What Is The Best Firm Mattress On The Market

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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The words “soft” and “plush” frequently appear in ads for mattresses. However, many of our customers report greater satisfaction with firmer mattresses. According to our research, people weighing over 230 pounds may benefit from a mattress with a firmer feel because it provides more support and less sinkage. All of the test subjects favored firmer mattresses because of the positive effects on pressure point relief and core support.

Our primary criterion for ranking the best firm mattresses was how firm they actually felt, but we also considered how long they would last, how well they kept their cool, and how well they held their shape at the edges. The Sleep Foundation’s team of experts has been working together for many years. Everyone in our group sleeps in a variety of positions, from side to back to stomach to combination. Their reviews help us rate mattresses fairly, taking into account the opinions of the general sleeping public.

Benefits of Sleeping on a Firm Mattress

Supports your back and eliminates pain:

A firm mattress is best for your spine. The mattress conforms to your body, relieving pressure on your back, and maintaining your spine in a neutral position all night long.

7 Best Firm Mattresses of 2023 - Reviewed

Less motion transfer:

If your bed is too soft, you may spend much of the night shifting around in an effort to find a comfortable position. As a result, the person sharing the bed with you may be very disturbed. If your mattress is too soft, you may find yourself tossing and turning all night long. It also eliminates noise and movement to ensure a quiet night’s sleep. There is less movement between partners on memory foam or firm mattresses with a pocket spring base.

Offers health benefits:

In order to restore and repair our bodies, we need at least eight hours of sleep per night. While we snooze, our bodies repair damaged cells and release reviving hormones. This is why getting enough sleep is so important for your health. A good night’s rest is guaranteed on a firm mattress.

Easily accommodates people with multiple sleep styles:

Multiple sleep positions, including sleeping on one’s back or stomach, are supported by a firm mattress. The majority of people who sleep on their backs prefer a firm mattress to a soft one. This is because a void is created between the lower lumbar region and a too-soft mattress, which can cause pain.

Uniform weight distribution:

When lying on a mattress that is too soft, your weight is not distributed properly, which can cause alignment issues in your muscles and joints. A firm mattress, on the other hand, will provide adequate support for your entire body and will disperse your weight more evenly. As a result, you’ll have more energy when you wake up the next morning. If you sit on a mattress and find it difficult to get up, you know it is not firm enough.

Firm mattresses deter bed sores:

Bed sores can be prevented by sleeping on a firm mattress, which reduces pressure on the body. When your body’s weight is distributed evenly, you’ll feel less pressure on specific areas, allowing you to relax and rest more easily.

The Best Firm Mattresses

Each of these beds not only provides a supportive place to sleep, but also excels in comparison to others in terms of build quality and comfort. Below, you’ll find specifics on each of our top-rated firm mattresses. Keep reading for our detailed buyer’s guide, where we cover the benefits and drawbacks of firm mattresses, who they are best suited for, how long they last, and how well they perform.

Plank Luxe Hybrid

Pricing starts at $799 and goes up to $1,499

Hybrid Mattress
Firm (7), Extra Firm (9), and Very Firm (10).

Duration of the trial period is 120 (minimum) nights.
Limited Guarantee for Ten Years

We carry all of the following sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Short Queen, Olympic Queen, King, Short King, RV King, California King, and Split California King.

Who it’s best for:

  • Smokers in bed
  • those who sleep on their stomachs or backs
  • Those in the market for a mattress with a range of firmness options


  • Additional cost for cooling panel option.
  • Dual-density (firm and extra-firm) flip-design
  • Available in RV queen and short queen sizes

In terms of firmness, the Plank Luxe Hybrid can be described as “firm” on one side and “extra firm” on the other. Although our team found the firm side to be one of the most supportive, the softer side to be highly stable and suitable for people weighing more than 230 pounds, especially back and stomach sleepers.

Materials Used

The Plank Luxe Hybrid’s firm side is cushioned with fiber on top, followed by two layers of polyfoam. Our experts found that there was just enough cushioning on this surface to ensure a comfortable landing with minimal sinkage. The foam layers underneath the extra firm side are eliminated. This resulted in zero sinking sensations on this surface. Each side is reinforced by a central support core made of pocketed coils, providing substantial resistance when our sleep testers got in and out of bed.

All sides of the mattress are protected by a cover made of a quilted cotton-microfiber hybrid. We found little increase in temperature during our testing period because this material is fairly breathable and air circulates freely through the coil layer. We suggest upgrading to a mattress with a phase change panel sewn into both sides if you tend to sleep hot. Our team of sleep experts found that these panels released bursts of cooling air that prevented the mattress from getting too hot.

How Well It Worked

Back and stomach sleepers weighing over 230 pounds gave the Plank Luxe Hybrid the highest marks in our lab tests. Although some of our stomach sleepers in this weight range preferred the extra firm feel, the majority of our test subjects unanimously agreed that the firm side was preferable.

We also found the mattress to be very mobile and supportive around the edges. Each of our sleep testers reported feeling secure while sitting in the middle or on the edge of the mattress, thanks to the responsive feel created by the coils. The addition of the phase change panel upgrade made the Plank Luxe Hybrid particularly effective at maintaining a comfortable interior temperature.

Twelve different sizes are available from Brooklyn Bedding, including those for short queen and RV beds, and shipping is free within the 48 contiguous states. Plank Luxe Hybrid purchases are backed by a 120-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

In conclusion

If you’re not sure what level of firmness you prefer, the Plank Luxe Hybrid can be flipped to accommodate you. The mattress performed exceptionally well in our heavyweight test group.

