What Is The Best Futon Mattress? Best Options For You

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Traditional mattresses can feel like a lot to lug around when you’re just starting out in your own place or on the hunt for a guest bed. That’s a lot of money for a mattress, and there’s no way you can fit a bed in your little apartment. Don’t give up hope; have you looked about getting a futon?

What is a Futon Mattress Made of?

F uton mattresses are often upholstered in cotton or polyester. The filing must be able to be folded into a couch configuration, or have pieces that enable for simple bed-to-sofa conversions.

Some futon mattresses are stuffed with foam, while others have a coil construction. The frames of the futon, meanwhile, are either wood or metal or a composite that can bear weight.

Foam and memory foam are both used in futon mattresses, although they both achieve their cushioning effects in different ways. Some versions feature a standard foam or coil mattress with a thinner memory foam top layer. Some futons use a combination of foam and innersprings or coils for additional comfort.

How Long Does a Futon Mattress Last?

A futon mattress’s durability is proportional to its quality and how often and how vigorously it is used. The average lifespan of a futon mattress is between five and ten years. If you only use them occasionally, their lifespan will be greatly extended.

If the futon is used primarily for guests, for instance, it could last for a decade or more. The mattress, however, may wear out in about five years if used as a regular bed or as the primary sofa in the home.

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Price Range for Futons

Compared to conventional sofas and beds, futons provide significant savings. You have the option of buying a complete futon set, which includes the frame and mattress, or you may buy the components individually. The price of a cheap mattress with a cotton or polyester cover and a regular foam core can be as low as $100. Futon mattresses made of memory foam typically cost extra. Prices for these can vary from $100 to $300, depending on their size and quality. The price of a high-quality memory foam mattress can go up to the hundreds of dollars.

You can also spend between $100 and $400 on a coil mattress. Coil mattresses are typically more expensive than other types of futon mattresses. The cost of a high-end mattress can go up to $600, and bigger mattresses are typically more expensive than their smaller counterparts. It’s important to note that futons come in the same range of sizes as beds; the most popular being double and queen.

Futon Mattresses vs. Hybrid Mattresses

As futons are meant to function as both a bed and a sofa, it might be difficult to make a fair comparison to hybrid mattresses, which are designed specifically for use in beds. Hybrid futon mattresses combine the benefits of both memory foam and coils into an one product, making them the best of both worlds.

Even if you invest in a high-end futon frame and mattress, you still won’t get the same degree of support and comfort as you would from a mid-range hybrid mattress.

How Firm is a Futon Mattress?

Most futon mattresses are firmer than those used for traditional beds. These mattresses can double as a sofa and a bed, therefore they need to be rather thin. However, the overall firmness is determined by both the mattress and the type of frame you have.

The firmest choice is a traditional futon mattress made of foam, followed by more conforming memory foam options. Depending on how tightly the coils are wound, a coil futon mattress can be either very soft or quite stiff.

When converted into a sofa, the mattress of some futons is hidden from view by a thick pile of pillows. These may give the impression of a softer futon when seated, but when the futon is converted to a bed, you won’t need the sofa-style cushioning.

15 Best Futon Mattresses

For a wide variety of sleeper needs, futons are a fantastic option. They can be moved around easily and stored away neatly when not in use. A futon sofa can serve as both a couch during the day and a bed at night, making it a great choice for those who live in cramped quarters. Read on to find out which options we recommend and how you may pick out the finest futon mattress for your needs.

1. Serta Sycamore

The Serta Sycamore futon, which we have chosen as the best on the market, is constructed of two layers of foam and an innerspring system. It is padded to a depth of 4 inches with Cottonique, a special blend of cotton and polyester fibers. It outlasts conventional cotton and has been proven effective.

Its medium firmness and fluffy feel make it a comfortable choice for those who need support without sacrificing convenience. It’s a discount on a futon of superior quality. It’s American-made and fitted looking thanks to the tufting of lace. Although it doesn’t fold or bend very smoothly, it serves its bi-fold purpose well, as reported by customers.

Features of the Serta Sycamore

  • Affordable, high-quality materials
  • Highlighting Cottonique

2. DHP 8” Independently-Encased Coil Premium

DHP’s 8-inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress comes up next. It features 522 pocket coils constructed from 15-gauge steel for reinforced back support and CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam (no trace of dangerous chemicals like flame retardants and lead) with polyester layering between the coils and the mattress cover for comfort.

