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Do you know how much capacity a washing machine can hold? The Kenmore Elite 31633 and more is one of many new models and large-capacity washing machines on the market today.

Large washers have the capacity to wash up to 30 bath towels at a time. In the event that you have a large family, purchasing a washer that can handle more laundry is an ideal choice.

Even if you have a lot of washing, an extra-large washer can handle it. The more substantial the washer, the quicker you can do your washing. A laundry machine that fits and supports you in your everyday upbringing when dealing with your laundry.

How many laundries For Each Capacity?

Washer capacity comes in a variety of sizes, depending on the manufacturer. They can be categorized into four groups: compact, small, medium, and giant. Around 6 bath towels will fit in a compact washer, which has a capacity of 2.30 to 2.45 cubic feet. It takes 12-14 pounds of laundry or nine thick, full-sized bath towels to fill a small tub (3.2 gallons). Medium capacity washers have a capacity of about 4.5 and can wash between 14 and 16 pounds of clothes, or approximately 11 towels. Large and extra-large capacity are roughly 5.0 cubic feet and can hold up to 20 to 25 pounds of laundry or about 17 towels…

What Is The Biggest Washer Capacity? 5 Best Reasons To Get Yours! - Krostrade

How Much Space Do You Need?

Think about it: How much space do you actually need to keep your household running smoothly? The common consensus is that the advice should be broken down by the number of people living in the family. A small front-loading washer, such as the Bosch 300 Series 2.2 cu. ft., can be sufficient for a two-person home. When it comes to washing clothes, a family of four needs a medium-sized washer like the GE® 4.5 Cubic Feet Capacity Washer with Stainless Steel Basket. Laundry machines with a large to extra-large capacity are best suited for households with multiple people.

Which Has The Largest?

How much water can a top-loading washer hold? With washers averaging 5.2 cubic feet, GE Appliances has a wide range to choose from for your family’s laundry needs. You can get this machine from Whirlpool as well: the 5.0 cubic foot front-load washer with Load and Go. However, Maytag’s Maytag Top Load Extra Large Capacity Agitator Washer has a massive 6.0 cubic feet of capacity. The PowerWash® System and an integrated heater in this Maytag top-load washer help detergent work harder, ensuring that even huge loads come out clean after each cycle.

What The Biggest Washer Capacity Is?

Which washer has the largest capacity? A washing machine with a capacity of 12 pounds or more is a good one. A top-loading washing machine with a capacity of between 3 and 4 cubic feet. Any household could benefit greatly from these items. In most cases, front-loading washers are the best option for washing heavy loads of laundry. An extra-large front load washing machine, for example, can wash 20 to 24 pounds of laundry in a single cycle and at a time, It may be beneficial to learn how to calculate the capacity of a washing machine’s tub.

Benefits Of Using A Samsung Washer

We can’t dispute that even a basic washing machine can assist alleviate some of the burdens of daily life. The greater the amount of room in your washer, the greater the likelihood that you will be able to do jobs more quickly. The capacity and capability of a washing machine are clearly visible to the end user. When a person sees a device that saves them time and effort, they reap the rewards in spades. As a result, a user who is aware of the washer’s capacity enhances its effectiveness.

The Importance Of A Big Washer On Households

When we hear “huge washer,” we know it’s a large washing machine that can handle a lot of laundry. If you’ve got a lot of people in your family who do their own laundry, this is a big assistance. In families, having a large washer allows it to perform at its optimum to complete jobs more quickly. It can both save time and allow for more family time. Furthermore, even though large washers are pricey, they are well worth the investment.

Reasons To Use Big Washers

There are numerous benefits to utilizing large washers in the home. When we hear the word “washer,” we think of a technology that is a huge aid to laundry facilities in terms of speed and efficiency. It has the following benefits:

#1. Decrease the need to bend over when loading and unloading.

When loading and unloading, a person’s reduced need to bend over means less difficulty. It aids a person’s ability to maintain a correct posture while performing various jobs.

#2. Has a gentler action

Although they are gentler, big washers are still very effective. It can prolong the life of the garments. This means that the washing machine won’t ruin your clothes because of its powerful movement.

#3.Not prone to odors

Odors, mold, and mildew have a hard time growing in large washers because of the lack of space. It’s a great feature to look for in a washing machine that’s right for your home and your needs. A fair implication and complement may be provided by clothing that is impervious to smells, mold, and mildew.