Firmer WinkBed

Starting at $1,149 and going up to $2,049

Innerspring Mattresses
Hardness: 7 (Very)

120-night trial (minimum of 30 nights needed).
Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Sizes available include: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King

Who it’s best for:

  • Those who prefer the springiness of an innerspring mattress
  • Those who routinely sit or sleep on the edge of the sofa
  • Clients who prefer the security of a lifetime guarantee


  • Super-cushioned plush Euro-top upper
  • The coil system provides active stabilization.
  • Permanent guarantee

There are four firmness options for the WinkBed, a high-end hybrid mattress. After trying out all of the available mattress designs, we can confidently say that the Firmer WinkBed (7) is the best option for those in search of a sturdy bed. The zoned coil system was a big hit with our team because it delivered strong reinforcement and pushback in all of our mobility and edge support tests. Shoulder, lower back, and hip pain can all be alleviated thanks to the adaptive foam layers’ uniform contouring.

The Components Used

The cover of the Firmer WinkBed has a layer of adaptive polyfoam quilted into it, followed by another layer of foam. Despite the firmness, our reviewers found the mattress to have a plush surface and deep cushioning once they got comfortable. The second layer has cooling gel infused into it to help with temperature regulation.

People tend to carry their excess weight in their hips and torsos, so these areas are where the thickest coils in the support core are located. Our majority of test subjects barely submerged. The members of our team who slept on their sides or backs were particularly affected by this. Edge sinkage is prevented by reinforcing the coils all the way around. The mattress is protected by a cover made from Tencel fabric that was derived from eucalyptus. The surface felt refreshingly cool to the touch because it was made of a naturally breathable material.

How Well It Worked
When we put the Firmer WinkBed through our usual battery of stability tests, we found that it held up remarkably well across the board. Another triumph of our experiments concerned regulating the temperature. The gel-infused foam layer, the moisture-wicking cover, and the consistent airflow throughout the coil system all contribute to the excellent cooling of the Firmer WinkBed.

Members of our team weighing at least 130 pounds who slept on their backs or bellies found the mattress to be ideal. The Firmer WinkBed was also comfortable and supportive for our heaviest side sleepers, who weighed in at over 230 pounds. The Luxury Firm WinkBed (6) or the Softer WinkBed (4) may be preferable for those who weigh less.

You can try out your new Firmer WinkBed for an entire month. This WinkBed comes with a free firmness swap if you find it to be either too soft or too firm for your liking. You can try out the replacement unit risk-free for an entire month. If you decide to keep the WinkBed, you will also receive a lifetime warranty against structural defects.

In conclusion

We recommend the Firmer WinkBed model for anyone weighing more than 130 pounds. To prevent sagging at the waist, the support system is thicker in the middle.

Nolah Evolution 15 – Firm

Starting at $1,099 and going up to $1,699

Hybrid Mattress
Hardness: 8 (very hard)

Duration of the trial period is 120 (minimum) nights.
Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Sizes available include: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King

Who it’s best for:

  • People who sleep on their stomachs or backs
  • Couples
  • Smokers in bed


  • The perfect combination of firm structure and soft padding.
  • The unique cooling cover and airy coil support core prevent excess heat from accumulating.
  • Zoned coils reinforce the perimeter and offer localized support.

The firm (8) version of the luxury hybrid mattress, Nolah Evolution 15, is one of three firmness options. As a result of the Euro-top surface, which is padded with thick foam layers and a zoned coil system that pushes back against areas of the body where our testers carry extra weight, we found this mattress to be very well-balanced and comfortable.

Materials Used

The cover of the Evolution 15 is quilted with adaptive foam. After this, there are three more foam layers. Our sleep testers reported varying degrees of softness and contouring as their bodies adjusted to the mattress’s multiple layers, which increase in density from top to bottom. Due to the open-cell structure of these foams, we experienced minimal heat retention.

Members of the team weighing more than 230 pounds benefited from the increased support provided by the thicker coils under their torso and hips. The mattress did not sink or sag too much at the edges thanks to the extra support around the sides. A proprietary cooling fabric cover wraps the entire mattress.

How Well It Worked

The Evolution 15 performed best for back sleepers in our tests. The mattress received “good” or better ratings across all weight groups, with the highest satisfaction rates coming from those weighing at least 130 pounds. Even stomach sleepers weighing over 230 pounds found the firm Evolution 15 to be pleasant and supportive. The medium (5) or medium (6) firmness levels of this mattress are more likely to be comfortable for side sleepers.

Our sleepers also found that they could move around freely while resting on this mattress. A common complaint about mattresses with deep foam systems was alleviated by the firmer feel and generous coil pushback experienced by each tester. Our tests also showcased reliable cooling and sturdy border support.

Nolah offers free shipping within the 48 contiguous states. After the initial 30-night “break-in” period, customers have the option to return their mattress and receive a full refund. Customers can save money by skipping the sleep trial and selecting that option when checking out. All purchases of Evolution 15 are backed by a generous lifetime guarantee.

In conclusion

In spite of its deep comfort system, the firm Evolution 15 has a surprisingly solid feel. Most of the back and stomach sleepers on our team felt adequate cushioning and no pressure buildup while moving around the mattress or sitting on the edge.


Prices vary between $699 and $1,499

Foam Mattresses.
Rigidity: Extra-Firm (9) and Firm (7)

Duration of the trial period is 120 (minimum) nights.
Limited 10-Year Warranty

Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King, Olympic Queen, Short King, and RV King are available.

Who it’s best for:

  • People who prefer a very firm mattress
  • Those in search of an adjustable level of firmness
  • Those who value robust edge support the most


  • Converts between a firm and extra-firm setting with a simple flip
  • This mattress is among the firmest you’ll find.
  • Adding a cooling panel to the top as an option improves temperature control.

