What Is An Olympic Queen Mattress? Top Picks for Best Olympic Queen Mattress

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You can simply explain that an Olympic queen mattress is bigger than a regular queen bed when asked what it is. This bed is broader than a queen size by an extra six inches. Like the king bed, which also comes in an Alaskan King size, this is a unique queen size.

Do you think it’s a good idea to acquire an Olympic queen mattress? We’ll go over some of the pros and cons of this size so you can make an informed decision. If a queen-sized bed is in your future, we’ve included a comparison of two common options.


What Is An Olympic Queen Mattress And Is It For You?

Obviously, an Olympic queen mattress is a larger version of a regular queen bed. This mattress is a generous 66 inches wide and 80 inches long, making it an excellent choice for couples who like to sleep close together in the same bed. If you want a wide mattress but your bedroom isn’t quite big enough for a king, an Olympic queen might be the way to go.

There is, however, a negative to the Olympic queen mattress that you should think about before purchasing one. There isn’t going to be a lot of places to go to find an Olympic queen, just like it’s hard to locate different sizes of normal varieties. Moreover, the specific measurements necessitate the use of a specific bed frame and accessories.

Even if you don’t mind the size, an Olympic queen mattress may not give you enough variety in terms of materials. Innerspring, latex, gel foam, and hybrid mattresses are available. It’s recommended that you learn as much as possible about all of the different kinds of mattresses available before settling on an Olympic queen mattress.

Olympic Queen Mattress vs Queen Mattress | What's The Difference? – Natural Form

Olympic queen vs queen mattress

A conventional queen-size mattress is 60 inches wide, whereas the Olympic queen mattress is 76 inches wide. If you and your partner sleep in a shared bed, this is an important factor to take into account. Comfortable for singles or those looking to upgrade from a twin bed, a queen-size mattress spans at 60 by 80 inches.

Due to its narrower profile, a queen bed can fit in a space as small as 10 square feet. In contrast, if you’re going for an Olympic queen, you’ll want to make sure you have at least 14 square feet to work with. A queen size bed is a great choice for a comfy guest bed.

Queen mattresses are more common and standard than Olympic queen mattresses, which makes it easier to find suitable foundations and beddings. It is recommended that, if you have an Olympic queen, you inquire at the shop where you purchased it as to what accessories are available for it. If you can’t find Olympic queen bedding, ask for king and cut it down to size.

Who Makes An Olympic Queen Mattress?

Some US mattress manufacturers and online retailers provide a variety of Olympic queen mattresses. OrthoSleep, Brooklyn Bedding, and Mattress Insider are just some of the manufacturers that provide this dimension. You can also discover if they ship to your area by contacting businesses that specialize in making beds to your exact specifications.

We’ve already established that unlike with queen-size mattresses, Olympic queen bedding items can be difficult to come by. You may wish to inquire as to the origin of the mattress itself. In such case, you should look at purchasing a larger bed (maybe a king size) and having it modified to fit an Olympic queen.

What Is A California Queen Mattress?

You’re certainly familiar with the California king bed size, but did you know there’s also a California queen? A California queen is 60 inches broad and 84 inches long, while a California king is 72 inches wide and 104 inches long. As an added bonus, it’s four inches longer than a standard queen mattress.

You may need to have everything from the mattress to the frame constructed to order if you opt for a California queen, just as you would if you wanted an Olympic queen. This size is not as widely available as the California king because only a select few manufacturers sell it. If you think its measurements might work for you, you should look for this mattress.

What Is A Super Queen Mattress?

Super queen mattresses are even more uncommon to come by than the other two sizes of queen mattresses we discussed. Furthermore, some brands provide different sizes for the super queen bed, which means you have to be extra diligent when buying sheets and frames. In general, a super queen mattress is wider and thicker than a standard queen-size bed as it offers 33 by 75 inches of space.

Additionally, the super queen mattress is even more uncommon than the other sizes we mentioned because of its unusual dimensions. In addition, the super queen bed size might vary by brand, so it’s important to be thorough while shopping for sheets and frames. Typically measuring 33 by 75 inches, a super queen mattress is both larger and thicker than a traditional queen bed.

