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If you’re like me, you’ve collected a slew of candle jars throughout the years. We are here to help if your answer is “yes.”

If you have any old candle jars lying around, we’ve compiled a list of creative uses for them!

What Can I Do with Leftover Candle Jars?

“The world is your oyster,” as the expression goes. As an alternative, we’ll say that “candle jar options are endless!” That is to say, your candle holder(s) are yours to keep.

It’s up to you to do whatever you want with it!

It doesn’t matter if you want to change your candle jar into a decorative piece or something more practical, such as a stationary holder, you can do it.

Ultimately, it’s up to you!

The only requirement is that you let your imagination go wild!

25 Things You Can Do with Old Candle Jars

Here are some ideas to get you started. You can use them as a source of inspiration and then tweak them to suit your own preferences. Feel free to use the idea as is if you think it’s good.

1. DIY Body Scrub Jars

You can use used candle jars to make your own body scrub!

Body scrubs can be made in a matter of minutes.

Because you’ll be creating them yourself, you’ll be able to ensure that they’ll be fully natural and free of any potentially dangerous ingredients.

How To Recycle And Reuse Candle Jars | Chatelaine

You can make your own body scrub in a variety of methods, including this one. You only need:

  • a small amount of granular sugar
  • Coconut oil is preferred, although any oil will do.
  • Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the scrub to give it a nice aroma.

Adding granulated sugar and coconut oil together is all that’s left. Add a few drops of essential oil after combining these two ingredients.

When it comes to fragrance and health advantages, lavender is a favored option for many.

Tadaa! There you go. You may now use your old candle jars to store this mixture!

2. Make a New Candle From Old Wax

If you have a lot of candles that just have a little wax left in them, this can be a good option for you.

This video is a great explanation on how to remove wax from jars of candles.

3. Jar Candle Holder

It’s possible to utilize an old candle jar to hold a smaller-sized candle.

The candle jar can be embellished in a variety of ways.

Your new ornamental object can be displayed in a wacky or sophisticated fashion, depending on the location.

4. Add a Tea Light

This notion is very similar to the one that came before it.

The only difference is that you can use a tea light instead of a smaller candle.

It’s possible to do this with candle jars that are already small.

5. Liquor Glasses

Candle jars do resemble glasses in their shape.

For a party, what better way to use them than to hold liquor?

Your celebration will take on a new dimension as a result!

6. Tea or Coffee Holders

Candle jars can be used to hold a variety of beverages because they resemble glasses.

You can also store brewed coffee or tea in these jars.

When you add milk to your coffee and tea, a clear jar will make it more visually appealing.

In addition, it could be a good concept for Instagram and Snapchat posts.

7. Stationary Holder

For stationery addicts, there is no such thing as too much stationary.

Buying extra pens and pencils is a never-ending task! This does pose a serious storage issue.

Candle jars come to the rescue in this situation.

Once you’ve cleaned and emptied your candle jars, you may use them as stationery holders in whichever way you like!

8. Desk Organizer

A stationary holder isn’t always enough to get rid of the clutter on your desk.

To be effective, you must have a well-organized desk, especially in today’s culture of “work from home.”

Desk organizers are a great method to accomplish this. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making one out of candle jars.

You’ll need the following:

  • A Cardboard Sheet
  • Around four jars of candles
  • Glue

Stick the candle jars on the cardboard and you’re done. Candle jars of various sizes can be used.

Paper clips can be attached to the smaller ones, while scissors and staplers can be attached to the larger ones.

9. Makeup Storage

You may use old candle jars to store your cosmetics in the same way.

Makeup brushes are quite important!

10. Container for Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are notoriously prone to going missing. Then they start showing up from all throughout the home, as if by magic.

You can prevent this from happening by storing your bobby pins in repurposed candle jars.

It’s a great way to save time and money!

11. Store Spices

Keeping kitchen cabinets organized is a never-ending task!

Make sure the candle jars you use to keep spices have lids!

You don’t want to be constantly surrounded by the scent of spices.

12. Swear Jar

You can put your candle jar to good use if your child has suddenly developed a habit of cursing.

Consequently, don’t throw away your candle jars!

13. Candy Jar

Adults, too, deserve a treat now and then! When it comes to candy storage, no matter if you’re a parent or not, you can utilize your candles.

You can keep different kinds of candy in different jars if you have several candle jars.

14. Pet Treats

We’ve got something special for all you pet parents out there! Treats are always a must for dogs and cats.

These sweets can be sorted into various containers.