Our research shows that most of the flip mattresses we’ve tried have at least one side that is comfortably cushiony but not overly soft. If you prefer a firm mattress on a nightly basis, the Plank is a good option. We gave it a 7 for firmness on one side and a 9 for extra firmness; the latter is one of the firmest surfaces we’ve ever felt.

Materials Used

On the Plank’s firm side, you’ll find a layer of TitanFlex polyfoam beneath a quilted cover made of soft fibers. TitanFlex combines the responsiveness of latex with the cushioning of traditional foam, so we think of it as the “best of both worlds” material. When walking across this side of the mattress, our testers felt a lot of bounce. There is no TitanFlex in the extremely firm side. On this surface, we detected almost no contouring.

In the middle of all of the conveniences is a support core made of high-density polyfoam. According to our evaluations, this layer offers superior lateral stability. If you tend to get hot during the night, you may want to consider installing a phase change panel on both sides of your mattress. This strategically placed heat-trapping panel is sewn into the cover. Our test subjects did not experience any uncomfortable heat while standing on either side of the Plank, but there was a clear distinction in terms of cooling and heat dissipation.

How Well It Worked

The Plank, our firmest mattress, fared well in tests where other all-foam models had failed. We found the edges to be very stable, especially on the extra firm side, and our test subjects had no trouble walking on either surface with minimal sinkage. Throughout our testing, we also noticed that the cooling was significantly better than average. No need for the phase change panels here; our temperature sensors showed almost no increase in temperature.

The Plank’s firm side was the favorite amongst our panel of testers. In particular, our 230-pound back sleepers and 130-pound stomach sleepers found this surface to be supportive and comfortable. While our team’s stomach sleepers weighing over 230 pounds particularly appreciated the extra firm side, other reviewers found it too hard.

The Plank comes in 14 different dimensions. There are six common mattress sizes, but you can also get a split California king, an Olympic queen, or a number of sizes designed specifically for use in recreational vehicles. The mattress comes with a 120-night trial period, provided by Brooklyn Bedding. You’ll get a 10-year guarantee on the Plank if you decide to keep it.

In conclusion

The Plank, as its name suggests, is uncompromising in its firmness. Anyone weighing more than 230 pounds or who has had trouble finding a mattress that is firm enough will find the best results with this model.

Saatva Classic – Firm

Ranging from $887 to $2,296

Innerspring Mattresses
Hardness: 8 (very hard)

The 365-night trial period ($99 restocking fee)
Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Available sizes range from Twin to Twin XL to Full to Queen to King to California King to Split California King.

Who it’s best for:

  • Favoring the springy support of an innerspring mattress
  • Sleepers who benefit from additional lumbar support
  • Consumers seeking White Glove Delivery at No Cost


  • Profiles measure either 11.5 or 14.5 inches
  • A pressure-relieving memory-foam lumbar pad is a wonderful invention.
  • Coil-on-coil construction provides sturdy back up.

Another high-end hybrid that came out well in our testing was the Saatva Classic. The firm (8) feel provides a lot of support and a decent amount of responsiveness. There are two layers of coils in this mattress. As a result, our test subjects reported feeling a lot of pushback and having a lot of stability around the edges.

Materials Used

The Saatva Classic begins with a Euro-top surface that is padded with foam and fiber to ensure that it is never too hard. Even alignment and less pressure on the lower back and hips are additional benefits of a memory foam strip placed under the lower back. Supporting the outer layer of minicoils in pockets is a core of low-gauge hourglass coils made from recycled steel.

The Saatva Classic comes with two different settings profiles. Hourglass coils measure 4 inches in the 11.5-inch version and 7 inches in the 14.5-inch version. Although our hands-on testing revealed no significant differences in support between the two versions of the mattress, we do advise going with the latter if you’re looking for extra reinforcement.

How Well It Worked

In our lab tests, the Saatva Classic outperformed conventional hybrids in a number of important ways thanks to its innovative dual-coil construction. In particular, the temperature regulation was excellent. We didn’t notice any overheating because both coil layers circulate air and the cover is made of breathable organic cotton. We experienced no sinking or being unable to move freely across the surface during our testing.

Best Firm Mattress of 2023 (Queen; King Sizes) | Sleep Foundation

Our research indicates that side sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds, and back and stomach sleepers weighing more than 130 pounds, will find the firm Saatva Classic to be the most accommodating. The soft (3) or medium firm (6) options may be better for you if your weight falls between these ranges.

The Saatva team will work with you to arrange free White Glove delivery, which includes the delivery, setup, and removal of your old mattress, after you’ve placed your order. After sleeping on it for a full year, you can return it for a full refund (less the $99 cost of return pickup). The manufacturer backs this mattress forever against manufacturing flaws.

To sum up

The Saatva’s coil-on-coil construction is firm where it matters while the Euro-Top adds some welcome softness. Our durability tests showed that the high-quality construction outlasted many of the alternatives.

DreamCloud Mattress

Prices vary between $899 and $1,499

Hybrid Bed Mattresses
Medium-Firm (6 out of 10)

Duration of the trial period is one year (minimum of 30 nights).
Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Choose from Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Who it’s best for:

  • The full range of possible sleeping postures (back, side, stomach, and mix)
  • Those who sweat it out in bed
  • Over-130-pound sleepers


  • A mattress with a medium firmness can accommodate a wide range of sleepers.
  • Amazing one-year sleep study
  • The quilted design makes the cover soft without allowing the body to sink in too far.

