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Helen Skeates
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Do you find the height and design of a standard toilet to be inconvenient? Read on to find out more about the specialized toilet design known as a “chair height toilet.”

It’s not easy to find a toilet that’s just the right height for you. Most restrooms are designed for people of average height, so those who are above or below the norm may find them inaccessible. The elderly and the disabled may also find comfort-height toilets to be unsatisfactory.

Chair-height stalls solve all these problems. Let’s dive into the specifics, so please read on.

Chair Height Toilet

Chair height urinals, as the name implies, are built to facilitate both standing and sitting on them. Its height of 19 inches is 3 centimeters more than the standard WC’s 17 inches. It meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and is known as a “tall toilet.”

This lavatory is designed for those who need assistance bending at the waist, hips, or knees. Since it is higher than a standard chair, it is more comfortable for people of greater stature to use.

Standard on most modern tall toilets is more efficient flushing technology that helps conserve water. They have the power to efficiently flush solid waste down the drain.

Chair Height vs Comfort Height Toilet vs Standard Height Options -  Toiletseek

It’s not just the tall among us who can appreciate a chair-height commode.

  • Aging –Chair-height loos are designed with a more spacious, elongated bowl in addition to a higher seat height. Because of their design, they are also popular among the elderly, who often suffer from back pain, arthritis, and other painful conditions.
  • Incapable –For those with mobility issues, the ideal toilet seat height is between 17 and 19 inches. This makes sitting on the toilet much more convenient and comfortable for them. Those with physical limitations can attest that getting up from a toilet seat is no easy feat.
  • Impaired –The American Disabilities Act specifies that the ideal height for a handicapped-accessible toilet is between 17 and 19 inches; a chair-height toilet meets this requirement.

Benefits of Comfort Height Toilets

Comfort height toilets are a sign of a tough establishment.

The extra height of the chair makes it more convenient to sit and get up. The elevated seat prevents the user from having to stoop low and lock their knees, which can be very painful. People of a greater height, the elderly, and those with limited mobility (i.e., knee or back pain) can all benefit from using a comfort height toilet.

ADA-compliant comfort height toilets are mandatory in accessible restrooms.

Drawbacks of Comfort Height Toilets

Not everyone prefers using a comfort height toilet. While the higher seat height may sound opulent, it may not be necessary in all cases. Some authorities maintain that we should “squat” to a more natural position for our bodies. If your feet don’t touch the ground because of a high seat, you risk losing blood flow to your legs. Little boys in particular may have difficulty using comfort-height toilets.

Think about who will be using the toilet the most and where it will be placed. If a higher seat is desired at a later time, the original toilet can be kept and a raised seat can be installed.

4 Best Chair Height Toilets

1. Kohler Comfort Height Toilet with Aquapiston Technology

It’s a high-quality, two-piece toilet that meets all of your requirements and then some. The extended bowl design is particularly accommodating.

It’s chair-height, yes, but it also looks great and flushes very effectively. Aquapiston technology provides a constant and smooth stream of water to clean the bowl thoroughly.

2. Toto Drake Comfort Height

This toilet is not only an elegant and comfortable addition to your bathroom, but it will also provide you with the comfort you seek. It has a powerful flushing system and a spacious bowl.

3. American Standard Comfort Height Elongated Front

It has a long, curved seat and is rounded all over. It’s designed to be simple to clean. EverClean technology limits the growth of bacteria that can produce odors and inhibits the formation of stains.

The height of this toilet bowl is 17.5 inches. Those who are 5 feet 11 inches tall can sit on the seat without experiencing any discomfort.

4. American Standard Comfort Height Round Front

You won’t find a better chair-height toilet seat than this one because of its tall height, great seat, and powerful flushing. A tank and bowl are included.

The inclusion of EverClean technology makes upkeep and cleaning a breeze. In addition, its flush system saves 20% more water than standard toilets do. It’s also ideal for the elderly because of its 17.5-inch height.

Difference between chair-height toilet and standard toilet

A chair-height toilet is higher than a regular toilet, and that’s the main difference between the two. Depending on the manufacturer, the height of an ADA-compliant tall toilet can range from 17 to 19 inches. However, the average height of a toilet is 15 inches.

Comfort height toilets are ideal for the elderly, but can be difficult for children and people of average height. It can also lead to constipation, whereas the use of a regular toilet is a tried and true method of naturally avoiding this problem.

Choosing the best toilet

Toilets are a must-have in any dwelling. Because of their widespread application, picking the best option is crucial. There are a few factors to think about when deciding which toilet model is best for your lavatory.

