What Is The Biggest Washer Size? The Pros And Cons Of A Bigger Washer

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Helen Skeates
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Is it possible to buy a large-capacity washing machine? Six various sizes are available, with the largest being “extra huge,” as you can see from the name.

There are several advantages to purchasing a washer that is bigger than the normal size or any smaller washer, so keep this in mind when you’re deciding which washer to buy.

On our days off or weekends, we have a lot to deal with at home. In addition to rearranging and removing the cobwebs, we must also fight the laundry war. Nowadays, thanks to washers, doing laundry is considerably simpler than it used to be. Manufacturers are still investing in cutting-edge technology to produce a wide range of products. Consumers frequently inquire about the lifespan of their washing machines, as well as when they should get a new one and other relevant questions. However, as of today, the washer’s dimensions are likewise a hot topic. If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading!


How Much Can Large Capacity Washers Wash?

You may be wondering, “What’s the point of a front-load washing machine?” The same benefits can be gained by using a big capacity top-load washer. The tub’s design holds the key to the solution. Front loaders reduce the need for an agitator by employing the tub that sits on its side rather than as a deep tub, hence increasing capacity and allowing consumers to wash more in a single load. Buyers can find front-load washers as large as 5 cubic feet on the market, which are convenient for laundry large amounts of clothing.

Best Washers for Large Families of 2022 - Reviewed

However, what is a cubic foot, and how is it defined? There are three dimensions of washer space—height, breadth, and depth—and the cubic-rating tells you how many cubic feet of washing space are available in each. There’s no need for customers to learn a math lesson; all they need to remember is:

Compact washers: 1.9–2.9 cubic feet in capacity

Suitable for apartments, small laundry rooms, and households without a primary breadwinner.

3–4.2 cubic ft. capacity washers

Ideal for households with standard washing requirements and a modest size.

• 4.3–5.1 cu. ft. washing machines

High-volume laundry, such as a family of four, can be accommodated by this machine.

Washers with 5.2+ gallons of capacity

Large enough for a king-sized comforter and bedding set to be washed in one load; ideal for families with five or more people.

One of the advantages of front-load washers is the increased space they provide. To learn more about the advantages of a front-load washing machine, check out our top-load vs. front-load washing machine comparison.

Large-Capacity Washer Dimensions

Customers should pay special attention to the overall size of each appliance since it is necessary to create the necessary space for washing. As far as front loaders go, most of the larger models fall somewhere in the range of 27″ to 30″ wide. However, it’s the height and depth that make the big difference.

Dimensions of a large-capacity front-loading washer:

  • 38 to 40 inches tall
  • ranging from 27″ to 30″
  • Depth: 30–35 inches

Laundry closets can accommodate front-loading washers up to 30″ deep; however, freestanding washers more than 30″ deep work best in dedicated laundry rooms. Large-capacity washers, on the other hand, begin at a height of 38″. You’ll need to add at least 14″ to that height if you plan on using a laundry pedestal. Users of front-load washers have the option of stacking, which reduces the amount of floor space required by half.

What Is The Biggest Size Of Washer? Different Sizes Of Washers

If you’re shopping for a washer for the first time, I can tell you what sizes are available, both in-store and online. Laundry is one of them. Small, medium, large, and extra-large washers are all available. It was formerly thought that huge was the largest size, but this has been overtaken by extra and extralarge. In other words, is it true that customers have to purchase a huge amount of storage space and why? To assist you in determining which washer size is appropriate for your needs, I’ve compiled a list of the various sizes available and included additional explanations.

Small size

If you have a tiny space at home and only one or two people will use the laundry, a small washer and dryer may be the best solution for you. Despite its small capacity, this washer is able to conserve water, electricity, and time when doing the laundry. However, because it stores 2.3-2.45 cubic meters, or 121 to 14 pounds, each cycle only takes a few items, you’ll have to go through the process more than once if you only have one or two people in your household.

Medium size

Compared to the compact size, it has a larger capacity. It has a weight capacity of 14 to 16 pounds, making it ideal for households with two to three occupants. Because of this, the medium size is neither too little nor too large.