It will be a more aesthetically pleasing approach to keep your pet’s treats organized.

15. Spare Change Holder

Use a candle jar to carry your spare change instead of a wallet.

There’s little likelihood you’ll need spare change at the mall these days, given the prevalence of the credit card culture.

It is possible to provide your children pocket money by having a spare change holder in the house..

You may also take some of your spare change out of your wallet and put it in your purse. This will help you keep track of your money better!

16. Napkin Storage

For storing, candle jars appear to be ideal.

As a result, napkins are a viable option for storing in candle jars.

It’s best if the candle jar is large enough to hold all the napkins.

17. ToothBrush and Toothpaste Holder

You can use taller jars to keep your toothbrushes and toothpastes organized, as well as your stationary!

18. Mini Flowerpot

We’ve got just the thing for you if you’re looking to liven up your desk or window sill. You can’t go wrong with mini flower pots!

After thoroughly cleaning your candle jars, add a small amount of soil to each one. Sow the seeds you want in the jar that you bought.

Congratulations on being a plant parent!

19. Vase for Flowers

For a burst of color in your home, flowers are an excellent option.

You can use the candle jars as vases instead of flower pots.

20. Freeze Food

Spices aren’t the only thing you can store in a candle jar in the kitchen.

You don’t need to buy a new glass container if you want to store some food in it.

Make the most of your spare candle jars.

21. Breakfast Jar

To save money, you can use old candle jars to store your favorite chia seed pudding or overnight oat recipe.

22. Snow Globe

We all enjoy a good snow globe from time to time. You can’t help but feel better when you think of a white December!

Make a snow globe with an old candle jar if you’re looking to spend quality time with a loved one!

Describe your process.

You’ll need the following:

  • An antique container of candles
  • A hot glue gun
  • Glitter to your heart’s content.
  • Glycerine
  • a trinket of some sort
  • Water


  • Fill your jar with water to get the process started.
  • Fill it only about two-thirds the way.
  • Pour in some glycerine and mix it in with the water.
  • Stick the ornament on the lid of the candle jar with hot glue.
  • Finally, seal the jar with the lid.

There you are! This is the first time you’ve ever owned a snow globe.

23. Lava Lamps

Using antique candle jars in this way allows you to express your creativity even further. If constructing a snow globe doesn’t appeal to you, lava lamps are an alternative.

You’ll need the following:

  • Oil made from plants
  • Water
  • Color of your choice in the form of artificial food dyestuff
  • Tablets of Alka-Seltzer.


  • Half-fill the jar with vegetable oil, and then top it off with water to complete the recipe.
  • Food coloring can be added in a few drops.
  • Add the alka-seltzer pill at the very end.
  • To prevent spills, use hot glue to adhere the jar’s lid to the jar.

24. DIY Bath Bombs

It’s wonderful to make your own bath bombs until you have to put them away.

If you have any spare candle jars, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Bath bombs are best stored in these.

The Best Candle Jars of 2022 | TheStreet Reviews

25. Give Gifts

Old candle jars will come in handy if you’re a crafty person who also likes to put off buying Christmas presents until the last minute.

They can be decorated with paint, stickers, and other beautiful tapes and embellishments.

Then fill the jar with candy, chocolates, and small pieces of paper.

Instead of throwing away your old candle jars, you may turn them into a thoughtful gift for someone special. Both parties benefit from this arrangement.

5 easy ways to remove wax from the jar

As a result, removing the remaining 1/4′′ of wax from the bottom of a container candle might be a challenge. Some of these ways don’t require much more than water, a hairdryer, a freezer, or an oven.

Wax has a wide range of melting points, therefore certain procedures may be more effective than others depending on the composition of your candle.

Beeswax and palm wax are harder to melt than soy. Most commercial candles use paraffin wax, which has a greater melting point than soy.

To avoid tossing away your jars and wax once you remove the wax, keep reading to learn how to recycle them in a variety of inventive ways. Pouring wax down the drain will soon clog your drain and septic system since wax does not dissolve in water.

The following are five methods for removing wax from a container without a lot of effort.

1. Place candle in hot water

By “twice boiling” the candle in hot water, the wax is melted into a liquid.


  • 5-15 minutes, depending on your speed.
  • Beeswax and palm wax take the longest to work with.