When compared to the other options on our list of the best firm mattresses, the DreamCloud is noticeably more plush. This is primarily attributable to its lofty design and abundance of plush foam padding throughout the interior. The end result is a mattress with a balanced medium firm (6) feel, making it suitable for a wide variety of sleepers thanks to its adaptability to different body types and sleeping arrangements.

The Components Used
The DreamCloud has a layer of adaptive foam, a layer of memory foam, and a layer of polyfoam for support. Throughout our testing, we experienced a feeling of support from the mattress, and we also felt the deep cushioning and contouring provided by these layers. The high-density polyfoam foundation is topped with thick pocketed coils for added support. These parts may provide some resistance, but not enough to diminish the foam’s pressure-relieving properties or cause excessive motion transfer.

A cashmere-blend cover wraps around the entire mattress. Because cashmere is a breathable, moisture-wicking material, our sleep testers said they rarely felt hot while lying on the DreamCloud. The DreamCloud is one of the thickest mattresses we’ve reviewed, measuring in at 14 inches. The additional height allows for multiple layers of supportive foam without compromising coil density or durability.

How Well It Worked
The DreamCloud, which we classified as a medium-firm mattress, performed better than the firmer hybrid models we tested. Our sleep testers noted minimal motion transfer when lying side by side, demonstrating that the additional foam layers provided above-average motion isolation. In addition, our side-sleeping colleagues (who weigh at least 130 pounds) found that the mattress offered sufficient hip and shoulder support.

The DreamCloud was comfortable for all four of us, regardless of how we sleep. Although some of the test subjects found the mattress to be too thick and plush, nobody experienced serious sinkage. Our research also shows that the DreamCloud maintains a cool sleeping temperature and provides a sense of perimeter stability.

The DreamCloud is a good option if you’re on a tight budget due to its low price and free shipping across the 48 contiguous states. Since all orders include a 365-night sleep trial, we also recommend this mattress to anyone who needs more time to try out their new bed. Additionally, the mattress is backed by a lifetime warranty from DreamCloud.

In conclusion

If you weigh more than 130 pounds, we believe you will find the DreamCloud to be the ideal mattress for you. The plush surface relieves pressure on the body while preventing excessive sinkage, making it ideal for side sleepers.

Helix Twilight

Pricing starts at $699 and goes up to $1,449

Hybrid Mattresses
Hardness: 7 (Very)

100-night trial (minimum 30 nights).
Limited 10-Year Warranty

Included sizes are Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Who it’s best for:

  • Couples
  • Those who have a difficult time waking up
  • Those who sleep on their sides


  • There are coil pockets around the outside for more robust side support.
  • Memory foam cushioning that’s easy on the pressure
  • To all 50 states at no cost

Most firm mattresses do not have enough give or contouring for side sleepers, making them uncomfortable. The Helix Twilight stands out as an outlier. Our team has a lot of side sleepers, and they’ve all reported relief from pressure on their shoulders and hips thanks to the two layers of contouring foam in the mattress.

The Components Used

The Twilight’s cushioning system consists of a memory foam comfort layer and a polyfoam transitional layer. Although our testers gave the Twilight a firmness rating of 7, they did note a moderate but consistent degree of contouring from the mattress’s foam layers. The pocketed coils in the support core provide reinforcement around the edges. As a result, we experienced substantial resistance when lying on and sitting on the mattress’s perimeter.

The Helix Twilight Luxe, an upscale option, features all of these components as well as a pillow-top surface with extra foam padding. Our team’s heavier side sleepers (up to 230 pounds) really enjoyed the cushiony softness of this mattress. The zoned support cores of the Twilight Luxe models have thicker coils to reinforce the pelvic, abdominal, and chest areas.

How Well It Worked

The side sleepers on our testing team who reported the most satisfaction with the Twilight all weighed more than 130 pounds. Additionally, our heavier (over 130 pounds) back sleepers and lighter (130 pounds to 230 pounds) stomach sleepers found the mattress to be comfortable. The sturdy coil system on the Twilight made it easy for all of our test subjects to walk around on its surface.

The Twilight is a great place to get some cool shut-eye. The coil layer’s consistent airflow and the knit cover’s breathability contribute to the surface’s consistent comfort. Our evaluation of the mattress’s ability to maintain a comfortable temperature found that it generated very little surface heat. The firm, responsive feel of the Twilight also contributed to its excellent performance in our mobility and edge support evaluations.

All 50 states are covered by Helix’s free shipping policy. You can try out a Twilight Mattress risk-free for 100 nights, and the company stands behind your purchase with a 10-year guarantee against manufacturing flaws.

In conclusion

When compared to other firm mattresses, the Helix Twilight was the most comfortable for our heavy side-sleeping testers. Our wheelchair-bound testers also benefited from the bed’s reinforced edges.

Bear Elite Hybrid – Extra Firm

Starting at $1,865 and going up to $2,798

Hybrid Mattress
Hardness: 8 (very hard)

Twelve-hundred-and-thirty-night (plus a 30-night “break in”) trial
Assurance: Unending Assurance

Sizes available include: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King

Who it’s best for:

  • Supine and supine sleepers
  • Smokers in bed
  • A firmer mattress is preferred by those who suffer from pressure points.


  • The hips and shoulders can get special relief thanks to the zoned comfort system.
  • Air-permeable foams and a mesh support structure keep you cool and comfortable.
  • For a trial period of 120 nights and a lifetime guarantee,

There are three different versions of the Bear Elite Hybrid, the firmest of which we rated an 8. There are several features of this mattress that are designed with couples in mind. You and your partner will be able to make full use of the mattress’s surface during sleep and sex thanks to its excellent edge support, responsive coil system, and comfortable temperature control features.