As far as durability goes, the DHP really shines when it comes to supporting more weight. If you tend to snooze heavily, this is a perfect option for you. The DHP is only sold in full size, however there is a wide selection of colors to choose from.

Some buyers had trouble keeping the top layer in place while folding the product, which was a major flaw for them.

Highlights from DHP’s Eight-Inch Model

  • The best mattress for back support.
  • Excellent for those with a larger frame

3. Royal Sleep Products New Replacement

The New Replacement Futon from Royal Sleep Products is equipped with both pocket-coils for structural integrity and two thicknesses of foam for luxurious lounging.

The coil support structure of the futon ensures a level sleeping surface and allows for air flow. This mattress is designed to reduce the likelihood of overheating while you sleep.

The conforming nature of the comfort layer aids in supporting healthy spinal alignment while also relieving pressure in key areas. There was no discomfort in the morning from sleeping on a firm surface. You may get a good night’s rest for $267.

The off-gassing from the memory foam in the futon is negligible. The foam, on the other hand, provides a silent performance and makes it simple to get around.

The New Substitute can be found in both full and queen dimensions and a rainbow of hues. While the exact dimensions of this mattress are unknown, it does look to be somewhat large. Additionally, if your futon frame is not made of wood, you should not use it.

Highlights from the King’s Night’s Rest

  • Superb Fabrication
  • Choice of hues

4. Mozaic

In comparison to conventional futon mattresses, the Mozaic is surprisingly comfortable. The Mozaic’s cloud-like softness comes from a combination of gel memory foam and polyurethane foam encased in a cotton-blend mix. The cover is made of a poly-cotton blend that can be spot cleaned with a mild detergent.

The Mozaic can be used in either a sitting or lying position because to its flippable design. It may take several days for the item to decompress completely after being removed from its packaging, and there may be off-gassing from the foam during this time.

Examples of Mozaic Art

  • Flippable
  • Layer of soft, gel-infused memory foam

5. Serta Cypress Double Sided Innerspring

The 8-inch thick Serta Cypress Double Sided Innerspring Futon Mattress is an excellent choice. With a CertiPUR-US® certified foam base, 266 individually wrapped Bonnel innerspring coils, 3 layers of Cottonique (a special cotton-poly combination for increased durability and luxury), and a microfiber cover for breathability, this mattress is built to last and provide comfort.

The Serta Cypress also stands out due of its reasonable price. Additionally, it works well with any standard futon frame size. Moreover, sleepers will enjoy the medium level of back support provided by the bed. It would be perfect for a guest room but might not hold up to frequent use.

Features of the Serta Cypress

  • Possible Cheapest Choice
  • Highlighting Cottonique

6. D&D Futon Furniture Shikibuton

The Futon Company D&D The mattress is the only component of a shikibuton, which is not considered a full Japanese futon. High-density foam and polyester fibers make up its construction.

The D&D Futon Furniture Shikibuton may be easily transported because to its tri-fold design. One drawback is that it can only be used for sleeping in a fully stretched out position. When possible, set it on carpet rather than hard floors for maximum comfort. Off-gassing is possible given that it comprises foam. Some customers found it to be too narrow and thin.

Features of Dungeons & Dragons

  • Airy bed frame
  • Improved portability thanks to tri-fold construction

7. Classic Brands 8” Futon Mattress

The Classic futon from Classic Brands is constructed of polyester-encased steel coils and a quilted microfiber cover. Spot cleaning with a light detergent is all that’s needed to keep the cover looking like new. It has an unusually high height for a futon, measuring in at 8 inches.

This mattress can be used with any futon frame of the normal size. The Classic futon by Classic Brands also has the benefit of returning to its original form after being compressed. It comes in either black or brown, and is only offered at a medium firmness.

Highlighter Pens, 8″ Classic Brands

  • Microfiber quilted cover
  • kept its form

8. EMOOR Japanese Traditional

The EMOOR Traditional Japanese Futon Mattress is a modern iteration of the classic Japanese bed. It is 3 inches thick and filled with polyester that is protected by a layer of hygroscopic cotton. The fabric prevents the growth of microorganisms and ticks. Plus, it has been deodorized, so it won’t stink for at least two or three years.

