When To Use Stroller Without Car Seat? Comprehensive Guide

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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In what situations can a stroller be safely used without a car seat? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at it. It is possible that you may not need or want your infant in a car seat while using a stroller. Often parents prefer to have infants and toddlers facing them, rather than away from them for safety reasons.

When is it appropriate to rely on a stroller alone instead of a car seat? Here, we’ll go into more detail about it. There are a variety of reasons why you might not need or want your infant in their car seat when using the stroller. Infants and toddlers can be safer when they are facing their parents rather than away from them.


How to Fold Schwinn Interval Jogging stroller

In the first step, lock the hand brake.

Step 2: Lower the rear wheels to the ground and place them on either side of the pivot point you’ve picked for folding.

3: Once the handlebars are locked into place, lean forward to lock the front wheel away from you in one stroke (to remove any slack).

When attaching or disconnecting this final piece, make sure you’re standing above the stroller so that when you pull up on both handles at an angle, they immediately lock back into place securely. It’s time to fold up the Schwinn Double Jogging Stroller!

infant stroller without car seat,lsqa.com.uy

How to Assemble Schwinn Triplet Baby Trend Expedition Double Umbrella Stroller

The canopy should be placed on the ground to form a compact frame.

Tighten the straps in place and snap them together at the bottom of your stroller to form a single, continuous strap.

The third and final step is to thread the cable through the two holes on each handlebar (with how many children you have).

How to Assemble Schwinn Interval Jogging stroller

In the first step, there is no need to connect anything at this time.

To fold the bike, you’ll need to place each handlebar on either side of the pivot point.

Leaning forward to link the front wheel away from you requires pulling up firmly on both grips until they lock in place (to remove any slack). When attaching or disconnecting this final piece, make sure you’re standing above the stroller so that when you pull up on both handles at an angle, they immediately lock back into place securely. The Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller has now been folded up.

Steps on Assembling Schwinn Double Jogging Stroller

The jogging wheel and the rear wheels should be attached to the frame. Make certain that the slots on the stroller’s base correspond to the corresponding slots on the buckles.

Step Two: Make sure each tire is properly inflated, then examine the eight screws that hold them in place; tighten them if necessary.

Using a straight bar, slide it into its slot at the front or back of your stroller base, depending on where you want it to be positioned (make sure not to pinch any wires). Make sure you do this on both sides!

Step four: Use plastic clips to cover any exposed metal wiring so that children can’t get wounded by the sharp edges that protrude from it.

Make sure the stroller’s brake is working properly by pushing down on it to see how firmly the wheels lock into place; if they don’t, tighten screws until you feel resistance and can no longer move either wheel without putting a lot of muscle force behind it.

When jogging or running with kids in a stroller, make sure all four safety straps are tightened tightly over their shoulders to prevent them from slipping out.

Step Seven: Before screwing together each side panel at its corresponding spots around the frame’s perimeter, make sure there is enough overlap (this will help ensure stability). Make sure you do this on both sides!

Step 8: Tighten the screws on the front wheel.

Step Nine: Lift the seat with your hand while sliding both side panels, then secure them with the accompanying nuts/bolts (you may need a wrench for this).

Make sure to reattach any foam cushions that were previously removed during the assembling process.

How do you attach a quick-release skewer to a bike trailer?

Skewers are metal shafts that are attached to the front axle of a bike trailer and can be quickly removed as necessary. In order to secure it to the bicycle, the other end features an adjustable band and a clip or pin.

Step 1: Before using, tighten the skewer by pulling on both ends to prevent any slipping.

Get the clearance you need between the back of your car and the parking space before loosening the Howard head bolts holding down each side panel (this will help ensure stability).

For each side, repeat this procedure. The hex wrench provided under the seat can be used to tighten the wheels into place at each corner of the wagon’s wheels. Overtightening the screws could cause them to break! Seat belts and foam cushions should be attached to the vehicle to keep the rider safe.

How to fold Schwinn double bike trailer

First, align the frame’s green button with one of the yellow buttons on either side panel, then press the little green button.

After a “click” is heard, slowly draw back to release the pressure. Fold each side in half lengthwise, then repeat on the other side.

Place your hand under the seat (between the lower handlebars) and retract the wheels to make it easier to keep it folded. You can also use the top grips to assist you stay upright if you need to.

