What Is A Wingback Chair? Advantages of Keeping Stylish Wingback Chairs at Office

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Helen Skeates
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If you are curious about what a wingback chair is, read on. Different kinds of this chair and the ways in which you may incorporate them into your interior design will be discussed.

What Is The Wingback Chair?

The wings of a wingback chair extend from the back of the chair to the armrest of the seat, making the chair quite distinctive. The wings of a chair serve two purposes: they protect the occupant from drafts and they concentrate the warmth from a fireplace directly where a person would sit. Usually, this type of chair is placed near the fireplace because of the purpose of the chair.

A wingback chair is a chair with a backrest that curves outward into “wings” that meet at the armrest at the seat’s edge. The wings of a chair serve to insulate the user from cold air currents and concentrate the warmth from a fireplace to where the user rests their bottom. Because of its intended use, this sort of chair is typically situated next to the hearth.

What Is the Wingback Style?

Few things distinguish the wingback chair from others. The shape is the first level of analysis. These seats have a higher profile than most others because they are narrower than they are deep. For a second, there are the side panels. Numerous adjustments have been made to this aspect over the years. The standard form can be found in various variations, however several fashions also include a more compact design.

Wingback Chair | USA Made | Sherrill Furniture

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The legs of a chair in this form are often left bare. You can choose from straight-backed cabriole styles to those with rounded corners and elaborate trim. As with any topic, though, there are several permutations.

Advantages of Keeping Stylish Wingback Chairs at Office

Wingback Chairs and Work Satisfaction

You can’t put up your best effort without comfortable sitting. Soft chairs not only help you relax, but they also help keep your nervous system from getting too hot. The most important thing for the body to do is to rest at regular intervals, thus comfortable seats are a need. Wingback chairs are the greatest option for a wide range of users due to their high level of adjustability and their ability to provide a comfortable, relaxing seated position during leisure activities. Several pieces of evidence are provided below to back up this claim.

Wingback Chairs are Style Icon

The ability to think creatively and independently is a valuable asset in any professional setting. The more stylish and modern the seats, the more they will motivate workers and encourage them to think creatively. They are also considered fashion icons due to the fact that the variety of chair colors and shapes available has always been a source of inspiration for designers.

Wingback Chairs are Comfortable Pleasure

Usually, the things that provide comfort do not provide leisure or pleasure to the people. But, Wingback chairs are the exception. They are the most comfortable space for s3eating due to their side hands and also the cushion seats that relaxes the body very well. At the same time, the unique color and shape offer quite an effective luxury and pleasure to the person seating on it.

Wingback Chairs are Status Symbol

The things that make individuals most at ease typically aren’t the ones that give them much in the way of fun and entertainment. But, Wingback chairs are the exception. They are the most comfortable space for s3eating due to their side hands and also the cushion seats that relaxes the body very well. Furthermore, the one-of-a-kind hue and form provide a high degree of comfort and elegance to the occupant.

How We Sifted Through the Wingback Chairs

Most people don’t find entertainment or relaxation in their sources of comfort. The Wingback chair, however, is not the norm. In addition to the cushioned chairs and side arms, these are what make this type of seating arrangement the most ideal for resting the body. Additionally, the one-of-a-kind hue and form provide a high level of comfort and pleasure to whoever is seated on it.

  1. Building quality was our top priority. Wingback chairs are typically more comfortable for those with a petite stature. As a result, we focused primarily on high-quality options for seating.
  2. We favored the more authentic-looking chairs. We encourage you to show us your creative redesigns. To avoid being sidetracked from our mission, however, we only considered chairs with very traditional designs. If it wasn’t the case, we’d have to look for an other kind of chair.

Our selections span a wide range of artistic movements. As a result, many can be used in settings with very different aesthetics. These chairs are a wonderful illustration of how a design can improve through time.

What’s The Purpose Of A Wingback Chair?

In front of a warm fire, wing chairs are a familiar sight. The original purpose of these chairs from the 17th century was to keep people warm in front of a fire, and that is exactly what they do when placed in front of a fireplace.

That’s why they’re frequently referred to as fireside chairs because they were once a popular choice for seating in front or flanking a fireplace. It will shield you from the fire’s rays and the air around it.

That’s why they’re frequently referred to as fireside chairs because they were once a popular choice for seating in front or flanking a fireplace. It will shield you from the fire’s rays and the air around it.