Materials Used

Copper-infused memory foam is used in the Elite Hybrid’s comfort layer because of its cooling and moisture-wicking properties. Extra comfort and consistent support are both provided by a polyfoam transition layer. The foam layers make the mattress firm and supportive while still being able to conform to the body and distribute weight evenly. There was no sagging in the middle because the polyfoam is segmented into five different firmness zones.

The high-density foam serves as a foundation for the pocketed coils that make up the mattress’s support core. Strong pushback from the coils reinforces the zoned transitional foam, allowing all of our testers, including those weighing more than 230 pounds, to rest easily on the mattress. The Elite Hybrid is protected by a cover made of a Celliant-mix fabric. Celliant is a fabric developed to be highly breathable and effective at dissipating heat. When we tested the mattress’s ability to keep us cool, we experienced very little heat accumulation.

How Well It Worked

Our heaviest sleepers (230 pounds on the side, 130 pounds on the back, and 130 pounds on the stomach) gave the firm Elite Hybrid the highest marks. The mattress felt well-balanced and sufficiently supportive thanks to the combination of soft foam layers and a strong coil system, especially at the torso and hips, where most people carry extra weight.

We were also impressed by the Elite Hybrid’s capacity to maintain a constant temperature inside the vehicle. Having a breathable cover, a comfort layer infused with copper, and coils that ensure even airflow across the mattress are what our team believes are responsible for its exceptional cooling. During our mobility tests, no one experienced any hiccups, and our edge support evaluations revealed minimal sinkage.

Bear provides a 120-night sleep trial and free shipping to customers in the 48 contiguous states. After a 30-night trial period, customers may return mattresses at their convenience. Purchases of Elite Hybrids are covered by a lifetime warranty against structural defects.

To sum up

Sleeping partners should be comfortable on the Bear Elite Hybrid. Good edge support, smooth movement across the surface, and satisfying responsiveness during sex are all guaranteed by the combination of soft foams and a sturdy coil system.

GhostBed Classic

Ranging from $945 to $2,190

Type of Mattress: Foam
Medium-Firm (6 on the 1-10 scale)

Duration of the trial period is 101 nights (30 nights minimum).
Limited 20-Year Warranty

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King

Who it’s best for:

  • Those of 230 pounds or less who prefer to sleep on their side or back
  • Warm snoozers
  • Those who are easily agitated by their significant other’s activity


  • Memory foam that molds to your body and responsive latex combine to make a well-rounded comfort system.
  • Constant airflow within and a breathable exterior
  • Two complimentary cushions are included with every order.

All of the GhostBed mattresses we tested performed exceptionally well in our temperature control evaluations. The GhostBed Classic, their most popular model, combines the buoyancy of latex with the pressure relief of memory foam to create a mattress with a medium firmness level of 6. The Classic’s cool-to-the-touch cover and gel-infused transitional layer work to keep you at a pleasant temperature while you sleep, despite the fact that most of the mattress’ layers are made of foam, a material notorious for absorbing and trapping heat.

The Components Used

The GhostBed Classic has a latex cover and a memory foam middle layer for comfort and support. The responsiveness of latex made for a mattress with noticeable bounciness upon entering and exiting. As their bodies sank into the memory foam of the test bed, our guinea pigs reported a satisfying sense of deep cushioning. We didn’t have any problems with excessive heat because latex absorbs very little body heat and the foam is infused with cooling gel.

You won’t sink all the way to the bottom of the bed thanks to the high-density polyfoam foundation layer. The Ghost Ice cover is a special fabric developed to be breathable and cool at all times. If you are a hot sleeper or if you live in a particularly hot or humid climate, this mattress will serve you well.

How Effective It Was

Because it combines latex and foam, the GhostBed Classic has a unique feel compared to pure foam mattresses. The top layer is springy, making it easy to walk on, and the layers below provide ample cushioning and contouring. During the motion isolation tests, our evaluators hardly noticed any motion transfer. The latex is fairly responsive, and the foam is excellent at dampening vibrations.

All of our reviewers had positive things to say about the Classic. Positive reviews were given by those who slept on their side or back and weighed up to 230 pounds, as well as those who weighed less than 130 pounds and slept on their stomach. Anyone in these weight ranges would benefit from the mattress, but those who experience back pain or pressure points along the spine and don’t like the traditional body hug of foam beds would benefit the most from this mattress.

The mattress is affordably priced, and in addition, each customer receives two free GhostPillows. All orders within the 48 contiguous states will be shipped at no cost. The Classic is supported by a 101-night sleep trial and a 25-year guarantee from GhostBed.

In conclusion

The most notable feature of the GhostBed is its latex comfort layer. It contributes to a sense of the surface being resilient and responsive without compromising comfort under foot. This is best for those who sleep on their side or back.

Charles P. Rogers Estate SE

Prices vary between $3,199 and $4,759.

Hybrid Mattress
Hardness: 7 (Very)

One hundred night trial period
Spring replacements are covered for 25 years, and all other defects for 15 years.

Sizes available include: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King

Who it’s best for:

  • Smokers in bed
  • Those in search of a pressure-relieving firm mattress
  • Sufferers of Back Sleeping


  • Supportive latex and coil construction.
  • Layers of stretchy latex contour snugly around the wearer.
  • The mattress’s breathable design prevents overheating.

Not all firm mattresses are good for relieving pressure. The best mattresses to reduce pressure points typically have soft layers that shape to the body’s shape and provide gentle support. The Charles P. Rogers Estate SE is the lone disclaimer to this generalization. There are two layers of latex on top of a sturdy, low-gauge coil system in this mattress. This firm (7), highly supportive mattress is ideal for those who sleep on their back or stomach.