Large size

Even if you only have one or two people in your household, this is a good option for those who only or can do their laundry once or twice a week. It has a weight capacity of up to 20 kilograms..

Extralarge sizes

So, how large can a washing machine be before it’s considered too small? This one, on the other hand, has a capacity of up to 21 to 25 pounds, making it a better option if you have a large family or need to wash more than just your own clothes. The best and most appropriate washer for you should always be based on what you really need, not on what is more expensive. Why? Even the most advanced and high-tech washers have their own set of pros and cons. If you’re thinking about upgrading to a larger washer, weigh the benefits and drawbacks carefully. You’ll learn what to expect and what to avoid, and you’ll have a better outlook on life as a result.

The Pros And Cons Of A Bigger Washer

A perfect appliance does not exist, but you can select the one that best meets your demands. When it comes to making their products better, the manufacturer is always on the lookout for suggestions from customers. A washing machine is one of the household equipment that is considered a virtual machine.

# 1. Higher electric use

Because it uses more energy to spin the washer and wash a larger load every cycle, it takes longer than a typical cycle for a smaller washer. You should go with a smaller or medium-sized washer if you’re concerned about your utility expenditures. Compared to this one, they use less electricity. Be aware of the washing machine’s electricity usage.

#2. Longer cycle

Every cycle of the huge washers is longer than the cycles of tiny washers. The washer has to spend more time cleaning it thoroughly because there are more large loads. Typically, it takes between 30 and 40 minutes. If you’re on a tight schedule, it can take longer, and that’s not ideal for your daily routine. For those who must wash their laundry on weekends, however, this option is perfect for you.

#3. Consumes more water

This washing machine uses a lot of water because of the large tub it has. This could be a problem if you have a shaky water supply. It’s fine if you live in a location where water isn’t a problem.

#4. Replacement parts

If you need to get new parts for your washer, it could take some time. In electric stores, the small-to-large washer’s features are mainly available, but the pieces are more durable because of their capabilities, which are considered more significant.

#5. Price

If you buy a smaller size, you’ll pay less than if you get a larger one. However, if you have a large family, going with the larger model would be a better choice. Your laundry is reduced rather than re-done when each load is finished.

Our Top Large Capacity Front Load Washer Picks

If you’re looking to streamline your laundry process, check out these six exceptional washers.

Best Overall: GE® 5.0 Cu. Ft. White Smart Front Load Washer (GFW850SSNWW)

Make laundry days easier by using this GE 5.0 front-load washer to wash large loads. If you don’t have time for another step, the GE SmartDispense technology can contain up to 32 loads worth of detergent and dispense the right amount of cleaning for additional efficiency. Plus, this front-loading washer’s UltraFresh Vent System and Microban liner ensure that your clothes are always clean, from the machine to the closet.

Best Budget: Samsung 4.5 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Washer (WF45T6200AW)

This Samsung 5.0 front-load washer’s inexpensive pricing and excellent capabilities are described as “the moment you find money in your wallet before a wash.” Exclusive features such as a 30-minute Super Speed cycle, a penetrating steam option, and VRT Plus Technology for smooth and silent operation keep the jackpot rolling. This smart washer may be connected to your smartphone or tablet using the Samsung Smart Washer/Dryer app.

Best Luxury Large Capacity Front Load Washer: LG 5.0 Cu. Ft. Black Steel Mega Capacity Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Front Load Washer (WM4500HBA)

LG’s 5-cubic-foot washer has enough room for up to 20 pounds of clothes to be washed at a time. As a result, customers can complete more laundry in a shorter period of time by using larger loads. These front-loading washers are also equipped with TurboWash 360 technology, a Smart Paring function that uses AI fabric sensors, and steam power.

Best Large Capacity Front Loader w/Steam: LG 4.5 Cu. Ft. White Ultra Large Capacity Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Front Load Washer (WM4000HWA)

This LG front loader has the capacity to combat deep-set wrinkles, germs, and allergies all at once thanks to the power of steam. To establish unique drying settings, simply insert a compatible smart dryer and let an AI-powered sensor select the best wash for the fabric type. To save you even more time, it features a large capacity and the 30-minute TurboWash 360 mode. Cold Wash technology and Energy Star ratings also help you save money.

