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If you want to know what kind of bed frame you may use with the Puffy mattress, this is a great option. You can’t just pick any bed frame because it works with all of them. So why not start with a frame from Puffy in the first place.

To keep the Puffy mattress in place, you may also want to check out these other recommendations. However, knowing how to set up your bed correctly is always a good idea to ensure its stability and longevity. You may also compare the Puffy mattress to other mattresses to get an idea of how it stacks up.

What Bed Frame To Use For The Puffy Mattress?

The fact that Puffy works on any surface is one of the many reasons it’s a great mattress. You can put it on any bed frame as long as the dimensions are the same and there are no damages to the foundation that would compromise its ability to sustain the bed. Alternatively, if you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of purchasing the wrong frame or using a damaged frame, Puffy also offers an upholstered bed frame.

Puffy upholstered bed frame

Full, king, queen, and California king sizes are available in the Puffy upholstered bed frame. Puffy’s warranties and trial periods apply to this mattress, as well. As a result, you’ll be able to test out the Puffy bed frame for 101 nights before making a final decision.

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Is the Puffy bed frame worth it?

The Puffy bed frame has a starting price of $899, and it’s well worth the money because of the features that suit both practical needs and aesthetic preferences.


Quality fabric and seams, premium wood slats, and heavy-duty hardware make the Puffy bed frame a durable option. In addition, you won’t need a box spring for your original Puffy memory foam mattress because the base comes with it. Up to 600 pounds of weight can be supported.


Using the Puffy bed frame, you may sit upright on your bed easily. Your back will be pleasantly supported if you rest your head on the headboard’s cushion. The frame is also quiet, allowing you a peaceful night’s sleep.


To ensure a smooth delivery process, the Puffy bed frame is sent via FedEx, much as the Puffy mattresses. You won’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to putting your new bed together. In the long run, the Puffy bed frame’s textile upholstery is easy to clean for quick upkeep.


Puffy’s bed frame is more than just a sturdy piece of furniture. With a cool, neutral-gray hue and upholstered finish, it is also visually pleasing. It should go well with just about every type of bedroom decor.

Features and Benefits of the Puffy Mattress Bed Frame

To extend the life of your mattress, use a high-quality Puffy Mattress Bed Frame on top of it. Let’s check out why this bed frame is a perfect fit in your bedroom.

Strong wooden foundation

Many mattresses are put on top of box springs for extra stability. A divan, which is another name for a box spring, is a type of bed base. All throughout the box spring’s metal or wood structure, you’ll find a slew of springs. As you move around the mattress, the mattress’s height is raised by the box spring, which also absorbs some of the impact.

The main problem with box springs is that in time, the springs will weaken, causing the base to sag or form soft spots in some areas. Also, weak springs may soon break. If the edges are sharp, they will poke through the cloth cover, possibly even damaging your mattress.

Noise free

When the springs in a box spring begin to wear out, the base will sag and soft places will appear. Weak springs are also at risk of collapsing. If the edges are sharp, they may penetrate the textile cover and damage your mattress.

For a quieter sleep experience, opt for the Puffy Mattress Bed Frame, which eliminates the need for springs altogether. The frame is built to withstand even the tiniest of movements, so you won’t have to worry about it shifting. This means that you don’t have to be concerned about disturbing sounds if you’re having a love affair, playing with your kids, or simply moving around a lot while you’re trying to go asleep.

Cooler and more comfortable sleep

Thick cloth is used to cover the frame of a box spring bed base. Depending on the quality of the cloth, the mattress may become warmer due to a lack of cool air flow. However, if you live in a warmer area you may find it difficult to fall asleep because of this. An air-conditioning breakdown might leave you with an uncomfortable and warm night’s sleep, especially if it occurs at night.

The Puffy Mattress Bed Frame, on the other hand, is a different story. For cooler, breezier nights, the mattress has broad gaps between the slats.

Higher position from the floor

While you can put your mattress directly on the floor, you certainly don’t want to do that. That’s because there are nasty things on the floor that can contaminate your mattress. Dust, bugs, and debris can quickly wear it down. Besides, you don’t want to sleep with these critters and allergens, do you? In addition, sleeping on your mattress on the floor quickly frays down your bed’s fibers.

Soft fabric headboard

The padded cushion is covered in a proprietary Cooling Cloud fabric. To the touch, this fabric is supple and cool.

Contemporary yet versatile style

There’s nothing wrong with the aesthetic of a classic or Victorian-inspired bed frame on its own. In a bedroom with an entirely different style, though, it doesn’t look right. With the current shift in architectural and interior design preferences, you also require a sleeping system that blends seamlessly into a more contemporary setting.

In order to achieve a modern appearance, the Puffy Mattress Bed Frame was meticulously crafted. Because of this, it has a clean, uncomplicated look and feel. Due to the frame’s cool, neutral gray upholstery, the frame may be used with virtually any modern bedroom design or color palette.

It doesn’t matter what style of décor you have in your bedroom; the Puffy Mattress bed frame is basic enough to fit in. Once the mattress and the frame are covered in an extra large quilted, old style, or multi-colored printed bed cover, you’re set to go.

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High quality frame

Slat-style bed frames that are poorly designed and made of subpar materials may wear down over time.