#4. Practical

It would be helpful if you could give us an indication of how long a significant washer could endure. Depending on the model, a washing machine can last between 10 and 14 years. An excellent type of home appliance for completing tasks quickly and easily.

#5. Saves time

One of the best things about a machine is that it speeds up the process and so saves the user time. Using a Samsung Washer saves time and allows the user to spend quality time with loved ones, friends, and himself.

Why There’s A Need To Know The Capacity Of A Washer?

Your new washer should have enough room to accommodate all of your clothes, especially since this appliance will be used for a variety of functions and will be a crucial part of your daily routine. to be well-versed in its features and applications

Being practical and aware of your washer’s capability indicates that you are open to its benefits. Before using and filling your washer, make sure to familiarize yourself with the dos and don’ts.

What You Should Know About Washers For Large Families


A washer’s capacity is the most important factor in determining whether or not it is suitable for a large family. Depending on the capacity of a washing machine’s drum, the more laundry you can fit into a single cycle, the greater the cubic foot count.

Between 4.2 cubic feet and 4.5 cubic feet is the typical washing machine drum capacity. If you’ve got a family of four, this drum size will handle their weekly laundry needs. For large families, however, we search for washing machines with at least 5.0 cubic feet of capacity; this is because we expect larger and more frequent laundry loads.

An average 5.0-cu.-ft. capacity drum can hold 20 to 22 lbs. of washing, or about 1.5 times as much as a standard top- or front-load washer can hold, according to the Spruce.

With a capacity of 6.2 cu. ft. and the ability to fit 30 bath towels in one load, the Kenmore Elite 31633 is our largest washer. If you have a lot of children and adults living in the same house, you’ll need a washer with a lot of room.


Cycle time is another another feature that makes a washer suitable for households with multiple members. You may have to run numerous cycles of laundry in a day, even with huge capacity washers like the ones indicated below; it’s best for everyone if those cycles don’t take too long.

Since there’s more laundry to clean, you’d assume that a larger load would result in a longer cycle time. As a result, several manufacturers have developed methods for fast dispersing and flushing detergent from the machine, reducing the amount of time you’ll spend waiting for your clothes to dry. A high-powered rinse is used to remove detergent from the garments after they have been sprayed with detergent, like LG’s TurboWash.


Finally, the washing machine must be able to clean even the dirtiest of items in one cycle. As the household grows, it’s impossible to check every piece of clothing to ensure it’s clean; everything must be done correctly the first time. We’ve compiled a list of top-rated washing machines for large families that have high capacity, rapid cycles, and excellent stain removal.

Other Washers We Tested


The 4.5-cu.-ft. LG WM3500CW front-load washer is an excellent value if you’re on a tight budget. If you’re looking for a washing machine that lets you control every aspect of its operation, go no further than this LG model. The stain-removal abilities of this washer are comparable to or better than those of more expensive washers, according to our lab testing.

You can save money on your power bills by using the Cold Wash option, and the Fresh Care feature keeps your clean laundry tumbling while you’re away, so it doesn’t go bad in the washer. Last but not least, Google Assistant is compatible with this washer. Vocal commands could be used to start your washer. The LG WM3500CW is a wonderful all-in-one cleaner with a low price tag that provides excellent cleaning performance.


Customizations galore!

Every cycle removes stains with ease.

Google Assistant allows you to make use of voice commands.


It has a built-in water heater

Slower than normal

Maytag MHW8630HC

The MHW8630HC is the greatest Maytag washer we’ve tested to date, thanks to its combination of stain removal, a large drum, and a slew of features. Everything from red wine to oil was no match for the Heavy Duty cycle during our cleaning testing. The MHW8630HC’s integrated water heater was also a big plus for us. A temperature of 130°F was reached during the Sanitize cycle, making it possible to remove the majority of illness-causing germs.

Maytag MHW8630HC Front-Load Washer Review - Reviewed

A excellent washer isn’t made by just cleaning. Laundry can also be made easy with the help of this Maytag. There is no need to continually breaking out the detergent bottle because it includes an automated detergent dispenser that carries soap for up to eight loads. Fresh Hold and Overnight Wash & Dry are also included with the MHW8630HC. As a result, a full-sized load can be washed and dried, or a shirt or two can be washed and dried, thanks to these two capabilities.


Cyclists with heavy-duty power

Quite a few options

Controls that are easier to use



Slow-moving waves

LG WM4500

The LG WM4500HBA front-loader is an excellent choice if you have a lot of laundry to do. Every 18 cycles, the automatic detergent and fabric softener dispensers will need to be refilled, but the 5-cubic-foot drum will help you get through piles of dirty clothes. Smart features like remote start and notifications, which might aid in accessibility are also included in this model (or for those of us who set a cycle going and then completely forget about it).