  • Top of the range
  • a pan, such as a sauce pan (pot)


  1. Bring water to a simmer in a saucepan over medium heat.
  2. A saucepan should be used to heat the candle containers.
  3. Dispose of the melted wax in the trash or transfer to a new container for future usage.
  4. Removing the wick tab by scraping it off the bottom of the candle with a utensil after the wax has been removed
  5. If the adhesive or sticker used to hold the wick is still sticky, it can be scraped off with a spatula or soaked in white vinegar for 40 minutes.
  6. Dish soap and boiling water can be used to clean the inside of a candle.

2. Fill candle with boiling water

Using very hot water, this procedure significantly melts the wax, allowing it to solidify into a disk at the top. On social media, you may have seen people doing this.


  • Time to complete: 20 minutes to two hours
  • It’s simple, but it may take a few tries to get it right.


  • Measurement with a teapot or cup


  1. Obtain boiling water. An extremely hot rolling boil should be achieved!
  2. Take a pot and fill it with boiling water.
  3. Much of the wax will be melted by the water and rise to the surface.
  4. Wait for the raised wax to solidify into a puck on top of the water before continuing (wax is less dense than water and will float when mixed)
  5. Pour the water out of the wax puck.
  6. Use again if there’s enough wax remaining. Using a paper towel and rubbing alcohol, or scraping with a spoon, is typically sufficient to remove minor amounts.
  7. If the adhesive or sticker used to hold the wick is still sticky, it can be scraped off with a spatula or soaked in white vinegar for 40 minutes.
  8. Dish soap and boiling water can be used to clean the inside of a candle.

3. Put the candle in the freezer

The wax shrinks when it’s cold and expands when it’s heated, so this method takes use of it.


  • Duration: 2 to 4 hours.
  • It’s possible to spend the night here.


  • Freezer
  • a piece of metal (knife, fork, or spoon to remove wick tab)


  1. The candle should be placed in the freezer for at least two to four hours or overnight.
  2. Pry the wax from the container as soon as it’s been removed from the freezer. It should be fairly easy to remove and yet be a little fragile.
  3. Dispose of the melted wax in the trash or transfer to a new container for future usage.
  4. Removing the wick tab by scraping it off the bottom of the candle with a utensil after the wax has been removed
  5. If the adhesive or sticker used to hold the wick is still sticky, it can be scraped off with a spatula or soaked in white vinegar for 40 minutes.
  6. Dish soap and boiling water can be used to clean the inside of a candle.

4. Liquefy wax with a hair dryer or heat gun

Hot air is used to melt the wax, transforming it from a solid into a liquid. A hair dryer can be used, although a heat gun is preferable.


  • 5-15 minutes, depending on your speed.
  • Warning: this product might be extremely hot when finished, so proceed with extreme caution.


  • The use of a heat source such as a hair drier or heat lamp


  1. If you want to remove the wax’s adhesion to the jar, you don’t need to melt it altogether.
  2. Using a knife or fork, remove the solid wax from the jar (it should no longer be clinging to it). It is possible that the jar is hot, so be careful.
  3. Rub rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and clean the inside of the jar.
  4. Remove the bottom wick tab with a tool.
  5. If the adhesive or sticker used to hold the wick is still sticky, it can be scraped off with a spatula or soaked in white vinegar for 40 minutes.
  6. Dish soap and boiling water can be used to clean the inside of a candle.

5. Melt wax in the oven

The wax from the jars is melted and drained into a pan using this process.


  • About 10 to 25 minutes.
  • It’s a pain to clean up, but you can remove wax from a large number of jars all at once if you hurry.


  • Oven
  • Tin foil on a baking sheet


  1. Set the oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit or a low setting.
  2. Place the tin foil-lined baking sheet in the oven and place the candles on top of each other.
  3. Keep an eye on everything after 20 minutes to make sure they’re out of the oven and ready to go.
  4. Large chunks of solid wax can be scraped out of the containers with a tool. Using a paper towel and rubbing alcohol, remove any remaining wax from the jars. To be safe, let hot containers cool for a few minutes before handling them.
  5. Remove the bottom wick tab with a tool.
  6. If the adhesive or sticker used to hold the wick is still sticky, it can be scraped off with a spatula or soaked in white vinegar for 40 minutes.
  7. Dish soap and boiling water can be used to clean the inside of a candle.

Remove the labels & stickers

Remove the label from the side and the safety sticker from the bottom unless the candle has a fantastic design.

There are a number of ways to remove adhesive labels from reusable products, so if this method doesn’t work for you, don’t hesitate to check out these other methods.

1. Soak them in water

Fill a basin or bowl with water and soak your container for as long as it takes for the label to come off without any difficulty. This usually takes between 20 and 30 minutes.

