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Whether you’re a kid, an adult or somewhere in between, everyone enjoys a good ball pit prank! These ball pits at McDonald’s and other local food restaurants are a fond memory for many of us. These DIY ball pit ideas are loved by our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren as much as they were loved by us. The DIY ball pit is a huge hit with the kids. What are you waiting for? For the convenience of your family, we are bringing the fun and happiness of the ball pit to you and your children’s homes. Plus, there’s no standing in line for long periods of time just to get a turn. They’re free to jump in whenever they choose.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 creative and easy-to-assemble DIY ball pit ideas! If you’re still stumped on what to get your nephew for his birthday, consider this. These DIY ball pit ideas can be lifesavers if you’re an anxious parent over the summer. These will keep your kids occupied, and they’ll be thinking about all the fun and smiling faces you’ll see as a result of these activities.

What’s up then? Your kids will have the time of their lives with these DIY homemade ball pit designs if you have some basic technical abilities, some creativity, and a camera at the ready.

1. DIY PVC Pipe Ball Pit

You don’t have to worry about a public pvc ball pit being dirty. As a bonus, this DIY constructed ball pit can be both your child’s favorite location and your own personal haven! Begin by acquiring the necessary components, such as the ball-pit balls. Find out how to build a PVC ball pit in the guide. littlethings

2. How to Build a PVC Pipe Ball Pit

PVC tubing can be used to create an eye-catching and amusing ball pit. Even the ladder may be constructed out of just seven PVC pipes, according to the tutorial. Cargo netting can be used on the sides. Check out the tutorial if you’re interested in learning more. empathyencom

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3. DIY Ball Pit for Your Kids

A kid’s slide might be a great addition to your ball pit if you don’t already have any pool noodles or plastic balls. Of course, you’ll need plastic mesh, zip ties, and PVA pipes and fittings to complete this project. The instruction includes a detailed construction design. kidspot

4. Easy DIY PVC Pipe Children’s Ball Pit

Set up a fun ball pit for your children using PVC pipe fittings you can find at your local hardware shop. Zip ties can be used to hold the netting in place in the corners and on the sides. You’ll be shown how to do each step with a picture to help you along the way. lifewithonesies

5. DIY Ball Pit With Slide

Plywood may be used to build a fun ball pit for your child, according to this tutorial. The addition of a kid’s slide might increase the enjoyment element. In addition, this one is orange and white-themed! Customize to match the colors and themes of your child’s playroom. grayhousestudio

6. How to Build a Ball Pit on Your Balcony

You can almost hear the screams of joy coming from a ball pit just by gazing at it. In the event that you’re a mature adult who is always on the lookout for entertaining ways to alleviate stress. You’ll love this idea for a homemade ball pit in your balcony! Having fun in the ball pit is a great way to enjoy the weather! instructables

7. Ball Pit You Can Make for 30 Bucks

You may be surprised to learn that this toddler-friendly ball pit can be built for less than $30! To make things even more exciting for your little one, consider installing a kid-sized slide. Included are no PVC pipes or nettings. Learn everything you need to know right now by watching the video instruction.

8. DIY Ball Pit for Maymo

As vital as any other member of the family, pets are! Set up this ridiculously simple and low-cost ball pit for your happy boy at home! If it’s raining and you can’t take him for a walk, let him play in this ball pit instead! It’ll be a hit with him. youtube

These wild DIY ball pit ideas are a lot of fun. Your house will get a serious dose of levity thanks to you. Adults and youngsters alike will find something to enjoy here.

11 Best Ball Pits For Kids, Toddlers, + Babies

Best Overall Value Ball Pit For Kids: smarTrike convertible ball pit and trampoline

The smarTrike convertible ball pit and trampoline will be a huge hit with frugal parents. This three-in-one product is available in both blue and pink.

With a single pull, it transforms from a ball pit to a storage bag. You may then use it as a trampoline with a handle that is removed when your youngsters have mastered the art of balancing while jumping. We appreciate the inclusion of 100 non-toxic balls for children in this selection.

