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It sounds like you recently purchased a new loveseat, but you’re afraid your children or pets may destroy it. For this reason, it is recommended that you safeguard your loveseat on a daily basis. So, what can I use to keep my sofa safe from damage?

4 Ways To Protect Your Furniture Fabric From Stains And Dirt


With today’s stain-resistant fabrics, you no longer need to cover your sofas with unattractive sofa covers and towels to keep them clean. They may be functional, but you won’t be able to attain the level of comfort for which you paid when you bought your lovely furniture.

There are now furniture fabric/upholstery protectors on the market, which is a good thing. In many cases, these are available in a spray bottle, which makes them easy to use. As a result, spills are unable to seep into the wood and develop into a black stain.


When it comes to removing pet hair from your couch, a lint roller comes in helpful. It’s a simple and effective method for dealing with this issue.

Using a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and debris is another option. Vacuuming your upholstery on a weekly basis can help to remove allergens from the fabric and improve the air quality in the space. When you need to get into those hard-to-reach places and get through the cushions of your sofa, this tool is a godsend.


When purchasing a new sofa, many people neglect to get slipcovers. No, these aren’t the drab, scratchy-feeling sofa throws you’ve seen elsewhere. These are couch covers that are made of soft textiles. Putting and removing them is a cinch. When you have children or dogs at home, this is a useful tool. You can leave it on all the time and your couch will still seem brand new when you have company over.

8 Stylish Sofa Cover Ideas To Protect Your Furniture - Home Made by Carmona

For the sake of protecting your furniture’s fabric, it is highly recommended that you purchase these coverings.


It’s up to you to decide whether to perform the cleaning yourself or hire a professional, based on your budget and expectations for results.

Even while hiring a professional would be more expensive than doing it yourself, the fabric protection and cleaning outcomes achieved by a professional would be significantly superior. Using these fabric protectors doesn’t alter the fabric’s appearance or feel.

As a bonus, if you have a stain on your upholstery, these experts can remove it. To maintain your furniture’s fabric looking its best, here are some of our tried and true tips. In the event your sofa is stained, make sure you wipe it up as quickly as possible.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Couch Covers

If you’re looking for a couch cover, there are various things to consider. With a variety of sizes and designs available, it’s vital to pick the right sofa for your space. Also, decide on the primary function of the couch cover. Is it meant to safeguard a brand-new sofa or to give an old one a makeover? Does it have to be kid- and/or pet-friendly to be acceptable? Choosing a sofa cover that complements your home’s decor is easier when you consider the fabric, color, and pattern options available.


Sofa covers can be used for a variety of purposes. When a couch gets old and dingy, most people probably think about getting a new cover for it. From children and dogs to guests and afternoon naps, your couch can take a beating from everyday life. A dingy couch can cast a pall over the rest of your living space, especially if it’s the focal point of the room. With a new couch cover, you may breathe new life into an old sofa and enjoy it for many more years to come.

A couch cover’s qualities can also help a newer couch. To put it another way, the use of a couch cover protects your furniture from everyday wear and tear, such as minor spills and mishaps. Aside from dust and filth, it also keeps pet hair and other allergens out of the original cloth, which is why it is so useful. With the right placement, you may be able to keep fabric from fading in direct sunlight.

Size and Fit

There are a wide variety of sizes and designs available for couch coverings. Consider the features of your couch. The arms are either rounded or square. Are there different kinds of cushions in there? Is it possible to remove the pillows? Whether or not a skirt reaches the floor or exposes a woman’s legs is a matter of preference. A one-piece sofa cover, or a two (or more) piece set that covers each cushion separately?? Be sure to pay attention to these and other specifics to get the best possible look and fit. One-piece couch covers that drape over the sofa may be preferable to a couch cover that extends to fit each portion of the couch.

Next, take a look at the couch’s dimensions. Take a measurement from one side to the other of the breadth. Finally, measure the distance from the front to back edges. Finally, measure the arms, both in width and length, as well as the back, the cushions, and any other area that the sofa cover will cover.


Choosing the right material for your couch cover is a crucial part of the process. Consider who, how often, and for what purposes your couch gets the most use. Is the couch where the children sit, consume snacks, and watch TV? Is it okay if my pet sleeps on the couch? How often does the couch get used? Is it in a high-traffic area, or is it in a corner as a decorative piece?

