What to Consider When Choosing the Best Furniture Polish?

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Wood table polish is often misunderstood as a type of wood finishing material. It is true that they clean and shine furniture, restore their appearance, and help to preserve the underlying surface of furniture. Keeping this in mind, wood polish is useful and effective if you use the right product and apply it correctly. The following are seven of the greatest wood table polishes to take into consideration the next time you polish your table!

How to Clean Wood Furniture

Dusting your wood furniture on a regular basis is essential. With a simple dusting, abrasive particles on the wood’s surface can be removed before they can cause damage. A lamb’s wool duster, a cotton cloth, a feather duster, or even an old T-shirt can be used as a dusting cloth. All of these are safe to use on your wood furnishings.

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The cloth should be moistened, not wet. Only a few droplets of water are needed. You want to moisten the cloth, but not so much that it soaks the wood. The finish may be scratched if you use a dry towel to wipe it down. Make sure to lift any objects that may be on a piece of furniture and not slide them across the wood as you dust it.

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The final step is polishing.

Dusting, cleaning, and freshening the wood are just some of the benefits of using a wood furniture polish.

How often should I polish my wood furniture?

While dusting your wood furniture on a daily basis is a good idea, we suggest polishing it only once a month.

What’s the best wood polish for cleaning wood furniture?

These are the best wood polishes to use while cleaning wood furniture:

  • Free of silicone
  • Invisible Wax
  • Unaffected by Ammonia
  • depending on the use of water

The absence of silicone and wax ensures that your wood furniture does not accumulate a waxy residue. Wood furniture should be cleaned and polished at least twice a year, but the correct paste wax can be used every six to 12 months in order to protect the finish. To be on the safe side, always use a water-based product on wood furniture.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Furniture Polish

When looking for the best furniture polish, keep these characteristics in mind for squeaky-clean results.

Wood Finish

The ideal furniture polish for your job will be determined primarily by the existing finish on your wood. To identify the finish, perform this test on an unnoticeable area of the furniture. Examine what happens if you apply some boiled linseed oil to the wood and then wait for a few minutes:

  • An oil finish is one in which the wood absorbs the oil.
    • If the acetone dissolves within 30 seconds, the finish is lacquered.
    • As soon as it starts to harden, it’s either a varnish or shellac finish (shellac will dissolve quickly when you dab a cotton swab with denatured alcohol on it, while varnish will dissolve more slowly).
    • You have a polyurethane/polyester finish if the acetone beads up on the surface.
  • It’s best to finish any unfinished wood furniture first (with one of the treatments indicated in this section) and then use furniture polish to protect the finish if you have it. Most furniture polishes, with the exception of paste wax (discussed further below), should not be used on unfinished wood.


It’s important to choose a furniture polish based on two factors: the current finish of your wood and the desired gloss of your furniture.

  • Silicone polishes contain a variety of cleaning chemicals, including wax and silicone. You can use them on furniture with varnish, shellac, or polyurethane finishes to add a glossy sheen while they polish to remove water-soluble grime from the wood surface. Dust is repelled and debris is removed with ease thanks to their slippery surface.
  • As they buff the wood, emulsion polishes remove both water-soluble and oil-based deposits, making them ideal for removing stains from wood surfaces. As a matte (low-gloss) or satin (medium-gloss) finish, they can be used on wood with varnish, shellac, or polyurethane finishes, but they provide a sheen that’s less resistant to abrasion than silicone polishes and more susceptible to dust and fingerprints.
  • There are a variety of mineral oil-based polishes on the market, some of which may additionally be enriched with solvents like petroleum distillate. These polishes work best with oil-finished wood because the thin film of oil they leave behind gives furniture a rich, high-gloss finish that highlights the wood grain. However, this oil film also attracts dust easily. As a result, they eliminate oil-based buildup while polishing, and water-soluble filth may be wiped away with a towel.
  • Another option for furniture polish is carnauba or beeswax. Creamy waxes produce a dust-prone matte or satin sheen, while paste waxes produce a high-gloss shine that is dust-repellent. They have a strong, protective covering that resists stains and abrasions and goes well with lacquered furniture. When applied to unfinished wood, paste wax is an ideal sealer.

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Application method

There are a variety of ways to apply the aforementioned calculations to the furniture:

  • The majority of furniture polishes sold now are aerosols, which include silicone, emulsion, and oil-based formulas that come in a can. Just push a button on the can to spray a pressurized product right onto your furniture to shine it up, and that’s all.
  • An emulsion or an oil-based liquid polish can be applied to a damp cloth, and the user can then wipe it over the surface of a piece of furniture. Oil-based polishes require more buffing than emulsion polishes; nevertheless, this is less of an issue with emulsion polishes. Wipes that are pre-soaked in liquid polish are all that is needed to clean a surface, and spray bottles make it easy to apply the product to a surface and then wipe it clean.
  • It’s common for semi-solid polishes to be sold in small tubs of wax-based substance. There is more labour involved in the application process because the product must be slathered on and then buffed into the wood. However, creamy waxes require less buffing than paste waxes do.

