What Is A Wing Chair? 10 Top Wing Chairs

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Answers to the question, “What is a wing chair?” can be found in this page. Although their production dates may be far in the past, certain vintage chairs are still available today. An upholstered accent chair with “wings” on the seatback, a wing chair is a type of fireside chair also known as an easy chair.

A wing chair is an armchair with a high back, deep seating, and wings (or lugs) that protrude outward from the back and arms to block drafts. It’s sometimes called a grandfather chair or a saddle cheek chair.

They first appeared in the late 17th century, when the wings were called “cheeks,” and have been reimagined many times since then, each time gaining in popularity. Standard elements include wooden legs and an upholstered frame, with some variations also featuring wood side panels and backs and scrolled wood frames along the edge.

Read on if you’re interested in learning more about wing chairs.

What Is a Wing Chair?

The origins of the wingback chair may be traced all the way back to the 17th century in England. The two closed panels on either side of an arm chair are what give it its “wingback” moniker. They envelop the user of the chair from the armrests all the way up to the back of the piece. Although it may look cramped by today’s standards, it actually served a useful purpose.

The side panels’ windbreak function would protect the user from chilly breezes. These seats date back to the days before insulation and central heating were commonplace. The only way to stay warm was by sitting next to the fireplace. An additional function of the wingback chair is thermal insulation.

Brief History of the Wing Chair -

5 Surprising Benefits Of Wing Chairs!

Enlightens your fireplace

Many people don’t bother adding an accent piece or otherwise sprucing up the area around their fireplaces, so the rooms in which they are located can appear bland and uninteresting. Wingback chairs, however, are unnecessary. A wingback chair is perfect for lounging in front of a fire in the winter. You can rest in it for a long time and do things like reading or drinking coffee. The Joan wingback chair by woodenstreet is an excellent example of a timeless piece of modern furniture. The supportive back and wide armrests make it unnecessary to look elsewhere.

Reduce stress

When you work too hard without taking breaks, you may become exhausted. The Adire wingback chair by woodenstreet will be the nicest present you can give to yourself when you just want to kick back and relax.

You may put it wherever you like—in your office, bedroom, living room, in front of the fireplace, etc.—it will be very peaceful and pleasant no matter where you put it. In addition, it is opulently comfortable despite its stately appearance; the rounded corners at the back ensure a pleasant seating experience, and the legs give off genuine classic sensations. Just take a moment to put your feet up and unwind on a wing chair.

Enhances a welcoming feel

As a homeowner, one of your primary goals is to ensure that their dwelling is as inviting and comfortable as possible for their guests. The Helena Lobby Chair in Walnut Finish is a great choice if you want to add a touch of elegance to a traditional or regal decor. One of the most sought-after styles of contemporary wing chair, this high-back model is a must-have for any discerning home decorator.

Its contemporary and innovative style will make any room in your house feel like a warm and inviting retreat, perfect for spending evenings catching up with friends or watching a movie.

The leather wing chair is also a great option because of its classic style. If you want to know what I’m talking about, you should try it out.

Good for body posture

People who spend most of their time at a desk appreciate the unique comfort that wing chairs provide. When you sit for too long, your back gets tight, and wing chairs are the perfect remedy. If you want to sit for extended periods of time without getting uncomfortable, consider purchasing a tiny wing chair. Having a winged armchair is a terrific investment if you work from home. The Danon wingback chair, in addition to looking great, can help you correct poor posture.

Makes your mealtime more enjoying

Anyone who frequently hosts intimate gatherings might benefit from purchasing a few wing chairs and ottomans. The dining area and the living room will benefit from this. They make long periods of sitting far more bearable, as opposed to on metal or wooden chairs. Substituting wing chairs for the standard dining chairs is a brilliant idea that will allow your guests to relax in the utmost comfort throughout the meal.

What Is the Wing Style?

Several characteristics set the wingback chair apart. There is the overall shape, to begin with. These seats have a higher profile than most others because they are narrower than they are deep. The second type of panel is the sides. Significant evolution has taken place in this aspect over the years. The standard form can be found in various variations, however several fashions also include a more compact design.

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Exposed wooden legs are a trademark of chairs in this style. You can choose from straight, cabriole-like styles to ones with more intricate features. As with any topic, though, there are several permutations.

How We Sifted Through the Wing Chairs

You probably already know that wingback chairs come in a broad variety of designs. Many of them are significantly different from the standard form. We’ve included both traditional and modern examples of this style.