Materials Used

The Estate SE’s pillowtop is padded with Talalay latex, making for a soft, comfortable sleep. To further contour to your body while also acting as a buffer between you and the support core, a second, slightly denser latex layer is included. Since latex is an elastic material, the surface bounced back after being depressed.

The base polyfoam and pocketed coils provide the structure’s support structure. The 14-gauge thickness of the coils guarantees their durability. When we laid down on the mattress, we experienced a good deal of resistance, and the majority of our testers reported very little sinkage. The entire mattress is encased in a breathable, soft cotton cover. The Estate SE has a very substantial profile, measuring 13 inches in height.

The top comfort layers on the Estate SE can be easily swapped out when they become worn or when your preferred level of firmness shifts. You can switch between using the latex or foam side of the core by flipping the bottom of the mattress. Both sides are equally firm, but flipping can yield subtly different sensations.

How Well It Worked

We found that sleepers who prefer a firmer mattress enjoyed the Estate SE. Our team’s back and stomach sleepers weighing at least 130 pounds, as well as our side sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds, all gave the mattress high marks. If you need pain or pressure relief but don’t like the close hug of foam, this latex mattress may be a good option.

The Estate SE’s cooling performance also wowed us. Since latex is a porous material, our temperature control tests revealed only a slight increase in surface temperature. The low-gauge coils kept us from sinking in too deeply, and the latex’s responsiveness made it easy to move around on the mattress.

A 30-night “break-in” period precedes Charles P. Rogers’ 100-night sleep trial. There is a 15-year prorated guarantee on the bed as well. To the 48 contiguous states, shipping is on the house.

In conclusion

The Charles P. Rogers Estate SE may be a firm bed, but the latex layers provide just the right amount of pressure relief for those who need it.

Why You Can Trust Us

Each mattress that passes our rigorous tests is given a firmness rating by our in-house experts. We employ a scale from 1 (the softest) to 10 (the firmest) points. Only mattresses with a firmness rating of 6 (medium firm) or higher were considered for our firm mattress recommendations. Mattresses that are specifically made to have a firmer feel are one example, but there are also flippable models that have at least one firm surface and mattresses that come in varying degrees of firmness that can be purchased separately.

How We Evaluated These Mattresses

Before settling on our top picks, we put dozens of mattresses through our own rigorous testing process. Since we divided our test subjects into groups based on their average weight and preferred sleeping position, we can assume that our results are generally applicable to the general population. The characteristics of a firm mattress, such as its surface feel and overall support, were prioritized in compiling this list. We considered cost too, so that our suggestions would be appropriate for thrifty consumers.

See the product research methodology below to find out how we tested and ranked firm mattresses.

  • The ability of a mattress to isolate motion is an important quality to look for in a good night’s sleep. Because movement during the night can disrupt sleep, motion isolation is a major concern for couples and others who share a bed.
  • Our evaluation of a mattress’s temperature control takes into account how well it keeps the sleep surface at an ideal temperature while preventing it from getting too hot. Cooling components with active technology or layers that passively promote airflow and breathability are both possible in today’s mattresses.
  • Many people have trouble relieving the pressure that builds up on their hips and shoulders while they sleep. Cushioning your midsection and keeping your body on an even plane, mattresses can relieve this pain and prevent the development of new pressure points.
  • New mattresses, especially those made with foam or other synthetic materials, often have an unpleasant odor known as off-gassing. Mattresses with more persistent off-gassing can cause uncomfortable sleep experiences, but the odors usually dissipate within a day or two.
  • Getting around is simpler on a mattress that gives way to your weight rather than one that sinks subtly under you. Although mobility is a strength of most firm mattresses, there are models that are superior to others in this regard.
  • Support around the edges makes it easier to get in and out of bed and sleep closer to the edge of the mattress. Most firm mattresses, especially those with medium-to-high profiles, also fare well in this regard.
  • Although individual preferences vary, when it comes to sex, most people favor a responsive surface that allows for easy movement and has sturdy edges. This criterion also places significance on cooling and temperature regulation.
  • We found a significant correlation between participants’ body weight and their preferred mattress firmness during our research on the subject. Sleeping on one’s back or stomach, people weighing at least 130 pounds tend to be most at ease on firm mattresses.

Who is a Firm Mattress Best For?

There are no hard and fast rules about who should buy a firm mattress because comfort is relative. We adhere to the principle that everyone should choose the option that best meets their individual requirements and preferences. However, there are commonalities among those who benefit most from a firm mattress.

We found that both one’s weight and one’s preferred sleeping position significantly affect which firmness level is best. A firmer mattress is often preferred by people weighing more than 230 pounds because it prevents them from sinking too deeply into the bed, which can be bad for their spinal alignment and lead to overheating. Our team members in this weight range tend to lean toward firmer mattresses over their softer counterparts.

A firmer feel is preferable for those who sleep on their backs or stomachs to prevent painful hyperextension of the spine in these positions. Although there are always exceptions, the following table should give you a good idea of what level of mattress firmness is best for you, given your weight and preferred sleeping position.

Weight Axis-Side Sleepers those who sleep on their backs Those who sleep on their stomachs
Weighted in at under 130 pounds Gentle to Moderate Soft to Moderately Firm Between Mild and Sturdy
From 130 – 230 lbs. Soft to Moderately Firm Hard to Very Hard Firm to Medium Firm
Greater than 230 lbs. Firm to Moderately Firm Hard to Very Hard Tight to Very Tight

Sleeping Position

The firmness of your mattress should be chosen with careful consideration of your preferred sleeping position.