What Do I Need to Consider During Stroller Selection?

Before you choose a stroller for your children, consider the following factors:

  • Your location – If you live in an urban area, you’ll need a sturdy stroller for navigating the city streets. Also, folding your stroller in order to get on or through a bus or waterway may be necessary. As a result, choosing a stroller that can be folded and stowed in the vehicle’s cab will save you time and money.
  • In the event that you have more than one child, a double stroller or one with an add-on for an older child would likely be required. Before utilizing the attachment, be sure to review the manufacturer’s weight recommendations.
  • Your personal manner of living – When running errands, a stroller with an umbrella might be excellent. You’ll need a jogging stroller if you want to go for a run with your child.
  • A rain cover, storage basket, cup holder, sunshade or blanket may be useful additions to a stroller. Don’t settle for less than you need.

When may a baby ride in a stroller without the use of a car seat?? Following the above travels, you’ll know when it’s okay to put your kid in a stroller without having to worry about a car seat.

When can baby sit in an umbrella stroller comfortably?

Umbrella strollers come in a variety of styles. As long as the seat reclines all the way, an umbrella stroller is safe to use with a baby. Inquire as to whether or not the model includes suspension features. In order for a stroller to be safe for a baby, it must contain the following features: Wait till the infant is 4 to 6 months old if you are unsure about their comfort level.. At this age, you can use any type of umbrella stroller.

When can baby sit in stroller without car seat chicco

A car seat for a newborn is typically included with most baby strollers. Because of the baby’s small physique, the car seat protects the baby’s safety during a trip. While a car seat is still important for newborns, as the child grows, the stroller becomes more comfortable for the child to ride in. Consider the manufacturer’s suggestion while trying to figure out “when can infant sit in a stroller without a car seat?”. After the age of six months, Chicco advises parents to use their stroller primarily without a car seat. The stroller’s harnesses fit the child wonderfully.

When can baby sit in Graco stroller without car seat

Supplier Graco is known for their high-quality baby stroller models. Car seats should be used until the kid is 5 to 6 months old, according to the manufacturer. While the age is a good starting point, keep in mind that no two babies are exactly alike. Bigger babies may be able to use the stroller without the seat at four months of age. The most important thing is that the baby is safe and comfortable..

Taking newborn in stroller

Taking the infant for a walk in the fresh air is beneficial to both the mother and the child. In the long run, this will be good for the health of the newborns. You don’t have to wait more than two months after giving birth to take your newborn outside. You can take your infant outside every day if you follow a few simple safety rules.

Infant carriers can be used in the early stages, and strollers can be used later on.

If you’re thinking about taking your baby on a walk in a stroller, read this first. You’ll need a stroller that can fully recline. It’s important to know that some jogging strollers are not suitable for babies. You cannot use these strollers till your baby is 6 months old because they do not fully recline.

Make sure you have all of your baby’s necessities before you leave the house with him or her.

Where to stroll with the baby?

You can take your baby out in a quiet area. Avoid places with a lot of people at all costs. A stroll through a nearby park with your infant can be a pleasant experience. The first time you take the baby out should be a short one. It should take less than an hour to get there. In the future, you can gradually extend the time period

When is the best time to stroll with your baby?

Even in the winter, you can take your infant out for a walk. As long as it isn’t freezing and windy, that is. In the winter, layer your baby’s clothing to keep him warm. Ensure that he is completely clothed.

Early in the morning is the best time of day to take a stroll with your kid. When the weather is more pleasant, your baby will appreciate sleeping in a stroller outside. Dress your kid in a lightweight clothing on a hot day.

Strollers with lengthy hood protectors are always the best option. That will keep your kid safe from the elements.

For a newborn, the Ergobaby 180 stroller is the best option. The baby will enjoy the lightweight and plush interior of the stroller. It’s easy to move about because it has four wheels. The stroller is simple and straightforward to operate. When you’re done using it, just fold it up with one hand. There are a slew of noteworthy features on this stroller.


Even on a flat street, you should always apply the stroller’s brake. In the event that your infant moves, this will stop the stroller from rolling.

What Types of Strollers are There?

