in its construction, allowing you to go for a more daring look for your outdoor entertaining or to play it safe with more neutral colors for your patio space. Sling patio furniture makes it simple to create a stylish, unified aesthetic for your outdoor area.

The Best Patio Chairs, According to Interior Designers

CB2 Rex Open Weave Chair

Our panel of three experts consists of author Amy Azzarito From pillows to forks, learn the fascinating backstories of commonplace household items in The Elements of a Home., S. Ramirez, Sarah decorationalist and Discovered Assembled Artwork, and This is Tina MartinDelCampo, a designer for Decorist as well, recommend the Jannis Ellenberg chair for CB2. Azzarito finds that its open-weave design works “perfectly” in her cramped apartment. The fact that the chair’s back is woven from plastic pipe in a rattan-like pattern appeals to her because, as she puts it, “it tends to have more ‘give’ than a hard-backed chair, making it more comfortable.” Ramirez, who refers to it as “versatile outdoor seating,” agrees: “The open-weave back is exceptionally striking.” The sleek lines of the barrel shape complement it, elevating it to show-stopper status. The UV-resistant resin used to make the seat is recyclable, as noted by MartinDelCampo. There is also a version that is completely black, if the natural color isn’t to your liking.

Hampton Bay Adirondack Folding Wood Chair

Two of our designers agree that, if you have the room, an Adirondack chair is a classic option that will never go out of style. Adirondack chairs, according to MartinDelCampo, “deliver a classic design” and “are durable.” A fan of the design himself, Ramirez agrees that the folding design of the model recommended by MartinDelCampo makes it ideal for use on smaller patios and other outdoor spaces.

Ikea PS VÅGÖ Chair

These molded-plastic chairs from Ikea cost $30 each, and they come highly recommended by Devin Shaffer, a designer with online interior-design service Decorilla. Shaffer likes that they are “easily stackable” and require “zero assembly,” making them convenient to store when the season is over. They are also made of UV-resistant plastic, so they won’t fade over time, which is a nice bonus.

Knox Outdoor Padded Sling Chair

MoMA Exclusive Classic Lawn Chair

Even though it looks like the kind of chair you might have seen at a baseball game or on a freshly mowed lawn decades ago, Shaffer says you should buy this one from the MoMA store because it evokes “summertime nostalgia” while being an improved design. Lightweight and foldable, the chair is made in the United States “in small batches at a family-run workshop,” according to MoMA. “MoMA dropped a fresh version of the chair,” he says. In addition, it has a woven back, which, as mentioned by Azzarito, can be preferable for extended periods of sitting. Our favorite defunct boutique, Of a Kind, was founded by Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur, both of whom are huge fans of the chair.

Ikea Brommö Chaise

Ramirez also suggests this chaise from Ikea, which is also foldable and has an acacia wood frame and rope upholstery. She told us that the chair’s taller back adds “visual height” and that its “strong, clean lines” make it an eye-catching addition to an outdoor space.

Ikea HÅMÖ Chaise

Ramirez adores this Ikea chaise because it is “ecru color with just the slightest hint of turquoise detailing” and it costs even less than the one we just discussed. She also notes that it collapses for convenient storage and relocation (even if only between the storage shed and the front porch).

Keter Outdoor Chair

MartinDelCampo says it’s difficult to find a better deal than this for a chair of this style, which is a little chunkier than average but made of weatherproof resin. She continues by saying that the cushion cover is machine washable and that the chair is available in brown as well as the shown gray.

Capri Driftwood Dining Chair

Ramirez suggests this “petite, almost club-style chair” for a more delicate setting; she says it’s perfect for the head of an outdoor dining table or as a “cozy landing spot” for lounging. It’s constructed from weatherproof synthetic rattan (though the cushion is sold separately).