The WM4500HBA’s cleaning performance is adequate for light-soiled laundry, however it may not be able to completely remove stubborn stains from the fabric. In the end, we think this machine does what it sets out to accomplish, which is to quickly clean a large amount of dirty laundry. Due to its big capacity, this washer is best suited for households with multiple people or for individuals who like to layer on the comforters and blankets in their beds.


Drum with a lot of space

Quick turnaround times

Features that are both innovative and practical


The average power to clean



Great design features include a graphite steel finish with clean lines and smooth curved edges on the LG WM8100HVA washing machine.

This LG washer is a good one on top of its good aesthetics. It’s better than average when it comes to removing tough stains. Drying time and cost are both reduced because to the machine’s efficient spin cycle. Laundry may be done in huge batches thanks to the machine’s 5.2 cubic-foot drum capacity. The icing on the cake is that it completes most cycles in a matter of seconds.

A sanitize cycle is available for extremely filthy garments, and steam cleaning is also available. There is also a decent warranty on top of that.

The price, as is so often the case, is the only stumbling block. Despite our enthusiasm for the LG WM8100HVA, we must point out that equal performance and features can be found in machines costing hundreds of dollars less than the asking price of the WM8100HVA.



High transpiration rate

Steam has a wide range of options.


Not quite kind


Samsung WF50K7500AW

There’s a lot of focus on the Samsung WF50K7500AW front-load washer’s AddWash feature—an extra door on the front that does nothing—instead of on its stain removal and speed, which are the real selling points of this large-capacity machine. Even with a heavy load of laundry, the Normal cycle is able to remove stains in just 30 minutes. For the most stubborn stains, the Heavy cycle is even more effective than the Normal cycle. The Eco Cold cycle allows you to save money on water heating by using less energy.

You may control the water temperature, soil level, and spin quantity in a specific cycle as well as additional rinses and spin options in this high-tech washer. It’s a great washer for large families because it can handle a lot of washing in a short period of time.


With the addition of the Super Speed function, the cycles are shorter.

On the Heavy Duty cycle, the stain removal is excellent.

Excess water is flushed out of the system by spinning the water a few


AddWash is a pointless functionality.


In terms of features and performance, the GFW850SPNRS from GE is one of the best washing machines on the market. On this washer, GE introduces a door gasket that integrates Microban antibacterial materials and a through-door vent system that doubles as a dryer for small loads of laundry. A reversible door, a sapphire blue finish, a 5-cubic-foot capacity, automatic detergent dosing, and a steam cycle are just a few of the many features that make this washer a standout among the competition.

What actually matters when purchasing a washer is its performance, and this one delivers. The four cycles we tried (Normal, PowerWash, Quick Wash, and Delicates) all showed great stain removal skills and low wear and tear on our laundry. With its 21-minute Quick Wash cycle, you’ll have clean clothes in a flash. Look no farther than the GE GFW850SPNRS for an impressive washing machine that you won’t mind showing off to guests.


Stain removal done right

Odors are minimized thanks to the ventilation system.

Sanitize is excellent.


Bulky/Bedding cycle and poor quick drying


Whirlpool WFW9620HC

The Whirlpool WFW9620HC washer will be especially popular among today’s more technologically savvy households. By virtue of its automatic detergent dispenser and touchscreen control panel, this machine will allow you to accomplish an enormous amount of laundry in an extremely short time period of time. You can also start, stop, and track the cycles of this smart washer on the Whirlpool app if you want to keep tabs on your clothes without having to manually check on it.

When it comes to getting the most value for your money, pick the Normal cycle, which completed our test load in roughly 40 minutes. In spite of the fact that the Quick cycle didn’t get the job done as well as the other cycles, it still took just 13 minutes to wash two light-soiled outfits. There was some residual moisture in the garments, but that’s to be expected when using a dryer. The Whirlpool WFW9620HC may be the appropriate washer for you if you want a machine that does everything it can to alleviate typical laundry problems.


A quick and easy wash.

Apps that are easy to use


Cycles come to an end with a lot of damp clothes.

Not quite kind


Kenmore Elite 41983

To earn Kenmore’s “Elite” designation, a washing machine must be the best in the business. The Kenmore Elite 41983 is exactly what it says on the tin. Just 30 minutes for a Normal cycle and 18 minutes for a Quick cycle are required by this 5.2 cubic foot washer.

