What Is A Unity Candle? Everything You Need To Know

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Helen Skeates
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To make your wedding ceremony even more memorable, you can hire a professional wedding planner. Incorporate the lighting of candles as part of a unity rite. Unity candle ceremonies are common these days, so if you’ve attended many weddings, you’ve undoubtedly seen one in action. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on it and it can be used in religious or nonreligious celebrations.

Here’s everything you need to know about a unity candle ceremony at a wedding.

What is a unity candle ceremony?

It is a wedding ritual in which two people join together by lighting a unity candle to signify their union.

The officiant, celebrant, or marriage commissioner will begin by describing the significance of the unity candle ceremony and then the bride and groom will each light a taper candle and use them to light a bigger pillar candle together at some point in the wedding ceremony. There is a flame that symbolizes the unity between the two lovers. With each couple blowing out their other’s taper candles, the ceremony closes (kissing their unmarried life goodbye and bonding them forever).

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Who partakes in the candle lighting ceremony?

Isn’t it time to expand your circle of friends and family members? You can do it, too! Wedding taper candles might be lit by a bride’s mother to give her a larger part in the event. In other cases, parents ask their children to join them as they light their unity candle. As long as you don’t break any restrictions, feel free to bring along your closest friends and family.

Unity candle ceremony tips

The location of your wedding is a must if you want to include this type of ceremony. Your venue must accept candles before anything else. Despite the fact that they’re a wedding decor mainstay, some locations, particularly older ones, do not allow the use of any blazing flames. For the next step, you need to find out whether or not you can utilize an existing table or whether you have to pay for one. Make a quick phone call or send an email to your venue planner; they’ll have all the answers you need.

In lieu of using a hurricane candle holder (as shown above) or a lantern to hold the candles for an outdoor wedding, you might want to try a sand ceremony (which has a similar atmosphere). Why? You don’t want the unity candle’s flame to be extinguished by bad weather. In a way, this would detract from what could have been an incredible experience.

Unity candle ceremony set

In order to match the decor of your wedding, you might get a unity candle ceremony set. These can be extremely ornate and formally oriented as well. It’s also possible to create a unity candle set by just purchasing an extra big pillar candle, two taper candles, and two votives (for lighting the taper candles).

As a memento of the event, you’ll probably want to save your unity candle after everyone has left. To do this, extinguish the flame and store it safely. A trustworthy member of the wedding party, such a parent or a close family member, can take care of it while you’re away. You’re free to have a good time now that everything is in good hands.

Here are some suggestions to help you arrange your Unity Candle Ceremony:

Before the ceremony:

We’ve set up the area where the unity candle will be lit. The idea of lighting the candle wicks and then blowing them out before the event is a great one. A pre-burned wick is significantly easier to light.

Tapers are lit as follows:

There are numerous ways to illuminate the side tapers. To symbolize the uniqueness of the bride and groom, some couples light them before the ceremony begins. As the music plays, you may have the mothers of each couple light a candle.

You should light the central candle first:

The newlyweds will make their way to the place where you will light the Unity Candle. Afterwards, each person will take a taper and light the large center candle together. Some couples choose to blow out their tapers as a symbol of their undying love and commitment to one another.

There are other couples who will keep their embers going. Even though they’re married, they’re still individuals, as this tattoo shows. When it comes to keeping your tapers going, there is no right or wrong way to go about it.

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What is The Purpose Of a Unity Candle At a Wedding?

All of us know that candles are one of the most beautiful and romantic wedding decorations, as they symbolize love and add an instant romantic sense to the entire environment. These candles aren’t only for decoration; they have some ritual and cultural importance, such as the lighting of the wedding unity candles. This is a growing trend in wedding ceremonies nowadays, which has many of us wondering, “What is the purpose of a unity candle at a wedding?” Are they an absolute necessity? There’s nothing religious about the burning of wedding unity candles, but they do have a symbolic value. Learn about the symbolism and probable applications of these wedding unity candles if you want to incorporate this custom into your future nuptials but aren’t sure how to do so.

Understand the Purpose!

