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Helen Skeates
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One of the many things you’ll need to know about interior design is the definition of an accent chair. You can do more than just sit in this chair. It’s also crucial for giving a space a sense of chic and efficiency.

The addition of an accent chair to your home will help you achieve the look of effortless chic. Adding an accent chair to a room, however, is not as simple as it might first appear. If you make even one misstep, you could completely destroy the atmosphere.

Let’s read this article to learn about the different kinds of accent chairs, how to use them, and what to look for when making a purchase.

The Benefits Of Using Accent Chairs

Just The Thing For Minimal Space

Not every house has a spacious living room, so if you need a place to put visitors or family members, accent chairs are a great option. They can be made as small as you’d like and will fit into confined areas. Armless chairs, for instance, can be placed in any room of the house without looking out of place.

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Perfect Final Touch

Is there something off about the room that you just can’t put your finger on? Your rooms won’t be complete without an to add that final touch of color. Reviews of upholstered accent chairs have the dual purpose of providing extra seating and elevating the aesthetic value of a space.

Comfortable For Entertaining

If you like to host gatherings for friends and family, you know how important it is to have sufficient seating available. A highlight chair is a great compromise if your couch is too small to seat everyone and a loveseat is out of the question. These chairs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional for long periods of time.

Very Economical

Accent chairs might be the cheapest chairs you can buy. For the same price as a simple loveseat, you can buy several chairs and strategically place them all over your property. Naturally, in the event that you have a limited budget to work with, a single accent chair will suffice.

Easy To Store

But suppose you don’t constantly require the use of your accent chair. These chairs are sufficiently compact to be safely kept in a basement, attic, or even a garage. They won’t take over your storage unit any more than they would your home, so don’t worry about that.

What You Need To Know About Accent Chairs

The idea behind accent chairs, also known as “side chairs,” is that furniture should serve multiple purposes besides simply providing a comfortable place to sit. It takes imagination and skill to design a suitable accent chair for your living space. Prior to making any purchases, careful planning of your design is required.

If you’re looking to add a little something extra to your living space, this chair is it. Accent chairs are the perfect finishing touch for a room that seems almost full but is missing something.

There is a wide variety of side chairs to choose from. There are a lot of alternatives, so it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. If you’re wondering how to choose the best one for you, this article is for you.

What Are The Types of Accent Chairs?

1. Club chair

A leather club chair is a specific type of upholstered armchair. The plush seats of a club chair are made for lounging. Traditionally, a gentleman’s club or other exclusive club for upper-class men would only have these chairs.

However, as time went on, club chairs became increasingly popular and could be found in many American households.

2. Slipper chair

Slipper chairs stand out from the rest of our selection because, unlike the others, they do not have armrests. The original “slipper” was a seat designed to aid Victorian-era women in putting on their shoes or slippers, hence the name.

After an American designer by the name of Billy Baldwin rethought slipper chairs for use in living rooms, the style took off.

3. Wingback chair

Accent chairs near a fireplace are especially nice when they have a wingback design. The broad, curved back of this style of chair is reminiscent of the wings on a bird. Thus, the moniker.

This classic piece of furniture from the 1600s will keep the cold from slicing through your cozy home. This chair’s “wings” are designed to keep you warm when you’re sitting near a heater.

4. Rocking chair

In order to rock back and forth, a rocking chair has two curved pieces of wood attached to its base. Any room in the house, from the study to the nursery, will benefit from having this piece installed. There’s something comforting and familiar about rocking chairs.

How To Choose An Accent Chair

Your style 

Consider your personal taste when looking for an accent chair. You should also take a look at the room as a whole. You probably shouldn’t use an abstract-patterned fabric on an accent chair in a formal living room if you’re redecorating it.

Planning your color scheme in advance will also help. To learn how, please read on.

Consider the fabric

When shopping for an accent chair, it’s also important to consider the fabric or leather it’s upholstered in. One consideration in selecting seating is whether or not anyone in the household has fabric allergies. You need something that is low maintenance, comfortable to sit on, and stylish.

