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Because different people have different preferences and needs, it’s impossible to say which company makes the best reclining sofas. Instead, we’ll look at the top six manufacturers of reclining sofas in the United States.

You may be familiar with a few of them, while others have been working in the field for decades. If you follow the advice in this article, you should be able to locate an ideal reclining sofa in no time. We also compiled a list of the best 6 sofa brands in case that’s of interest to you.

What Is The Best Reclining Sofa Brand To Buy?


There’s no denying that the iconic Lazy Boy sofa is the first thing that comes to mind when you consider relaxing on a recliner. In 1929, La-Z-Boy introduced the world to the reclining chair they would go on to become famous for. Recliners come in over 200 different designs and configurations, so the company has something for every house.

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They have numerous options for recliners, including those that mount to the wall, rock, have an elevated leg rest, provide a lift for the user, are split in half, swivel, or seat two people. The website also lets you narrow your search based on criteria like your height, the width of your preferred seat, and the size of your desired sofa. You can find recliners with a power headrest, lumbar support, swivel glide, massage, and power reclining to better match the decor of your living room.

This Lazy Boy sofa disassembly guide should come in handy if you ever need to take apart your Lazy Boy recliner.

Southern Motion

When discussing recliners, the American company Southern Motion deserves a nod. They first opened in 1996 and have since expanded to multiple locations throughout Mississippi. When you shop with Southern Motion, you know you’re getting high-quality reclining furniture at a fair price.

The company’s website features a handy store finder, and it also sells a wide variety of recliners. The black metal patented components of the Southern Motion reclining mechanism are covered by a lifetime warranty, giving you even more peace of mind. The company offers a 5-year guarantee on the durability of the wooden frame, springs, and cushions.

Bradington Young

Bradington Young has some nice options for traditional-style reclining sofas for your living room. The company’s signature leather furniture is beautiful, but there are other fabric options as well. It’s worth noting that Bradington Young exists as a separate division of the venerable Hooker Furniture (est.

Bradington Young provides both hand-cranked and electrically powered recliners. There are contemporary, traditional, and modern options to choose from. Sofas that recline and have adjustable headrests are also available.


Do you have a soft spot in your heart for Sherrill Furniture? Then look into MotionCraft, their sofa recliner division. They offer both leather and fabric options for their sofas, loveseats, and individual seats.

The MySeat Bluetooth remote for your couch is another option. The fact that this company specializes in moving furniture and also makes bespoke recliners is icing on the cake. Their Classic Motion series, for instance, features customizable frames, arms, back cushions, and bases.


Klaussner is a major home furnishings company that has been in business since 1963. They are an eco-friendly manufacturer based in North Carolina. In addition, they offer affordable fabric and leather upholstery on frames made from high-quality materials.

If you’re looking for leather-like durability with less upkeep, vinyl motion furniture from Klaussner is a great option. You can find the perfect style and dimensions of reclining sofa or sectional from this company. You can choose a sofa from them, for instance the Castaway, that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Jackson Catnapper

You may be aware that Jackson Catnapper recliners are manufactured by Jackson Furniture Industries. Jackson Furniture is an American company that has been making their products in the United States since 1933. Their 2,500 authorized retailers also carry reclining chairs and couches.

When purchasing a Jackson Catnapper reclining sofa, what should you anticipate? Power headrests and reclining seats are available. The Ferrington reclining sofa is one example of a model that combines gel and coil cushions for maximum comfort.

What Is The Most Comfortable Recliner Sofa?

Because everyone has different preferences and needs, there is no such thing as a “most comfortable” recliner sofa. Instead, you should arm yourself with knowledge before shopping for a reclining sofa. This will guarantee the highest quality of your movable furniture experience.

Sofas with power adjustments are preferable to those that require manual adjustments because of the convenience they provide. You also need to find a reclining sofa that works for your height and weight. Finally, consider trying out the store’s recliner sofa to get a feel for the upholstery.

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Benefits Of Recliner Chairs And Sofas

Stress Relievers:

Today, stress is generally accepted as a fact of existence. The primary cause of back pain is anxiety. Migraines, tension headaches, memory problems, and fatigue are all caused by mental stress. Back and neck pain can develop from sitting rigidly for too long, so it’s not advisable to do so for more than an hour at a time. Recliners are ideal and convenient for this task. A recliner’s primary function is to help its user relax. The recliner allows you to lean back whenever you like while still providing the necessary support for your back. There’s also a massage chair and heating pad included. Is your back hurting right now? In this article, we take a look at the 8 top rated recliners for back pain in 2020.

Pain Relievers:

The use of a recliner can alleviate back pain. Muscles that are constantly strained are the most likely to experience trauma and pain from stress. Other causes include being pregnant, spending long periods of time sitting at a desk, or routinely carrying heavy loads. Whatever the root of your discomfort, a recliner can be a welcome relief. Recliners come in a wide range of styles and materials, and their levels of comfort vary widely. If you suffer from back pain, look no further than this up-to-date compilation of the most comfortable recliners currently available.