How to Keep Your Mattress in Good Shape Longer

Here are seven tried-and-true methods for extending the life of your mattress and warding off potential disasters.

1. Make sure your mattress is properly supported.

It is important to make sure your mattress has the correct amount of support, even though you don’t always need to buy the matching box spring or foundation with a new mattress. This aids in maintaining materials and delaying their wear.

For suggestions, you may want to contact the maker or review the warranty. While spring mattresses are the only ones that should ever be on a box spring, memory foam and other speciality mattresses should always be supported firmly.

Bed frames should be sturdy enough to hold the mattress and occupants, and both queen and king sizes should include center support bars. Depending on the type and weight of the mattress, a platform bed with wide slats may require additional slats for support.

A damaged slat or spring might negatively effect the support of your mattress, therefore it’s a good idea to inspect the bed’s support once a year.

2. Use a mattress protector from the beginning.

We’ve discussed mattress protectors previously, and they’re one of the easiest and most effective ways to extend the life of your bed.

Waterproof protection from spills and mishaps is just one of the many benefits of a high-quality mattress protector. These covers also do a great job of keeping out dust, debris, and grime.

This prevents allergens like mildew and dust mites from accumulating on your bed, inhibits skin oils and sweat from damaging the materials inside your bed, and keeps your bed fresh and clean. When mishaps do occur, a protector makes cleanup a breeze, and many modern designs are as comfortable as a fitted sheet.

3. Wash bed linens regularly.

Sweat, oils, hair, and dead skin cells are all shed during sleep. Crumbs from breakfast in bed and cat fur are just two examples of the mess that can be tracked into the bedroom. All of this, in addition to being gross, can permeate the various layers of a mattress, creating the ideal environment for the development of bacteria and dust mites.

Most cleaning professionals agree that washing bed linens once every week to two weeks is optimal. It is still necessary to launder bed linens regularly, even while using a mattress protector. The mattress cover should be washed as directed by the manufacturer on a regular basis.

4. Get pets separate beds to snuggle in.

If we’re talking about things that should not be allowed to sleep in bed with us, dogs should have their own beds.

When pets go outside, they drool and shed hair and cells just like people do, and all that ends up in your bed, no matter how often you brush them. There is always the chance that your pet will have an accident on the mattress, which can seriously damage the fabric.

5. Rotate the mattress regularly.

Any mattress, regardless of size or construction, can benefit from routine rotation. Although not all manufacturers recommend it, rotating can help ensure your tires wear evenly and prevent depressions or soft spots.

Between twice and six times a year, switch the mattress’s position by turning it on its side. This is especially crucial during the first couple of years while you break in the mattress.

6. No jumping on the bed!

Mom was right when she cautioned you not to jump on the bed. Although spring, water, and air beds are more likely to be damaged by rigorous use, foundations, frames, and foams will all wear out more quickly under heavy stress.

7. Take care when moving your mattress.

Mattresses can easily be damaged during relocation, thus it is important to encase them in plastic and avoid bending or folding them. Heavier duty mattress bags that may be sealed with tape are available at many moving and box stores to protect your bed from dust, water, and scratches.

It is recommended that mattresses be moved while standing on their sides to prevent folding or sagging. Manufacturers of mattress covers with handles often advise against use those handles for the purpose of dragging or transporting the mattress.

8. Don’t bring home unwanted hitchhikers.

One of the quickest ways to damage a mattress is by infesting it with bedbugs, which can be tough to get rid of once they’ve set up shop.

Avoid sleeping on the floor with your luggage and always check the bed for symptoms of bed bugs when traveling. If you think you have encountered bedbugs, Texas A&M University offers some advice on how to avoid bringing them back into your house.

If you live in an apartment or section of the country where bedbugs are a problem, you may want to invest in a mattress encasement. These are superior than mattress protectors since they completely encase the mattress and have locking zippers to keep bugs out.

9. Let the light in occasionally.

Once every two weeks, or whenever there is a dry, bright day, remove the sheets and let the sun shine in on the mattress for several hours (though if bedbugs are possible, leave the cover on).