The Puffy Bed Frame is not compatible. Premium materials, sophisticated engineering, and heavy-duty hardware make the product sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. Without sacrificing comfort, the frame provides a strong foundation for your mattress.

Premium stitching

With its neutral gray material, the Puffy Bed Frame is a wonderful addition to any room. The material is double-stitched to provide long-term durability and avoid premature fraying.

Easy to clean

Your bed frame will get soiled at some point. The fabric might get a little soiled with your morning coffee. Shredded hair from your dog can get embedded in the fibers. Every bedroom has the same problem: Dust.

Having an easy-to-clean bed frame like the Puffy Bed Frame is a nice thing. Use a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean the surface of the fabric. To remove fresh stains, use a moist cloth to remove the stain. Baking soda and water make an effective stain remover. Then use an old toothbrush to gently clean the residue off the stain after it has sat for a bit.

The bed frame will keep its good appearances and smell for many years with minimal effort on your part.

Different sizes

For a perfect fit with your mattress and the space you have available, Puffy offers a variety of bed frames in a variety of sizes. Compare the dimensions of your mattress to those of the bed frame indicated below. The height of the sideboard is shown in the second-to-last picture, while the headboard is shown in the last figure.

  • To the farthest extent of the imagination
  • Size of a Queen: 64.5″ x 87.5″ x 17″
  • Size of a King: 80″ x 87.5″ x 17″ x 51″
  • the dimensions of the Cal King Size: 76 by 91.5-inch by 17-inch by 51-inch.

Free shipping

Puffy Bed frames are shipped to customers within 2 to 5 business days of an order being placed. If you live in one of the 48 contiguous states on the mainland of the United States, you are eligible for free shipping. Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada residents must pay a reasonable shipping price.

101 night trial

If you don’t have the bed frame, you won’t know if it’s perfect for your specific requirements. While the product has a lot of excellent reviews and a lot of nice marketing, you prefer to test it for yourself to see if it’s right for you.

So that you can see if the bed frame is perfect for you, Puffy offers a risk-free 101-night sleep trial. Test for more than three months before deciding whether it’s worth the money!

Puffy is certain that you’ll be pleased with your purchase. As long as the product is returned within 101 nights of its purchase date, you can get a full refund. After that, you’ll get your money back, less the delivery cost. For information on how to return a product, get in touch with Puffy.

Lifetime warranty

All Puffy items, including the bed frame, are backed by a lifetime warranty for your piece of mind.

Defects caused by shoddy workmanship or inferior materials are covered under the guarantee. Claim filing is simple. You can contact the company via email and include a photo of the fault as well as a description of the problem. Puffy’s customer support team will get in touch with you to walk you through the process within the next seven days. A new bed frame will be sent to you or the one you purchased will be repaired by the firm. The lifetime warranty is void if the product is damaged by normal use, abuse, or misuse.

Return policy

Puffy only accepts returns for items purchased directly from the company’s website, for products still covered by Puffy’s 101-night trial, or for items still covered by Puffy’s warranty. Refunds can only be made once a year per family.

You get a complete refund minus the shipping costs if you return your bed frame.

Comprehensive sleep system

As a part of a full sleep solution, the Puffy Mattress bed frame is included. Besides beds, the company offers a wide range of other bedroom-related items for sale. Among them:

  • foam mattresses with a layer of memory
  • Pillows with memory foam
  • bedclothes
  • blankets
  • Pillow protectors
  • movable tables and chairs
  • nightstands


Despite the overwhelming amount of favorable features and reviews, the Puffy Mattress Bed Frame has failed to reach the 5-star category. Despite the company’s claim that the directions are simple to follow, several consumers have expressed dissatisfaction. The pictures are difficult to follow, and the text is sparse.

Furthermore, there are no pre-drilled holes for the legs in the frame. If you don’t have an electric screwdriver or drill, you’ll have to put the screws in manually and tediously.

In any case, customers appear to think that the advantages exceed the drawbacks, at least in terms of assembly difficulties. Finally, the price of the Puffy Bed frame is higher than that of other bed frames on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can puffy mattress fit any bed frame?

The Puffy mattress is made to work with a wide range of frames, including platform and box springs. But make sure to do your homework and choose a bed structure that can sustain your Puffy mattress and you.

Does the puffy lux mattress need a box spring?

Nope! No additional box spring is needed if you’re using a bed frame like the Puffy Bed Frame for your mattress set. The hardwood slats in this bed frame eliminate the need for a box spring. Be sure to check out our most recent post on the best king size bed frames before making a purchase.

Anyone wondering what kind of bed frame to use with their Puffy mattress will be glad to learn that it works well with many different kinds of frames. You can’t just pick any bed frame because it works with all of them. So why not start with a frame from Puffy in the first place.

To keep the Puffy mattress in place, you may also want to check out these other recommendations. However, knowing how to set up your bed correctly is always a good idea to ensure its stability and longevity. You may also compare the Puffy mattress to other mattresses to get an idea of how it stacks up.


It’s done! When it comes to a puffy mattress, this article clarified that any right-sized frame will work just well. Puffy also sells bed frames, whether they’re upholstered or not.

When it comes to a Puffy mattress that’s excessively soft, what do you do? We decided to write a separate essay on this topic because getting the appropriate frame isn’t the sole answer.