What is it made of?

Since they were traditionally placed in front of or on either side of a fireplace, their name, “fireside chairs,” stuck. The purpose is to shield you from the flames and the air around them.

There are several variations of wingback chairs to choose from, but the two most common are the flat wing and the scroll wing. You can also choose between bat wings and butterfly wings. Different chairs will have different dimensions, so you’ll need to think about the height, width, and depth of the chair’s wings.

Types of wingback chairs

Highland high seat chair

The adequate back and lumbar support provided by this chair’s normal height makes it ideal for persons with back concerns, such as our elderly. Its one-of-a-kind design eases pressure on the hips and shoulders. When it comes to the chair’s upholstery, rest assured that it has a solid structure that can both hold weight and swivel to accommodate different users.

Fabric wingback armchair

If you’re short on storage space but still want the classic look of a wingback chair, this is the one for you. This chair will look great in any contemporary home.

In addition to increasing the longevity of your seat, the linen fabric also makes it feel more comfortable to sit on. The seat’s legs, made of rubber and wood, contribute to the chair’s solidity and longevity.

Recliner wingback armchair

This style of chair is perfect for a variety of rooms in the home. It’s equally at home in the bedroom, the living room, or the theater.

These are incorporated into the seat’s construction to ensure its durability and robustness, making it suitable for usage over long periods of time. Investing in a seat like this will allow you to relax regardless of the task at hand.

Bedroom wingback chair

This chair is ideal for private quarters or guest rooms. The wingback chair has a hardwood leg, which can make it last longer.

Tom Dixon Official | Wingback Chair Wool

Buckingham traditional wingback armchair

This classic wingback armchair features a buttoned accent here and there and is supported by wooden legs. Rooms like bedrooms and living rooms are perfect spots for the seat. This chair adds a sense of class to your home, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with your other furnishings.

Wing high back chair

This chair is comfortable and modern, thanks to its plush cushioning and attractive design. The distinctive styles of the furniture are well-suited to private spaces and traditional households. It’s comfortable for persons of various heights and widths because of the adjustable width and height of the seat.

How can I decorate my wingback chair?

Pick the right spot

Buying a wingback chair is an investment because it can be used in any room of the house to add flair. Locate your chair such that it will shield you from the fireplace’s heat and drafts.

You should probably move your chair closer to the fire. This chair is ideal for a nook or other spare space in your home.

Be traditional

The majority of the time, this style of chair is found in more classic settings in the home. You may improve the look of your home by combining it with other traditional pieces.

Go for contrast

The unique silhouette of a wingback chair guarantees it will grab everyone’s attention. However, with the addition of a few key items and accessories, you may give your space a more daring appearance. Combining contrasting textures is an option.


To liven up your chair’s appearance, try adding throw pillows in a contrasting color or pattern. You can raise the height of your chair with the help of a lamp or a potted tree.

10 Top Wingback Chairs

1. Baltic Wingback Chair & Ottoman

  • Definition of Traditional Style
  • Classic rounded back design with nailhead trim in a bronze finish and an ottoman footrest.

Yes, the ottoman did have a role in our decision. Instead of resting our feet on the coffee table, we choose to admire this item. The classiness of the Baltic Wingback Chair & Ottoman can be attributed to the stylistic feature built into its design. The back is rounded, and the panels have been minimized to wide cuffs.

For your comfort, we’ve included high-density foam in the seat pad. The pattern was beautiful and understated. The legs, which are made of wood and are visible, have a straightforward, tapering shape. The high quality of its construction and the polished brass of the nailhead trim give this piece an air of refined elegance.

2. Grangeville Swoop Wingback Chair

  • A Cottage/Country Style Home
  • Curvy, well-padded style with a lovely flower print.

Charming doesn’t even begin to describe the Grangeville Swoop Wingback Chair. It’s a great illustration of the country or cottage style. Its very essence is a comfortable chair. This chair’s high-density foam seat cushion and ample back and arm cushioning set it out as a premium decorative option.

Adding a flowery design is a fantastic flourish for a traditional piece of furniture. It gives the chair a cozy, at-home feeling and a more relaxed look and feel. The polyester upholstery fabric is off-white with a black pattern that exudes sophistication.