Best Large Capacity Front Loader w/Sanitize: Maytag® 4.8 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Washer (MHW6630HW)

This Maytag front-load washer is a laundry necessity because your family’s health is more crucial than ever. This machine’s Disinfect cycle kills 99.9 percent of germs and can quickly sanitize 30 towels in a single load. To get the “best cleaning performance” in its class, click the Extra Strength button and take use of the combined hot and cold water power to better fight stains than comparable washers.

Best Large Capacity Smart Front Load Washer: Whirlpool® 4.5 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Washer (WFW6620HW)

Whirlpool’s Smart Front Load Washer has straightforward controls with suggested wash settings, as well as useful wash modes like steam or sanitize. This Energy Star-certified washer has the capacity to wash more than three full baskets in a single load, proving the effectiveness of front-load washers.

The 7 Largest Top Load Washing Machine Models

3 Factors to Consider with XL Top Load Washers

  • Bathtub Depth It is possible that shorter family members will be unable to use the deep tubs on some of these enormous top loaders.
  • The dimensions of the exterior. It’s possible that your old washing machine is smaller than some of the newer models on the market. You’ll need to take into account the dimensions of the new washer and dryer you’re considering, as well as the breadth if they’re housed in a closet. Any doorways or hallways the item will have to travel through should also be measured. This is especially true in older homes, where doorways can be narrower.
  • An XL Dryer to Go With Your XL Washer. For example, a dryer designed for an average-sized washer may not be able to handle the additional load generated by a larger washer. Because overfilling the dryer can cause parts to wear out more quickly and limit its lifespan, make sure to choose a dryer that is at least 1.5 times larger than the washer’s capacity (but preferable twice the capacity).

1. Maytag MVW7230HW – 5.2 cu. ft. – $1,099

To replace the popular MVWB865GW in 2020, Maytag will release the $1,099 MVW7230HW, an agitator washer with smart Wi-Fi connectivity. Because of the agitator, the Deep Fill option, and the Extra Power button, this machine may be a good choice for those who frequently wash work clothing or other items that are particularly dirty.

Even while Maytag Commercial Technology’s 2X Life certified direct drive system and commercial springs aren’t quite on par with comparable commercial washers for home use, it’s still a fantastic choice for those who are concerned about the machine’s longevity. With its streamlined controls and tinted glass slow-close lid, this washer has a luxury look and feel. The use of automatic load size sensing technology aids in the conservation of water. This new model is Energy Star certified, unlike the previous one. A built-in water faucet makes it easier to remove loose soils or soak fabrics before starting a cycle. It’s now included. You can now start a cycle and receive an alert through Wi-Fi when the cycle is complete.

This model may be ideal for you if you prefer an agitator washing machine but are also interested in additional features that make laundry more convenient. The old 865 model (which was discontinued in 2019) retailed for the same base price as this newer model, which has more features. It’s a tad larger than the usual 27-inch washing machine, at 27.25 inches.


  • Normal/Regular, Heavy Duty, Whites, Sanitize w/Oxi, Towels, Bulky Item, Custom Cycle, Quick Wash, Delicates, Wrinkle Control, Colors, Drain & Spin, Clean Washer w/ Affresh, 13 Cycles.
  • Extra Power/Deep Clean, Deep Fill, Remote Enable, and 4 other options are available. Rinse more thoroughly, delay the start time by 1 to 12 hours, and use fabric softener
  • 850 RPM is the maximum spin speed.
  • Energy Star-qualified
  • There is a built-in water faucet for prepping
  • connection via Wi-Fi


  • The length is 27.25 inches.
  • Depth: 28″
  • 43-inch height

2. Samsung WA51A5505AW – 5.1 cu. ft. – $999

In terms of appliance innovation, the Samsung WA51A5505AW is an excellent example. The champagne and brushed black versions cost $1,099, while the white version costs $999. Using the Samsung smart washer app, you can operate and monitor your washing machine through Wi-Fi. You’ll never again be caught short on a fresh load of clothes!