CB2 Lanai Mesh Square Dining Chair

Ramirez suggests this lightweight aluminum and mesh chair, praising its “strong, modern style” and “graphic black and white lines.” She explains that it could be used in a lounge setting with “a footrest and side table, for a bistro feel” or “a small bistro table.” She recommends tossing a sisal rug or some pillows on the chair to soften its sharp corners.

Mainstays Evry Bell Outdoor Metal Rocking Chair

Finding a rocking chair for under $100, as Shaffer puts it, is “like looking for a needle in a haystack.” That’s one of the main attractions for him to this $72 outdoor option. Shaffer appreciates the “subtle nods” to Frank Lloyd Wright’s geometric angles and architecture, as well as the rustic appeal of the powder-coated steel frame. He goes on to say that the bold hue “ushers it into more-modern spaces,” though if red isn’t your thing, there are a few other options.

Camden Round All Weather Wicker Outdoor Chair

According to Ramirez, this weather-resistant resin wicker chair is a nod to mid-century modern design (it reminds us of more pricey Acapulco chairs, which you’ll see later on this list). Both MartinDelCampo and I really like how portable and lightweight this is. It can be stacked for easy storage and comes in black and aqua as well.

Crate & Barrel Verro Yellow Outdoor Dining Chair

Ramirez and Shaffer suggest this vibrant chair from Crate & Barrel as a simple way to perk up any outdoor space. The weather-resistant resin wicker in bright yellow is set off by a sleek black metal frame, which Shaffer calls “trendy yet timeless.” He also likes how the barrel shape of the chair is made up of yellow strands that go well with the chair’s more neutral colored seat. According to Ramirez, “the contemporary style and bright color walk the line of sophistication and fun.” She goes on to point out the chair’s adaptability by saying that the barrel shape makes it suitable for both eating and lounging.

Doodle by Meg Orange Cutout Print Sling Chair

These sling chairs from Society6 are another low-cost option for adding color to your patio, as suggested by Ramierz and Azzarito. Ramirez explains that Society 6 sells them in different fabrics so that you “can achieve the look you want, from tonal neutrals to this fun terracotta graphic print.” The chairs’ backs are also adjustable, so you can easily reorient them depending on whether you want to sit up or recline. The “orange cutout” print is her favorite, while Azzarito prefers the “abstract minimal” design because it comes with a matching stool.

Clare V. for Anthropologie Beach Sling Chair

According to Azzarito, if you like the style, you should also consider the sling chair that fashion and accessories designer Clare V. created for Anthropologie. She calls it “a must for a beach vibe in a small space” because of its adjustable back and the designer’s signature typeface print.

Soleil Beach Sling Chair

Ramirez proposed the third sling chair at this price. It has “classic poolside vibes,” as she puts it, thanks to the fringe accent and the light striped pattern. Its teak frame allows you to recline at multiple angles, and, as Ramirez notes, “can fold up and be stored” like the aforementioned sling chairs.

Lozano Mission Rocking Chair

In response to Shaffer’s observation that inexpensive outdoor rocking chairs can be found, we were directed to a model that cost three times as much. MartinDelCampo, who “loves the charming Cape Cod look,” suggested a switch to this much more conventional design. The fact that it can withstand rain and sunlight is an added bonus, she says.

West Elm Portside Folding Bistro Chair

If you’re looking for a space-saving alternative to a sling chair or chaise lounge, Shaffer suggests one of these folding bistro chairs. They’re called “dining chairs,” but you can use them anywhere you’d like to take a seat. The chairs “hit all the marks,” in Shaffer’s opinion, thanks to their lightweight design, wood frame, and breathable fabric seat (perfect for the sticky dog days of summer).

Advantage Natural With White Grain X-Back Chair

Azzarito suggests using a more rustic (and therefore non-foldable) bistro chair, a common sight at outdoor weddings and al fresco dining tables, on your patio. One glass of wine and you’ll be transported to the patio of a rustic French country house.