Strollers come in a variety of styles, including the following:

  • Everyday activities such as going around the neighborhood or browsing at a store are made easier with all-purpose strollers.
  • An infant car seat can be attached to a stroller as part of a travel system. Travel systems are popular with parents because they may be used from day one, and you don’t have to disrupt your child during the car-seat-to-stroller-and-back transition. Purchase a stroller and car seat combo from the same manufacturer, or mix and match various manufacturers to create your own. When it comes to adapters, you’ll merely need to make sure your stroller is compatible with your car seat and purchase them.
  • Unlike standard strollers, lightweight strollers are a considerably lighter in weight. The terms “travel stroller” and “small stroller” are also used to describe these strollers. Whether traveling or just needing a stroller that’s light enough to tote about, these strollers are perfect (think going up and down stairs, taking it in and out of car trunks, riding public transit, etc.).
  • Two children can ride in the same stroller at the same time with double strollers. A double stroller might make your life easier if you have twins or children who are of a similar age to each other. In-line (front-to-back) and side-by-side are the two ways double strollers can be configured.
  • To put it another way, a convertible stroller can be converted from a single stroller to a double stroller. If you plan on having two children of similar age, convertibles are a smart option. Both in-line and side-by-side convertible strollers are available.
  • For those who enjoy jogging, jogging strollers are designed to tackle rougher terrain and have upgraded suspension systems for a more comfortable ride.
  • With an infant car seat, you may complete the stroller’s frame (think of the handle and storage basket) and make it a full-fledged stroller.

Do You Need a Stroller?

The majority of new parents opt to purchase a stroller from a local retailer. While a baby carrier can be used in its place, many parents prefer the ease and mobility that a stroller provides while going for a walk or a run with their little one.

How To Keep Baby Safe and Comfy in a Stroller | Ergobaby Blog

When Do You Need a Stroller?

It is possible to use your stroller from birth if it has an infant car seat or a bassinet or if the seat can be totally reclined. If not, you can begin using a stroller at six months of age when your kid is able to sit up and control his or her neck.

A majority of strollers can support children up until they’re around 50 pounds in weight. A stroller, on the other hand, is an expensive purchase that will see a lot of action.

How We Chose Our Best Strollers

We surveyed tens of thousands of real Babylist families to learn about their favorite baby goods, and then we combined what we learned from their responses with our own in-depth research and analysis to bring you this list of the top strollers.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller

The Scoop

  • An unbeatable value-to-performance ratio
  • Folding with one hand is a breeze.
  • Straightforward to steer and push

What Our Experts Say

You can see why the City Mini GT2 is so popular with parents on Babylist. This well-liked stroller offers excellent value for the money. It’s not cheap, but it won’t set you back a month’s rent. All-terrain rubber wheels and all-wheel suspension, a near-flat seat recline, and a genuine one-handed fold are just some of the characteristics of this stroller. For those who want to build their own travel system, this stroller is compatible with a wide variety of infant car seats. When folded, the GT2 is ideal for city and suburbia dwellers alike, and it can be stowed in small areas.

What’s Worth Considering

The seat only faces outward, and the basket is on the tiny side.

What Babylist Parents Say

One-handed closing is a big plus for me,” I say. “I like that the sunshade drops to such a level that it covers my infant entirely.” -Lisa

Additional Specs

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller

The Scoop

  • It can accommodate up to three children as your family grows.
  • Suspension on all four wheels and a nimble steering/turning feel
  • Full of cutting-edge features

What Our Experts Say

The focus of the Vista is on flexibility to meet the needs of modern families. The integrated bassinet can be used from birth for both strolling and sleeping. When used with a compatible car seat, such as the UPPAbaby Mesa, it provides a safe and secure ride for your child Change change the bassinet for a front or rear-facing toddler seat as your child gets older. It’s time for a second child? Ride-Along Boards such as the Rumble Seat or PiggyBack Ride-Along Board can be added for children who like to stand while riding.

You won’t be dissatisfied with the performance either. Parents will appreciate the Vista’s impressive suspension system, full seat recline, telescoping handlebar, large underseat basket, and extended canopy, to name just a few of the vehicle’s high-end features.

What’s Worth Considering

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty stroller, the Vista isn’t going to be your best option. A few parents have complained about how difficult it is to push with two or even three kids in it because of the inline design.