  • Too much firmness in a mattress can cause unpleasant impacts at the hips and shoulders, two of the most common pressure points for side sleepers. Particularly applicable to those weighing less than 130 pounds.
  • A firmer mattress is preferable for back sleepers because it prevents the body from forming an uncomfortable U-shape when lying on one’s back.
  • While stomach sleepers have the same support requirements as back sleepers, they typically favor a firmer mattress. This prevents them from “being swallowed by their mattress,” as some of our stomach sleepers have described the experience of sinking too far due to their weight.
  • If you spend the majority of your time sleeping on your back or stomach, a firm mattress should be just fine for you as a combination sleeper. A firmer bed can also reduce the risk of getting stuck in one position, making it simpler to switch between sleeping positions.

Body Type

A mattress’s texture and support may also be modified by the sleeper’s build and weight. When looking for a firm mattress, it’s important to consider these factors.

Heavier people put more pressure on a mattress, so they tend to sink further into it. This means that someone weighing over 230 pounds may find a firm mattress comfortable, while someone weighing less than 130 pounds may find it extremely hard. Most people prefer a firmer mattress as their body weight rises.

8 Best Mattresses for Hip Pain

How to Shop for a Firm Mattress Online

You can save time and money by purchasing a firm mattress online. Finding a great mattress has never been simpler, what with all the options available and the convenience of shopping from home.

It may seem counterintuitive to buy a firm mattress without first trying it out to see how firm it actually is. For this reason, online mattress retailers frequently offer free trials of their products. This allows you to try out the bed for a certain number of nights (typically 100 or more) before having to worry about returning it. With the sleep trial, you can test out the mattress in the comfort of your own home, which is the best way to determine if it’s the right fit.

Online mattress stores can offer lower prices than traditional stores due to lower operating costs. You can save money by taking advantage of SleepFoundation.org and other similar sites’ sales and promotions on mattresses. Find the best mattress for your needs and budget with the help of our site’s buying guides and reviews.

Since the “mattress in a box” can be compressed, most online stores will include free shipping with your purchase. Mattresses shipped via standard ground shipping are delivered right to your door. White Glove delivery and complimentary set-up are extras offered by some businesses. It only takes a few clicks to place an order, and you can pay with a variety of convenient methods including major credit cards and services like PayPal. Some shops even provide payment plans for their customers.

Important Mattress Considerations

We understand how stressful it can be to look for a new mattress. As a consumer, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds of complex marketing campaigns, which can divert attention away from some of the most important considerations. For this reason, we advise keeping in mind the following considerations, all of which are likely to affect how content you are with your new mattress.

  • We found that the composition of a mattress was a major factor in how well it performed and how long it lasted. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type; knowing which one you prefer will help you focus your search. Learn more about different kinds of mattresses in the following section.
  • The mattress is an investment because of how important it is to getting good sleep. However, you should be mindful of your financial constraints. How much money you have available to spend on a new mattress and any additional bedding items (like a bed frame, sheets, and pillows) is an important consideration.
  • If you share a bed with someone, motion isolation can help you get a better night’s rest by reducing the impact of their movements on your own. Mattresses with less contouring and a firmer feel tend to transfer more motion, but the interior materials make a big difference.
  • Even a firm mattress can help relieve pressure by providing some padding for your pressure points. Having a bit of give, especially when it’s adjusted to your weight, can help keep your spine in line.
  • Comfort While Moving Around/Having Sexual Experiences: Mattresses made of materials that don’t sink under your weight are easier to move around on. This is especially crucial for those who value the ease with which they can switch sleeping positions or participate in sexual activities. The most mobile and responsive mattresses are latex and hybrid varieties.
  • The firmness of your mattress should be consistent all the way to the edge, so you can make full use of the bed for sleeping and making love. With solid edge support, you can even sit on the side of the bed without worrying about falling off.
  • Temperature neutrality: waking up drenched in sweat due to a hot mattress is a surefire way to ruin a good night’s rest. Mattresses made from materials that prevent heat from building up are a good option for hot sleepers.

Types of Firm Mattresses

If you’re at a loss for how to narrow your search, perhaps considering the various mattress options could help.

There are exceptions to every rule, so keep in mind that the design and performance of mattresses in each category share some commonalities. A mattress’ category can give you an idea of how you might feel on it, but reading reviews of specific brands and models is where you’ll find the most useful information.


There are two primary parts that make up a hybrid mattress. The innerspring coils that form the base of the mattress are its primary structural component. Foam, latex, microcoils, wool, cotton, and polyester are all components of the comfort system, which is the top.

While the coils in most hybrids give them a firmer feel and better edge support, the comfort system adds features like enhanced pressure relief and motion isolation, taking them above and beyond the firm category. The majority of the hybrids we’ve tried are comfortable and supportive.


Innersprings are defined as having a single primary component, the innerspring support core. In contrast to hybrids, an innerspring has minimal cover materials. A small amount of foam or fiber fill may be present, but it typically isn’t enough to noticeably alter the overall feel.

Consistently Firm: Since innersprings lack a sophisticated comfort system, they have a firm to extra firm texture. Most innersprings are sturdy, but they lack pressure relief and motion isolation. Team members weighing more than 230 pounds tend to sleep best on innersprings.


One way to obtain latex is by collecting tree sap, but it can also be synthesized synthetically. Mattresses that use latex typically use natural latex as opposed to synthetic latex for their inner layers.

