What Time is Candle Lighting? 8 Things You Should Know

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Since the dawn of time, lighting candles has been a common practice in a wide range of cultural and religious contexts. People from all around the world do this on a regular basis. Why should candles be lit at certain times of the day and how may they help people relax?

In today’s society, candles are used in many different ways. Some people use it to set the mood for a romantic evening, while others use it to unwind in their favorite chair and take in the pleasant scent and light it generates. Each birthday, we light and blow out candles to make a wish, and this tradition is a part of our culture.

That, however, is a dated idea that can be traced back to a number of different religions. Smoke was believed to carry one’s prayers to the heavens, where they were heard and answered. Since the dawn of time, humanity has been drawn to stare into the embers.

Significance of Candle Lighting

Candles are said to contain the Gods’ gifts.

Symbols of the divine were frequently depicted with candles in ancient times. According to legend, they are entrusted with the gods’ bounty. Prometheus was given fire by the Greek gods for the purpose of illuminating and progressing. The ancient Greeks used candles.

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Its primary function is to provide sacrifice and light the temples of the deities it honors. Every six days, peasants would burn candles and pray to Artemis in attempt to win her favor. Birth of the hunt goddess and wild animals are celebrated along with childbirth and virginity in this festival.

The Flame Represents Both Celebration and Remembrance

Festivities and ceremonies are also tied to the flame. Hanukkah’s ceremonial lighting of the Hanukkah lamps serves as a reminder for Jews to keep their faith. As a result, they are in God’s presence.

The flame is a repository of belief and conviction. Good triumphed over evil in the “Festival of Lights,” and it’s said that as long as candles were burning, people were secure.

Diwali, an Indian festival of lights, commemorates the triumph of light over darkness for five days. It’s time to set new year’s resolutions. Candles are lit around the house and neighborhood on the night of Diwali to celebrate the festival of lights.

A sign of light’s strength is depicted here. To honor Lakshmi, floating candles are sent out into the ocean. She is the patron goddess of wealth and abundance.

The Flame Has Symbolic Value

The flame has a more somber and spiritual meaning for Catholics. To represent Christ’s illumination, a candle is lit at the beginning of each mass. In a wedding ceremony, the flame is a symbol of union.

When two people light candles and then connect them together, they form one perfect union of spirits. Every time the Church holds a celebration or a ceremony, it uses candles. It can also be used in personal rituals..

Lighting a candle and observing the flame as you pray is an example of this. The individual on whom the prayer is focused will be filled with a fervor that comes from the depths of their soul.

The Flame is symbolic of home.

A candle in the window dates back to the colonial era, as well. It was both a prayer and a hint that someone was eagerly anticipating their return. Not at all surprising!

However, when we are far from home, the sight of a burning flame brings us back. Whenever we are away from home, we can always count on it to make us feel at ease. It gives us a sense of calm and serenity.

What Time is Candle Lighting?

It’s customary to light the Shabbat candles 18 minutes before sunset every Friday. Before the age of 18, ladies should not be sexually active. In the same manner that candles are lit to commemorate Shabbat, they are also used to mark the holidays.

Thoughts for Meditation

When a person wants to ponder a concept or idea but is unable to articulate herself vocally, this is what happens. Her thoughts and feelings can be expressed by lighting a candle, which is an old-fashioned way of doing so. As a result, you’ll often observe meditators lighting candles before going to sleep.

Showing Your Support

Candles have become a popular way for people to show their support for many causes. When a large number of people take part in a particular event. It fosters a sense of community and raises awareness of the movement’s goals.


Lighting a candle in honor of a departed loved one is an age-old custom. The candle-lighter is able to reflect on the deceased during the ritual. Also, you might establish a time to pray or focus on their relationship with their loved one.


Candles are lit at what time for prayers? In many Christian churches, both Catholic and Protestant, lighting a candle while praying is a common practice. When prayers are made public, people can pray for the needs of others as well as their own.

The Lighting of Virtual Candles

Since the introduction of the Internet, candle lighting has spread to online groups. A person can light a virtual candle on various websites to share their views or worries with a large number of others.