Where you’ll place it

The intended location is another factor to consider when selecting an accent chair. It’s important to have chairs that are comfortable and high enough to reach the table in the dining room or at the breakfast nook. Remembering how to make adaptable seating arrangements in common areas like the living room is a good idea.

Availability of space in your room

Consider how many accent chairs you’d like and how much room you have in the room. Although accent chairs are intended to draw the eye, having too few or too many can throw off the room’s aesthetic.

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The Best Accent Chairs for a Little Flair

All Roads Shaina Petite Accent Chair

Add some whimsy to your bohemian or eclectic decor with this fun accent chair. The Shaina Accent Chair is upholstered in blue, white, and yellow checkerboard, and it features a fun texture thanks to the blue fringe that runs around the seat’s perimeter. The lack of arms lends it a contemporary look while also making efficient use of floor space.

This chair has a width of 26 inches, a height of 30 inches, and is upholstered in cotton velvet rug fabric. The legs are tapered and made from acacia wood, the frame is tropical hardwood, and the seat is padded with a combination of springs, foam, and fiberfill.

Article Spin Chair

Article’s Spin Chair, with its angular, midcentury modern shape mounted on gold metal legs, is a great option if you’re in the market for something more modern. The chair comes in four different colors (including a daring orange, if you’re in the mood) and is upholstered in a retro-chic tweed fabric.

The spinning chair’s high-density foam seat is wrapped in polyester, and it rests on a frame made of kiln-dried solid wood. It stands 32.5 inches tall and 30.5 inches wide, and its stainless steel legs ensure that it will last for years. The accent chair, in general, is an elegant furniture piece that would look great in a den or study.

Yongqiang Upholstered Accent Chair

The Yongqiang Upholstered Chair is a low-priced option for a stylish seating accessory. It is equally at home in more classic settings as well as more modern ones. The chair has a rolled up top and is upholstered in a cream-colored cotton fabric with tufted button details; it stands on four sturdy wooden legs.

Having a width of just over 27 inches and a height of 32 inches, this accent chair is both comfortable and practical. The chair’s back is inclined ever-so-slightly, making it ideal for lounging or reading. You can spruce it up by adding throw pillows or a footstool for extra comfort when you’re just lounging around.

West Elm Viv Swivel Chair

The Viv Swivel Chair is adorable enough for a child’s room or the corner of your living room. This chair has a modern barrel shape, and its simple lines and swiveling base will last for years. The padded, semicircular back is designed for relaxation. The best part is that you can pick from a wide variety of fabrics, including chunky chenille and distressed velvet, among about a dozen other options.

The kiln-dried pine and engineered wood Viv Chair measures 29.5 inches wide and 29.5 inches tall. The foam cushion has a fiber covering for extra resilience. The cushion can be taken out, and the cover can be removed and washed (though specific care instructions should be followed depending on the fabric).

Zipcode Design Donham Lounge Chair

The Donham Lounge Chair is a low-priced option if you want something straightforward. The chair has a full back and track arms and rests on four tapered wooden legs. The chair’s polyester blend fabric cover is available in over twenty-five different colors, and it features coil springs and foam cushions.

The maximum weight capacity of this chair is 275 pounds, and it has dimensions of 35 inches in height by 28 inches in width. Detailed stitching along the seams adds a tailored look, and the chair can be accessorized with a throw blanket or pillow in a color scheme that complements the rest of your decor.

Urban Outfitters Floria Velvet Chair

The Floria Velvet Chair has been described as “funky,” but in the best possible way. The modern, three-legged silhouette of this hip chair is immediately eye-catching, as are the frame’s interesting folds and curves. The velvet upholstery on the unusual seat comes in five different tones, including a striking black-and-white animal print.

The Floria Chair is made of metal and wood with foam cushions, and it has an overall dimensions of just over 29 inches in width and 31.5 inches in height. Despite its highly architectural form, this chair is nice and snuggly thanks to its plush velvet upholstery and distinctive design.