A study conducted at Kingston University found that this helps reduce moisture problems caused by both sleepers and humidity, and it may also help control populations of dust mites.

10. Follow manufacturer cleaning directions.

Regardless of the type, routine cleaning is necessary to maintain a healthy sleeping environment and mattress.

Most beds should be vacuumed with a hose attachment to eliminate surface dust, and many manufacturers provide guidelines for removing stains and cleaning in general.

Mild water and soap can be used to spot treat stains, but you should wait until they are dry before changing the bed. Harsh chemical cleaners should be avoided on foams since they compromise foam integrity.

Vacuuming should be done once every one to three months, and stains should be cleaned as needed, depending on dust levels, allergies, or personal taste.

Mattresses come in all shapes and sizes, and while their upkeep and care may vary slightly depending on the specifics of the brand or model, the fundamentals remain the same. In short, make sure the bed is always clean, safe, well-supported, and rotated to achieve uniform wear.

There are a lot of variables that affect how long a mattress will last, but following these guidelines will help you get the most out of your investment and sleep soundly for years to come. Know that a 10-year guarantee on your mattress is regarded industry standard, whether you’re shopping at a traditional mattress store or one of the new bed-in-a-box startups.

Olympic Queen vs Queen Bed: Are The Extra 6 Inches Worth It?

Top Picks for Best Olympic Queen Mattress

#1. Natural Form Refresh


  • Soothing Relief From Pressure
  • Supportive
  • Tunable firmness
  • Very comfortable sleeps in cool air


  • Potentially too gentle for some.
  • Minor odor emanating from the product

Who should buy Natural Form Refresh Mattress

  • All Models of Sleepers
  • Those who suffer from persistent back pain
  • Fans of thick mattresses
  • Partners that share a similar pattern of sleep patterns

Our experience with Natural Form Refresh Mattress

Refresh, made by Natural Form, is a multi-award winning mattress that can be adjusted in terms of firmness. Because of its customizable hardness, it is suitable for stomach, back, side, and combo sleepers. The mattress is quite comfortable to sleep on and provides excellent motion isolation. This review has discovered the Refresh Olympic Queen Mattress to be a great option for couples that have similar sleeping habits.


The Refresh may be adjusted to a level of firmness anywhere from a 5 on the mattress firmness scale to an 8 on the same measure. When compared to the other Natural Form mattresses, the Refresh mattress appears to provide additional support.

Those who prefer to sleep exclusively on their stomachs may find the Refresh mattress to be a bit softer than they are used to. Mattresses that are too soft may allow stomach sleepers to sink too far into the surface, which can aggravate back problems. Stomach sleepers who are extremely particular about their mattresses may find the Amerisleep AS2 to be the most comfortable option.

The Refresh mattress is a great fit for heavier sleepers in particular as they will find ample support because of the significant amount of air pods in the mattress. Natural Form’s proprietary air pod technology provides superior support and pressure alleviation for heavier individuals. Chronic back pain sufferers will find the Refresh mattress to be more comfortable for their back compared to any other soft mattress. When I slept on the mattress, my needs as a combo sleeper were met comfortably.

The Refresh mattress is a great fit for heavier sleepers in particular as they will find ample support because of the significant amount of air pods in the mattress. Natural Form’s proprietary air pod technology provides superior support and pressure alleviation for heavier individuals. Chronic back pain sufferers will find the Refresh mattress to be more comfortable for their back compared to any other soft mattress. When I slept on the mattress, my needs as a combo sleeper were met comfortably.


In particular, heavier sleepers may appreciate the Refresh mattress’s high number of air pods, which provide a lot of support. Natural Form’s exclusive air pod technology provides greater comfort and relief from pressure for those who weigh more. For those who suffer from chronic back pain, the Refresh mattress is a welcome relief from the discomfort of sleeping on a traditional soft mattress. I am a mixed sleeper and found the mattress to be comfortable and supportive.

  • To protect a mattress
  • Assemblage of ease
  • Technology based on personal air pods
  • Strength Regulation Foundation

Merino wool from Australia is used to cover the springs of the Refresh mattress by The Natural Form. Wool has been shown to regulate temperature and is naturally flame resistant. A top comfort layer made of a hybrid foam blend is located beneath the cover. In comparison to standard memory foam, this variant is both quicker to respond and firmer to the touch.