Furniture type

In order to narrow down your product options even further, consider what kind of furniture you’re polishing:

  • The majority of the furniture in our homes, from dining room chairs to coffee tables, is functional and, as a result, requires more frequent application of furniture polish, usually once a month. Aim to use aerosol or liquid polishes instead of wax to remove grime and give these things a matte to high gloss finish.
  • Oil-based polishes and waxes, such as paste wax, are great for highlighting elaborate details on antique furniture, which can range from wingback chairs to bed chests. The higher-effort application of these products will still be doable because customers will only need to polish these objects twice or three times a year. However, silicone polishes should be avoided when using these things, as finger smudges are plainly visible.

Guardsman Woodland Fresh Wood Furniture Clean & Polish

Is the sheen and color of your lovely furniture fading? With the Guardsman Clean & Polish Woodland fresh spray, which is one of the best furniture polishes, you can rapidly restore its original beauty, and help preserve it from UV rays and fading, as well as hide some minor surface scratches.

While cleaning and polishing wooden goods using Guardsman’s polishing and cleaning spray, you may restore their natural beauty and brilliance as well.

A 12.5-ounce aerosol spray can of furniture spray polish is available for purchase, and it adds a wonderful gloss to your wood home decor without altering its natural luster as some other polishing solutions including silicone oil do.

Pledge Revive It Restoring Oil, Orange 16oz

Taking the Pledge Will Resurrect It Applying Orange Restoring Oil and rubbing it into your wood furniture will help condition and brighten it up, making it appear like new again.

When used as directed, the Revitalizing Oil, which comes in a 16-ounce spray container, leaves your wood tables and other furniture glossy and polished and removes any dirt or grease that has been left behind.

For furniture, it’s a great and economical polish that can help restore dry and damaged wood to its former glory.

Howard Products FW0016 Wood Polish and Conditioner 16 oz.

Maintaining wood surfaces and products is essential to preserving their natural sheen and depth of wood grain.

Your wood cabinets and furniture may be both polished and fed with natural conditioning oils thanks to the Howard Products Feed-N-Wax from Howard Products.

Natural Beeswax and Carnauba Wax produce a protective covering on the furniture surfaces, enhancing their beauty while preserving them from drying out and fading.

For kitchen cabinets, tables, doors, and trimmings as well as antique wood artifacts, this furniture polish is a great alternative to use. Your furniture will appear like new after a quick buffing.

Weiman Wood Cleaner and Polish Wipes

For dust removal and polishing, as well as conditioning all of your home’s wood surfaces, the Weiman Wood Cleaner and Polish Wipes are an excellent choice.

Because they don’t include silicone or wax, these wood-cleaning wipes won’t leave a sticky or oily residue behind.

As one of the simplest wood polishes and cleaning products, this one will safeguard the surface of the wood from damage and fading by forming a scratch-resistant protective layer.

People and pets alike can safely use the wipes to protect their wood surfaces from the sun’s harmful rays.

All Natural Wood Seasoning Wax Tin by Virginia Boys Kitchens – 4 Ounce

Virginia Boys Kitchens has created a coconut oil and beeswax-based seasoning paste wax specifically for use on wooden cooking equipment and other wood things in your home.

Organic oils from coconuts, oranges and beeswax make up the All-Natural Wood Seasoning Wax.

This great wood finishing wax has no chemicals, GMOs, or paraffin in it, and it is easy to apply with the supplied soft polishing pad to polish wood of any kind, including hardwoods.

Wooden artifacts can be restored to their former glory, as well as protected from the wear and tear of daily usage, by applying a layer of this product.

Katzco Furniture Repair Kit 17 Wood Markers and Wax Sticks with Sharpener

With the help of Katzco’s best-selling set of wood markers and wax sticks, you can quickly and effectively remove ugly scratches and marks from your wood countertop, table, or other piece of furniture.

In addition to the repair markers, the kit contains waxy sticks in the same colors as the markers as well as a sharpener for the sticks.

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It’s easy to cover up scuffs and scratches on any wood surface with these high-quality markers and sticks.

Using the repair kit is simple and risk-free, and the benefits are immediate and long-lasting.

The price is low, and the warranty is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Regardless of the quality of the wood, it is worth mentioning that wooden furniture and surfaces can last for a long time if they are cared for properly. Without proper care, your furniture’s natural beauty and brilliance may be restored, but it won’t stay long. You can rest assured that your wood furniture will be clean and better protected if you use the best wood table polish.



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