The EMOOR Japanese Traditional futon is designed to be used in its traditional form, on the floor. It’s competitively priced for being built in Japan. The lack of any structural elements beyond the floor is a major detriment to this design. For some buyers, it was too stiff, while others found it to be too thin.

Highlights from EMOOR

  • Classical Japanese futon design
  • Material that has been deodorized

9. Au Natural 8” All-Cotton

The Au Natural 8-inch All-Cotton futon is made with a more individualized approach to the production process. To maintain uniform thickness throughout, the cotton fiber batting is stuffed by hand, and the edges are wrapped by hand as well. It also results in clean, sturdy corners. The futon’s mattress is protected and given a high-end feel with a thick, long-lasting cotton-poly twill.

If you prefer a very firm bed, the Au Natural is a great option. It’s 8 inches thick, which is rather substantial, and it’s made of tufted layers to keep it from shifting around. The cover of this futon cannot be removed, which is a major flaw. The inside filling has shifted, according to some users, after only a few months of use.

The 8″ Highlights Are Left Au Natural

  • Carefully crafted by hand, including hand stuffing and hand wrapping of the edges.
  • Pile tufting for stability

10. Milliard Tri-Fold Memory Foam

The Milliard Memory Foam futon is tri-fold, so it can be compactly stowed away. The frame is unnecessary because it is designed to be placed directly on the floor. The open-cell foam meets the standards set by CertiPUR-US®. Furthermore, a foam foundation layer is included for further stability.

The removable jacquard ultra-soft bamboo cover with anti-slip bottom for additional cooling stood out, as did the fact that it kept its shape. You can set up this futon wherever you like, indoors or out. Because of its potential heat retention, the Milliard Memory Foam is better suited for occasional usage by guests.

Features of a Milliard Tri-Fold Brochure

  • The anti-slip base and detachable bamboo cover make this a great purchase.
  • Able to be used both indoors and outdoors

11. Springaire 8” Loft

An outside layer of long-staple cotton batting, an inner layer of thermo-bonded polyester batting, 350 13-gauge Bonnel coils, and a thick, durable polyester shell make up the Springaire 8-inch Loft bed. In addition, the mattress is hand-wrapped around the sides to prevent shifting.

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Those who enjoy a mattress with some give will feel right at home on the Springaire Loft. It looks and feels like a conventional mattress or sofa, thanks to its full border box structure. It will take several days after removal from packaging for the item to decompress to its original size. Several buyers have mentioned how uncomfortable it is, and how it moves around too much when in sofa configuration.

Focus on the Details: An 8-Inch Springaire

  • Seams that have been wrapped by hand
  • Comprehensively framed in borders

12. Blazing Needles Renewal

The Blazing Needles Renewal futon is cushioned and supported by three inches of high-density foam. A microsuede outer shell protects the fluffy cotton batting inside.

You can quickly fold up this futon bed when not in use. The Blazing Needles Renew can serve as a soft seat or a cozy bed. It’s only sold in large size, but there are many different hues to choose from. Foam layers may also pose a threat of off-gassing.

Needles That Sparkle In The Light

  • A futon with an all-foam mattress
  • The cover is made of microsuede.

13. ColorfulMart Floor Futon

The ColorfulMart Floor Futon is another option for a bed that is more closely akin to the traditional Japanese futon and can be folded up and stored conveniently. It has a flannel top, a microfiber stuffing, and a polyester bottom.

The ColorfulMart Floor Futon is thin, but it’s plush and inviting. This particular futon is highly recommended for anyone living in a little apartment. It does need time to decompress before usage, though.

Features of ColorfulMart

  • Conveniently rolls up for stowage
  • Perfect for use both inside and out

14. Blazing Needles Vitality

The Blazing Needles Vitality is a 6-inch-thick futon mattress made entirely of foam. It’s made with a polyfoam core, cotton filling, and a cover made of a poly-cotton twill. It’s perfect for side, back, or stomach sleepers because it provides excellent comfort and support.

The Vitality futon bed comes in multiple colors and is designed to accommodate standard full-size mattress frames. It can only be cleaned with a damp cloth, and there may be an off-gassing smell when it’s been taken out of the packing.

