What Is Ion Hair Dryer? Choose The Right One

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Helen Skeates
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When it comes to tedious jobs, drying your hair is right up there with cleaning the dishes and waiting in line at the airport. Ionic hair dryers are loud, heavy, and time-consuming, but for individuals with hair that can’t be air-dried, we’d like to introduce you.

An ionic hair dryer has a negative ionic charge and is one of many types of hair dryers. As Jeremy Tardo, a celebrity hair colorist, says, “The negative ions counteract the positive ionic charges in your hair, which are created by damage to your hair’s cuticle.” It’s true that water has an ionic charge of its own, thus the negative charge from an ionic blow dryer will actually repel the water, resulting in drier hair. Isn’t that interesting? Additionally, this method seals the cuticles of your hair, preventing moisture from escaping. The ultimate result is smoother, shinier, and frizz-free hair that is healthier.

Below, we’ve included some of the best ionic hair dryers currently on the market.

How to Choose the Best Hair-Dryer for Your Hair Type

Finding the greatest hair dryer used to go something like this: go to the drugstore, look at a selection of five or six hair dryers and make your choice primarily based on price and/or cuteness (scoring one in a non-black color was a big deal). Forget about high-end, high-tech hair-dryers in 2016; we’d need a master’s degree in aerospace engineering and at least 2,500 product reviews before we could even contemplate it.

How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer for Your Hair Type and Budget | Glamour

While the humble hair dryer is still around, the more expensive (or “investment”) models have bells and whistles that can greatly improve your hair and your blowout experience—provided you take the time to decode which ones matter to your hair and your blowout. It doesn’t have to be rocket science. We’re here to help. In order to achieve your desired blowout, here’s a cheat list of common hair-dryer characteristics.


Using a high-wattage motor means you’ll save time styling your hair because it generates more wind power and so uses less heat. As famous hairstylist Kristin Ess explains: “If the motor isn’t strong you end up with more heat and less wind—if you think about it, it means you’re ‘toasting’ your hair dry.” The Elchim 2001, a $146 dryer, has always been her go-to for the right wind-to-heat ratio. The ideal wattage is between 1800 and 2000. Because they use more power, high-wattage dryers last longer than their smaller, less powerful cousins.

Ionic (or Not), Tourmaline

What Does This Mean? Ionic dryers emit negatively charged ions, whereas water’s ions are positive. For this reason, the use of an ionic drier is far more successful at breaking up and scattering water droplets on the hair shaft, which prevents them from becoming embedded and causing frizz, as well as speeding up the drying process. Famous Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue hairstylist Peter Butler believes the ionic feature is ideal for eliminating moisture from hair and leaving it looking sleeker and more polished. You could compare a tourmaline dryer to the supercharged version of your average one. Tourmaline dryers use a semi-precious mineral as their inner core or outer coating, increasing the negative ions they emit while also raising the overall cost of the dryer.

In the meanwhile, keep in mind that ionic can be problematic if your hair is flat or greasy, or if you have a hairdo that isn’t particularly smooth. According to Butler, “When I require volume for a hotter appearance with lift and movement, I will use non-ionic” (he, too, swears by that Elchim, which is not ionic). In order to avoid destroying the hair’s texture and volume, I avoid over-drying it.” In the words of Non-ionic, “this isn’t going to happen.” This is why the $300 Harry Josh Pro Dryer, one of our favorite hair dryers, allows you to switch between ionic and non-ionic settings based on your preferred hairdo.

Ceramic, Porcelain, Infrared

Using these buzzwords indicates that dryers are designed to disperse heat evenly and gently in order to avoid overheating. Coating (or replacing) metal or plastic heating components and other interior parts of a dryer with ceramic or porcelain can reduce heat harshness and improve temperature consistency, while also emitting negative ions to expedite drying and smooth frizz (see above). To dry hair from the inside out, an infrared dryer uses longer wavelengths of radiation to permeate the strands.


Titanium, like ceramic, is used to disperse heat and maintain a constant temperature. As a result, it isn’t recommended for use on hair that is prone to damage, but it does speed up the drying process. If you have thick hair, titanium is a better option than ceramic because it is lower in weight.


How much a dryer weighs in pounds. For those with long hair and a lot of round-brushing to do, this is a must-have consideration. Because of their large motors and sturdy components, professional-grade dryers can be heavy. You won’t be able to finish your blowout if your arm starts to tingle half way through (and there are no half-bad hair days—only full ones). As a rule of thumb, Butler advises anyone who blow dry their hair for more than 20 minutes to opt for a lighter variant. In this context, what does “lighter” mean? A dryer that weighs less than a pound is recommended by Drybar CEO Alli Webb, who built the $195 Buttercup dryer to avoid straining her stylists’ biceps (tip: Amazon lists weights for dryers, unlike some retailers). This “bathroom struggle is genuine,” Webb tells the audience.