A sturdy build was our top priority. Most people with lesser statures look better on wingback chairs. We focused exclusively on high-quality options because of this.

We favored the more authentic-looking chairs. New iterations of existing designs are always welcome. To avoid becoming sidetracked, though, we only considered chairs with very traditional designs. If not, we’d be on the lookout for a new style of chair.

All sorts of genres are included in our selections. Many can be used in a variety of settings. These chairs serve as a great illustration of how a design may improve over time.

What’s The Purpose Of A Wing Chair?

Most people position their wing chairs in front of a fire. The original purpose of these chairs from the 17th century was to keep people warm in front of a fire, and that is exactly what they do when placed in front of a fireplace.

Because they were traditionally placed in front of or on either side of a fireplace, they have earned the name “fireside chairs.” It will shield you from the fire’s rays as well as the air around it.

Even the most stressed among us can benefit from the comforting and relaxing feeling of curling up in a wingback chair close to the fire with a cup of coffee. Even if your home’s heating system is top-notch, a comfortable wing chair might be the perfect place to relax and enjoy the ambiance.

Scroll Wing Chair | The Chesterfield Company

Where Can You Put A Wing Chair?

A wing chair has a certain home in your home.

1. Living room

For obvious reasons, many people choose to keep the ‘winged’ chair in their living rooms. As we’ve established, its primary function is to keep the warmth generated by a fireplace where it belongs. Two wingback chairs in front of the fireplace and a sofa across the room is a classic and sophisticated configuration.

Putting a set of matching pillows on top of them will make it feel even more like home. When I’m in charge of decorating, guests and residents alike can feel at ease.

2. Reading corner

In a cluttered room, a single chair can add height and a sense of authority. A wing chair, a floor lamp, and a tiny side table may transform a secluded nook into a cozy reading nook.

3. Dining area

There is a lot of wasted room and unusable corners in many different dining rooms because of the way they are set up. When you have guests over, you can put one in the corner, and when you need more seating in the living room, you can move it there.

Their seductive curves create a fun contrast with the straighter lines of conventional dining chairs, giving the illusion of additional space.

4. In your door or entryway

A wingback chair at the entryway suggests to guests that they should feel at ease and remain for a while. It’s helpful to have a seat nearby not only for long waits, but also for quick tasks like tying your shoelaces.

5. Bedroom

We all have those awkward little spaces in our bedrooms that we never seem to get around to using. Adding only one wingback chair can tie the room together and elevate its overall aesthetic.

If you have a spacious closet, this bench can be installed there so you can sit down and put on your shoes in comfort. Another option is to dedicate a section of your room to lounging on the couch and reading before bed.

10 Top Wing Chairs

1. Baltic Wingback Chair & Ottoman

  • Style: Traditional
  • Style: Traditional wingback with a curved back, gilded nailhead trim, and a matching ottoman

Yes, the ottoman did have a role in our decision. Instead of resting our feet on the coffee table, we choose to admire this item. The classiness of the Baltic Wingback Chair & Ottoman can be attributed to the stylistic feature built into its design. The panels have been minimized to thin straps, and the back is curved.

The high density foam in the seat cushion adds to the overall level of comfort. The pattern was beautiful in its understated simplicity. The legs are made of wood and have a straight, tapered shape that adds to the piece’s rustic appeal. The nailhead trim, finished in brass, gives the piece a refined aesthetic and demonstrates the high quality of its construction.

2. Grangeville Swoop Wingback Chair

  • Style: Cottage/Country
  • Curvy, well-padded style with a lovely flower print.

The graceful lines of the Grangeville Swoop Wingback Chair make it a cozy addition to any room. It’s a wonderful illustration of the country or cottage style. The essence of it is a chair that is as comfy as it is stylish. This chair is perfect as an accent piece due to its plush padding all over (including the thick seat cushion and broad back and arm rests).

An excellent addition to a piece of furniture in this design is the floral pattern. It makes the chair more comfortable and inviting. Its polyester upholstery is off-white with a black pattern that exudes sophistication.

3. Flavin Concave Wingback Chair

  • Style: Modern/Contemporary
  • Chair with a wide frame and flared arms; contemporary style

In terms of sleek and contemporary seating, the Flavin Concave Wingback Chair is a home run. Its back is lower than you might anticipate for a wingback, which is a deviation from the standard design. The back is gently curved and quite roomy. The piece’s rounded contours invite the viewer’s gaze to travel across the entire surface.

