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Most people today would be hard pressed to describe a slipper chair even if they were asked. This tiny chair is commonly misidentified as a utility chair when seen in stores or publications.

Cafes and backstage areas of some studios are common places to spot a slipper chair. This small chair is ideal for sitting on while putting on or taking off footwear.

History And Origin

There is evidence that slipper chairs were first used in the Victorian era, roughly the 1800s, in European countries like England and France. The slipper chair was a common fixture in the dressing rooms of the time. The maids or servants would change the women’s shoes while they sat in the chair.

Around the 1950s, slipper chairs began to gain popularity in the United States. New variations on these chairs appeared in the 2000s. That the United States is not the birthplace of the slipper chair is now demonstrably false.


Long chairs like those found in shoe departments of department stores are called slipper chairs, and they are used for repairing shoes. Slipper chairs can serve multiple purposes when paired with other pieces of furniture in modern homes. Now, you can find slipper chairs in a variety of restaurants and other businesses to complement the decor of any given space.

The Slipper Chair: Ubiquitous and Useful

Use the slipper chair with end tables or coffee tables for a cozy seating arrangement. Due to its diminutive stature, it may also be well suited for use in urban dwellings such as lofts and apartments.

Evolution Of Design

As time passes, more and more forms and styles of slipper chairs have emerged. Traditional slipper chairs from the past look very different from their modern counterparts. Each generation’s designs reflect the prevailing fashions of the time.

Victorian era

Most Victorian-era furniture and decor was constructed from furnished woods. The distinctive features of Victorian slipper chairs are the extra-long back and headrests. It’s like a Queen Anne chair, but the backs have intricate foliage or tree carvings instead of a simple pattern.

Modern reproductions of slipper chairs from the Victorian era feature backs that are higher than those found on antiques. They are constructed to offer excellent lumbar support. Picture yourself as a royal reclining back in a chair as your feet are slipped out of their slippers.

Also popular were retro looks from the 1950s through the 1990s. You can tell what time period a chair is from by looking at its design and color palette.

Modern modifications

The first slipper chair was created several centuries ago. Who would have thought that a chair from the past would stand out so much today? It’s no longer restricted to private spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms.

Nowadays, it’s more common for backrests to be lower and for pastel colors to be the norm in contemporary designs. Some are adapted to spin and function as an armless desk chair.

Due to the current minimalist design trend, even modern slipper chairs are rather simple. Retro-style slipper chairs typically feature multiple colors and patterns (such as geometric shapes or curved lines).

Why Is It Called A Slipper Chair?

The slipper chair’s history as a functional piece of furniture begins in 18th century Europe. Women in full-skirted gowns could simply slide onto this armless, low chair and wait for their maids to put their shoes on (or “slippers” on). It was a major undertaking just to slip on a pair of shoes, what with the ladies wearing so many layers.

It only took one inventive decorator to repurpose the boudoir chair for the living room. Although it was originally designed to serve a practical purpose, today’s versions are works of art in any home.

Are Slipper Chairs Comfortable?

Some slipper chairs are so comfortable that you could sit in them all day without getting up, while others are so uneasy that you wouldn’t dare try. Therefore, you should look around until you find one that is an ideal fit.

The good news is that you can customize the level of comfort provided by a slipper chair in a number of ways, including the thickness of the seat cushion, the type of fabric used, and the height from which it is placed on the floor.

What Is An Armless Sofa?

In relation to this topic, you have probably encountered armless sofas. These pieces of furniture are ubiquitous in today’s households. Armless sofas are, quite literally, couches without armrests.

In addition to their obvious function, some armless sofas can be converted into beds, making them a versatile and in-demand piece of furniture.

In general, armless sofas are a wonderful option for those seeking to furnish their homes in a modern style.

Perfect Rooms For Slipper Chairs

Updates allow you to show off your slipper chair in novel ways. Who knew these diminutive chairs would do so much to improve the aesthetics of various rooms?

Walk-in closets or dressing rooms

Since this is where and for what a slipper chair was originally intended, these spaces will benefit from its addition. It goes wonderfully with a boudoir or a mirror, making it the best seat for getting dolled up or trying on fashionable new footwear and accessories.

Living rooms

After you’ve finished with the laundry, dishes, and vacuuming, you can relax for a while in your own slipper chair. In the living room, it could serve as an additional seat, especially for those who are more comfortable in a lower chair.

Nursery rooms

Young children will benefit from the increased convenience and safety of a slipper chair. Accidents like stumbling and tripping will be less likely to occur.

What Is a Slipper Chair? Guide to Armless Style | Living Spaces


The veranda is a secure location for your slipper chair. If you like to unwind and daydream while sitting on your patio, this is the solution for you.

The slipper chair’s small footprint makes it an ideal choice for a wide variety of locations. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this chair may not be suitable for people over six feet tall or who prefer to wear particularly snug clothing.