Bonus Features to Buy Into

When you press the “cold button,” cool air seals the cuticle, keeping your look secure and enhancing the shine.

Adjustable heat: For fine hair that dries quickly, lower heat does the job in a more gentle manner.

With a concentrator nozzle, you can easily straighten and de-frizz your hair while using a diffuser.


One beauty product on which you can spend more than you planned is a hair dryer. Investing in a high-end dryer is the best way to maintain your hair healthy and beautiful, according to experts. According to Christian Wood, who works with Chrissy Teigen and swears by the $350 T3 PROi’s powerful strength and heat, “a hair-dryer is one thing you can’t purchase cheap.” When it comes to hairstyling, the Kardashians’ go-to stylist, Jen Atkin, promotes the $399 Dyson.

When it comes to dryers, “I think many make the mistake of buying cheaper dryers believing that they will replace it later,” Wood adds. Because we’re in a state of fear and don’t have time to hunt for “the one,” it’s true. However, if you do the math, moving up in price can be a wise decision. To get super general, you could expect a dryer that costs $100+ to last 5 to 10 years, while a $30 model could burn out after two. The worth of less-sore arms and less frizz is incalculable, after all. “A better dryer will last you much longer and practically do your hair for you,” Ess says. Is it possible to have a drier that does our hair for us? We’d pay a lot of money for that. Meanwhile, there are blowout bars.

Our Top Picks

What We’d Rather Be Doing

  • Drys hair in a short period of time
  • Hair is tangle-free after using this product.
  • a pleasure to use and hold
  • Quiet

Those Things We Hate

  • It does not come with a diffuser

In ghd’s ionic dryer, the generator’s positioning is the secret ingredient. This dryer’s generator is closer to the nozzle than standard dryers, allowing it to more readily reach and lock in moisture in your hair. According to Tardo, this drier “smoothes the hair and locks in the moisture swiftly and elegantly.” A 1600-watt motor and twice the drying power of a regular hair drier are also included.

Diffuser ring, two detachable nozzles, and one-year warranty round out the list of features on this model’s 9-foot power cable.

What We’d Rather Be Doing

  • Quiet
  • Heat and speed can be adjusted in two ways
  • Affordably priced

Those Things We Hate

  • Other solutions are far more durable.

Conair’s ionic dryer appears unassuming at first glance, yet its exceptionally quiet but lightning-fast engine sets it apart from the competition. Hair of any thickness or thinning can be easily styled with this ergonomic tool, which has two heat and two speed settings. Let us know if you have any further questions.

Three heat settings, two speed levels, one-year warranty and a detachable concentrator nozzle come standard with the 1875-watt DC motor. No, there isn’t.

What We’d Rather Be Doing

  • Lightweight
  • Diffuser is included.
  • Heat and speed can be changed to six different levels
  • Enhances the radiance.

Those Things We Hate

  • Not as peaceful as some of the alternatives

Fans love this low-cost ionic hair dryer for good reason. It includes three speeds, three heat settings (as well as a cool shot setting for locking in styles), and a lightweight design that makes styling a lot easier. Because of its 1875-watt motor’s low noise level, it’s ideal for early morning blowouts.

It has a maximum temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit and has an 1875-watt motor with six heat and speed settings, as well as a straightening pik, concentrator, and diffuser.

Best hair dryers 2022: Salon-worthy tools for frizzy, damaged or thick hair | The Independent

What We’d Rather Be Doing

  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Drys hair in a short period of time
  • a ten-year warranty

Those Things We Hate

  • Other solutions are far more durable.

The Bio Ionic drier is a workhorse for those with a short attention span. When it comes to thick and curly hair, “it’s incredibly lightweight and wonderful for minimizing drying time,” explains Tardo. Aside from its ability to dry hair in just 10 minutes thanks to the brand’s special blend of volcanic rock and trademark mineral complex, this product is worth every penny. Oh, and if you’re still not convinced, it’s less than a pound in weight.

Adjustable power levels, a 10-year warranty, and an 1800-watt brushless motor are among the features. No, there isn’t.

What We’d Rather Be Doing

  • Cool design
  • Stylish style
  • The design is excellent.

Those Things We Hate

  • Hair drying time might be quite lengthy.

An ionic switch allows you to easily switch between several heat and airflow settings, as well as the usual two-speed heat setting. Because of its small weight, it is designed to avoid arm cramps during styling. We can definitely get behind this feature of the product.