Needles That Sparkle In The Light

  • Works with any standard futon frame size
  • A futon with an all-foam mattress

15. Artiva USA

You may put the Artiva USA futon to good use as a couch, bed, or even a temporary sleeping arrangement. It’s 8 inches tall, has a batting composition of polyester fiber, cotton batting, polyfoam, innerspring coils, and poly-cotton with tufting to keep the layers in place, and is covered with poly-cotton.

The Artiva USA is a long-lasting and comfy futon cover that can be used with any standard full-size futon frame. To save space, you can fold it or lay it flat when not in use. After a few months of use, the springs allegedly punched up, according to several consumers.

Articles of Particular Interest Regarding Artiva in the United States

  • Consists of a comfy and long-lasting design
  • Fold or lay flat to store

What Does It Mean to Be A Futon Mattress?

One type of traditional Japanese mattress is called a futon. Mattress, frame, and cover are the three basic components. The number of layers, in addition to the quality of the materials, determines the final price of a futon. One thing to keep in mind is that spending more money doesn’t always mean more ease.

In addition to the traditional Japanese design, futons are now available in an American design.


In the traditional form, a futon is a thin mattress that is used on the floor and then rolled up and stored away. The Japanese have a strong preference for this design because of the country’s emphasis on minimalism and efficiency. In addition, Japanese culture emphasizes the benefits of floor sleeping for the mind, body, and soul.


The traditional Japanese futon appears thinner than the modern American version. American futons can be used on the floor, on a foundation, or a frame, and can be made from foam, springs, cotton, or a mix of these materials. This design may serve as both a bed and a sofa.

Why Buy a Futon Mattress?

You may decide to purchase a futon mattress for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’re a new college grad setting up house in the city. It’s possible that you need a sofa for your home office that may also serve as a guest bed. Here are some of the most compelling arguments in favor of purchasing a futon mattress.

Easy Storage

You can free up a ton of room with a futon. They can be used as a couch at night and stored during the day. To get ready for bed at night, simply pull it out and unfold it. They’re great for people who live in efficiency flats because of the space they conserve.

Improved Health

The aforementioned point holds true; futons make it possible to sleep on the ground. The consensus amongst experts is that this is the best option for spinal health and comfort. In addition to these benefits, studies have found that sleeping on the floor can alleviate back discomfort and enhance spinal alignment. Many people report relief from sciatica and other forms of chronic back pain after adopting this sleeping pattern.


As opposed to a standard bed, a futon can be altered to suit the individual’s needs. There is a vast variety of covers to choose from, each with its own color scheme and design. You may extend the life of your futon by using a cover, which is also simple to remove and replace if it gets dirty or stained. For people living in small spaces, such as dorm rooms or studio flats, futons can be a great choice because they make it easy to update the look of the space without breaking the bank.

Better Comfort

Now that we have more sophisticated technology, current futon models may provide more comfort and support through the use of higher-quality materials and a more robust framework. Memory foam, which can be shaped and compressed to relieve pressure, is a perfect illustration of this type of technology in action.

Lower Price Tag

Futons are less expensive than standard mattresses. Additionally, they are less expensive than standard mattresses while yet providing high-quality materials. Quality is not to be compromised. This is mostly attributable to a more compact mattress that makes use of less material.


The American futon has a dual purpose – it’s both a sofa and a bed. It acts a comfortable place to sit and socialize during the day, and transforms into a convenient place to sleep at night.

The American futon can be used as a couch or a bed. The daytime seating area doubles as a pleasant location to mingle, and the overnight sleeping quarters are a welcome bonus.

What to Consider in Buying a Futon Mattress

Take into consideration your needs and preferences for a futon mattress before making a purchase.

A high-quality futon mattress will provide comfort and support, using fabrics that allow air to circulate while still looking great. Make a decision on the style of futon you’d want, whether it be the conventional Japanese floor futon or the more Western-inspired couch bed. Take into account the following details before making a final purchase decision.


You should decide if a futon mattress will be used on a regular basis or just for occasional guests. A futon with innerspring coils is the best option for prolonged use. A foam and cotton futon is a durable and comfortable option for a guest bed. Compared to an innerspring futon, it weighs less and takes up less space.


