Which Side Of Puffy Mattress Goes Up? Helpful Information

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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After placing an order for a Puffy Mattress, a courteous delivery person will bring the mattress to your door.

Follow these simple instructions after you’ve unpacked your Puffy bed-in-a-box.

How Firm Is The Puffy?

The comfort layer of the Puffy mattress is soft, but it is also fairly thin. We would give it a 7 out of 10 because it is stiffer than the normal mattress. While lying on the Puffy, we feel the transition and support layers more than the comfort layer. When it comes to mattresses, we found this one to be firmer than most others we’ve tried.

Sleeping On The Puffy Original Mattress

The Puffy Original mattress provides the right amount of comfort and support for back sleepers. While our hips descend through the comfort layer, they are kept from sinking in too far by the transition layer. Aside from providing wonderful contouring, the top layer of memory foam on this mattress conforms to our bodies.

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When lying on our sides, we had considerable discomfort in the shoulders and hips, which is not surprising given the Puffy mattress’s thin top comfort layer. It’s possible that side sleepers on the Puffy mattress will feel a large amount of pressure, which could lead to an uncomfortable night of sleep.

The Puffy Original does not provide adequate support for stomach sleeping, particularly beneath the hips. Our lower backs are starting to hurt because our center mass is sinking into the mattress.

Which Side Of Puffy Mattress Goes Up On The Bed?

Because the Puffy mattress is one-sided, if the brand name at the foot of the bed can be read, you’ve got the proper side up. The Puffy logo is located at the foot of the mattress, and if the letters are not rotated downward, you know you’ve set the mattress correctly on the frame. The foundation of the Puffy mattress uses a grip substance to keep the cover in place as another option.

How do you keep the Puffy mattress in place on the foundation, by the way? Since Puffy’s mattress was originally built to be solid, getting the right support is essential. Because of this, if it still moves around, you should utilize a proper foundation, frame, or base.

How do you put a bedsheet on a Puffy mattress?

  1. Make sure the correct side of the Puffy mattress is facing up by checking the orientation.
  2. To make sure your mattress pad or topper is aligned, set it on top of the Puffy mattress.
  3. Overlay Puffy bamboo sheets on top of a king-sized mattress for an ideal fit.
  4. To guarantee that the sheet isn’t wrinkly, pull each corner in the same direction.
  5. Adjust the material as needed by tucking it under the mattress

Can A Puffy Mattress Be Flipped?

Because the Puffy mattress has a separate foundation and sleeping side, it cannot be flipped. You also don’t have to turn the bed every time you clean it to balance out the wear. Puffy, on the other hand, states that you can rotate your mattress, but it’s not required to increase its longevity.

We’ve compiled a list of the top double-sided mattresses available on the market. Flipping is possible since both sides of the mattress can be used to sleep on. It’s possible to choose the level of firmness that’s right for you with some of these mattresses.

How long do I have to wait before I can sleep on my Puffy Mattress?

Just a few minutes. At least two hours is recommended for full enlargement. Let the mattress breathe for a few minutes before laying down for the best night’s sleep of your life.

Why does the Puffy Mattress come in a box?

Have you ever had to deal with the agony of lugging a heavy, traditional mattress up and down the stairs? Another option is dealing with mattress salespeople, which can be a pain. I’m sorry for bringing back horrible memories.

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In order to make ordering a new bed from the comfort of your own home as simple as possible, we carefully package the Puffy Mattress. To ensure freshness, all of our memory foam mattresses are created to order. Buying a mattress online, having it delivered to your home, and setting it up in a matter of minutes are all made possible through this procedure.


The premium, high-density foams in high-quality memory foam mattresses tend to take longer to break in.

The coils and the “comfort layer” above them might lose support significantly after the first year of usage for innerspring mattresses. After the first week, the feel of a latex mattress won’t alter significantly, but due to the nature of latex, it can sag with time. As a result of the higher density of the substance, memory foam mattresses can take up to 30 days to adapt. It is this density that allows Puffy to provide you a comforting hug without making you feel like you’re sinking into the mattress. – Puffy

After being compressed, these foams need additional time to expand up and stretch to their full comfort potential. With Puffy Mattresses and other high end memory foam mattresses, the majority of owners feel that the wait will be worth it for years of long-lasting comfort you can expect to experience.


In order to get the most out of your new Puffy, we understand that you want to get a good night’s sleep as soon as possible. There are a few things you may do to hasten the process of falling asleep blissfully, even if it takes some time. You should open your new mattress and let it expand and breathe for a few hours before putting any bedding on it before trying these recommendations.


Temperature affects the firmness of a memory foam mattress. To keep yourself warm in your Puffy on a cold day, raise the temperature of your room a few degrees. You can speed up the process of breaking in and softening your new Puffy by raising the temperature of the room by just a few degrees.


Memory foam mattresses, unlike innerspring mattresses, can be walked on without destroying the springs. Stretch out the new foam materials on your new Puffy mattress by crawling around on it for a few minutes each day. Place heavy items on your bed and transfer their weight about during the day to evenly compress/decompress the mattress. This choice is also an option.

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Putting your new mattress to use right away is the fastest way to break it in. Every night, even if you haven’t yet been accustomed to your new mattress, make sure you sleep on it. Additionally, this will allow you and your new Puffy’s foams to become used and flexed so that they soften and conform to your body.

Even if you aren’t sleeping, try to put in as much time as possible on your new Puffy mattress. To hasten the break-in process, sit on your mattress as much as possible. This will allow the mattress to compress and decompress more frequently, allowing it to compress and decompress faster.


And with that, I bid you farewell! The label on the other end of the Puffy mattress is all you need to remember which side is up. It’s impossible to tell if you put the mattress incorrectly unless you can read it clearly.

Bedding from Puffy can also be a good option if you’d like to improve your bed. Make your bed more comfy and breathable by using a mattress topper and sheet.

Helen Skeates

Helen Skeates

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