This model’s Super Speed wash is a time-saving feature that can be added to a variety of wash cycles to ensure that your laundry is finished faster. In order to avoid tangling, the ActiveWave Agitator features a unique shape that is meant to minimize noise and vibration while still providing a gentle yet vigorous wash. For even quieter operation, Samsung has added Vibration Reduction Technology Plus to its original VRT. With the EZ Access tub, loading and unloading clothes is a cinch because it’s just a few inches shorter than the standard tub.

What size washing machine do I need? | CHOICE

A direct drive motor and an integrated water heater are also included in this model’s premium options. Another popular feature is the soft-close lid, which is easy to use. When it comes to the largest top-load washing machines, this is an excellent option if you frequently pre-wash your laundry or simply want a smart washer. This washing machine is 0.5 inches wider than the typical 27-inch width.


  • There are 12 preset cycles: Normal, Bedding/Waterproof, Heavy Duty, Colors, Whites, Activewear, Delicates, and many more! Rinse + Spin, Deep Wash, Quick Wash Downloaded
  • Permanent Press, Wool, Eco Cold, Denim, and Power Rinse are all available for free download.
  • Delay End, Presoak, Sound On/Off, Child Lock, Fabric Softener, Deep Fill, Super Speed, Smart Care, Smart Control, Spin Only are just a few of the 10 options available.
  • Energy Star-qualified
  • Agitator ActiveWave
  • Connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi
  • Technology for Vibration Reduction Plus
  • One hundred and seventy-five revolutions per minute (RPM).


  • The width is 27.5 inches.
  • 29.4 inches
  • 44.61 inches tall

3. Maytag MVW7232HW – 5.3 cu. ft. – $1,099

The Maytag MVW7232HW is a large capacity top-load washing machine that is reasonably priced. The MVWB835DW has been replaced by this smart capable washer, which is available in white for $1,099 or metallic slate for $1,199. The PowerWash system with a direct drive motor and a stainless steel wash basket is included in this model, as are optimum dispensers for automatically dispensing detergent, fabric softener, and oxygenated additives throughout the cycle. Instead of an agitator, it is an impeller model, which is smaller in size.

SmoothClose windowed lid, which closes slowly if your hand or head is in the way, is one of our favorites! Using the Deep Fill option and the Sanitize cycle kills 99.9 percent of common household microorganisms. Wi-Fi connectivity is now optional, allowing you to monitor and manage your washing machine from your smartphone. Stains and dirt can be pretreated using the built-in water faucet.

This model is a good substitute for our top pick if you want stain and soil removal power but don’t mind a smaller footprint or a cheaper price tag. Even though it lacks a steam option, it has a built-in water faucet, which provides it an advantage over other fully featured washers in this price range.


  • Heavy Duty, Sanitize w/ Oxi, Whites, Towels, Bulky Items and Custom Cycles are all included in the 13 cycles. Laundry options include: quick wash; delicates; wrinkle-resistant; colorfast; drain & spin; and washer cleaning.
  • Towel softener, delaying the start of the wash cycle and increasing the power of the machine are all available options.
  • Energy Star-qualified
  • There is a built-in water faucet for prepping
  • 850 RPM is the maximum spin speed.


  • The length is 27.25 inches.
  • Depth: 28″
  • 43-inch height

4. Whirlpool WTW5105HW –  4.7 cu. ft. – $899

The Whirlpool WTW5105HW agitator washer is the next item on our shopping list. The white version of this 4.7 cubic foot washer costs $899, while the chrome shadow version costs $999. As opposed to how you’re used to setting up the controls, you’ll select “What to Wash” (regular or delicates), then “How to Wash” (heavy duty or heavy-duty wash, sanitize with oxy, cold wash or quick wash) and any other settings you like. In other words, you can create up to 36 different cycle configurations and then select the most appropriate one for the given job.