The updated pattern of Greek keys is a stylish nod to the past. The grayish-beige polyester upholstery looks great next to the sleek black legs.

4. Stonehill Velvet Wingback Chair

  • Style: Glam
  • Designed in a classic wingback silhouette with slimmer side panels and plush velvet upholstery

Starting with a classic silhouette, the Stonehill Velvet Wingback Chair adds modern touches to create an elegant item. The extra-large chair is offered in both silver and navy, although we prefer the former. The design has plush padding throughout.

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The silver nailheads and accent pillow complement each other and set it apart. This chair seems like it belongs in a chic Manhattan loft. There is no denying the undeniable grace of what you have created.

5. Bora Bora 2 Piece Wingback Chair and Ottoman

  • Style: Coastal
  • Concept: High-density foam cushions on the chair and ottoman rest on an eco-friendly, solid rattan frame.

The Bora Bora 2 Piece Wingback Chair and Ottoman Set is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also makes a fantastic accent because of the atmosphere it helps to establish. Its robust rattan structure lends an impression of exoticism, making it ideal for the homebody globetrotter. The open side panels are reminiscent of traditional wingback chairs, but without the associated confinement.

The well-designed piece is made more comfortable with the addition of foam cushions and tucked backrests. There’s an ottoman, which is a nice bonus. A glass of iced tea and a snooze in the afternoon seem quite good about now.

6. Spring Ridge Wingback Chair

  • Decorated in a French Country fashion
  • Style: tall wingback with narrower armrests and a larger back support structure

As its name implies, the Spring Ridge Wingback Chair is a miniature take on the traditional wingback design. The side panels now only have a very modest outward curve. Compared to other chairs we looked at, this one has a flatter back. The height to breadth ratio is maintained, as is customary in traditional design.

Linen is used for the upholstery, adding a sense of class to the overall design. The fact that it is constructed from rattan helped us appreciate it even more. It’s a wingback chair, and it comes in both taupe and blue.

7. Dampicourt Wingback Chair

  • Style: Modern/Contemporary
  • Style: tapering toward the seat, high back, closed side panels

Modern and opulent come together in the Dampicourt Wingback Chair. To begin, there is the design, which puts a modern spin on a classic silhouette by having a back that narrows as it descends into the seat. It remains in its traditional configuration with the side panel closed. Brown velvet upholstery is a luxurious touch that amps up the glitz factor significantly.

The chair’s design features, such as the piping at the chair’s side panel ends and the flared, dark brown legs, provide it an impression of sophistication. The decorative pillow completes the look.

8. Chalina Wingback Chair

  • Style: Rustic
  • Design: Slightly curved inwardly sloping side panels and a classic wingback silhouette

When it comes to rustic decor, nothing beats the Chalina Wingback Chair. There is a linen seat cushion and a tucked back, while the sides and back are upholstered in dark brown and white velvet respectively. The design was inspired by the markings of a wild animal to add a touch of mystery. Instead of seeking it, this chair aggressively pursues it.

Buy Panas Wing Chair In Royal Blue Colour by Febonic Online - Solid Color Wing Chairs - Wing Chairs - Furniture - Pepperfry Product

It’s a high quality, well-built furniture, and the seat cushion is the thickest you’ll ever find. Consistent with the wingback design, the side panels have a modest inward flare. The worn aspect of the exposed wood is appropriate for the style of the chair.

9. Baxton Studio Vincent Wingback Chair

  • Style: Traditional
  • The design is a traditional wingback with closed side panels.

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The gray linen upholstery is elevated by the addition of silver nailheads along the length of the side panels.

10. Brittania Fan Damask Wingback Chair

  • Decorated in a French Country fashion
  • Curved back, tall legs, and nailhead edging describe the overall design.

The Brittania Fan Damask Wingback Chair captures both the French Country and glam styles with a bit of old world charm. It’s more compact than traditional wingback chairs. The frame is less enclosed by side panels and has a more open design as a result. The upholstery is upholstered in a luxurious chartreuse fan damask fabric.


Before going out and buying a wing chair, it’s a good idea to have a firm grasp of the term’s definition. If you want your home to feel more refined, we think you should acquire it.

Make a slipcover to protect it from wear and tear. You can try your hand at reimagining a wing chair in your own living room.

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