3. Flavin Concave Wingback Chair

  • Contemporary/Modern Style
  • Chair with a wide frame and flared arms; contemporary style

If you’re looking for a chair that exemplifies modern and contemporary design, go no further than the Flavin Concave Wingback Chair. Unlike other wingbacks, this one has a lower back, making it something of an unconventional take on the style. Its spacious, curving back is a particular selling point. The piece’s rounded edges invite the viewer to explore its whole.

Incorporating a modified Greek key pattern is a great idea that gives it a cool, vintage vibe. The sleek contrast of the black legs and the gray/beige polyester upholstery is stunning.

4. Stonehill Velvet Wingback Chair

  • Definition of Glamourous Fashion
  • A modern take on the classic wingback chair, this one has slimmer side panels and plush velvet fabric.

The Stonehill Velvet Wingback Chair is an updated classic with a nod to the past. The extra-large chair is offered in both blue and silver, although we prefer the former. The design has plush padding throughout.

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The silver nailheads and complementary throw cushion really set it apart. This chair is very New York City. There is an undeniable sophistication to it.

5. Bora Bora 2 Piece Wingback Chair and Ottoman

  • Coastal-style architecture.
  • The chair and ottoman are both designed with high-density foam cushions that rest atop an eco-friendly, solid rattan frame.

In addition to its aesthetic value, the Bora Bora 2 Piece Wingback Chair and Ottoman Set’s ability to set a certain mood makes it a highly desirable option for use as an auxiliary piece of furniture. Its strong rattan construction is its defining characteristic, lending an air of exoticism that is ideal for the homebody globetrotter. While it still has the iconic wingback chair side panels, these ones are open.

All the more relaxing on the foam cushions and tucked backrests of this stylish furniture. Including an ottoman is a great bonus. A drink of iced tea and a snooze in the afternoon sound about right.

6. Spring Ridge Wingback Chair

  • French Country Design
  • Style: tall wingback with narrower side panels and a more expansive body.

The Spring Ridge Wingback Chair is a more compact take on the traditional wingback design. Only a small flare remains on the side panels. Compared to other chairs we looked at, this one has a flatter back. It maintains the traditional proportions of height to width.

The use of linen for the upholstery adds a sense of class to the overall design. The fact that it is constructed from rattan helped us appreciate it even more. Wingback chair is available in both taupe and blue.

7. Dampicourt Wingback Chair

  • Contemporary/Modern Style
  • Style: tapering high back toward the seat, closed side panels

The Dampicourt Wingback Chair exemplifies the merging of contemporary and opulent design. In the first place, there’s the design, which puts a modern spin on a classic shape by having a back that narrows as it descends into the seat. It remains in its traditional configuration with the side panel closed. The luxurious brown velvet upholstery gives a great deal of opulence.

The chair’s design features, such as the piping at the panel ends and the splayed dark brown legs, add a touch of sophistication. The decorative pillow completes its enticing appearance.

8. Chalina Wingback Chair

  • Distinctive Characteristics: Rustic
  • Classic wingback silhouette with tapered, curved side panels.

When it comes to rustic decor, nothing beats the Chalina Wingback Chair. Sides of dark brown and white velvet contrast with the linen seat cushion and tucked back. The design was inspired by the markings of a wild animal to add a touch of mystery. This is a chair that doesn’t so much as seek notice as it demands it.

It’s a high quality, well-built furniture, and the seat cushion is the thickest I’ve ever seen. To maintain the wingback profile, the side panels have a modest inward flare. Its individuality is complemented by the exposed wood’s weathered appearance.

9. Baxton Studio Vincent Wingback Chair

  • Definition of Traditional Style
  • Construction: closed side panels and a traditional wingback silhouette

1920s Georgian Wingback Chair

10. Brittania Fan Damask Wingback Chair

  • French Country Design
  • Model characteristics include a rounded back, tall legs, and nailhead embellishment along the seams.

Brittania Fan Damask Wingback Chair has a touch of old world charm that makes it suitable for both French Country and glam settings. The chair’s profile is slimmer than that of conventional wingback designs. There is less of a feeling of confinement in the frame thanks to the lack of side panels. The upholstery is upholstered in a luxurious chartreuse fan damask fabric.


Thanks for reading this far; we hope you now know what a wingback chair is. You won’t regret investing in something like this for your house. Think about what styles and tricks would work best in your space.

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