What Babylist Parents Say

It’s great to be able to expand the seating capacity. The size and mobility are perfect. The bassinet is adorable. It has served us well for the past three generations of our family. We have a third child, and the stroller is still like new! In my opinion, that was a good investment.” -Clair

Additional Specs

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

The Scoop

  • Exceptional worth
  • Includes the well-known car seat for babies
  • Self-supporting fold

What Our Experts Say

An excellent travel system is all about value and convenience, and this Chicco one does not disappoint. Car seat and base included, along with a stroller with a one-handed self-standing fold, height adjustable handle and a parent tray. ‘KeyFit 30’ infant car seat Car seats can be installed directly on top of ordinary seats or they can be removed entirely and an adaptor attached to allow for weight savings. When your child is in the KeyFit 30, the canopies from both seats meet and overlap to create the ultimate naptime cocoon.

What’s Worth Considering

Parents have complained that the stroller’s canopy is fragile and that it doesn’t hold up as well as some more expensive models. The plastic wheels can’t handle bumpy terrain very well.

What Babylist Parents Say

There are cup holders for adults and children, as well as a spacious storage basket, making this a budget-friendly option. -Amanda

Additional Specs

Nuna MIXX NEXT Stroller with Mag Buckle

The Scoop

  • Built-in bassinet makes it perfect for new babies.
  • Suspension for all four wheels and a slew of other premium features
  • A year-round seat

What Our Experts Say

A bassinet is a nice accessory for a stroller, but it only serves a short period of time and is yet another thing to store when the baby’s first few months are through. The Mixx Next has a seat and bassinet combination that lets you recline the seat all the way and fold up the footrest to transform it into a snug nest for your newborn’s first few months.

Additionally, the Mixx has a wide storage basket, an adjustable handlebar for parents of different heights, a two-way facing toddler seat, and a zippered mesh back for those hotter days when you don’t want to wear a blanket. It also contains a magnetic buckle with a self-guiding system that secures itself automatically. The Mixx also includes a ring adaptor that allows you to attach any of Nuna’s Pipa infant car seats to create a travel system.

What’s Worth Considering

For a single stroller that doesn’t develop to fit more than one child, it’s a little on the pricier side.

What Babylist Parents Say

“Folding and unfolding is a breeze. There are a variety of seating options. And it’s just so pretty to look at! ” -Ashleigh

Additional Specs

Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller

The Scoop

  • Stroller and car seat in one
  • It’s ideal for a trip.
  • Uses a short amount of time

What Our Experts Say

You won’t find another like it. As a car seat and stroller in one, this hybrid design is a game-changer in the baby car seat market today. Pushchair legs and wheels lift up and tuck under the vehicle seat when not in use. An urban commuter who uses a rideshare or a rental car is just as likely to benefit from this as a suburban household who travels frequently. As a minimalist who is attempting to reduce the quantity of baby gear that you need, especially during the first year, this is a terrific option for you.

What’s Worth Considering

Around the one-year mark, most babies outgrow the Doona, necessitating the purchase of a new stroller. Like with typical strollers, there is no storage container in this model.

What Babylist Parents Say

On-the-go mommies or any parent who has to take care of a newborn will find this to be really useful.” Changing a car seat into a stroller, and vice versa, is a snap. It’s often praised for its portability and tiny size. “It’s fantastic!” -Jillian

Additional Specs

Babyzen YOYO2 6+ Stroller

The Scoop

  • Does not surpass the 14-pound mark.
  • An easy, one-handed fold
  • Color customization, the ability to add a second rider, and more are all included.

What Our Experts Say

Some situations call for a smaller stroller, such as when you’re traveling, going on a day excursion, or going to a place where there will be a lot of people and few available parking spaces. The YOYO2 is an excellent option if you’re looking for a compact stroller.

This popular and lightweight choice may be folded up with only one hand and weighs less than 14 pounds. When not in use, you can sling it over your shoulder or stow it in an overhead compartment on an aircraft thanks to the included strap. Because it’s compatible with a variety of car seat and stroller models (the Newborn Pack is offered separately), it can be used from infancy through childhood. You may also replace out the seat fabric whenever you want, which is a great function.

What’s Worth Considering

The YOYO2 costs a lot, especially if you want to add the infant option on top of that. The fold is tricky to grasp and the handlebars aren’t adjustable.