It’s not only fast, but it’s also effective at cleaning. To avoid your clothes drying in a clump if you’re running late to the washing machine, the Stay Fresh feature keeps them gently tumbling for up to 19 hours after the cycle has finished.


Stain removal is her specialty.

Quick turnaround times

Wireless Internet Protocol (Wi-Fi)




With the LG WT7900HBA top-loading washer, you’ll find an appliance that can handle a lot of washing and various laundry scenarios. With a capacity of 5.5 cubic feet (most standard washers only have a capacity of 4.8 cubic feet), an Allergy cycle (said to eliminate pet dander and dust mites), and seven steam cycles, this washer has a lot to offer (including Normal, Allergiene, and Sanitary).

There’s also a nice short cycle time. Only 30 minutes separate Normal and Speed Wash cycles. The Heavy Duty cycle, which we found to be the most effective at removing stains and to take less than two hours to complete, is the one to use if your stains are really stubborn. There are more efficient LG front-load washers out there, but the LG WT7900HBA is a top-load washer with a huge tub, quick cycle times, and steam cycles. If you’re looking for a larger tub, faster cycle times, and steam cycles, this washer could be for you.


Cycles of steam

The cycle of allergic reactions

It can hold 5.5 cubic feet


Our search turned up nothing.

Samsung WA50R5400AV

In terms of design and functionality, the Samsung WA50R5400AV top-load washer is an excellent choice. With a soft-close top, a built-in faucet for pre-treating stained areas, and a fingerprint-resistant black stainless steel finish, this washer is an excellent value for the money.

While the Heavy Duty cycle removed the most stains, the Normal cycle came in a close second. A 55-minute Normal cycle may be too short or too lengthy for you, depending on your goals. As a bonus, this washer offers a “Super Speed” option that will decrease your normal cycle time to as low as 36 minutes. To get a high-end washer at an affordable price, check out the Samsung WA50R5400AV.


Faucet with built-in storage

Controls that are simple to operate


Wet clothes are left behind after a washing cycle

Maytag MVW7232HW

The Maytag MVW7232HW top-load washer is a terrific blend of modern conveniences and tried-and-true design. It’s a great machine. With 5.3 cubic feet of capacity and an Extra Power stain remover booster, this washer is able to handle heavy loads without sacrificing cleaning performance. ‘ People who enjoy having control over the amount of water in their wash may appreciate the Deep Fill option, which lets you add different quantities of extra water into your wash cycle.

The Normal and Heavy Duty cycles on this washer feature some of the best stain removal rates of any that have ever passed through our testing facilities. Furthermore, we discovered that this washer is gentle on your clothing. When compared to some of the other washers on the market, the Maytag MVW7232HW has a few extra minutes of cycle time (the Normal cycle takes about 40 minutes), but the cleaning power it provides is worth the extra time.


Massive drumbeat

Option of a deep filling



Slow-moving waves

Uncomfortably loud.

Samsung FlexWash WV60M9900AV

The Samsung FlexWash WV60M9900AV is a large front-load washer linked to a tiny top-load washer. The FlexWash, as its name implies, is awash with options. Start both a delicates and a normal cycle at the same time and see what happens!

Samsung 6.0 Cu. Ft. High Efficiency Smart Front Load Washer with Steam and FlexWash Black stainless steel WV60M9900AV - Best Buy

The steam, sanitize, and 30-minute Normal cycles are all included in the front-top-of-the-line loader’s Samsung features. Even if you can use the mini top-load washing machine to clean light-soiled things, you should still use the front-load washing machine for your dirty clothes.


Secondary washer built-in for delicates

Sanitize cycle at 153°F

Faster cycles



For the money, this product provides moderate stain removal

Whirlpool WTW7120HC

The WTW7120HC from Whirlpool is a robust washing machine. If you’re looking for a machine that can get the job done but doesn’t take up too much space, this one is a good option. It also ensures that a lot of water is wrung out throughout its spin cycles, which saves a lot of effort for your dryer.

However, the WTW7120HC is now prohibitively expensive to buy and requires a paid subscription to use its smart features after the first six months.


Decent sanitization

a well-executed spin cycle

A pre-treating brush is included inside the faucet.


The delicates cycle isn’t quite delicate.

Expensive for the amount of dirt it can remove.