Malta Ivory Rope Chair

Ramirez explains that the woven texture of this style is a great way to spruce up a room without making a huge statement. The acacia wood used in the frame can withstand rain and snow without warping or cracking, and the neutral color scheme allows you to “add in a variety of accents and play with textures or color pops each season without feeling like everything has to change,” she says.

Camdenton Rocking Chair with Cushions

This “very stylish rocking chair” is a bit more expensive than the Cape Cod rocker she suggested, but MartinDelCampo also really likes it. This neutral upholstery would make it simple to switch out throw pillows and other decorative elements, but it also comes in three other color options. Also, as MartinDelCampo points out, “the cushions are removable for easy cleaning and it’s weather-resistant.”

Article White Rumi Lounge Chair

From the creator of our favorite couch under $1,000 chair with a clean, bright white finish that “immediately adds a summertime feeling to a space,” as Ramirez puts it. She claims that the chair, which is supported by steel legs and made of synthetic resin, can be used indoors once you’re done using it outdoors, making the purchase more financially feasible.

Stepp Patio Chair with Cushions and Ottoman

Although this patio chair is on the pricier end of the spectrum, Ramirez has recommended it because the price includes the ottoman that is pictured. The chair (and ottoman) are constructed from weather-resistant acacia wood and feature timeless designs that Ramirez touts for their adaptability. The best part, she says, is that the ottoman can be tucked completely under the chair when it’s not in use and still serve as extra seating.

Opalhouse Borealis 2pc Patio Papasan Chair & Ottoman Set

Ramirez describes this Target wicker chair as a “bohemian dream.” She finds that this modern take on the traditional papasan chair has the right amount of “clean lines and comfy, lounge style” and that it “can really complement a lot of different aesthetics, from super boho to modern.” The cost includes the ottoman in the picture, which can be used as a handy extra surface or storage area.

CB2 Brava Dining-Lounge Grey Wicker Chair

Azzarito recommends this striking design for anyone “trying to create some ‘work outside’ space for your work at home life,” reiterating what she told us earlier about woven chairs being more comfortable due to their having a little give. The chair’s curved back is handwoven from all-weather wicker to provide support without being too rigid, making it suitable not only as a desk chair but also as a dining chair or a chair to simply relax in.

CB2 Ixtapa White Lounge Chair

Decorist designer Rita Schulz suggests this Acapulco chair by CB2 to anyone in the market for one. She describes it as “a fashionable alternative at a reasonable price” (which is even more appealing now that it’s on sale). The seat is handwoven from white PVC cord over a black powder-coated steel frame, creating an open chair that is great for sitting in even on the hottest days.

CB2 Boomerang Lounge Rattan Tub Chair Black

This rattan chair with a delicately curved metal frame is another Schulz favorite.faux the seat and back are woven from rattan. She praised its adaptability, saying that its “black finish goes with everything,” whether that be other wooden or upholstered patio furniture.

Ikea Havsten Chair

Azzarito recommends this comfy-looking Ikea chair, which she says is “one of my favorites for laptop working” because it can be used both inside and outside. It has a tautness-adjustable elastic mesh base and a metal frame that sits low to the ground. She also notes that the covers on the large, fluffy cushions are removable (and thus washable).

Pottery Barn Baja Woven Lounge Chair

We agree with Ramirez that this chair has a “relaxed and airy” vibe. It has an aluminum frame and is covered in woven resin (which looks like rattan). It comes in a variety of colors, but Ramirez favors the navy version because “it feels a little unexpected.” She also mentions that you can stack them for convenient storage if you purchase multiples.

CB2 Acapulco White Outdoor Chair

This Acapulco chair from CB2 is recommended by MartinDelCampo for the discerning shopper who is willing to spend almost as much as the category’s top option. Authentic Acapulco chairs feature woven seats that are egg-shaped rather than rounded. She gushes, “These woven seats are so comfortable, and I love the retro resort look that these chairs have.” She also notes that the shoes come in a black and a pink ombré shade, and that they are weatherproof in any climate.