What Babylist Parents Say

Small and light, it’s ideal for New York City’s tiniest stores and restaurants. -Christina

Mockingbird Single Stroller

The Scoop

  • Exceptional quality at a reasonable price
  • Smooth ride thanks to excellent suspension.
  • a guarantee that lasts the rest of your life

What Our Experts Say

Despite your want to purchase a high-end stroller, you cannot afford it. You don’t have to choose, because the Mockingbird delivers a lot of luxury for a lot less than you’ll pay for other strollers of the same quality.

In contrast to many high-end strollers now on the market, this direct-to-consumer brand offers a sleek, functional, and user-friendly stroller at a fraction of the price. It has a wide, spill-resistant canopy that protects your baby from the sun, a seat that can be turned to face you or the world, and a built-in suspension system for a comfortable ride. In addition to the XL storage basket and the self-standing fold, we like the lifetime warranty because it gives you peace of mind about the cheaper price and durability.

What’s Worth Considering

While pushing the stroller, taller parents often have to kick the lower crossbar because there is no telescoping handlebar. Interested in a convertible? Check out the Single-to-Double option in Mockingbird.

What Babylist Parents Say

Compared to some of the other high-end strollers on the market, this one is surprisingly affordable.” It’s a breeze to fold and unfold with one hand, and it’s small enough to fit in my car’s backseat. Definitely one of my finest baby purchases ever. -Lindsey

Colugo The Compact Stroller

The Scoop

  • Fits in the plane’s overhead compartment
  • a built-in strap for transporting your gear
  • Seat can be reclined to its fully upright position.

What Our Experts Say

You should buy a travel stroller if you want to take your new family out and about. Colugo’s ultra-compact stroller has a lot to offer for its small size.

The Colugo Compact’s greatest asset is its little size. It’s light enough to fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane, weighing only about 16 pounds. To make things easier when you’re on the go with a kid in tow, the stroller can be folded in one hand and slung over your shoulder using the built-in carry strap. Unlike some other travel strollers, this one is a breeze to push and maneuver. Additionally, there is a fully reclinable seat that is perfect for naps on the go, as well as a seat fabric that can be cleaned and machine washed.

What’s Worth Considering

The Infant Kit must be purchased separately if you plan to use the stroller from birth. Parents who are taller than average say that they have to kick the stroller because you can’t shift the handlebar up or down.

What Babylist Parents Say

Because it fits in the overhead compartment of nearly every plane, it’s ideal for travel. There’s a lot of capacity in the storage basket and the stroller is really easy to push and maneuver.” -Jen

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BOB Gear Revo Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

The Scoop

  • For years, runners have adored it.
  • Adapts to any terrain with ease.
  • The handlebar may be adjusted in nine different positions.

What Our Experts Say

A favorite choice among Babylist families that frequently venture off the main road is the jogging stroller, whether you’re a serious runner or just enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. High ratings are given to BOB for its lengthy history of quality and smart features.

The Revo Flex 3.0’s versatility can be attributed to its mountain-bike-inspired suspension system. In addition to the bigger tires, this helps a lot. However, the metal frame of the stroller makes it lighter than many of the other full-size strollers on our list. The Flex’s big storage basket accommodates all of your belongings and is compatible with an infant car seat. Remember the adjustable handlebar, which has nine distinct configurations to accommodate runners and walkers of all sizes.

What’s Worth Considering

Make sure you’re OK with the weight and size of this pram before purchasing it as a regular stroller, as it’s a bit heavy and bulky. Ensure that the front wheel is securely attached to the fork of the stroller before going for a run with it.

What Babylist Parents Say

What I liked most about this vehicle was its ability to handle a variety of terrains with ease. -M.T.

Summer 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

The Scoop

  • Flattening out
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable

What Our Experts Say

Umbrella strollers, as the name suggests, fold up neatly and vertically. Despite the fact that they lack some of the more traditional characteristics of a stroller, umbrella strollers are a great option for parents on-the-go or traveling with a little child.

The Summer 3D Lite is the clear choice in this category since it offers so many outstanding features at such an affordable price. There’s a built-in shoulder strap for transportation thanks to the lightweight aluminum frame, which makes this stroller only 13 pounds. Other features include an adjustable canopy, a near-flat seat recline and an extra-large storage basket.

What’s Worth Considering

As a result of folding the stroller vertically instead of horizontally, it is less compact.