The symbolism of lighting wedding unity candles should be considered before deciding whether or not to incorporate this practice into your wedding ceremony. Two families come together in love for a new couple, as the name suggests, when the two individuals merge into one. A wedding unity candle ritual is the most popular element of a wedding ceremony, and everyone enjoys witnessing it. As a dazzling reminder of the power of real matrimony, these wedding unity candles symbolize the importance of the couple’s new identity as a married couple above all else.

Choose the Right Unity Candles!

Using the right type and style of unity candles is essential to making this ceremony memorable and beautiful. An exquisite and whimsical look can be achieved by using a round or square taper candle that can be embellished with additional ornaments. Our online store offers a unique selection of amazing-burning taper candles as well as flameless taper candles that are ideal for both outdoor weddings and weddings in locations where open flames are prohibited. To keep the flames of marriage and commitment alight, these wedding unity candles must be lit by two individuals who are committed to each other.

Order of Placement!

Candles are used as a symbol of two people coming together as one, and the arranging of these wedding unity candles is done in a similar fashion so that they can be incorporated into the wedding ceremony itself. One giant taper candle and two smaller ones are put in the center of the three-candle wedding unity arrangement. A pledge is made by lighting these wedding unity candles, which symbolize the couple’s commitment to spending the rest of their lives together in the bliss of their love’s radiance.

How Is It Conducted!

Wedding unity candles, as their name suggests, represent the ‘unity’ or joining of two persons and their families, hence the couple and their family are both involved in conducting the unity candle ceremony. Before the wedding vows are exchanged, it is customary for one of the bride and groom’s mothers or another close family member to step forward and light the two wedding unity candles on behalf of the newlyweds. Using these flickering taper candles as a kindling for the middle wedding unity candles, the bride and groom represent their union as well as their family’s affection, power, and knowledge. It is a shared commitment by two people to honor their uniqueness and autonomy by lighting the single wedding unity candles while keeping the tall taper candles burning.

To answer the question, “What is the purpose of a unity candle at a wedding?” we hope that our given information on the use of wedding unity candles was beneficial to you. How to choose the perfect wedding unity candles from our best selection of taper candles. So, what are your thoughts on it? Please let us know in the box below!


How does the unity candle work?

Both the bride and groom light a unity candle, symbolizing the coming together of two families and the beginning of a new one with their betrothed. As the family candles burn down, it’s customary for your moms to light the unity candle, which is a larger or a different color than the family candles and is placed in the center of your altar. From there, you and your dad can light your families’ candles together. There are ways to include your fathers as well, which can serve as a wonderful complement to your partnership and remind everyone in attendance of your parents’ shared commitment.

When is the Unity Candle Lit?

Usually the unity candle is lit directly after you exchange vows.

What is a Unity Candle ceremony? |

Are Unity Candle Ceremonies Rooted in Christianity?

After you exchange your vows, the unity candle is usually lit.

What are Some Alternatives to the Unity Candle Ceremony?

Instead of using a unity candle, consider having a wine ceremony as an option if you’re not sure. An alternative to the traditional candlelight dinner for two is for couples to share a single carafe of wine. This dish symbolizes the coming together of two people to form a single, delightful being.

An alternative to the unity candle ceremony is a sand or water ritual. Couples can do a water or sand ritual similar to the wine ceremony, in which they each pour a distinct color of water or sand into a single glass. This results in a stunning new color that perfectly reflects the couple’s marriage.

What Kind of Candle Should I Use?

For your unity candle ceremony, you are free to use any type of candle you wish. You don’t have to stick to white or ivory if you don’t want to be. A wide variety of unity candles are available, many of which are customized to match specific themes or color schemes.

Are There Certain Phrases or Verses to Recite During a Unity Candle Ceremony?

In this stage of the ceremony, you and your mate have complete control. This ceremony may have special instructions or recommendations for conduct, so get advice from your officiant.


The Unity Candle has been a wedding tradition for decades. Everything you need to know about what a unity candle is may be found in this article. So, go ahead and light a unity candle if you so like.

Helen Skeates

Helen Skeates

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