Improves Blood Circulation:

If aching muscles and feet have become your standard post-work complaints, a comprehensive treatment plan is in order. Recliners by Bradington Young are very useful in this regard. The primary cause of this issue is prolonged periods of sitting or standing. Because of this, blood flow is impeded by gravity, and this effect only gets worse with time. The best way to avoid these problems is to use a recliner.

Help In Aching Joints:

Arthritis sufferers frequently experience joint stiffness and swelling. Arthritis causes them a lot of pain and discomfort. Therefore, no one is better equipped to appreciate the impact that such issues have on an individual’s quality of life. Recliners help correct the angle of the joints and reposition the muscles around the joints so that they work downward. Recliners have been reclassified as a form of medical equipment due to the relief they provide for a variety of aches and pains. There is also a wide selection of chairs that can be quickly folded into a sitting position.

Building A Comfort Zone Around You:

When it comes to relaxation and relief, recliners are a great choice. They’re flexible enough to let you find a comfortable sitting position for hours on end. Whether you need to rise, sit, put your feet up, or fully recline, a recliner can accommodate your preferences. It can change to suit your preferences.

Recliners With Accessories:

Recliners come in a wide variety, some of which even have storage space within the chair itself. You can put your favorite reads and even some snacks in here.

While these features are standard on most recliners, the newest models also offer a host of other benefits. Your individualized chair will provide more comfort and useful features than standard reclining chairs once you add the optional extras.

Finally, for people who deal with stress on a regular basis, a recliner chair is a solid and dependable option. If you’re looking to improve your physical and mental health, a recliner chair is the way to go, regardless of where your extra pounds are coming from. In addition, lounging in a recliner is a stress-relieving activity that the whole family can enjoy. Everyone in the family, from the oldest to the youngest and naughtiest, can unwind in a comfortable reclining position.

How to Maintain and Care For a Recliner Chair

1. Prevent damage to your chair

It’s ideal to leap into action with a proactive mindset and implement safety precautions before any damage is done to the furnishings. Avoiding direct sunlight is the single most important thing you can do to extend the life of your recliner. Most of the chairs are upholstered in leather, which fades quickly in sunlight. Fading and cracking in the leather give it an aged, used appearance.

Limiting the penetration of particularly pungent odors is another precaution that can be taken. For instance, smokers often leave behind a lingering odor on clothing, which hastens the aging process.

Last but not least, it’s important to frequently replace the saggy cushions. This will slow down the deterioration process, which is typically hastened by heavy use.

2. Deep clean the leather

Keeping leather swivel chairs in good condition can be challenging. Despite the price, many people would rather have experts handle the situation. There is, however, a method for those who prefer to handle the cleanup on their own. Keep in mind that staying out of water is of paramount importance. The liquid leaves huge stains on the leather, which is a major drawback to using it.

A steam cleaner is the next best thing. It’s an added cost you might be unwilling to bear, but it pays off in the end. In addition to the typical dust, any odors that may have built up are also eliminated. Saddle soap is another viable option. Cleaning the seat regularly will not only keep it free of dirt, but also protect it from cracking.

3. Look after the fabric

Care for a leather recliner is more involved than care for a fabric one. However, this is not an excuse to disregard it. Vacuuming should always be the first priority. Recliner chair upholstery is often made of delicate materials and must be handled with care. It is suggested that a gentle brush be used.

Second, baby wipes are a fantastic tool for sanitizing car seats. That’s the most effective method for cleaning up minor messes.

Keeping microfiber cleaning cloth on hand is also recommended. When used in conjunction with a dedicated fabric cleaner, it can produce remarkable results. The fabric may not be as water-sensitive as the leather, but it still serves the owner best to keep it dry whenever possible.

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4. Take care of the mechanics

Reclining chairs have a mechanical mechanism that allows them to recline back and forth from an upright position. The ability to move it and change its orientation is also crucial for servicing purposes. It’s especially important in elderly recliner chairs because those people often can’t take good care of their furniture. It’s important to remember to oil the moving parts on a regular basis.

Proactivity is always preferable to reaction, so keep that in mind. Don’t wait for the chair to start making noise or the safety of the movement to be suddenly compromised. If you remember to oil it beforehand, it will last you a long time and perform reliably.


Sofas that recline offer greater comfort and relief than those that don’t. For this reason, it is important that you are aware of the best reclining sofa brand. La-Z-Boy, Southern Motion, Bradington Young, MotionCraft, Klaussner, and Jackson Catnapper are all represented here.

You can find the best model for your needs by looking through their catalogs and comparing different options. To that end, we offer this review.