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As you answer these questions, think about the feel, weight, and texture of the fabric you want to use for your couch cover. Textiles made of polyester, microfibre, and cotton blends provide excellent protection and are easy to maintain. Cotton duck canvas and velvet sofa covers are also available if you want a thicker fabric. Longevity is one benefit of these extra-heavy fabric options, but the cost is another.

Soft and smooth weaves, nubby surfaces, and quilted patterns are all types of textures. Even velvet and softly fleeced sofa covers are offered for a more opulent feel. To increase the longevity and design options, some couch covers come with reversible coverings.


After considering the room’s color scheme, take a look at the couch. Is the couch cover going to stand out or blend in with the rest of your decor? Is this a place for people to unwind and unwind, or is it a place for people to sit and talk? Colors and patterns can represent a room’s function and style, as well as match your other furniture and décor..

There is a wide variety of color and design options for couch coverings. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gentle pastel or earth tone or a splash of color to create exactly the correct balance; they offer instant style. For everyday life, colors and patterns can have a positive impact. Neutral colors are more forgiving of ordinary blemishes and spills. While dark colors help conceal dark stains and filth, they also make lint, dust, and pet hair stand out more readily.

Since the couch cover is likely to be a long-term fixture in your home, it is crucial that you select a color and pattern that you like and that works well with your decor.

Ease of Cleaning

When it comes to furniture in a room, the couch is the most susceptible to accidental spills and stains. Because a couch cover is so easy to clean, it’s a major bonus.

A couch cover will make your regular household care easier because you can either spot clean the cover or take it from your couch and machine wash and tumble dry it in the event of a spill or an accumulation of pet hair. Low-maintenance sofa coverings are an excellent alternative for protecting and preserving your most prized furniture purchases, whether you have children, pets or frequent visitors.

How do I measure my furniture to determine the slipcover size I need?

If you don’t have time to measure your furniture, you don’t have to using our slipcovers. If you have a chair, loveseat, or sofa, then one of our sizes will work just for you. The industry-leading slipcover collection is the result of decades of field research and fittings of the most renowned furniture styles. For a more personalized look, we also provide a variety of form and contour options, such as fitted box cushions, back cushions, and T-cushions.

How do I measure a recliner?

Designed to accommodate most typical reclining chair sizes, these one-piece stretch recliner slipcovers stretch to fit your furniture. It’s best to measure the chair’s back as you’re hugging it. Our slipcovers are guaranteed to fit as long as the circumference of the back is between 78″ and 88″.

8 Stylish Sofa Cover Ideas To Protect Your Furniture - Home Made by Carmona

How do I measure a lift recliner?

Two sizes are available for our stretch lift recliner slipcovers. If you want a chair that can be reclined and tilted forward, you’ll want to choose the smaller size. Lift recliners that telescope from the base and tilt forward will fit our larger/taller lift recliner slipcover. It’s best to measure the chair’s back as you’re hugging it.

How do I measure a wing chair recliner?

Recliner slipcovers with a 24′′ seat width and 45′′ back height are a perfect fit for our box cushion wing recliner covering.

How do I measure a wing chair?

As long as the seat is 32 inches wide, the armpoint to armpoint distance ranges between 44 inches and 54 inches, and the back height is 45 inches, our slipcover for T-cushion wing chairs will work. Our T cushion slipcovers will suit a maximum 29′′ seat width, 44′′ to 52′′ wing point to wing point, and 42′′ back height. the distance between the two wing points on the chair’s back, measured in centimeters)

How do I measure dining room chairs?

Generally speaking, our dining room chair covers will suit most dining room chairs with a maximum height of 42′′, a seat depth of 17′′, and a front seat width of 18′′.

What size mattress will fit in a futon cover?

We can fit a full-sized mattress up to 54″ x 75″ x 6″ in our futon covers, and an 8″ gusset is no problem at all.

How do I measure an ottoman?

Both a relaxed and a form-fitting option are offered for our Ottoman covers. Take measurements on all four corners of your ottoman for a loose fit. The greatest circumference is 116′′, and the skirt height is 12.5′′. The longest side of your ottoman should not be longer than 30 inches if you want it to be properly fitted to your body.

What if my measurements are between sizes?

Choose the larger size if in doubt. In general, it’s preferable to have a little excess cloth than not enough at all.


So, what can I use to keep my sofa safe from damage? There are a variety of cleaners for loveseats that can help you keep your furniture in top condition. You no longer have to worry about accumulating dirt or finding a way to hide your unkempt sofa.