The height, for starters. A regular toilet is fine for a bathroom that kids will use. However, a tall toilet is preferable if there is an elderly or disabled person living in the house.

The installation process should be your next concern, as some toilets can be tricky to set up. Of course, there’s the matter of style to think about alongside functionality. It’s not just about how the toilet looks, but how it’s built and what it has.

10 Features to Avoid When Buying a New Toilet

Noisy Flusher

Pressure-assisted commodes have a lot going for them. There is almost no chance of a clog forming thanks to their powerful flushing action, which also saves water and keeps the bowl cleaner for longer. However, some pressure-assisted toilets make as much noise as jet engines as they do their business.

Thankfully, manufacturers are consistently refining their approaches to noise reduction, so the state of the art keeps getting better.

Non-Standard Replacement Parts

The mundane design of the typical toilet can be a target of ridicule for those who reject anything “normal.” But before you go out and buy that sweet European model with the special seat and weird internals, you might want to factor in the price of replacement parts when they eventually wear out.

Spending money on a new showerhead or luxurious towels is a better use of your bathroom renovation funds.

Chair height Toilets at Lowes.com

Slamming Lid

One of those minor annoyances that can become a major problem when it’s the middle of the night or there are young children in the house is a toilet lid that slams shut like a brick.

Choose a toilet with a slow-drop seat so that your ears and little fingers aren’t jarred when it closes. The removable design of some slow-close seats also makes cleaning a breeze.

Any Color Other Than White

Do you still remember avocado green and harvest gold? These colors were once standard in American bathrooms and kitchens, but their heyday was in the 1970s, when their popularity began to wane. Modern colored toilets are no different in this regard.

What seems modern to you now may seem dated in five or ten years, making it more difficult to sell your home. White or bisque fixtures will never look dated and are a safe investment.

Too Long

Yank on your Tape measure before making the change from a round bowl to an elongated one (or the other way around). To rephrase, think long and hard before making a rash decision about changing your toilet style. Elongated toilets may be more comfortable for some, but they may be too large for your bathroom, taking up an extra two inches of space that could be used for something else. However, some experts advise only considering a round toilet if you’re really pressed for space.

Tacky Seat

High Angle View of a blue and glittery toilet seat
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A person’s idea of a tacky toilet seat may be another’s idea of a work of art, just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.piece of art. However, there are a few examples of toilet seats that are universally acknowledged as hideous. Don’t get one of those, even for a lark.

Too High

Getty Images/Kinga Krzeminska

Today’s so-called “comfort height” or “right height” toilets have higher bowls (anywhere from 17 to 19 inches) than the traditional 15 inches. These toilets are widely used due to their widespread popularity and the benefits they provide, especially to the elderly, people with mobility issues, and people of greater height. Nevertheless, the “comfort height” may not be ideal for everyone.

Some medical professionals argue that the seated position prevents free movement.1And a right-height toilet might not be the best choice if you or your family members are on the shorter side. You should try sitting on the model you want to buy to make sure it is comfortable and meets your needs.

Too Cheap

Toilet against blue wall
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A toilet can be purchased for under $100, so the answer is yes. You may save some cash now, but in the long run, when cheap materials and poor construction (like ineffective flushing) cause problems, that money won’t amount to much.

Tough to Clean

Interior of bathroom in cold tone
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Traditional two-piece toilets have a bowl and tank that are designed to be used separately, which can lead to a lot of awkward spaces that can be difficult to clean. Be neat Spending more on a modern, one-piece model may be worthwhile if you despise performing this task around the house.

Some producers of flushing devices provide a unique surface treatment preventing the growth of mold and bacteria. And if you have to deal with dirt and a lack of room, a wall-mounted toilet can be a brilliant (if pricey) solution.

Wasteful Water Tank


It’s not cool to waste water. A low-water-use, conservation commode especially as droughts become more frequent in some parts of the world, will aid in preserving those essential water reserves.

Professional Toilet Installation

A wide variety of designs and sizes are available for comfort-height loos. They come with some advantages and also some disadvantages. Mr. Rooter Plumbing is there to help if you decide you want to upgrade to a comfort height toilet. Our rates are always clear, and we never add on fees for extra time. To get a free estimate, just dial (855) 591-0128 or fill out this form.

There are numerous home improvements that can be made to make a house more secure and pleasant for aging homeowners. Get advice on how to make your home more accessible and secure from the professionals at Mr. Handyman. Neighbourly has a reliable network of home service providers, and Mr. Handyman is a part of that.


There should be nothing but ease in a comfort room. That’s why it’s critical to understand the characteristics of a chair-height toilet. This gives you the freedom to select the model that best suits the needs of your household.

Helen Skeates

Helen Skeates

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