It is safe for infants as young as 10 months to play in the ball pit, while children as young as 12 months and 24 months can safely jump on a trampoline that does not have a handlebar connected. Finally, the trampoline folds up for simple storage as well as the balls. We have a trampoline quite similar to this one for my kid, and it’s the best thing we have for burning off energy!


  • For children aged 10 months to 5 years, it grows with your child.
  • 100 balls are included.
  • Assembled and ready to use
  • Balls and trampolines can be conveniently folded up and stored this way.


  • Children exceeding the weight of 55 pounds are not recommended for this product.

Best Ball Pit For Baby: Bright Start’s 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play

We love this play center that transforms into a ball pit for babies in keeping with the changeable theme! When your baby is a few months old, Bright Start’s 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play begins as an activity gym that helps your child learn to enjoy tummy time and even roll over safely owing to the built-in sides that keep them in one place.

This combination of a ball pit and an activity gym is available in over four different designs, all of which have bright colors, interesting textures, and attractive toys to keep kids interested. You may use the provided balls to turn the exercise gym into a ball pit once your baby is able to sit up unsupported. Detachable music toy that lights up and plays 20 minutes of music is also included.

In addition, we appreciate the fact that the mat can be washed in a machine and that all of the other pieces can be easily cleaned. Plus, the ball pit balls come in an easy-to-store bag while they’re not in use!


  • Design that can be used from birth until at least 12 months
  • To keep babies occupied, the design incorporates interactive elements.
  • Sides that fold down for extra security


  • There are only 35-40 balls included.
  • Spot clean the mat alone, according to some reviewers, because their mat appears to have come apart in the washing machine

Best Budget Ball Pit For Toddlers: FoxPrint Basketball Ball Pit

With a built-in basketball hoop, what could be better than a ball pit to help little ones develop gross and fine motor skills? Introducing a ball pit to toddlers in a smaller, more controlled environment is a great way to introduce them to the pleasure and excitement of a ball pit.

Pop-up and fold-up feature of the ball pit tent, which fits into an easy-to-store carrying bag, will be appreciated by parents. It doesn’t come with balls, so you’ll need to purchase and keep them separately.

If you have many children, this is a terrific portable ball pit for sensory play that can accommodate a baby and a toddler. Because it’s one of the bigger affordable ball pits available, this one should last a long time. As a side note, having more space may necessitate more balls. The accompanying hoop, on the other hand, lets children learn how to shoot and throw as well as improve their aim and accuracy while playing in this ball pit for kids.


  • Portable and light enough to be used both indoors and out.
  • Extends playtime with built-in hoop
  • Storage is made easier by the fact that the design is collapsible.
  • Large enough to accommodate several small children.


  • Not included are balls.

Best Big Kids Ball Pit: Lojeton Two-piece Rocket Ship Kids Play Ship

Larger children demand a greater amount of open area for play and exploration. A large tent that can be used both indoors and outdoors, the Lojeton Two-piece Rocket Ship Kids Play Ship is a favorite among our staff. Youngsters’s creativity will be sparked by the fascinating space theme, and the design’s multiple rooms encourage exploration and allow for multiple children to play at once.

The children’s ball pit tent is 39.4 inches in diameter and 51.2 inches tall, while the ball pit itself is 47.3 inches in diameter and 28 inches high. The components can be used alone or together. This is a good alternative for older kids, but keep in mind that you’ll need to buy the balls individually.

It’s also available in a variety of colors and patterns. A basketball hoop and tunnel were also included in this 3PC star rocket ship ball pit!


  • a larger footprint is more comfortable for families with many children
  • To be used either inside or outside.
  • Features an integrated hoop for added convenience.
  • Folds up lightweight


  • Lightweight when unfolded.
  • Lightweight folding
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Best Inflatable Bouncer Ball Pit For Multiple Kids: WellFunTime Inflatable Bounce House Ball Pit

Lightweight when folded

As a result, it’s possible to access a slide and a side chamber that open into an enclosed ball pit without having to leave the inflatable house entirely.