Pretreat Station: A built-in faucet and scrub brush allow you to soak, scrub and wash all in one area. The Delay Start option allows you to set a cycle up to 12 hours in ahead, making it ideal for cleaning severely soiled goods. Also included is a detergent, bleach, and fabric softener dispenser drawer.

The washer has a stainless steel drum and a lid lock, as well as an edge-to-to-edge glass lid finish. There’s little doubt that this machine will give your clothing a gentle yet thorough clean at an affordable price.


  • When it comes to washing your clothes: regular, delicates and colors; whites, bulky items and towels; and towels.
  • Normal, Wrinkle Control, Heavy Duty, Sanitize with Oxi, Cold Wash, Quick, Washing Instructions
  • Delay, PreSoak, Extra Rinse, Drain & Spin are all available options in addition to Clean Washer and Fabric Softener.
  • Incorporated faucet and pretreatment brush in one convenient pretreatment station.
  • “What to Wash” and “How to Wash” are both easily accessible via simple touch controls.


  • The length is 27.25 inches.
  • 27875-inch depth
  • Inches: 42.81125

5. Whirlpool WTW7120HW – 5.3 cu. ft. – $1,099

There are two color options for the Whirlpool WTW7120HW: white ($1,099) and chrome shadow ($1,199). Whirlpool’s Intuitive Controls – “What to Wash” and “How to Wash” – are also included in this 5.3 cubic foot washer for configuring wash cycles. It is possible to customize the cycle for the load by changing the combination of temperature, soil level, and spin speed indicators.

Load and Go from Whirlpool lets you put in enough detergent for up to 20 washes, then the washer takes care of everything else for you. You can pre-treat stains and grime with the Pretreat Station Plus’ integrated dual-temperature faucet and brush. For more effective spot treatment, you can also use the faucet water with detergent added. Loose soils should be cleaned with the Deep Water Wash option. Smart connectivity can save you time and effort by alerting you when a cycle is complete.

It’s simple to monitor a load’s progress thanks to the LED display, which provides the expected time remaining. Stains and soils may be tackled more easily with the help of the pre-treatment station and adaptive wash technology, such as Active Bloom wash action.


  • When it comes to washing your clothes: regular, delicates and colors; whites, bulky items and towels; and towels.
  • Normal, Wrinkle Control, Heavy Duty, Sanitize with Oxi, Cold Wash, Quick, Washing Instructions
  • Load & Go; Delay Start; Deep Water Wash; Fabric Softener; Clean Washing Machine with Affresh; Drain & Spin; Rinse & Spin; and Remote Enabled
  • Energy Star-qualified
  • Connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi
  • “What to Wash” and “How to Wash” are both easily accessible via simple touch controls.


  • The length is 27.25 inches.
  • Depth: 28″
  • Inches tall: 43.5

6. LG WT7800CW – 5.5 cu. ft. – $1,249

Other top-load washing machine models that have received good reviews include the LG WT7800CW. There are several cycles and options to choose from with this model. A powerful wash motion is created using TurboWash 3D Technology, which utilizes an impeller that rotates in the opposite direction of the drum for a gentle clean that is nonetheless effective. This is a fascinating alternative to an agitator, while still satisfying the preference of some customers for higher garment turnover and more vigorous washing activity……….

When it comes to germs, bacteria, and allergens, this washer’s Sanitize cycle is an excellent choice. In larger loads, the TurboWash technology reduces wash time by 20 minutes without reducing cleaning performance. With options like a waterproof cycle, stain care, water plus, and soak, you have more control over how you deal with soiled goods.

Large families will appreciate this top-load washer’s SmartRinse Jet Spray System and LoDecibel Quiet Operation, as well as its SlamProof lid. The regular 27-inch width allows it to pass through tight doorways and into even the tiniest laundry rooms.