Article Mirow Rocking Chair

When compared to other rocking chairs, this one from Article stands out because of its “more modern feel,” which MartinDelCampo says “makes it more versatile.” The sleek steel frame is powder coated, and the seat and back are formed by rope that has been woven around the steel. MartinDelCampo says it also comes in other colors like turmeric and aqua that would spruce up a patio if you don’t like the black.

Terrain Weekender Backpack Teak Lounge Chair

This teak lounge chair, recommended by Schulz, would be a great way to make your backyard (or balcony) feel more beachy, and is reminiscent of the sling-style chairs on this list. She likes the “laid-back, seaside vibe” it gives off, in part because the chair’s frame can be adjusted to three different reclining positions. The padded straps and large back pocket allow you to transport this chair like a backpack, while the included headrest ensures your comfort on the go.

Curnutt Patio Chair (Set of 2)

These molded plastic chairs come highly recommended by Shaffer and MartinDelCampo, and are sold in sets of two for about $136. Whether you know it as the Curnutt chair from Wayfair or the Brittney chair from AllModern, its perforated seats and slight pliability make it a comfortable choice. According to Shaffer, the chairs’ shape is reminiscent of curves from the mid-20th century, and they are also UV-resistant and simple to clean. There is a rainbow of hues to choose from at the shops that sell them.

Gray Strap Girona Outdoor Accent Chairs (Set of 2)

Both Ramirez and Azzarito highly recommended us to get these acacia-framed accent chairs with weather-resistant, woven-wicker straps because “they have a mid-century vibe but don’t hit you over the head with it.” The “warm gray wicker and wood play nicely together,” as Ramirez puts it. Since they are sold as a pair (at a cost of $400 for the pair), you can easily make a small seating area by placing a small side table in between them. For good measure, Azzarito adds, “They are also good-looking-enough to use inside, if you need chairs that will double duty.”

Belleze Vintage Style Metal Dining Chairs (Set of 4)

Azzarito recommends this set of four metal bistro chairs because they are inexpensive ($33 each) and come in a variety of colors. She says, “It can be fun to embrace color in a way that you wouldn’t dream of doing inside when decorating an outdoor space.” Shaffer likes this type of metal bistro chair because it doesn’t require you to be overly careful with it, which is a desirable quality in outdoor furniture.

Safavieh Laguna Outdoor Director Chairs (Set of 2)

This pair of director’s chairs in bright yellow is another excellent value at just $47 apiece. Ramirez says the chairs’ upholstered fabric seats give them a classic look and feel. “Since they fold up and tuck away, they are a great option for an outdoor area that needs to be multifunctional,” she says. Ramirez says there are other color options for those who don’t care for the yellow version.

Hashtag Home Corentin Patio Chair (Set of 2)

Shaffer suggested those more unusual metal chairs because he thinks they’re cool. At $70 each, he says, they’re a steal for UV-resistant, multifunctional chairs that work just as well inside when you no longer need them outdoors, and he can easily picture them “in front of an Airstream trailer” or on an “urban rooftop patio.”

Channeled Sling Chair - Vegan Leather | West Elm

Safavieh French Cafe Patio Chair (Set of 2)

Azzarito suggests these French-café-style chairs for about $108 apiece if you want to give your patio a more European feel. They are stackable and made of rattan, making them convenient for future storage.

Opalhouse Coral Pomelo Patio Club Chair (Set of 2)

In addition, Azzarito recommended these Palm Springs–inspired chairs because they “look like they’re right there” in the world-famous desert resort. The frames are bamboo-inspired powder-coated stainless steel, and the seats and backrests are made from thick, fade-resistant cushions. The cost of one of these is $225.


The versatility of sling chairs makes them a great purchase for both indoor and outdoor use. Because of their adaptability, you can put them virtually anywhere.

They are also less expensive. Sling chairs can last for decades if treated well. Purchasing these seats would be a wise investment.

These seats are certainly relaxing as well. You can kick back and take it easy in them.