Even though latex can be made in a variety of softnesses, it retains its resilience and bounce no matter how it is processed. A firm latex mattress is not only good for mild pressure relief but also makes it easy to move around on the bed. Latex mattresses have consistently performed better than all-foam alternatives in our mobility tests.


An airbed’s “support core” is an inflatable air chamber that can be inflated or deflated to adjust the mattress’s level of firmness. A mobile device or remote can adjust the pressure in the room. A comfort layer, or layers, may be added on top of the support core.

Unlike other mattress options, an airbed allows you to adjust the level of firmness with the push of a button. An airbed can be made softer or firmer at the touch of a button, allowing the user to find their ideal sleeping surface. Because of their adaptable nature, airbeds consistently score highest in our pressure relief tests.


Foam mattresses, by definition, are constructed entirely of foam materials like memory foam, polyfoam, fiber fill, or latex. High-density polyfoam is commonly used for the support core, and then one or more layers provide the comfort.

Pressure Relief Increased Foams, especially memory foam, conform to the shape of a person’s body by compressing under their weight. This improves pressure relief even in a firm mattress, which is especially helpful for side sleepers. Side and back sleepers who weigh at least 130 pounds on our team tend to give firm, all-foam mattresses the highest ratings.

Accessories to Complement Your Firm Mattress

Choosing a firm mattress is the first step in customizing your bed to meet your specific needs. After you’ve settled on a mattress, though, there are a few extras to consider for your bedroom setup.


Your neck and spine will thank you for using a properly sized and shaped pillow. The pillow’s loft will be more noticeable on a firmer mattress because it won’t sink as much. Pillows made of feathers, down, polyester, or shredded foam or latex are highly adaptable, making them ideal for side sleepers who prefer to rest their heads in a slightly elevated position.

Those who sleep on their stomachs or backs should use thinner pillows, while those who sleep on their sides should opt for models with a zippered cover that allows you to remove fill. One-piece pillows made from foam or latex have more consistent loft than their multi-piece counterparts. As long as the chosen loft corresponds with the support requirements of the head and neck, these pillows can work well on a firm surface.

Mattress Toppers

A mattress topper can be an affordable alternative to purchasing a new mattress if you prefer a firmer surface on which to sleep. A mattress topper, which can range in thickness from 1 to 3 inches, is placed on top of an existing mattress before sheets are added. Foam, latex, fiber fill, wool, and down are all viable materials for toppers.

A mattress topper is a simple way to update your mattress’s comfort level, but it won’t last as long or be as reliable as a brand new mattress. Further, any topper’s effectiveness will be diminished if placed atop a mattress that is sagging or otherwise showing signs of wear and tear. This is why a topper is the best option if you are on a tight budget or if the change you need is minor and temporary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a firm mattress better for your back?

One person’s back may feel best on a firm mattress, but that same mattress may cause pressure points for another. Whether or not a firm mattress is best for your back depends heavily on your weight and preferred sleeping position. The best mattress for your back is the one that doesn’t leave your spine sagging. One’s weight and preferred sleeping position influence the level of support required.

According to our research, those who prefer to sleep on their backs or stomachs, and who weigh more than 130 pounds, do best on firmer mattresses. A too-soft mattress can cause these people to sink to the mattress’s core, which can cause back pain.

Some side sleepers and people with a body weight less than 130 pounds are more susceptible to pressure sores from a mattress that is too firm. Consider your mattress construction, weight, and sleeping style when shopping for the best mattress for your back. Taking advantage of a mattress’s sleep trial is a great way to find out if the mattress’s level of firmness is suitable for you.

What mattress types are most firm?

If you like to sleep “on,” rather than “in,” your mattress, a firm innerspring or latex model is a better choice than an all-foam or hybrid mattress.

The latter two choices typically feature foam comfort systems that alleviate pressure points, making them feel softer to the touch. Latex is naturally buoyant and more resilient than synthetic foams, whereas innerspring beds typically have a thinner comfort layer.

While it’s true that any mattress can be considered “firm,” it’s generally agreed that those without thick comfort layers or pressure-relieving systems feel the firmest. Firmness does not equate to lack of pressure relief. People who require a firm or even extra-firm bed can find the support they need from a mattress that gently cradles the body.

What is the best firm mattress?

The best firm mattress will give you the necessary level of support while also meeting all of your other needs. The fact that you prefer a firm mattress is a good starting point for your bed search, but there are other questions you should ask yourself to ensure you make the right decision.

From our mattress testing, we know that how you lay in bed while you sleep makes a big difference. How much pressure relief and support you require will depend on your primary position(s). A side sleeper, for instance, is more likely to experience pressure points, aches, and pains when sleeping on a firm mattress with little in the way of pressure relief. On the other hand, people who sleep on their backs typically require less pressure relief but may benefit from additional pelvic support provided by ergonomic zoning.

Are firm mattresses better for sleepers with back pain?

Back pain can be caused by or made worse by a mattress that is either too soft or too firm. People who suffer from back pain shouldn’t just go out and buy the firmest mattress they can find without first considering their body type and preferred sleeping position. If your mattress is too soft, it won’t support your spine properly; if it’s too firm, it’ll put pressure on your joints and negate your spine’s natural curve.

Is mattress firmness the same thing as mattress support?

When shopping for a mattress, it’s important to consider both the firmness and the support it provides. A mattress that is too soft will not provide enough support, but a mattress that is too firm may not be able to meet your body’s needs for support, either. A mattress that is too firm may not provide adequate support if it flattens the normal curvature of your spine.

Think about your body type and weight when selecting the right mattress firmness for you. If you need more support than this, rather than making your mattress firmer, look into getting a bed with a strong support system, like an ergonomically zoned hybrid mattress.

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