There should be a focus on opulence. It seems to reason that you won’t get much shut-eye if your bed isn’t exactly the height of luxury. Be sure to test out a futon’s support and comfort levels before making a purchase. Better posture can be promoted by the futon’s support, but it will be uncomfortable unless it is layered with comforting materials.

A high-quality futon will be equally at home as a bed or a sofa. Some clients may choose a futon over a mattress despite the fact that it may not provide the same level of comfort.


Futons are not always tiny floor cushions. Depending on the model, futons can range in thickness from 2 inches to 8 inches. What you have there is nearly the thickness of a mattress.

The type and build of futon will determine its thickness. Inherent to structure is the need for thickness. It’s more preferable to sleep on an 8-inch futon mattress rather than a 6-inch one. You can also use an 8-inch futon on a hardwood frame.

Even the thickness can be up for grabs based on how you like it. For optimum body support and to prevent sagging too soon, a taller mattress may be preferred by some people, especially those who are overweight.


Futons are made from a wide range of materials, each of which has its own special qualities. If you’re looking for anything specific, a certain futon might be a better fit. In the end, it all boils down to a matter of taste. A lot of people love the hugging feel of memory foam, but others are more partial to the tried-and-true support of innersprings.

Memory foam

Fabric used frequently in futons. When your weight is taken off the memory foam, it goes back to its original form, which is a definite perk. It can be overly thick at times, keeping in heat and moisture in hot, humid climates.


Extra stability for the mattress is provided by a bed frame. The quality of a futon mattress’s support system is affected in both directions by the frame it’s housed in. But it also makes the space feel more like your own.


Wooden picture frames, which are by far the most prevalent form, are sturdy, high-quality, and long-lasting. Additional comfort can be provided by the inclusion of armrests and accessories like drink holders and magazine racks. Nonetheless, a wood frame will set you back more than its metal or aluminum counterpart due to its superior durability and widespread preference for the former.


Metal frames are more affordable and long-lasting than their wooden counterparts, although they are less frequent. They’re nice to look at, but they don’t provide the same level of comfort as wood frames provide. Metal frames also typically don’t have as many extras. Their portability and simple assembly, however, make them more flexible in terms of placement.

Particle board/Wood Composite

Particle board frames are a good option if you’re on a small budget or won’t need the furniture for more than five years. Although not as strong or long-lasting as wood or metal, its appearance is undeniably attractive. A narrow armrest will be included, but no more frills.


Your needs and available space will determine the best option. A twin or full is perfect for a single person, while a king or queen is preferable for couples.

Fold Style

There are two convenient methods to stow away your futon: roll it up or fold it. When not in use, futons are often folded up and stashed away. Bi-fold and tri-fold structures are the most common types of folds.

One of the most common and simple layouts is the bi-fold. Splits in half for easy storage and multiple uses (including sitting and sleeping). On the other hand, tri-fold options are less frequent yet offer greater flexibility. Converts from a chair to a bed to a recliner thanks to its three-fold design.

Pick the one with the frame that works best with your face shape.

Sleeping Positions

Selecting a futon may be difficult if you don’t know how you like to sleep. The sleeping positions that are most supported by various materials vary. If you’re the kind to sleep on your side, you might find that memory foam mattresses are more comfortable than innersprings.

Side Sleep Position

The most common sleeping posture is on one’s side, which is also one of the healthiest. As a result, you’ll be able to breathe easier and straighten out your spine. The likelihood of snoring or developing sleep apnea is also reduced. Shoulder pain sufferers, however, should try sleeping on their backs instead of their sides.

Back Sleep Position

Sleeping on one’s back helps maintain proper spinal curvature. Also, since the face isn’t resting on the pillow, the probability of waking up with wrinkles is reduced. However, tongue blockage and soft tissue collapse at the back of the throat greatly increase the probability of developing sleep apnea. Changing to a side sleeping posture can help you prevent this problem.

Stomach Sleep Position

The most dangerous sleeping position is on the stomach. Pain in the neck and lower back are two common adverse effects of sleeping on one’s stomach or on one’s side. A small pillow placed under the hips might help stomach sleepers alleviate this discomfort. Altering to a side sleeping posture is likewise highly suggested.