A darts target is on one of the mesh panels, as well as a soccer goal and a basketball hoop. As an added bonus, it comes with a hand pump for pumping air back into the basketball and soccer balls and mesh darts. This inflatable comes with everything you need to get started, including a blower, stakes, and repair patches! Two mesh storage compartments for water bottles or snacks are also integrated into the design.

When completely inflated, the bouncer ball pit house has dimensions of 145 inches long by 120 inches wide by 85 inches high.


  • For large gatherings, the large size is ideal.
  • With a variety of rooms and activities to choose from.
  • The inflatable house is repaired with patches included in the package.
  • The deflation and storage process is quite simple.


  • There are just 50 balls in the ball pit, which isn’t much considering its size.
  • If you weigh more than 300 pounds, you may not be able to join in on the fun!

Best Ball Pit Pool: Peradix Paddling Pool 3 in 1

We love toys that can be utilized both indoors and outdoors, and this 3-in-1 ball pit checks all of those boxes.

For young swimmers, the Peradix Paddling Pool has a lot to offer. Attaching and detaching the UV sun protection canopy and built-in basketball hoop are both simple processes. Ball pit pool nylon cloth is coated in silver for further durability, odor resistance, and protection..

With no need for an inflator or pump, this ball pit pool features a baby-safe rubberized, rust-proof memory spring wire. In addition, since it isn’t “inflated,” your pets can take advantage of it without fear of damaging it with their claws. Draining the water is as simple as securing two buckles and allowing the water to flow freely. Since it can be packed into a compact carrying bag, you may take it on vacation or to the beach with you.

You have a choice of two colors for this pool: blue or green. It does not come with balls, but it does include stickers for your youngster, a repair patch, and a storage bag. It has a circumference of 37 inches. Ideally, it should be able to accommodate two children under the age of 5.


  • It’s easy to transport and store thanks to its small size.
  • Easy set up/clean up
  • Intuitive setup and clean up
  • Pool and ball hoop are great for developing both gross and fine motor skills.


  • Not included are balls.

Best Foam Ball Pit: Avrsol Foam Ball Pit For Toddlers

The most adorable and Instagrammable ball pit on the list! A classic soft-sided ball pit may not be suitable for smaller babies since they could roll out of control or an unseen wire could poke its way through. The thick foam sides and base of this Avrsol baby ball pit provide greater support while also assuring that your baby will not contact the hard floor if they fall or trip.

There are two inches of thickness on each side of the 37.5-inch diameter. You’ll also appreciate that the soft cover on the foam pit can be removed for easy cleaning. Finally, the pit is composed of durable memory foam that won’t lose its shape over the years. It comes in three colors too:


  • There are two inches of thickness on each side of the 37.5-inch diameter. You’ll also appreciate that the soft cover on the foam pit can be removed for easy cleaning. Finally, the pit is composed of durable memory foam that won’t lose its shape over the years. It comes in three colors too:
  • 37.5 inches wide, 12.5 inches tall and 2 inch thick are the dimensions of this dish. Cleaning the foam pit is also made easier because the soft cover can be removed. The best part is that the pit is constructed of durable memory foam, which will not lose its shape over time. It is available in three colors:
  • Three hues are available.


  • Not included is a set of ball bearings.
  • It is best suited for newborns, toddlers, and pre-schoolers because of its small dimensions.

Best Ball Pit for Kids With Tunnel: ball pit with tunnels from Playz

Playz’s ball pit with tunnels makes a fun obstacle course for your kids. There are two tents of different shapes in this entertaining ball pit, as well as a ball pit, and two tunnels. There is also a built-in basketball hoop in the ball pit for even more options to play. The tunnels are built to last, with double mesh walls on all sides, making them resistant to wear and tear.

They are 44 inches long and have a diameter of 19. A dartboard and five velcro balls are also included. Children as young as two years old can safely play in this ball pit. For both indoor and outdoor use, the components can be utilized together or independently.

There is a 6-month warranty and a 30-day risk-free trial period, which we think is great (or 1 year if you register it). Pieces pop up or fold flat into a zippered carry bag, making the design easy to transport. It’s also free of lead, latex, phthalates, and bpa, which is something we appreciate. Inconveniently, the balls are not provided.


