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Since many readers have requested clarification, we wrote this post to answer common questions about download insurance. We can all agree that technology has had a profound impact on society.

This includes the acquisition of media wherein a physical copy is not required, such as movies, books, and music.This is due to the fact that smartphones were originally intended to store media libraries. Additionally, those mobile devices feature an e-reader capable of holding a library’s worth of books. People may not have realized how much they paid for digital downloads because they are so easy to obtain now.While the device you use for this purpose may be covered by insurance, the content you download may not be. That’s why we came up with the concept of download insurance. Having protection like this is a smart move. Read on to find out what it can protect against, and you’ll understand why you should. You’ll know whether or not this is something you need by the time you finish reading this post.

What Is Digital Download Insurance?

If your mobile device is stolen or damaged, digital download insurance can compensate you for the content you downloaded before its loss. However, if you delete your downloads on purpose, you will not be covered.

What you’re looking for is digital download insurance. Any items in your downloads that are for sale will be covered by the insurer. Anything from the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store qualifies. On the other hand, illegally obtained downloads are not covered.

Embracing Digital Transformation in Insurance - Download the White Paper

When filing a claim, you’ll need to show the insurance company proof that the files were obtained legally. Keep any receipts you receive via email or credit card statements after making a digital download purchase. A digital download is typically covered under an existing insurance plan.


  • Download Insurance Service extends the time period that customers who have purchased your products or services have access to the files associated with those products by up to two years.
  • With DIS, there are no download limits, so customers can download their purchases as many times as they need to within 24 months of making their initial payment.

Product file downloads are available for a default period of time of no more than two (2) weeks unless the customer purchases DIS. The number of times you can try to access and download the product files is also capped at 3 (three).

Does A Home Insurance Policy Cover Digital Downloads?

Your home insurance policy may be one of several that offer protection for your digital possessions. However, few insurance providers currently provide protection for digital assets.

However, the particulars of a download insurance policy can differ between insurance companies. A study found that the typical weight range for which insurers would provide coverage was between 150 and 10,000 pounds.

The typical weight limit for other types of insurance is between 500 and 1,000 pounds. However, keep in mind that standard homeowner’s insurance policies typically do not cover digital downloads. That’s because policies with such comprehensive protection typically cost more.

Most insurance companies won’t even ask if you want coverage for your electronic devices unless you specifically request it. This is because it is difficult to confirm whether or not a digital download was truly lost. Furthermore, insurance companies are uneasy about covering such expenses.

If you want your homeowner’s insurance to cover your electronic belongings, you should probably call the insurance company and inquire.

Do You Need A Download Insurance?

It may be worthwhile to invest in insurance for your digital downloads. If you find yourself spending too much money on these things, cutting back is a wise decision.

The first step is to review your current home insurance policy’s documentation to see if it covers digital downloads. If it does not, you may want to look into changing to a different insurer whose policies do include this type of protection.

Sites like moneysupermarket and Gocompare are designed to help you compare prices when you’re shopping for insurance.

However, you can also visit Thinkmoney or other broker websites. Alternatively, you can re-download books, movies, and music from the same digital store from which you originally purchased them if you lose or damage them. Please note that you can re-download your purchased content, but not your previously rented movies.

That being said, you should take precautions to ensure the safety of all future downloads. Doing so is as simple as backing up everything to a cloud service like Dropbox or iCloud. If your device is ever lost or damaged, you’ll have a backup of your data at your disposal.

What Is Download Insurance Service?

Customers who have purchased a digital product from DIS can finally access it. Either the buyer can log into their account or use the link that was emailed to them to complete the transaction.

Global Download Insurance Service (DIS)

The Merchant Dashboard is where global DIS settings are adjusted.

  1. Enter your merchant account’s Control Panel.
  2. To access Fulfillment, go to Setup.
  3. Choose the Insurance Policy to Download menu.

Download Insurance has its own product ID, product name (Download Insurance Service), and product code (DOWNLOAD_INSURANCE), and is added to the shopping cart just like any other item, though some features, such as changing the quantity, are disabled.

Price Settings and Fees

When you use 2Checkout’s DIS feature, you’ll incur a service fee proportional to the size of the file hosted on 2Checkout’s servers and made available to customers. The prices are listed in the image above, which can be found in the Merchant Control Panel’s Download Insurance Service page.

Even if the DIS service fee is also paid, the 2Checkout commission will be applied to the full order amount, including DIS fees.

In addition to charging customers based on the size of the file you make available to them, you can set your own prices for DIS in any of the transactional currencies you’ve enabled for your account. The DIS prices you set here are the ones your customers will see in the shopping cart and pay.

The 2Checkout platform automatically adjusts DIS prices for all supported currencies, so you only need to define them in a single transactional currency. In currencies where prices are not specified, the active currency’s prices will be converted automatically.

You can configure specific prices as part of your localization currency because you have full control over all prices regardless of the currency used for transactions. Customers in targeted international markets can then view your locally-converted prices.

How To Download National Insurance Policy Copy Online?

This service’s total cost is determined by the combined megabyte size of all DIS product files in the shopping cart. Assigning a file size of 10 MB to Product A and a file size of 13 MB to Product B would result in a total order file size of 25 MB, so the price would be based on the range of 16 MB to 50 MB. When purchased separately, the price will be based on a range from 0MB to 15MB.

  • Price before tax; in countries where tax must be added, this is the net price. Customers who are subject to VAT will pay the net price plus VAT, while those who are not subject to VAT will pay the net price alone.
  • Price paid by the customer before any taxes or other fees are added (the “gross price”). In countries where VAT is collected, 2Checkout deducts VAT from the gross price before calculating the final price. Customers who are subject to VAT and those who are not will both pay the same price. If value-added tax is included in the transaction, your net profit will be lower.