Combo Sleep Position

You’re a combination sleeper if you toss and turn several times each night. A person who switches between sleeping on their back and stomach or their stomach and their back has the advantages of both positions and the disadvantages of both positions. Mattresses for those who sleep in various positions should have a buoyant surface that allows for effortless shifting.

Types of Futon Mattresses

Futons come in a variety of styles, just like traditional beds. Customers can choose their own level of comfort and support from among the various options. The type of futon you end up buying depends heavily on your own personal preferences.

Memory Foam

Many people find that a memory foam futon is the most comfortable alternative. In contrast to an innerspring futon, a foam mattress will provide support for your body in any sleeping position. It costs more and wears out faster than normal futons if it isn’t used often. Keep an eye out for high-quality foam to avoid sagging issues.


Many people have fond childhood memories of sleeping on mattresses with coils. Innerspring mattresses have a quilted cover and a layer of polyfoam and metal coils inside. They are reasonably priced, but not as inexpensive as some other varieties of futon. It can be challenging to convert a coil mattress to a sofa because of the mattress’s weight and bulk.


The most cost-effective futons are made of cotton. Since they weigh so little, folding them up and putting them away is a breeze. This futon design is quite similar to the traditional Japanese floor mattress called a futon. The quality and support provided by a cotton futon mattress are inferior to those provided by a foam or innerspring mattress. The fabric tends to wear out more rapidly than that of other futon varieties.


Few people own futons made of wool. Those who reside in chillier climates would benefit the most from them. Wool futons are often warmer than cotton ones and are exceptionally plush. This is because it has inherent qualities that allow it to both retain heat and dissipate moisture.

Cotton & Foam

The longevity of cotton-and-foam-combination futons is superior to that of other futon materials. Different manufacturers use different combinations of these two materials to create mattresses that offer superior support and comfort. As they are less bulky than conventional mattresses, cotton and foam futons are ideal for multipurpose use. A perfect option for a guest bedroom.

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Common Questions

What mattress size is a futon?

The standard size for a futon mattress is a full bed. It’s also possible to find futons in various sizes, including those that sleep two, three, or even four people. When shopping for a mattress, it’s important to make sure you get one that fits your needs.

Are futon mattresses good to sleep on?

A comfortable night’s sleep is possible on a futon mattress. As an alternative to a traditional sleeper sofa, a futon can be used on the floor like in Japan. However, not everyone can benefit from a futon mattress, especially those with mobility issues. Getting in and out of bed might be difficult if you have a chronic disease that limits your mobility, so you may want to consider purchasing a conventional frame to help.

Can you wash a futon mattress?

In the same way as a regular bed’s mattress cannot be washed in the washing machine, so can the mattress of a futon. However, your mattress may be cleaned, and regular rotation can help it wear more evenly.

Clean your futon’s surface stains with a cloth dipped in warm water and a drop or two of mild laundry detergent. Extra moisture in the bed might lead to the growth of mildew, so try to limit it. When your futon starts to smell, sprinkle it with baking soda, give it a few hours to work, and then vacuum up the baking soda.

Can I put a memory foam mattress on a futon?

A comfortable night’s sleep is possible on futons thanks to memory foam mattresses. Because they conform to your body’s shape and weight, memory foam mattresses are a common option. A memory foam mattress for a futon may be more expensive than other options, but it is also likely to last longer.

How do you get mold out of a futon mattress?

White vinegar and water with a sponge may help remove mold from the surface of the mattress. Then, spot treat the mattress with water and let it air dry in the sun.

On the other hand, if the mold is actually developing inside the mattress, it will have to be taken apart in order to be eliminated. Even if you believe the mold is only superficial, you should probably just get a new mattress to be safe. Mold can cause a wide range of symptoms, including but not limited to sneezing, watery or itchy eyes, a runny nose, and more.


Consider the materials, the size of your room, and your budget before making a purchase of a futon mattress. Although futons are far less expensive than conventional mattresses, they don’t compare in terms of comfort or style.

Though a futon isn’t the best choice for long-term sleeping arrangements, it might serve a purpose in a pinch if you’re in a small space or strapped for funds. You shouldn’t neglect your sleep for too long because it’s crucial to your health.

Any of the aforementioned futons is a good choice if you’re in the market for one. You can relax!

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