Disposable concentrator and diffuser with a detachable airflow concentrator and nine-foot power cord | Wireless: No

What We’d Rather Be Doing

  • Reduces the occurrence of frizz
  • Two nozzles are included in the package.
  • Hair appears to be full of life and radiance.

Those Things We Hate

  • This could be improved.

Blowouts are Drybar’s specialty, and they do them exceptionally well. The 1875-watt motor in this compact dryer ensures salon-quality drying in the privacy of your own home. For added convenience, it has a cool shot button as well as three heat settings and two power settings.

A motor with a power rating of 1875 watts comes with a two-year warranty and three heat settings as well as two speed options.

What We’d Rather Be Doing

  • Drys hair in a short period of time
  • Tones it down
  • Aids in hair styling

Those Things We Hate

  • Loud

Already a fan of the hot air brush, which essentially helps you dry and style your hair with with one tool, this Revlon ionic version is a must. The ion technology keeps the hair sleek, smooth, and soft, allowing you to create volume at the roots and curls at the ends. In Tardo’s opinion, this is the most user-friendly ionic blow drying equipment to hit the market in a long time. In addition, “it’s a great value!” Is it possible to have both affordability and convenience? That’s fine with us.

Ionic technology, 1100-watt motor, two heat/speed settings | Wireless: No

What We’d Rather Be Doing

  • Portable
  • Has a strong engine.
  • a pleasure to use and hold

Those Things We Hate

  • It does not come with a diffuser

This compact but powerful dryer has six speeds and heat settings to ensure a shiny and smooth blowout.. It has a powerful 2000 watt motor, which significantly reduces drying time. In addition, the dryer comes with a filter that can be quickly removed to make maintaining the appliance a pleasure.

Doesn’t have a wireless option:

What We’d Rather Be Doing

  • a means of enhancing curl form
  • It creates natural-looking styles that appear undone.
  • Tones it down

Those Things We Hate

  • Isn’t suitable for all hair dryers

In particular, Tardo is a great supporter of DevaCurl’s hair drier and diffuser combo for curly hair. Hairstyles may be locked in place with the cool shot button and a boost in shine from the 1600-watt hair dryer’s smoothing and frizz-fighting ionic technology, as well as three temperature settings and two speed levels. With the DevaFuser’s hand-shaped diffuser, you can maintain your waves or coils looking their best with 360 degree airflow.

Is it wireless? Yes. It has a 1600-watt motor with 360-degree airflow and a ceramic inner core.

What We’d Rather Be Doing

  • Tones it down
  • Helps to tame and straighten hair
  • a pleasure to use and hold

Those Things We Hate

  • Doesn’t get as hot as other options

Unlike other possibilities, it doesn’t get as hot

There are six heat and speed settings on the 1875-watt motor. A concentrator and diffuser are included. No, there isn’t.

What We’d Rather Be Doing

  • Diverse conditions
  • Creates a wide range of looks
  • Drys hair in a short period of time

Those Things We Hate

  • Expensive

There are eight heat, speed, and ion settings on this cutting-edge hair drier, giving you a wide range of style options. Tardo is a big lover of the fact that the ion generator can be turned on and off at any time. You can use the ionic setting to smooth the hair and the non-ionic option to give it volume, according to him. A high-speed A/C motor reduces drying time, as well as a lightweight ergonomic design.

With an AC motor, eight heat and speed settings as well as an adjustable nine-foot wire, the concentrators may be used with either the narrow or wide nozzle. No, there isn’t.

What We’d Rather Be Doing

  • Has the ability to operate on both 120 and 240 volt
  • a pleasure to use and hold
  • Intriguing style

Those Things We Hate

  • Compared to other possibilities, this one is not as powerful.

Nobody wants to lug around a full-sized hair dryer every time they travel, which is why we love this mini dryer from Amika. Not only is it adorable (literally, have you seen a cuter hair dryer?), it’s pretty powerful too. In addition to ion technology, it features tourmaline-infused ceramic components that emit far-infrared heat that heat (and dry) the hair from the inside out, cutting drying time in half while reducing damage.

Our favorite hair dryer is the Amika mini, because no one wants to carry around a full-sized hairdryer when they travel. It’s not just lovely, but it’s also surprisingly powerful for a hair dryer. Additional features include far-infrared heat, ion technology and tourmaline-infused ceramic components that reduce drying time while minimizing damage.