  • All-in-One Cycles: Pre-Wash+Normal/Delicate/Perm Press/Speed/Waterproof/Bedding/Deep Wash/Oxi Sanitize Downloaded
  • A total of 14 options are available: soak, extra rinse, add garments, delay washing, control lock, water plus, ColdWashTM, rinse and spin, spin alone, stain care, tub cleaning and signal, remote start and Wi-Fi……….
  • Energy Star-qualified
  • Maximum rotational speed: 950 revolutions per minute.
  • LoDecibel Quiet Operation and the TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System


  • The width is 27 inches.
  • Depth: 28.4′′
  • Inches tall: 44.5

7. Samsung WA54R7600AC – 5.4 cu. ft. – $1,249

Samsung’s WA54R7600AC is the final model in our list of the largest top-load washers. It comes in a champagne color for $1,249 and has a stainless steel tub. Pretreatment of stains and dirt is facilitated by the Active WaterJet faucet, and the Self Clean cycle uses hot water jets and high spin speeds to rid the wash tub of bacteria and odors. In order to effectively remove stains without harming your clothing, the Deep Fill and Steam options are also available.

Compared to the original Vibration Reduction Technology, VRT+ technology decreases vibration 40% more effectively. Samsung’s Smart Care app and soft-close glass lid are also helpful features. In order to avoid snags and remove water more quickly, the Swirl+ Drum’s interior has been specially constructed to be exceptionally smooth.

In addition to its enormous capacity, this washer boasts a slew of useful functions. It is able to clean your garments in a way that is tailored to their specific needs. The AUI and braille controls were included as part of the overall design for ease of use. The tub has a three-year warranty, while the motor has a ten-year warranty from Samsung. See the owner’s handbook for further information.


  • Wet/Dry Bedding/Waterproof Activewear Quick Wash, Rinse + Spin Delicates Darks Self-Cleaning Whites Self-Cleaning
  • It has a total of nine settings: one for spinning, one for sprinkling fabric softener and one for turning off the alarm clock.
  • Energy Star-qualified
  • Technology for Vibration Reduction Plus
  • A built-in faucet with an Active WaterJet for pre-treating
  • An app that connects to Samsung’s Smart Care service
  • One hundred and seventy-five revolutions per minute (RPM).


  • 27.6 inches
  • 29.4 inches
  • 44.61 inches tall

These are the final models we think will be the biggest top-loading washing machines in 2022. On our list, review #6 from LG is the largest at 5.5 cubic feet, followed by review #7 from Samsung. In addition to having the fastest spin speeds, the LG model also has the highest RPM spin speeds. The Whirlpool models (#4 and #5) may be an excellent alternative for you if you find typical control configurations to be difficult to understand, but still want a wide range of wash programs and options.

What else are you searching for in a top-load washer besides its dimensions? A top-loading washer may be the ideal option for you if you’ve studied the pros and cons of front and top-loading models. Do you prefer a machine with a large number of wash options or one that is as straightforward to use as possible?

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

How We Picked the Best Large Capacity Front Loaders

Buyers should take into account the machine’s performance rating, as well as its capacity, when deciding on a washing machine for their home. When looking for a large-capacity front loader, these are the three most important things to consider.


The modern laundry equipment is the front-load washing machine, which saves water and uses tumble agitation to be gentler on materials.

For this reason alone, they are the more energy-efficient choice among the available washers.

Take the drum, for example. Efficient moisture wicking and clothing-free designs are two of our favorite features in drum models.

Keep an eye out for models that require little to no upkeep. Mold and mildew can grow on the gasket, door, and dispenser, although unique technologies have made these less of a problem.

Wi-Fi connectivity is also a favorite of ours, especially when used in conjunction with a connected dryer. This aids in making laundry day as simple as loading and unloading.


Models with reversible doors are highly sought after in terms of layout. They allow you to customize the appliance to fit your needs rather than the other way around.

Door design

Additionally, the placement of the buttons and how they function are critical. Smart buttons on certain models allow the washer and dryer to be managed from a single dial, a significant benefit in our view!


What more can you do with a front-loading washer besides washing a lot of clothes? Sanitize? Decrease wrinkles with steam? Is there a way to wash in a hurry? You can make the most of the extra room provided by a large-capacity front-load washer by considering these and a slew of other aspects.

Best Large Capacity Front Load Washer Brands

We’ve put together a list of five of the top front-load washing machine brands to help you get the job done.