  • A dartboard and hoop game are included.
  • Mesh paneling throughout for easy supervision
  • Mesh paneling is used throughout the building for easy access to monitors and security cameras.


  • Not included are balls.
  • Folding and storing objects requires practice.

Best Indoor Ball Pit With Slide: Eazy Peezy Playset

We adore the concept of a ball pit that doubles as an entire play gym. This Eazy Peezy Playset with balls is the perfect solution for climbing and comes with a slide that’s perfect for toddlers. Whether you’re outfitting your playroom or daycare center, children will love this pick. This ball pit features a simple plastic frame design with vinyl fabric coverings.

Having a ball pit that doubles as a play gym is a brilliant idea in our book. For toddlers who love to climb and slide, this Eazy Peezy Playset with Balls is a great option. This is a great choice for a child’s room or a daycare center. With a simple plastic frame and vinyl fabric coverings, this ball pit is ideal for indoor play.

If you’re searching for an indoor ball pit with a slide, you may always buy this Little Tikes slide and just add it to any of the ball pits on this list. When we looked at the photo evaluations for the other ball pits on this list, we saw a number of parents doing this.


  • Fun activities in a variety of forms.
  • Suitable for children as young as one to three years old.
  • Includes 50 balls (though you’ll probably want to supplement that number with others).


  • Assembly can be difficult if you can’t follow the instructions very well.

Best Ball Pit Playpen: Gaorui Large Ball Pit Playpen

Gaorui’s ball pit playpen offers the best of both worlds. Oversized playpens make excellent ball pits for kids, whether you have a lot of tiny ones to keep an eye on or just want more room for your own. For indoor or outdoor usage, the huge playpen comes in two colors.

This baby ball pit playpen is 74.8 inches long, 50.7 inches broad, and 25 inches high when completed. Additionally, you’ll have access to an in-built basketball hoop, two soccer goals, and a sidewall pouch for storing toys or snacks.


  • Multiple youngsters can play at the same time because of the large size.
  • To be used either inside or outside.
  • There are a variety of possible setups.


  • Not included is a set of ball bearings.
  • Initial setup can be a bit of a challenge.

Best Tent Ball Pit: Kiddey Ball Pit Play Tent + BestFire Kids Play Tent Ball Pit (TIED!)

A wide variety of sensory stimuli can help children, but parents may not enjoy having balls flung around the home! It is advisable to have a ball pit that has a tented cover rather than one that only has towering sides.

The Kiddey Ball Pit Play Tent is a great option if your child enjoys making messes or if you just don’t want to deal with it. The 39-inch by 39-inch by 39-inch design provides plenty of area for your child. In order to keep the balls from escaping, the top and sides of the enclosure are covered. Parents can monitor their youngsters more easily because to the mesh sides.

. This ball pit tent comes with stakes to help hold it to the ground if it is being used outside. It’s small, portable, and folds up neatly into a storage bag when not in use. There are no balls in the package.


  • The large hexagonal form accommodates a large number of children simultaneously.
  • Balls are prevented from escaping by taller sides and a partial roof.
  • Design that can be used indoors and outdoors when collapsed


  • The balls themselves will need to be purchased.

Because of its distinctive and adorable design, the BestFire Kids Play Tent Ball Pit tied for first place on this list. iWe love the playful house/front porch feel. Now that your child can crawl through the circular opening in the tent portion, he or she will have an easier time throwing balls out of it.

BestFire’s Kids Play Tent Ball Pit tied for first place thanks to its adorable and distinctive design features. iWe are enamored with the house and front porch’s fun vibe. As a result, your child will be able to throw the ball much further because the tent portion has a circular opening through which they may crawl.

How To Choose A Ball Pit For Kids?