Each side of the Refresh mattress may fit up to 80 air pods, depending on the size of the bed. Natural Form’s Refresh product has ten times as many air pods than their Garden mattress. Natural Form holds the patent for the air-pod technology used in their mattresses.

Adjusting the air pods’ settings requires using the external, dual-sided dials. The level of stiffness can be adjusted to suit individual preference. If you, like I do, want a mattress with a medium level of firmness, you can easily modify it by turning a dial on the side of the bed.

Natural Form, however, suggests that you always use the “optimal setting” on your bed. This option adjusts to your unique size and shape. Maintain this setting for at least two weeks so that your body weight is distributed equally. it reflects the correct volume and pressure.

The upper layers of the mattress and the air pod system are protected by the base. This foundation also aids in maintaining the mattress’s stability and strength.


The Refresh mattresses come in 9 different sizes, the largest of which is an Olympic queen. Natural Form suggests using an adjustable bed with this mattress, however it is compatible with most other bed bases, bed frames, and bases.

  • Inexpensive Twin XL Sized
  • Full
  • Super-Large Size
  • Queen
  • Laurel Ann B. Toscanini, Queen of the Olympic Games
  • King
  • King of California
  • Conqueror of the Split
  • California King with a Split


The Refresh mattress is covered by a 10-year warranty and comes with a 100-night sleep trial. The mattresses are sent to you already assembled, and for a small fee, Natural Form will set them up in your bedroom (essentially a “white glove” delivery service).

#2. Brooklyn Signature Mattress


  • Supportive
  • Assistance under pressure
  • Responsive
  • Choices in Stiffness
  • Patchwork top
  • Very comfortable sleeps in cool air


  • Not suitable for side sleepers

Who should buy Brooklyn Signature Mattress

  • Multiple-use sleepers
  • Warm sleepers
  • Extreme sleepers
  • Couples

Our experience with Brooklyn Signature Mattress?

Each and every type of sleeper may find a comfortable level of firmness with the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid mattress, as it is available in soft, medium, and firm. Both back and combo sleepers can get a lot of use out of this mattress, since it has excellent support and a responsive feel. This hybrid mattress from Brooklyn Bedding is among the most reasonably priced options available. Also, individuals who have a tendency to sleep hot or who want to sleep near the edge may find this mattress to be an excellent option.


There are three levels of firmness available for the Brooklyn Signature mattress.

  • This variation has a gentle feel; we gave it a 4 out of 10 on our mattress firmness scale. This variant is ideal for those who weigh less than 120 pounds and like a softer mattress. Those who have to sleep with a roommate may appreciate the enhanced motion isolation features of this edition.
  • If you sleep on your back or a combination of positions, you might consider the Medium option, which is rated 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The response and help provided by this release are both excellent. It also provides great back support, especially for the lumbar area. That might assist with the back ache.
  • Medium-firm — We gave this version a 7 out of 10 for firmness. Those of you who prefer to sleep on your backs or stomachs should choose for this variation.

Overall, the Brooklyn Signature mattress performed quite well in our motion isolation tests. The mattress’ quilted covering not only helps to resist body imprints but also to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night.


The layers that make up the 11.5-inch-tall hybrid mattress by Brooklyn Bedding are as follows:

  • Patchwork top
  • Assemblage of ease
  • Layer of Transition
  • Layer Zero
  • Layer of foundational support

The quilted top of the Brooklyn Signature mattress is made from high-quality materials and is designed to prevent permanent body impressions. When you lie down on a bed, you immediately feel less pressure.

The comfort layer’s specific ingredients change depending on the level of hardness you select. The soft options feature a 1.5″ layer of memory foam-like proprietary TitanFlexTM foam. The difference between the firm and medium options is the thickness of the foam used.

A patented VariFlexTM transition layer of 1″ thickness, available in mild and medium firmness, sits just above the comfort layer. The firm version, on the other hand, has the same layer but makes it 2 inches thick, giving the sleeper more compressive support.

