White Superlock 534 Serger: The Ultimate Guide

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What should you choose
when sewing is involved, each woman has their own personal style. The various options appeal to different women. This White Superlock 534 Serger is not any different. It is loaded with features women would love to have.

White Superlock 534 Serger:

This machine can do the roll-hem. In addition, its status as a reliable machine lets people know that it can handle the sewing work for many long. It’s a reliable sewing machine because it has a 40-page user’s guide.

To find out more all you can about White Superlock 534 Serger, go on reading our review. It provides all the information about the machine, its manufacturer, and much more. When you’re done reading this article, you may be thinking about purchasing a Serger.

Who Makes White Sergers


The White Sewing Machine Company made all sewing machines that bear their White name. The company was established in 1866 in the year 1866, by Thomas White in Cleveland Ohio. The company was known as”the” White manufacturing Company but became the White Sewing Machine Company in 1876.

From 1923 until the time it ended their contract to Sears The White sewing Machine Company made sewing machines. The company changed its direction when the president who was replaced assumed office in 1955. In the wake of the termination from the Sears agreement, White bought up top brands of appliances and expanded out.

The company is now known as White Consolidated Industries, the firm bought Westinghouse in 1975, and then continued to produce sewing machines, as well as other household products. They also bought Frigidaire in 1979, adding to their diverse product line.

When Electrolux acquired its company back in the year 1986 In 1986, the White name was removed from the sewing machine range. These machines were and are offered under the Husqvarna Viking Brand name.

Just to let you know that Husqvarna Viking, Singer, and Pfaff brands are controlled by SVP at present.

How to Thread a White Superlock 534 Serger


Threading the White Superlock 534 serger may not be as simple as it appears. This machine has a particular arrangement and in the event that your thread is damaged after you threaded the machine, you will have to begin starting from scratch.

These are the steps to be followed in order to ensure that threading is done correctly:

Then, you must raise the needle to its maximum height using hands wheel.

In the second, you must begin by starting at the bottom row before moving to then the looper on top. After that, you move through the lower looper before going to the upper row.

The third step is to thread the needle by the needle on the right and then shift it to the needle to the left.

It is important to note that before you begin or when you move through these discs to tension you must set each disc to zero. Make sure that the thread does not go through the machine. If you require an illustration to guide you, simply follow this link.

White Superlock 534 Oiling

To maintain and clean your sewing machine properly You will require the following tools and equipment:

  • Screwdriver

  • Spray duster
  • Vacuum with the thin pipe accessory
  • Serger manual
  • Sewing machine oil

  • Small pipe or brush cleaner

Once you’ve assembled your cleaning kit Here are the steps you must do to ensure your machine is properly oiled:

Step 1 Unscrew the cover of the looper and then swivel plate.

Step 2 Vacuum and take most of the cloth as you are able to.

Three steps Take out the needles pressure foot, needle plate. Take away the pieces and bits of fabric as well as dirt.

Step 4 Use the small pipe cleaner or brush to clean all particles of fabric and dirt from the areas.

Step 5 Now you can apply the spray duster to collect the tiny particles you won’t be able to detect.

Step 6 oil each moving part that you can locate. Two drops of oil per piece should suffice.

Seventh step – stitch your sewing machine together and try it out.

White 534 Serger Needles


If your needles fail, the replacement needles could be needed.can be locatedIn the needle of a Kenmore as well as a Singer needle.Also,A 15xA universal needle should be capable of replacing the needle you’ve lost. If your needle doesn’t stop workingbreaking,There are twoPotentiallySources for this happening.

The first step is to test the tension on the thread. If the tension is set too tight or too loose, excessive pressure is put on the needle, which will cause that it snap. The spool might be damaged.

The crack could catch the thread, putting too high stress upon the needle. This pressure can result in the needle and the replacements it replaces break. The process will continue until you replace or repair the thread spool.

White 534 Serger Locks Up


If you’re having issues using your sewing equipment, the reason could be due to the lock-up mechanism. To resolve this issue take off your needle first and then take off the foot for pressing.

Once you’ve done this, you should check whether the distance between the lock looper and the lock stitch needle is exactly as the manual suggests that it must be. The figure ranges from 0 to 0.1 millimeters. If not, you need to loosen the screw on the looper pin, and then modify the adjustment by rotating the lock looper in the direction you want to move.

The lock looper rotates in both directions. After you’ve completed that you can tighten the screws again. If you require further assistance Here is a page that contains the owner’s manual for this sewing machine. It can help you resolve any issues in using the White Superlock 534 serger.

White Superlock 534 Serger Tension Settings


If you are at the point of sewing adjust the setting for the tension of all discs that are used for tension to 0 before you start. Then , you have to adjust each disc to the specific tension needed to sew correctly.

For the left needle , the tension disc needs to be set to 7. The right needle is set at 3. The upper looper is at 3 and the lower looper and the lower one. By clicking the link above and accessing the owner’s guide will help you ensure that you have the proper tension setting for the next sewing session.

The discs rotate counter-clockwise once you set them to zero. Then , turn them clockwise to determine the appropriate tension.

White 534 Serger Manual


Since white sewing machines aren’t manufactured in the present, and the current brand has been purchased by SVP it can be a bit challenging to find an owner’s manual to guide you through the sewing machine’s operations.

The hope isn’t lost since SVP is able to access all the owner’s manuals on the Singer brand’s website. This includes the White models as well.

We have put it up again to make it easier for you.

Finding White Serger Parts (Power Cord And Foot Pedal)


Finding the right parts for the older White Superlock 534 Serger is not too difficult at all. The power cord as well as pressing foot parts are simple to locate. All you have just click this link and you’ll discover every item you’ll need for your 534 sewing machine.

Power cord as well as the presser foot can be found on the page that you are on. If you’re not getting results and the items are unavailable, perform a search on the internet or join one of the numerous sewing forums and ask members.

You should be aware of where to find the items you need quickly and easily. Another source to check can be found here. Parts are easy to locate if you are aware of where to search.

White Superlock 534 Value

One thing’s for certain that you won’t be wealthy if you own a top-quality White Superlock 534 in pristine condition. One price we’ve found is for the machine at $110. Other estimates range from $90 to $110.

eBay offers a range of prices for various models however none one will get you excited and cause you to hurry to sell your equipment. Also, the The White Superlocks 534 machine are only worth what a buyer will spend and that may not be a lot.

At the end of the day you could get an excellent dinner at a nice restaurant with the proceeds from the sale.

Some Final Words

Its White Superlock 534 serger does have a great name. It’s a great machine, although it can be difficult to thread. Maintaining it clean and well-oiled are essential to ensure that it last for for a long time.

In addition, if something happens to happen to the machine it is likely that the components aren’t too costly and are easy to locate. Maintaining the White sewing machine good condition won’t be too difficult.

In the end, even though it is an excellent machine, it’s not worth much dollars. Its worth lies in its ability to perform well even after it’s been taken from production.



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