Let’s Get Shopping for slipper chairs!

Slip into one of these beautiful slipper chairs and adorn your home with style.

Kendal Grey Fabric Accent Chair

Beautiful grey polyester was used to make this slipper chair. The chair’s thick, deep cushion adds to the chair’s aesthetic value and comfort. Both the upholstery and the legs of the chairs are a neutral color that will work with any decor scheme.

According to reviewers and buyers, this product is ideal for cramming into awkward nooks and crannies. It takes little time and effort to put together.

Lummi Modern Armless Slipper Accent Chair

Choose from chianti, denim, shell, or storm grey. These four color choices coordinate well with numerous sets of furnishings. The brushed fabric is cozy, stylish, and simple to maintain. It is contemporary in style but adaptable to any decor. The beechwood base provides both firmness and stability for the cushion.

Armless Curved Slipper Chair

This slipper chair exudes sophistication in its graceful curve. The rounded shape of the chair combines practicality and aesthetics into a single offering. The room’s hard corners are rounded off. The tufted furniture is available in three different colors: oatmeal, dark grey, and mossy green, and it has the look and feel of linen.

Pinstriped Cream and Blue Slipper Chair

This slipper chair, done in a cream and blue pinstripe, would look great in your farmhouse-style abode. This fabric, along with the wooden legs, would be a great complement to a rustic decor. The upholstery on your furniture can make or break the overall look of your home.

Kendal Light Blue Fabric Accent Chair

The sky is a lovely shade of blue and it makes me happy. This slipper chair’s gentle shade is the perfect pop of color while still maintaining the chair’s refined aesthetic. The chair’s overall dimensions are 32 inches in height, an 18-inch wide seat, and a 32-inch deep frame. The blue upholstery is a stunning contrast to the dark wooden legs.

Blended Leather Tufted Accent Chair with Oversized Seating

The extra-large cushion will help you relax right away. This chair’s simple design is elevated by the addition of a tufted accent. Ivory, black, brown, grey, red, and textured black faux leather are all available.

DuSoleil Velvet Teal Mid Century Modern Armless Hair Pin Leg Chair

The trend now is toward jewel tones. A dream come true with the addition of velvet, tufted fabric, and iron hairpin legs! Hang this up as a pretty decoration in your room. Customers who have purchased the chair have praised its durability, aesthetic appeal, and comfort.

Christopher Knight Home Cow Print Chair

This slipper chair’s striking cow print will make a statement anywhere you put it. This chair will give any room a touch of the ranch or country. It is truly remarkable how well this print works with so many different aesthetics. It will be highly noticeable in some contexts and nearly invisible in others. If you have the room for it, this chair is a must-have.

Finch Elmhurst Tufted Blush Slipper Chair

The elegant, romantic style of this slipper chair makes me think of France. Both the back and the cushion of this chair have been tufted, and the back has a slight curve. For mobility and adaptability, the chair’s front legs are equipped with wheels. You can choose between two different blush shades. Both are airy and delicate in tone.

Studio Designs Green Upholstered Home Cornice Slipper

This slipper chair is perfect if you’re searching for something with a minimalistic design that still manages to be aesthetically pleasing. A brown pumice, a teal green, and a cornflower blue are all available options. Each chair leg has a plastic floor glide attached to the bottom to protect your flooring.

ModHaus Living Contemporary Floral Print Armless Accent Chair

Put a touch of contemporary style in your home with this slipper chair. The espresso-finished birchwood legs are a nice contrast to the modern watercolor print on the upholstery. The sleekness and gentleness of its curved, tufted seat back are immediately apparent.

Sidewinder Faux Leather Accent Chair

The overstuffed, faux-leather seat cushions are as luxurious as they are imposing. The scissor-like chair legs are a clever design touch. This faux leather slipper chair will impress all of your guests with its chic appearance.

Toscano Mademoiselle Cezanne’s French Slipper Chair

Can you think of anything more magnificent? Originally from France in the 18th century, this delicate slipper chair has been recreated as a replica. Wood has been hand carved, and a gold leaf finish has been applied to make it look expensive. Any room in which this is displayed will immediately become the focal point.

Classic Slipper Chair | Austin Home Interiors

Botticelli English Letter Print Upholstered Slipper Chair

This slipper chair’s fabric features a whimsical script pattern, guaranteeing to be a conversation starter wherever it is placed. The frame is made of solid wood, so it will last for a very long time. The legs, which have an espresso finish, are particularly sophisticated. This chair combines high-quality design with the convenience of a padded seat.


What, exactly, is a “slipper chair”? In the past, this area served as a designated shoe-free zone. It has become standard fare in most contemporary homes and businesses. Using a slipper chair in public no longer elicits curious looks.

The slipper chair could be ideal if you like to keep your home furnishings on the compact side. This could be a nice complement to your otherwise simple furniture arrangement, giving the room some much-needed pizzazz.

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