How to Light a Candle with Intention

Light an Affirmation Candle


Sit in stillness for a few moments before lighting an affirmation candle. Let go of any residual thoughts of negativity. Make it a home for only pleasant thoughts. If you close your eyes, imagine a world where everyone is content and there is enough of opportunity for everyone.

Make a meaningful affirmation statement or write one on a note and set it next to the candle. Alternatively, you can do both.

Light a Prayer Candle

An individual or situation might be the subject matter of a prayer candle that you burn for them. Make a low bow in reverent seclusion. You can pray to God, Allah, the angels, the universe, your higher self, or whichever source of spiritual strength you draw from. The best way to pray is to do so silently.

Repeat tThis Statement Before Lighting the Candle

The greatest method for your prayer to be answered is for you to let go of your desire for a specific outcome.

Light a Blessing Candle

It is our desire to serve people, but we don’t always know the best approach to go about doing so. presenting an opportunity to

Recognize that there are blessings in every situation, even the most difficult ones. Give your blessing to the world and let it go.

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Light a Gratitude Candle

We want to help people, but we don’t always know the best method to go about it. Blessing the circumstance is a good technique to illuminate the problem and help you find the proper path forward.

If you don’t hear back, it’s possible that there isn’t much you can do.

Some of the most difficult lessons in life may only be learned by ourselves, without the help of others. You are acknowledging your wish to help by offering a blessing. Recognize that there are blessings in every situation, even the most difficult ones. Give your blessing to the world and let it go.

Light an Inner Reflection Candle

Lighting an inner reflection candle is a good way to begin your meditation or visualization practice. Allow the light to act as a lantern, pointing your attention in the direction of the best route to your goal.

The candle’s flame should be the only thing you see, so close your eyes or allow your vision to blur a little. The use of candlelight for divination and scrying can lead to greater understanding and enlightenment.

Take a deep breath and relax your mind.

8 Things You Should Know About Hanukkah

1. What does Hanukkah celebrate?

In the second century B.C.E., a small band of Jewish rebels known as the Maccabees triumphed over the Greek-Syrians and restored the Second Temple of Jerusalem, which had been desecrated by a Greek-Syrian altar to Zeus and the sacrifice of pigs within its holy walls. Hanukkah commemorates this victory. The Maccabees had to light a menorah in order to re-dedicate the temple, and it had to be lit at all times. Only a day’s worth of pure olive oil was on hand, however. We were able to find new oil because the oil burned for an astonishing eight days.

2. Menorah or hanukkiyah?

The Hebrew term for lamp, menorah, refers to a structure with seven limbs. Used at the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem, it was initially made of wood. Every day, pure olive oil was used to light the menorahs of the Jewish people. When lighting the Hanukkah candles (instead of oil, as was customary in ancient times), one uses a hanukkiyah menorah. Every night, it’s lit up with its nine limbs in honor of the eight-day oil miracle. However, despite these changes, hanukkiyahs are often referred to as menorahs nowadays.

3. How to light the Menorah.

Lighting a menorah has a strict set of guidelines, but fortunately, most of them can be figured out by simply remembering your left from your right. It is customary to light the menorah with a shamash (Hebrew for “assistant”) before lighting the other eighteen candles in honor of the nine nights of the Festival of Lights. The shamash is always placed slightly above or below the rest of the candles in order to avoid confusion. The menorah’s candles are arranged in a clockwise order, mirroring the way Hebrew letters are arranged on a page. When lighting the menorah, however, the candles are lit from left to right with the shamash, not the other way around. Confusing? Do what you can.

It depends on the size of the room. There are 44 candles in the menorah, each of which is lit each night and burns all the way through. But don’t worry; if you buy a box, there will be 44 in it.

4. There is a height limit for menorahs.

When it comes to menorahs, a 32-foot ceiling has been set for their height. Two menorahs in New York City compete for height. Both have shamashes that are six inches taller than Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue and 59th Street rival, which is located in Grand Army Plaza.