Simply boil up some water and baking soda in a saucepan on the stove and the label will come right off in a couple of minutes, as it will have deactivated the adhesive quicker because it’s hot.

2. Remove the rest of the adhesives with rubbing alcohol after peeling as much as you can off with your fingers

Label and sticker adhesives can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol.

Rinse the container with rubbing alcohol-soaked paper towels to remove any leftover adhesive. At this point, you should just have the dirty sticky component of the labeling or stickers remaining.

Recycle the candle jar

Cleaning out the jars would be pointless if you couldn’t think of a creative way to repurpose them!

Due to the presence of fragrance oils and other additives in candle wax, it is not suggested to use it for food or drink purposes. As a result, here are a few do-it-yourself ideas for repurposing an old container.

1. Planter

Succulents and other houseplants can be kept in a repurposed candle holder.

Because there is no drainage hole in the bottom of your container or jar, you won’t be able to water your plant as aggressively as you could otherwise.

This idea works especially well for fake plants too.

2. Bathroom supply holder

  • Fake plants can benefit from this strategy as well.
  • tweezers or a pair of scissors
  • Toothbrushes
  • Pins on BOBBY

Before putting any medical supplies in the container, make sure it has been thoroughly cleaned with hot water and soap.

3. Markers and pens

If you’re like most people, you’ll need a place to keep your markers and pencils. However, get rid of the pens and markers that no longer work!

Reuse the old wax instead of throwing it away

If you burn a candle to the point where the wax is completely gone, you’re breaking the law. The wick tab usually prevents you from getting the jars that hot in the first place.

However, no one enjoys throwing away good wax.

There are two options here: either throw away all the wax that has accumulated as a result of your cleaning antics, or… find a way to recycle it.

In that case, you might as well toss the candle because you don’t think there’s enough wax in there to make a difference at all.

In actuality?

If you don’t have a lot of old wax lying around, there are a number of creative methods to repurpose it. To get you started, here are three options to consider:

1. New candles

Making a new candle from used candle wax is the finest application for used candle wax.

As an alternative to throwing away old wax chunks and liquid wax, consider collecting them in a large 4-cup measuring glass that you’re happy to “dedicate” to candle-making purposes.

A candle wick, which you can usually find at a hobby store, is also required. Purchase the ones with the metal wick tab already attached to the bottom, which are sold in bulk quantities of 10 or more.

When manufacturing candles from used wax, there are a few more guidelines to consider:

  • The type of wax you’re using isn’t always obvious.
  • It will be more difficult to choose the proper wick because you won’t be able to iterate wick sizes or types.
  • After pouring the wax into the container, you should wait at least 5 to 14 days before burning the candle to allow the wax to cure.

Creating a fresh candle is as simple as weighing out the ingredients, gathering the scraps in a measuring cup, then grabbing a wick and an empty container.

If you’ve never created a candle before, we suggest starting with the double boiler approach.

How To Decorate With Candles In Every Room Of Your House | The Lakeside Collection

2. Wax melts

To put it another way, wax melts are small candles without a wick that you melt on a wax warming plate.

Waxes melts are frequently made by candle manufacturers as samples for their larger candles, but they can only be used with a wax warmer. Old candles can be used to make melts if you have access to a wax warmer or know someone who does. This is how it is done:

  1. Put something small and non-sticky in the silicone or clamshell mold. If you do this, you’ll have to stop using your silicone ice tray for actual ice (you can’t use it for anything else, either).
  2. Pour the mixture into the mold and let it to set if you’re extracting the wax from a candle while it’s still liquid.
  3. Take it out of the mold, and presto! A recycled wax melt!

You already have a wax melt if the wax you pulled from the jar is solid. To get started, all you have to do is set the solid wax on a warmer.

A plastic sandwich bag can be used to keep wax melts and recycled wax fragments safe and secure.

3. Wax monster

For outdoor use only, the last method of reusing old wax is recommended.

Get a metal or ceramic dish that you don’t mind throwing away and fill it with the wax chunks and liquid wax you’ve collected.

Even if the chunks of reclaimed wax don’t all match, this old approach makes a huge ball of fuel.

  1. A toothpick or skewer can be used to pierce the wax monster.
  2. Insert a candle into the hole.
  3. Put the wax monster outside in a place where it can get hot without causing any harm to the surrounding environment.
  4. Enjoy the ambiance created by the flickering candles.


What can I do with empty candle jars?