Set up product files

Here’s what you need to do to upload your product files:

  1. Enter your Merchant Control Panel login details here.
  2. To access Fulfillment, go to Setup.
  3. Navigate to the Product Files menu.

File manager functionality is available on the Product files page, where you can:

  • Choose a name for public use.
  • Please choose a file version.
  • Send data online
  • Remove data
  • Swap out data
  • You can make changes to files

By default, you’ll have 200 MB of storage space, which is exactly the size of the file you’ll be uploading. Get in touch with 2Checkout if you need more storage or want to upload files of a larger size.

Among the things you can do to uploaded product files:

  • Modify Title Displayed
  • To update a file’s version
  • Remove data. In order to delete files, there must be no working download links for the product files. After one of your customers has purchased the product to which the file is linked and the DIS option, you won’t be able to delete the file for another two years.
  • You need to overwrite the file. The original file may no longer be accessible, but the most recent version will be for anyone who has paid for the Download Insurance Service. If this isn’t the expected behavior for major product updates, you can leave this file alone and add a new one. You can buy the old file if you already own a previous version, or you can buy the new file if you want to upgrade to the latest release.

Assign products to files

Here are the measures to take when assigning products to files:

  1. Enter your Merchant Control Panel login details.
  2. To access Fulfillment, go to Setup.
  3. Select the Product Files menu option.
  4. Select a product file to make changes.

Fifth, on the following page, go to the very bottom. Select one or more 2Checkout platform offerings and assign them all at once to the product file you’re editing via the Assign products section. You can specify who has access to the product file when you send it their way.

  • Download
  • Saved Files
  • The Insurance Data Download (DIS)
  • Affiliate (in the Affiliate Control Panel)

In addition, you can attach files to products.

Configure the Download Insurance Service (DIS)

DIS, like Backup Media, is an optional delivery option offered by 2Checkout. Only when the Electronic delivery type is selected in the Fulfillment tab of your offering will DIS be made available to your customers.

  • 2Payment on receipt (keys, codes, backup media, files, DIS, etc.)
  • You handled shipment and delivery (confirming order fulfillment in 2Checkout via IDN or manually is required to finish orders).

If a customer chooses the “No delivery needed” (subscription-based applications, access to services, etc.) shipping method at 2Checkout, the DIS option will not be available to them.

Make sure the DIS (Download insurance service) box is checked in the Delivery content & methods section of the product editor. When this box is checked, the Product file area will appear, where you can pick a product file from a previously uploaded list. If you want to make the file accessible to your partners, check the box labeled Display to partners in their Partner Control Panel.

You can customize your product buy links by

  • Provide Insurance Documents for Download in the shopping cart and let the customers make up their own minds about whether or not to buy it.
  • Make it so DIS is automatically selected in the shopping cart in addition to being displayed, but give customers the option to not buy it if they don’t want to.

The DIS option can be automatically included in generated buy links by following these steps:

  1. Proceed to the Merchant Control Panel by logging in.
  2. To create new links, select the option to do so in the Settings menu.
  3. Open the menu for more advanced settings.
  4. In the shopping cart, under “Overwrite additional options,” select “Auto-select download insurance.” When this box is checked, the option will appear in the shopping cart as though it were already chosen.

The &CHK_DIS parameter is appended to the generated buy-link when the DIS option is preselected in the shopping cart, as shown below.

In addition to purchasing your product, customers who click this standard buy link will be given the option to also purchase DIS.

Here’s a link to a purchase page where DIS will be automatically added, though customers can uncheck the box to avoid buying it. Take special note of the extra &CHK_DIS parameter at the end.

You can add the DIS checkbox to your buy links and have it automatically added to your shopping cart. Remember that consumers can choose to disable DIS if they so choose.

First, let’s pretend the 2Checkout system always produces the following buy link:

Second, let’s say your DIS option has a product ID of 667788.

Treat DIS as another product when creating a buy link so that it is automatically checked and added to the cart.

A/B Testing DIS

The following choices are available when setting up an A/B test for the Download Insurance Service:

  • Present Insurance Service Download in Shopping Cart
  • Add Insurance Service Downloader by Coercion to Your Shopping Cart
  • The box requesting your approval to download the insurance service has been checked for you.
  • The Insurance Service Download is now being added to your shopping cart.

Disable Download Insurance Service (DIS)

Follow these instructions to turn off DIS:

  1. Enter your Merchant Control Panel login information.
  2. To access Fulfillment, go to Setup.
  3. Go to the Insurance Downloads page.
  4. Click “No” to disable the download insurance service.
  5. Click the Save settings button at the bottom of the page.

You can turn on Download Insurance Service again at any time, and the 2Checkout platform will start adding it to the shopping cart automatically.

PDF) Certificate of Insurance Sample pdf - Download PDF


Download Insurance Service also features the following reports to consolidate and present information:

  • Sharing of Profits
  • Tailored Reports
  • Report on Products


When customers add multiple products to their cart, each of which has its own Download Insurance Service option, why is only one instance of DIS shown in the shopping cart?

When multiple items, each with unique DIS preferences, are added to the shopping cart, DIS is still only shown as a separate product. A customer’s final DIS cost is determined by the size of the downloadable product file and the configured price details in the 2Checkout system.

It’s A Wrap!

We hope this explanation of download insurance has answered any questions you may have had. When you’re paying exorbitant prices for digital downloads, it may be worthwhile to have them covered. You can either return to whatever you were doing before or stick around to read the instructions on how to clean your mini-fridge. In any case, I appreciate your checking in!