A big 5.5-cubic-foot drum makes the LG WT7800CW ideal for families with a lot of laundry, as it can accommodate numerous laundry baskets at once. The WT7800CW has a Deep Wash cycle that uses more than 40 gallons of water—four times more than the Normal cycle—to clean your clothes. Not the most environmentally friendly cycle, but one that many people love from time to time

For those who prefer numerous smaller loads of laundry, this washer can handle it. A basket of laundry may be cleaned in less than 30 minutes with LG’s Turbo Wash technology. The only reason this LG doesn’t get a better rating is because its cycle times slow to a crawl when it’s fully loaded.


Massive drumbeat

Quite a few options

Single-load cycles that are quick to complete


Use of a lot of water

Slower cycles for large loads

Kenmore Elite 31633

The Kenmore Elite 31633 is the largest washing machine on the market. The 31633 can reduce a mountain of filthy clothes to a molehill with its enormous 6.2-cu.-ft. capacity. This washer not only has the capacity, but it also features a high-speed spin cycle.

The 31633 uses Kenmore’s Accela Soak Technology, which reduces cycle times to one hour or less. This washer strikes the optimum combination between speed, size, and performance.


Drum set that measures in at 6.2 cubic feet.

Faster cycles


It’s difficult to unload laundry when the drum is deep.


LG WT7300CW is a great washing machine for delicates, sportswear, and other products that don’t perform as well in a washing machine as cotton. There’s a clear glass lid on this 5-cubic-foot washing machine so you can watch your clothes get cleaned underneath. Washers are also evaluated based on how much harm they do to the threads of your clothing during a single cycle, a metric known as “wear and tear.” The LG WT7300CW’s Normal and Delicates cycles were the softest we’ve seen on any of the machines we’ve tested recently.

Appliances like the WT7300CW from LG are well-known for their feature and gadget density. You still select cycles by turning a dial and pressing a button, even though it offers a lot of additional options (such Tub Clean, Turbo Wash, and Water Plus). There are a few drawbacks, like lengthier cycle times and the fact that the Quick Cycle option is located on the panel rather than on the dial, but overall, the LG WT7300CW is one of our favorite top-load washers.


The loading and unloading process is simple and straightforward.

Laundry should be treated gently.


When a cycle is slow,

Maytag MVW7230HW

The Maytag MVW7230HW top-loader costs a lot, but it gives respectable performance for a traditional top-loader if you can find it on sale. A built-in faucet and a decade-long warranty were also deemed to be nice bonuses on our tests, which found it to operate similarly to the ordinary washer.


Faucet with built-in storage

10 years of assurance



For the price, it has a low cleaning power.

abrasive to clothing

Maytag MVW8230HC

If you’re looking for a powerful washer that can handle even the most stubborn messes, look no further. Maytag’s MVW8230HC top-load washer has a capacity of 5.2 cubic feet. As a result of its stainless steel appearance, smart features, and dial and button control panel, this Maytag washer is a perfect blend of old-school utility with modern technology.

Without activating the much-hyped Extra Power stain removal booster, the Heavy Duty cycle performed exceptionally well in our lab tests. This washer’s other nice feature is that it was quite kind on our test loads of washing, so your garments won’t wear out prematurely after numerous washes. The other cycles did a fantastic job of cleaning. The Maytag MVW8230HC washer will come in handy if you’re regularly dealing with extremely dirty laundry.


kinder to clothing

Faucet with built-in storage

Deep fill options are available.


Cleaning not up to snuff

Extremely pricey

Samsung WA52M7750AV

In the event that you don’t have a utility sink in your laundry room, you may appreciate the Activewash sink and ridged wash basin built in to the Samsung WA52M7750AV washing machine. In order to receive the greatest cleaning results, we recommend using the Heavy cycle, which takes one hour and twenty minutes to complete. Only seven minutes longer than the Normal cycle, this one is more effective at removing stains.

Using the Steam Sanitize cycle, you can use high heat and enough steam to loosen and remove stubborn stains from your clothes. A steam cycle can also be used to freshen up stale or unused clothing. Even the most demanding laundry users will find something to love about this Samsung washer’s extensive list of cycles and choices.


A built-in sink for the kitchen or bathroom.

Laundry should be treated gently.


Slow-moving waves

It’s A Wrap!

Now that you know what the largest washer capacity is, may your knowledge of what to buy and your support of it be your ideas and inspiration. To buy a washing machine signifies that you intend to use it for a longer period of time and to lead a more practical lifestyle. Buying or renting a washer and dryer for your apartment may be of interest to you as well.