Few can argue that this item is an essential part of our daily lives. GE’s large-capacity front load washer series has stood the test of time with a 10-year limited warranty on all models, thanks to the company’s long history of producing high-quality appliances. On top of that, several models in the collection have earned a Good Housekeeping seal of approval as high-performance washers ideal for the modern home.

Few can argue that this item is an essential part of our daily lives. GE’s large-capacity front load washer series has stood the test of time with a 10-year limited warranty on all models, thanks to the company’s long history of producing high-quality appliances. A number of these washers have also received the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for their high performance and suitability for modern homes.

Few can argue that this item is an essential part of our daily lives. Large-capacity front load washers from GE have a 10-year limited guarantee, continuing the company’s tradition of building high-quality appliances for more than a hundred years. More than that, Good Housekeeping has given their stamp of approval to numerous models in the collection for their high-performance washers perfect for today’s homes.

This is a great option for anyone on a tight budget who still want high-quality performance, as well as for families with individuals who are very health-conscious. GE front load washers are featured in this article.


When a company is named a J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction winner year after year, there isn’t much more to say about its success. Using a wide range of high-capacity front load washers packed with cutting-edge washer and user features, Samsung has achieved this accomplishment. Smart features such a 28-minute Super Speed Wash cycle, Wi-Fi connectivity, and the VRT Plus technology for quiet operation are available on some models.

CleanGuard antimicrobial material is also used in other models to defend against bacteria and mold growth in high-contact locations such as the detergent dispenser and the drum.

In the $949–$1,347 range.

Samsung smart front-load washers, which can run from a smart device and learn user behaviors for straightforward and effective washes, are ideal for smart appliance fans.


Once again, a brand that offers a more uncomplicated approach to laundry with minimal washing requirements is recognized by J.D. Power as a winner in the category of customer satisfaction. Some of the more unusual options include a 15-minute wash cycle and a wash and dry option that transforms the washing machine into a dryer complete with a built-in fan.

Pricing varies from $949 up to $1,599.

If you’re in the market for a large capacity front load washer at a reasonable price, you should check out Whirlpool’s offerings. These washers are powerful workhorses with user-approved usability because to their high performance and simple to use features.


LG’s large-capacity front-load washers are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a lot of bells and whistles in your laundry equipment. Whether it’s the 30-minute TurboWash 360 or LG’s Smart Pairing drying technology, each model in this lineup is a showcase of the company’s industry-leading innovation. The Allergy Cycle and a 10-year warranty on the Inverter DirectDrive Motor are two more notable exclusives.

For even more washing versatility, each of these Energy Star-certified washers may be coupled with a suitable LG SideKick pedestal washer.

$799–$1,499 range in price

Customers looking for the best washer features will not be disappointed with LG’s offerings. Recommended for:


Maytag’s high-capacity front-load washers are simple but effective. Consumer Reports has recognized each model as a high performer thanks to the revolutionary Extra Ability button that combines multiple water temps for improved stain-fighting power. They also have the “most powerful cleaning in the business” among front load washers in their class and a 10-year limited parts warranty for even greater value. Our Maytag washer and dryer review will tell you more about what the brand has to offer.

Between $949 and $1,299 is the price range.

Maytag washers are a great option for those who are seeking for a domestic brand.

Best washing machines 2022: Affordable and efficient appliances | The Independent

Shop Large Front Loading Washing Machines at Spencer’s

In your laundry room, washing and drying clothes has just become a little easier thanks to the extra space provided by a large front-loading washing machine Spencer’s TV & Appliances has a wide variety of products to choose from, and these seven are our experts’ favorites.

Shop online or visit one of our appliance showrooms in Arizona, including Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, and Scottsdale, to see what’s available.

It’s a Wrap!

You’ll save money on water and electricity costs, as well as time and effort, by investing in a larger capacity washer. To wash your clothing thoroughly and more quickly than you can by hand, all washers, regardless of their size, have the same purpose in mind. You’ve now learned the dimensions of the largest washer. In addition, you may want to learn more about what a washer is and how to properly balance a washer.

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