What to Look for in an Ionic Hair Dryer

Adjustable Heat and Speed Settings

In order to get the best results with your blow drying session, Tardo recommends using a hair dryer with heat and speed settings that can be customized to your particular hair type. You can use more or less wind and heat, depending on the texture and needs of your hair,” he says. To avoid overheating your hair, it’s important to have alternatives that allow you to modify the temperature of your style tools, such as curling irons and flat irons.

Tourmaline and Ceramic Components

If you’re looking for an even more effective way to protect your hair, you might choose hair dryers that contain ceramic and tourmaline elements. To avoid singeing, “Ceramic heating produces a constant, steady level of heat that is ideal for styling hair, as well as for preventing it from drying out,” he explains. Additional negative ions produced by tourmaline enhance the positive effects of an ionic hair dryer.”

Wattage Between 1500 and 1800

In terms of wattage, Tardo recommends going with a hair drier that is between 1500 and 1800 watts. According to him, “anything less 1500 will slow down your styling time, and anything above 2000 can get overly forceful and cause unneeded hair damage.”

12 Best Quiet Hair Dryers That Will Keep Your Ears Happy – 2022

Why You Should Clean Your Hair Dryer

Weaker Airflow

Hair dryers commonly include a propeller-driven engine at the back, which is also where the dryer filter is located. The drying power of a blow dryer can be greatly reduced if the filter is clogged with dirt and hair, reducing the amount of airflow that can be pushed out.

Louder Noise

Clogged vents can cause a hair dryer to make a lot of noise because airflow is unable to move freely through the dryer’s components. Due to the high-speed airflow produced by a clogged filter, only a little amount of air can be sucked into the dryer, resulting in a loud, high-pitched noise.

Serious Hair Damage

When the interior body of your hair dryer does not have enough airflow, the hair dryer gets extremely hot. When it comes to blowdrying, this is not a good thing. High heat can damage your hair’s finish and cuticles, resulting in protein and nourishment loss. Furthermore, a hair dryer’s internal temperature that is too high will quickly fail.

How to Clean Different Types of Hair Dryers

How to Clean Traditional Hair Dryer

Remove the filter by unplugging it. Traditional hair dryers often have their engines toward the back of the appliance. It’s possible to remove the filter by twisting the housing or using a screwdriver to pry it out. You’ll notice a lot of lint on the vent when you remove the filter.

Water can be used to clean the filtration system. To clean the filter properly, run water through it from the inside to the outside. Because the inside of the filter will be clear of any remaining debris.

It is likely that even after cleaning the filter, the inner screen will still be dusty. You can use a toothpick or a little brush to gently remove the dirt. A hand vacuum cleaner is much better because it makes cleanup a lot easier.

Put the filter back in when it’s dry. Avoid using a blow dryer on wet hair. Wait a few minutes for the dryer to expel all the debris out of the outlet before you use it again.

If you want to clean the hair dryer thoroughly, you can open it with a screwdriver and remove any lint or debris from the various parts.

How to Clean Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The procedure differs somewhat if using a Dyson bladeless hair dryer. They put their motor inside the dryer handle, so the filter is at the bottom. To prolong Dyson Supersonic hair dryer’s life, the first step is the pull the filter out.

The procedure differs somewhat if using a Dyson bladeless drier. The filter is located at the bottom of the dryer since the motor is located inside the dryer’s hand grip. The first step in extending the life of a Dyson hair dryer is to remove the filter.

If you suspect that the filter is still clogged, use a small wire brush to remove any remaining material and then wash it again.

Finally, you can clean the bottom part of the handle with a soft cloth if there is any visible debris.

Besides Cleaning It, What Can I Do to Maintain My Hair Dryer’s Condition?

Your blow dryer’s lifespan can also be affected by how you organize your hair tools. Avoid using your blow dryer in or near a wet area. Otherwise, the blow dryer’s electronic components could be destroyed by the moisture in the air.

It’s also a bad idea to leave your dryer out in direct sunlight. In the face of the sun’s blistering rays, electronics will suffer. In addition, the coating on your hair drier will begin to disappear.

If you haven’t used your hair dryer in a while, it’s a good idea to turn it on once a month. For cleaning the filth and drying the wetness, use this. The motor can be protected from deterioration and moisture with this procedure. There is no need to worry about your vehicle’s performance deteriorating.


How do you use an ionic hair dryer?

It is possible to use an ionic hair drier in conjunction with any styling brush or tool that you choose to attain your desired effect. In order to get the best results, Tardo suggests using an air concentrator attachment with them.

Are ionic hair dryers better than regular hair dryers?

Because of its capacity to trap moisture and leave behind a silky, smooth finish, ionic technology is most commonly used on hair that is thick, dry, or frizzy. A normal model is the finest option if you want to add volume and richness to your hair.

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