The 8″ thick base provides robust support and reduces motion transfer thanks to up to 961 individually enclosed unique coils. People who want to sleep with their bodies closer to the edge of the bed will appreciate the additional support this layer provides.

When the individually wrapped coils in this mattress get compressed, the 0.25-inch thick, high-density flex base keeps them from sagging too much.


There are three different mattress heights to choose from with the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid. Among the mattress’s 14 sizes are an Olympic queen and three RV sizes.


Both the guarantee and the trial term (120 days) for mattresses from Brooklyn Bedding are generous. All of the mattresses sold by Brooklyn Bedding are manufactured in Arizona, and the company offers free domestic shipping and returns.

#3. Plank Mattress


  • Wonderful stress reliever
  • Supportive
  • Flippable
  • Very comfortable sleeps in cool air


  • Not a good fit for people with more body mass.
  • Do not use if you sleep on your side

Who should buy Plank Mattress

  • Those who sleep on their stomachs or backs
  • Those who suffer from persistent back pain
  • Fans of a more firm mattress
  • Couples

Our experience with Plank Mattress

The Plank mattress can be flipped between an extremely firm and a medium-firm side. If you suffer from chronic back discomfort and prefer a firm mattress, this is a fantastic option.

When comparing mattresses, we discovered that the Plank mattress was best for stomach and back sleepers due to its firmer surface, which promoted healthier spinal alignment. It is not suitable for side sleepers or anybody over 250 pounds.


Plank is a simple mattress with dual firmness options. The mattress may be flipped from an extremely firm side to a more comfortable moderately firm side. The hard side of the mattress is between an 8 and a 9, while the medium-firm side is between a 6 and a 7.

Back and stomach sleepers will appreciate the added firmness of the mattress’s other side. This side’s hardness is ideal for relieving pressure and providing general body support. Some people, especially those of smaller stature, may find it to be overly rigid.

Consistent back pain sufferers, especially those weighing 250 pounds or more, would appreciate having a bed that provides adequate support while they sleep. Because of the increased firmness, light sleepers with back pain may not experience as much relief as do average-weight and heavier sleepers.

Those who must sleep on their sides won’t be able to find enough sinkage in the mattress to feel comfortable. A comfortable mattress can also reduce pressure points. It has been suggested that the Puffy Lux mattress is a good option for side sleepers.

Those who weigh more and prefer to sleep on their backs or stomachs should choose the medium-firm side of the mattress. This side of the mattress is superior for all sleepers, including those who transfer positions frequently during the night.

The Plank mattress, despite being highly responsive, showed almost no motion transmission throughout our tests. Those who have trouble sleeping with a tossing and turning companion or who are light sleepers will appreciate the Plank mattress’s isolation of motion.


The Plank mattress has a height of 11.25 inches and comprises of the following four layers:

  • To protect a mattress
  • Transitional layer on the firm side
  • Layer of Support
  • Contextual cushioning on the outside

The Plank mattress has a quilted top layer that is 0.75 inches thick and is on the firmer end of the firmness spectrum. Patterned and surprisingly sturdy, the cover is a delight. In reverse, there is tack-and-jump quilting on 1.5″ foam.

Below the extra-firm side is a 2-inch layer of TitanFlexTM support foam, which serves as a cushioning layer and a transitional layer between the firmer and softer foam layers.

The Plank mattress has a layer of high-density poly foam that is 7 inches thick and is used as a support system on both sides.

Medium-firm side transition foam is 1.5″ of quilted soft proprietary foam placed beneath the foundation layer to provide a slight increase in softness and a smoother feel.

A cooling panel that can be put to the firm or extra-firm side of the mattress to help with temperature regulation and provide a cooler feel at the point of contact is available as an upgrade. Those who have trouble keeping their body temperature down during the night will appreciate the Plank mattress.


The height of an Olympic Queen bed on the Plank mattress is 11.25 inches. The mattress can be purchased in one of 14 different sizes, three of which are specifically designed to fit RVs.


The Plank mattress is supported by both a 10-year warranty and a 120-night sleep trial.