Pottery Barn Raylan Leather Armchair

The Raylan Leather Armchair is a great option if you’re looking for a stylish accent chair that won’t break the bank. This high-end furniture has a distressed kiln-dried wood frame and two removable leather cushions. The chair has a low back for comfortable lounging, and comes in two frame finishes and a wide variety of leather colors to complement any decor.

Cushions on the Raylan Chair are stuffed with a blend of down and feathers that is extremely comfortable to sit on. It has a height of 32 inches, a width of 27.5 inches, and adjustable levelers on the legs so it won’t wobble if only one or two feet are on the carpet. This leather chair, with its dignified design, would be at home in any room of the house, from the office to the study.


We really like the modern, blocky design of this armchair, as well as the variety of vibrant colors it is available in. The KOARP Armchair is an excellent choice for pet owners due to its soft, machine-washable foam seat cover. The polypropylene-upholstered high-resilience foam seat is supported by a powder-coated steel frame.

If the chair cover ever gets dirty, it can be easily taken off and washed. Light reading material, such as a children’s book or an electronic reader, can be stashed in the chair’s back storage compartment.

Lemieux et Cie Savoie Chair

You can still have an accent chair in a small apartment or condo by selecting a smaller model, like the Savoie Chair from Lemieux et Cie. The 28-inch depth and 39-inch height make this an adaptable corner fixture. The velvet fabric comes in a number of different colors, and the boucle fabric comes in either ivory or black.

The Savoie Chair by Lemieux et Cie features an ornately rounded back and a curved seat for a sophisticated look silhouette of a slipper and it’s supported by splayed wooden legs. Every piece is custom made to order, and the simple style would complement any decor.

What to Look for in an Accent Chair


Chairs serve a practical purpose in the home, but they are also works of art in their own right. Accent chairs come in a wide variety of styles, from modern to retro to antique to reproduction. Try to find accent chairs with a unique shape that can double as a sculpture. You can achieve this look with an authentic or reproduction Louis XVI armchair, a sleek and retro-feeling Eames chair from the mid-century, or a modern designer accent chair with a unique shape or a surprising material.


Consider the intended purpose of the room when making your accent chair selection. If its sole purpose is to please the eye, it can be any style or shape that provides a striking contrast to the rest of the decor. Select an accent chair that not only complements the room’s aesthetic but also provides adequate seating for guests at parties and family gatherings.


There is no better place to experiment with different materials than on accent chairs. A modern space can feel cozier with the addition of a sculptural wood chair. Modern, antique, or vintage armchairs with upholstery offer a unique opportunity to experiment with vivid hues, graphic patterns, and luxurious materials like bouclé and faux fur. Or go for something completely out of the ordinary like a cardboard, inflated steel, transparent polypropylene, or eco-friendly cork modern designer armchair.


What is the point of an accent chair?

to just sit there and appear attractive. Likewise, accent chairs can serve as additional seats when needed. Accent chairs are used by those who adore seating to inject a room with a splash of color, a dash of pattern, or a three-dimensional quality through the medium of upholstery. Your room will be more welcoming and eye-catching with the addition of an eccentric accent chair to break up the monotony of the space.

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Do accent chairs have to match the sofa?

No way, no how. Accent chairs are wonderful because they allow you to make a bold statement with one piece of furniture. If you want to draw attention to the way different design elements interact with one another, consider combining a sleek modern Italian sofa with an antique or reproduction Louis XVI armchair.

Do accent chairs have to be the same height?

One way to create a lively and functional space is to use furniture of varying heights. Seat height is a matter of personal preference, but experts recommend keeping accent chair heights within 4 or so inches of the height of other furniture like a sofa. It’s recommended to use accent chairs of the same height when placing them on either side of a sofa, even if the chairs are of a different style or fabric. Alternately, use two chairs of contrasting styles that are the same height and roughly the same size to create a charmingly mismatched pair.


Adding visual interest to a room requires a basic understanding of what an accent chair is and how to effectively incorporate it. A well-placed accent chair can serve as both a focal point and a stylistic anchor in any room. You should make a thorough plan before making any purchases, and if you can afford it, you should also consult an interior designer.

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