Involved Parties 1 Add a few blooms to the arrangement. If you have a large candle jar, turning it into a vase is a simple way to recycle it. 2 Organize your vanity. 3 3 You can use it as a potted plant. 4 Light it with a tea light. Set up a caddy for your desk. Sixth, light a fresh candle.

Can you recycle candle jars?

With a spoon, remove the wax from the old candle jars that you plan to recycle (remove the wick and clean the jar out so you can also recycle this for another use). Take out an ice cube tray or tiny bun tin tray, and carefully pour the melted wax into the cubes. Freeze for around 20 minutes.

Can you reuse candle jars for new candles?

Pop it out after the wax has hardened. Unless there are char chunks (as in this photo), save the wax you can recycle into a smaller candle. Make votives or tea lights out of it by melting it down. Rinse and dry your jars like you would any other piece of kitchenware.

Can you refill glass candle jars?

Reusing an old candle container is as simple as putting it in a pot of simmering water until the wax is completely melted, removing the wick, and wiping the container clean (you may need to gently pry it out with a butter knife, depending on how it is attached).

What to do with a candle that still has wax but no wick?

Use boiling water (or heat the water in a jar once it’s there) to melt your candles’ wax, then watch the melted wax rise to the top. You may then apply pressure and see the wax come out, ready to be reused in whatever way you like.

Can you reuse candle containers?

When it comes to repurposing candle jars, you can use them to store office goods, creative supplies, or even bath products like hair-ties. Plants and flowers can be displayed in huge glass candle jars.

Can you use a toothpick as a candle wick?

Toothpicks as candle wicks are easy to make with the right tools and materials. The shorter wick doesn’t produce a brilliant flame, therefore inserting a toothpick allows the candle to burn more efficiently. The molten wax coats the toothpick and makes it burn brighter as it melts.

Can you make a homemade candle wick?

DIY candle wicks are as simple as cotton string! You can use oil or salt to make your own candle wicks, but ordinary cotton string works just as well. Using cotton string candle wicks, you get a long-lasting burn with no soot.

What is candle tunneling?

In order to avoid tunneling, only a little amount of wick wax should melt at any given time during a candle’s burning. Instead of melting the wax uniformly, the flame will appear to burrow into the candle and create what looks like a narrow vertical tunnel — hence the name.

How do you get candle wax out of glass jars?

To Remove Wax from Candle Jars, Boiling Water Is All You Need In order to boil water, use a pot or kettle. Set it down on a heat pad or towel. Fill the jar halfway with hot water and let it aside to cool. Observe the jar as the wax melts and rises to the top. Allow it to sit for a few hours before serving. Take out the wax using a utility knife. Remove the drain plug.

Why did my glass candle explode?

Candles “explode” when the water/wax/fire mixture reaches out to touch the glass container, which is why the hotter center is at the center of the candle, and as the wax pool spreads out, it cools. 30 October 2017

Why do Yankee candles have lids?

The Illuma-Lid is placed on top of the big or medium Housewarmer jar and aids in the formation of an even wax pool by keeping the flame stable while doing so. A clean, even burn creates a wax pool that’s as full as possible. An even burn is achieved and extra soot can be avoided if the wick is properly cared for.

Can I use spaghetti as a candle wick?

There’s no need to sacrifice your favorite aroma if your candles are burning low enough to prevent the wick from reaching. Uncooked spaghetti can be used instead of your fingers. Grandpa’s birthday cake candles will be lit thanks to this long-lasting candle! Wed, Sep 19th.

How do you make candles crackle?

How to Make Homemade Candles with a Crackle Finish Two hours of freezing your finished candle is advised. In a double-boiler, melt the wax in the upper portion. You can do this by submerging your candle in iced water. Refreeze your dipped candle for two more hours before placing it on wax paper.

Can I use embroidery thread for a candle wick?

Candle wick embroidery uses cotton thread with four strands wrapped side by side on a card in a number of sizes, while the actual wicks come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Can you microwave candle wax?

Microwaves can also be used to melt wax. To speed up the process of melting the wax, some individuals use this approach instead of a double boiler. You can use a microwavable jar to store your wax. The wax should be melted completely by the end of two minutes of heating.

How do you make a string wick?

Three lengths of cotton thread should be at least eight inches longer than the height of the candle jar. The braided string should be fed through a wick tab at the bottom. Pinch the wick tab’s top using pliers before tying the string in place. The cotton wick is now ready to be used in a scented wax candle.

Final Remarks

If you’ve been stumped about what to do with your old candle jars, hopefully this post has helped.

If you have any additional ideas for how to repurpose candle jars, please feel free to share them!