#3. Mattress Insider Gel Foam Luxury Mattress


  • Plush
  • Very comfortable sleeps in cool air
  • Soothing Relief From Pressure
  • composed entirely of plant-based ingredients
  • Made to order for an Olympic queen-size bed


  • This bed is not comfortable for side or back sleepers.

Who should buy 8″ Gel Foam Luxury Olympic Queen Mattress?

  • Those who must sleep on their side
  • Warm sleepers
  • Memory foam mattress fans
  • Couples


In specifically, the Mattress Insider Gel Foam mattress is made for Olympic beds. We rated the mattress’ firmness at 4 out of 10 and found that it was ideal for those who prefer to sleep exclusively on their side.

The neutral posture support technology utilized by the Mattress Insider Gel Foam mattress allows the foam to conform and cradle the body without altering its natural alignment as you sleep. As an added bonus, the mattress provides sufficient support without being overly firm, so it manages to strike a nice balance between practicality and ease of use.

The technology utilized in the Gel Foam mattress makes it a good option for warm sleepers. This is the most comfortable mattress for warm sleepers who must sleep on their side.


Four layers make up the 8-inch-thick Mattress Insider Gel Foam mattress.

  • Gel-infused layer
  • Layer of gel-infused polymer
  • The layer of gel that has been put into it
  • Layer of support

An organic, breathable cotton cover encases the entire mattress, including the foam layers, but can’t be removed. If you want to preserve your mattress from getting stained permanently, you should use a mattress protector.

An inch of cooling gel-infused foam rests directly under the cover of the mattress, assisting with temperature regulation. This mattress’s design greatly aids in keeping the sleeping surface at an ideal temperature.

After the support foam, the mattress has a 2″ thick comfort layer for added pressure relief. People who like the way a memory foam mattress contours to their bodies will like the same feel, but at a far more comfortable temperature.

Underneath the layer of cooling gel is a layer of 1.5″ thick proprietary Aire-Flow FoamTM. Covering a supportive foundation, this comfort layer softens the bed’s overall feel and reaction. This mattress is not suitable for people who must sleep only on their stomachs or backs since they require a more supportive surface. For proper spinal alignment, we suggest a firmer mattress, such as the one sold by Loom & Leaf, for these individuals.

Soy Bio Support FoamTM, measuring 3.5 inches thick, is used in the support layer of the Mattress Insider. This special foam helps the mattress better conform to your body while also dispersing pressure at key pressure areas.

The Elation mattress from Mattress Insider features CertiPUR-US-certified foam in all of its layers. While there was some off-gassing first, it went away after a day or two.

You won’t have to go through a “break in” phase because the foam in Mattress Insider’s Gel Foam Luxury Olympic mattress has already been activated. It is also claimed by Mattress Insider that their mattresses would not sag over time because of the innovative way they are constructed using close-knit technology.


The Mattress Insider Gel Foam Luxury Mattress comes in one size, the Olympic Queen Bed Size, and is 8 inches thick.


A ten-year guarantee and a 121-night sleep trial are included with the purchase of a Mattress Insider Gel Foam Luxury mattress. Shipping and returns are on the house for domestic orders from Mattress Insider.

#5. Brooklyn Bedding Chill Mattress


  • Superior in-movement silence
  • Exceptional release of tension
  • Very comfortable sleeps in cool air
  • Various thicknesses are available.


  • Not a good choice for people who sleep on their bellies a lot.
  • Marginally stable edge

Who should buy Brooklyn Bedding Chill Mattress

  • Warm sleepers
  • Couples
  • For the faint of heart
  • Ideal for any kind of sleeper
  • Those under 230 pounds in weight can rest easy.

Our experience with Brooklyn Bedding Chill Mattress

The five different mattress heights available from Brooklyn Chill are designed to accommodate a wide range of sleepers and sleeping preferences. The thicker variants feel more sumptuous than their thinner counterparts. Side sleepers will appreciate the thicker version’s ability to disperse weight away from their pain points. Slimmer mattresses are better for stomach and back sleepers since they are firmer.