5. The traditional use of oil even applies to the holiday’s foods.

The eight-day oil miracle is commemorated not only by lighting a menorah, but also by feasting on traditional delicacies. Latkes (potato pancakes) and sufganiyot (jelly donuts) are deep-fried in oil, two of the most popular delicacies. Even while these delicacies are delicious, it is the oil used to cook them that has become an essential part of Hanukkah celebrations.

6. Dreidel, dreidel, what?

Antiochus IV Epiphanes’ Greek-Syrian army issued a series of regulations forbidding various Jewish religious rituals in the years preceding the Maccabee insurrection, and the usage of four-sided spinning tops, known as dreidels, as a form of decoy began. To confound the soldiers, the Jews simply shifted their Torah study underground and pulled out their dreidels to pretend to play games. It has since been revived as a pleasant Hanukkah game for chocolate coins known as gelt, to celebrate this period. Different Hebrew letters on each side of a dreidel instruct the player how much to add or remove from a pot. There was a “great miracle” in Israel when the oil lasted for eight days, and the acronym “Nes Gadol Hayah Sham” (Nes Gadol Hayah Sham) refers to this.

7. Why is Hanukkah celebrated on different dates?

Even though Hanukkah does not always fall on the 25th of Kislev on the Hebrew calendar, it is always celebrated on this day. Even though Hanukkah’s first day might occur at any time between November and December, there are times when Hanukkah coincides with the Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrations. We last had a Thanksgivingkukkah celebration in 2013. In 2005, Hanukkah and Christmas had a duel celebration and will do it again in 2024. Every year, Jewish people around the world—and their non-Jewish friends—are left Googling the start date of Hanukkah because of the variance in calendars.

8. How do you spell Hanukkah anyway?

Hanukkah can be spelled in a variety of ways. You can blame transliteration if you’re unsure about what you’re reading. The word was originally written in Hebrew, a character-based language, but when it had to be written in English, an alphabet-based language, the variances developed. Many spelling variations resulted from the absence of accurate English counterparts for Hebrew sounds: Hanukkah, Chanukah, Hanukah, Hannukah, Chanukkah. The pronunciation of words in the English language is unaffected by their spelling variations. So don’t be afraid to choose your favorite when writing Happy Hanukkah.


Why do we light candles on Friday night?

Shabbat candles are lit to honor the Sabbath; before electricity, people had to eat their meals in the dark, therefore it was important to light lamps to set the mood.

What is the earliest time to light Shabbat candles?

It is customary for Shabbat candles to be lit approximately 20 minutes before sundown on Friday evening, although it is permissible to light them even earlier. During the summer, when the days are long, this is frequently done.

What does candle lighting mean?

Shabbat candles are traditionally lighted around 20 minutes before sunset on Friday night, but it is permitted to light them sooner if desired. During the summer, this is a common practice.

What is a menorah candle?

There are seven branches on a menorah (the Hebrew word for lamp). Used at the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem, it was initially made of wood. Every day, pure olive oil was used to light the menorahs of the Jewish people. When lighting the Hanukkah candles (instead of oil, as was customary in ancient times), one uses a hanukkiyah menorah.

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What do you say when you light a candle in prayer?

It is God’s light that shines in our hearts and minds. Thank you for granting eternal life to the departed souls of (insert name) and all the other righteous people who have gone before him in Gan Eden, including those of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah. Amen.

What time do you light the Hanukkah Candles 2021?

During the second year of the coronavirus epidemic, the first candle will be lit at sunset on Sunday, November 28th, for Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights.

Can you start Yom Tov early?

As with all mincha prayers, including those said before Shabbat, the earliest allowable time to say mincha before a Jewish festival is one and a half hours after halachic midday. PLAG H’MINCHA, the start of the second day of a Jewish holiday, is an exception to this rule.

Conclusion on What Time is Candle Lighting

The lighting of a candle is a momentous occasion for many people. That’s why it’s so important to know when and why to light candles. It’s not just something you do when you’ve got a few minutes to spare.

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