Consider these factors while shopping for a kid’s ball pit:

  • Do you want to use this product indoors or outdoors?? Does it matter if you use it with or without liquid? How crucial is portability to the overall success of a product? Is this something you intend to set up and take down on a regular basis, or do you want it to be there all the time? It’s also possible that you’d like a baby-friendly sensory playpen.
  • Ball pits for babies tend to be smaller and have a shorter lifespan, depending on the child’s age and how long you want the toy to last. Decide on the size of the ball pit based on how many years you expect it to be in use.
  • Features: Do you want something that expands or expands? Do you want to play hula hoop or velcro darts or something else? A tunnel or tent add-on that may be utilized on its own might be an option. The question is whether or not you intend to have several children.


What age is a ball pit good for?

Ball pits are available for children of all ages. The weight restrictions indicated on a ball pit might help you determine whether or not it is appropriate for your child’s needs rather of just looking at the age. But in general, baby ball pits are smaller and shallower than those built for toddlers or older children.

Another thing to take into consideration is whether or not your youngster will outgrow the ball pit. For example, there are ball pits for babies that can later be converted into trampolines. It’s still recommended that your infant be at least six months old and able to sit up alone with strong neck control before purchasing a ball pit.

Are ball pits dangerous?

You can imagine the dangers of enormous public ball pits for smaller children and babies, but they can also be scary.

As a result of their smaller and shallower dimensions, ball pits meant for use at home are generally safe. However, in order to avoid any mishaps, you should always keep an eye on younger children when they are playing. Check your at-home ball pit on a regular basis to make sure no damage or frayed cables have occurred, as this could lead to an unsafe situation.

How many balls do I need for a ball pit?

The majority of the ball pits on this list call for a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 400 balls. However, the size of the ball pit and the desired level of craziness will dictate the number of balls required.

With less to begin with and more as needed, this is what we recommend. A decent beginning point is to have enough balls to cover the entire bottom of your ball pit.

On average, you should expect to receive between 100 and 1,000 balls when you purchase a ball kit.

In order to prevent your children from losing their balls while playing, it’s a good idea to stock up on extras.

Where to buy plastic balls in bulk:

Ball pit balls can be purchased in quantity from Little Tikes and Fisher Price.

However, before stocking up on plastic balls, take the following factors into account:

  • Look for phthalate-free, lead-free, BPA-free, and non-PVC plastic balls, especially for outdoor use, where the plastic can heat up and emit toxic fumes.
  • In the ball pit, toddlers can make easier hoops with smaller balls, which some parents prefer for their children’s hands. A ball between 2.1 and 2.5 inches in diameter is typically recommended.
  • Crushability refers to how readily the balls can be broken down into smaller pieces. Ideally, you’ll want something that isn’t easily broken or crushed!
  • However, if you plan to place your ball pit in a playroom or another area where you’ll see it frequently, a more monochrome design, such as these, may be more appealing to you.

How often should ball pits be cleaned?

A decent rule of thumb is to wash the balls every two to three uses in order to keep them clean. Cleaning the pit with a moist cloth or sanitizing wipes can be done every three to six months, depending on the materials used to construct it.

How much does a ball pit cost?

The cost of a ball pit can vary greatly based on its dimensions and additional amenities. Indoor ball pits for kids can be purchased for as little as $20 or as much as $500 for larger ones that inflate or have additional features.

If you want extra features on your ball pit, such as more activities or a larger size that can accommodate numerous children, you should expect to pay a higher price.

From $15 to $250, there’s something for everyone on this list.

Amazon.com: CuCkoos Foam Ball Pit for Toddlers Kids Soft Round Ball Pool Ideal Gift for Children 35.4 X 11.8 in (Black) : Toys & Games

Final Thoughts:

Playing in a ball pit is a terrific way to engage your children’s senses while also working on their gross and fine motor abilities.

Our Best Overall Ball Pit pick from smarTrike is a great option for parents who are looking to get the most out of the toys they invest in. Once your child is 10 months old, it transforms into a trampoline that can be used until he or she is 55 pounds.

The WellFunTime Inflatable Bounce House is an excellent choice for families with many children who want to keep them all occupied at once. Additionally, there is a dartboard game, as well as an area for soccer goals and basketball hoops. It’s guaranteed to be a big hit at any backyard barbecue this summer!