This mattress, as the label says, is designed to keep sleepers cool. The mattress’s superior motion isolation makes it a good choice for bed-sharers.


The level of hardness of The Chill can be adjusted by selecting a mattress height from the various that Brooklyn Bedding provides. The 6 and 8-inch thick versions fall in the middle of the mattress firmness spectrum, between medium and firm. The 10″ edition of The Chill’s mattress has a firmness rating of 5-7/10, while the 12″ and 14″ variants are rated as medium and medium-soft, respectively (3-5/10).

When opposed to their shorter counterparts, taller variations are softer and more contoured, relieving pressure from the shoulders and hips. Firmer mattresses, however, are preferable for stomach and back sleepers. If you sleep only on your side, we suggest trying out one of the softer options.

We won’t suggest the Chill mattress if you’re a combo sleeper. Because of the mattress’s sluggish response time, changing positions will feel like “being stuck in the mud.” The mattress provides enough support but is not particularly responsive. Innerspring options, like as DreamCloud mattresses, are preferable for people who have trouble moving around.


The Chill mattress from Brooklyn Bedding is a three-layer memory foam structure. The layers of the mattress are as follows:

  • Insert of memory foam
  • Layer of transition, 8 inches and up
  • Layer of foundational support

The cover of The Chill’s mattress is treated with a Nano Stain terminator that is safe for the planet. A mattress protected with a cover is better able to withstand accidental spills without suffering any long-term damage. If you have kids and you all sleep in the same bed, this is a fantastic choice.

Gel swirl memory foam, 2 to 3 inches thick (depending on the mattress height), serves as the primary comfort layer beneath the cover. This memory foam moves slowly, so it contours to your body and keeps you cool as you sleep. The utilization of open cell technology in each layer of the Chill mattress’ foam improves airflow and breathability.

In the two largest sizes (12′′ and 14′′), the transition foam layer directly beneath the comfort layer is made of premium VariFlexTM. This layer acts as a buffer between the memory foam top layer and the firmer base layer. The transition foam layer gives the thicker Chill mattresses a softer, more cushioned feel.

The Chill mattress’s structure and durability come from a layer of high-density base foam. In order to maintain proper spinal alignment and support, the support layer is essential.

The 10″ model has two layers and is intended to be medium-firm. Combination, stomach, and back sleepers may all benefit from the shaping and tighter core.


In addition to a standard queen size, the Brooklyn Bedding Chill is now offered in Olympic queen size. There are 20 mattress sizes to choose from, including 10 RV mattress (king and bunk) sizes.


Each mattress from Brooklyn Bedding comes with a 10-year warranty and a 120-day sleep trial. All mattresses sold by Brooklyn Bedding are made in the USA and are eligible for free shipping and returns within the United States.

Quick view and Comparison

Which size is better: regular or olympic queen?

It is important to know who will be sleeping on the mattress before picking between an Olympic, split-queen, or conventional queen size.

You should get a queen-size bed if you plan on sleeping on your own. A standard queen-sized bed is five feet wide, but an Olympic queen mattress is six inches bigger. If you and your significant other sleep in the same bed, we suggest upgrading to an Olympic queen size.

Pricing-wise, the two mattresses are also very comparable. The space it requires is far less than that of a king-size bed. In this case, an Olympic bed would be the best option for sharing a bedroom with another person.

Olympic Queen VS Regular Queen - What's the Difference? | Olympics, Queen, Sleep accessories


Who sells Olympic queen mattresses?

Among the many retailers which stock Olympic queen mattresses are Brooklyn Bedding, Mattress Insider, Natural Form, and Plank.

What are the dimensions of an Olympic queen mattress?

Compared to a conventional queen mattress, an Olympic queen mattress is 6 inches wider, measuring in at 66 inches by 80 inches.


The Olympic queen is a good compromise between the space requirements of a king-size bed and the compactness of a regular queen bed. If you have an Olympic queen size mattress, please describe it. The 66-by-80-inch dimensions of this particular queen size make it a good choice for couples who prefer to sleep side by side.

Careful measurement is required when searching for its accessories because finding the right sizes can be a challenge. Once more, this is an uncommon size that will be harder to find in stores.

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