What Babylist Parents Say

It’s a great stroller. It’s small and light, yet it’s also very durable. It’s perfect for my baby, who prefers to be held in my arms when she’s facing forward. When you consider the cost, it’s a great value. -Tiffany

Stroller Weight
13 lbs

Age Range
6 months up to 50 lbs

Your Baby Benefits in a Stroller Where They Face You

Provides emotional comfort.

When you’re pushing a stroller with your kid facing backwards, he can see your face and hear what you have to say. He is comforted by the familiarity of your face, which makes him feel safe and secure.

Good for baby’s development.

When a baby is between the ages of two and six months, he or she requires and enjoys seeing the faces of his or her parents. The more time you spend together, the more he craves it. When a baby is just a few months old, she or he begins to learn the norms of social interaction and how to respond to your facial expressions. Rear-facing baby strollers make it easier to provide your child with the mental and physical stimulation they require to grow and develop properly.

Offers more support and protection.

Rear-facing car seats and strollers offer the finest support and protection for your baby’s head and body, which is why they should always be used. Most strollers that face you offer extra support for your baby’s head and neck before he is strong enough to do so on his own. Assume you were strolling and ran into a curb or a fire hydrant by mistake. The collision would cause your baby’s head to lurch forward if he was facing forward. Even though the impact will thrust his head forward when he’s facing you, it won’t hurt him in any way.

Can help them nap better.

More than 2,700 babies and their parents were studied in a 2008 study that indicated that babies were twice as likely to sleep when they were in a stroller that was facing backwards. Some say it’s a stroke of good fortune, while others say it’s because babies like to sleep with a familiar face because they feel more secure and at ease.

You Benefit When Your Baby Faces You in a Stroller

Easily monitor your baby.

It’s far easier to keep an eye on your child when he or she is facing you, rather than away from you. To ensure that he’s comfortable, to ensure that his hat isn’t covering his eyes, to ensure that the wind isn’t blowing directly in his face, etc., you only need to look down.

Gives you peace of mind.

You can relax and enjoy this time with your son since you know he is safe and secure.

Makes it easier to bond with your baby.

Parents were twice as likely to chat to their kids in a stroller when the babies were facing them, according to the study I described earlier, and the babies were twice as likely to laugh as a result. As a result, you’re more likely to engage in meaningful conversation and share more laughs and smiles with your infant when they’re right in front of you. You’ll also get to spend more time with your gorgeous newborn, and who doesn’t want to do that? Take advice from a fellow mother and enjoy those baby stares for as long as you can.

It’s not cheap to buy a stroller, but it’s a must, especially with all of the cool things you can do with it. While having a stroller where your baby faces you has many advantages, as your child’s development changes between 6 and 9 months, he’ll become more interested in what’s going on in his immediate environment. You’ll want to begin putting him in a stroller with his head facing forward. On the other hand, there is no need to buy two strollers. Get a stroller with a reversible seat that can be used in both forward and backward modes. The stroller can then be turned around to face either you or your baby, depending on his or her stage of development and personal taste.


When can you put a baby in a stroller without car seat?

Can your child ride in a stroller yet? As soon as a baby is able to hold his or her head up on its own, he or she is ready for a crib.

When can a baby go in a front facing stroller?

While having a stroller where your baby faces you has many advantages, as your child’s development changes between 6 and 9 months, he’ll become more interested in what’s going on in his immediate environment. You’ll want to begin putting him in a stroller with his head facing forward.

How long do babies use infant car seats?

If the seat is considered safe for the child’s height and weight, parents who use an infant seat can upgrade to a larger, convertible seat between 9 months and 2 years, depending on the child’s size (bigger kids will usually move on faster).

Can 3 month old ride in stroller?

Once a baby can hold his or her head up without assistance, which is usually about three months old, we suggest transferring to a reclined stroller seat. When your child is five to seven months old and able to sit up unassisted, you can move to a fully upright position in the stroller seat.

Can you use pushchair before 6 months?

Six-month-old babies are best served by a pushchair. If a baby is able to sit up unaided, they are ready for a pushchair.

How long can a baby be in a stroller?

In spite of the lack of official rules from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Shu states that “kids should be transitioning out a stroller at around three years old.”


The age of the child and the design of the stroller are key factors in the question of “when may infant sit in stroller without car seat?” The well-fitting strap of the car seat allows babies to remain in the correct position. To use the stroller with a car seat, you may need to wait until your baby is 4 to 6 months old depending on their weight and size.

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