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Because wrestling is one of the oldest and most beloved combat sports, it’s no surprise that it remains popular today. It’s not always easy for individuals who wish to practice wrestling at home to find a good mat. Our goal in compiling this list was to help you find the best mats on Amazon so that you can safely train in wrestling at home.

What to Look for in a Wrestling Mat

If you’re on the market for a new wrestling mat, keep the following things in mind:

  • Support and Shock Absorption: A mat that feels like a genuine competition-grade wrestling mat must have a supporting, shock-absorbing surface.
  • Wrestling mats require regular cleaning to keep them in good condition. With household cleaners and an antibacterial and antifungal coating, look for a mat that’s easy to clean.

Best Competition Mat: Dollamur 10’x10′ Flexi-Roll Wrestling Mat

Flexi-Roll Wrestling Mat is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a compact mat with the same feel as a competition mat. For long-term use, this mat has a robust surface that can handle repetitive compression. It also has a 24-ounce vinyl surface that is as sturdy and damage-resistant as they come, and it provides superb shock absorption for enhanced safety. The fact that Dollamur used the same materials in the production of this mat as they do for their full-size competition mats makes it an even better value.

Staph Infections from Wrestling: Everything You Need to Know - Nozin

A 10’x10′ wrestling mat from Dollamur Flexi-Roll® (Royal Blue)

These wrestling mats look and feel like like competition mats, yet they’re small enough to fit in your house.

Best Value: BalanceFrom Tri-Fold Exercise Mat

Practicing wrestling on the BalanceFrom Tri-Fold Exercise Mat is a safe and effective way to keep yourself safe. Shock-absorbing qualities of this 6-by-2-foot mat make it ideal for keeping your balance and avoiding injury.. Because of its affordable cost and Velcro connectors, this mat may be easily combined with other mats to create a bigger practice area at your home or office.

Balance MMA, Gymnastics, and Home Gym Protective Flooring Tri-Fold Exercise Mat with Carrying Handles from 2 Inch Thick (Blue)

The 2-inch thick high-density foam used in this mat provides excellent stability for MMA or wrestling practice. To expand your practice area, you may easily join many mats together.

Best Practice Mat: BalanceFrom GoGym All-Purpose Folding Gym Mat

The ten-by-four-foot balancing platform It comes from the GoGym All-Purpose Folding Gym High-density EPE foam provides a safe and supportive platform for wrestling or MMA practice. Having Velcro on all sides makes it easy to tie numerous mats together for a larger wrestling practice mat.. Even during the most vigorous practice sessions, mats attached to other mats will not separate or move. It is also long-lasting, water-resistant, and easy to maintain.

Balance Folding Gymnastics Gym Exercise Aerobics Mat 4’x10’x2″ Extra Thick High Density Anti-Tear Gymnastics Gym Mat from GoGym (Black)

It’s easy to store, sturdy, and great for combat sports like wrestling, jiu-jitsu, or MMA when coupled and connected with other mats.

Also Consider: AK Athletics 12′ x 12′ Home Use Wrestling Mat

The AK Athletics 12-by-12-Foot Home Use Wrestling Mat is a terrific investment for people with plenty of space. Three 4-by-12-foot sheets of cross-linked polyethylene foam provide excellent shock absorption and support. Antimicrobial and antifungal properties make it an excellent alternative for wrestling practice at home, since it is easy to clean with non-caustic detergents.

Dollamur Flexi-Roll Wrestling Mat

You don’t want to take up your entire living room to practice, but you still want to get some work done?

If you are looking for a smaller mat that can handle repeated compression, the Dollamur Flexi-Roll Wrestling Mat 5’x10’x1.25″ is the ideal choice.

Athletic grade cross-linked foam and closed cells are used in the production of these mats to ensure optimal shock absorption.

Even under the most intense misuse, the vinyl surface will not fracture. Because of this, it will never need to be repaired.

In order to prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms that cause foul odors, the mat’s surface has been impregnated with antimicrobials.

Wrestling mats used in high-profile events across the world are made by Dollamur.

AK Athletics Roll-Up 8′ x 8″ Wrestling Mat for Home Use

Not even the small size of the AK Athletics wrestling mat may deceive you; this company stands behind its products with a reputation for excellence.

There are no phthalates or lead in the manufacturing of this wrestling mat for home use.

It’s easy to roll the materials up and store them away when they aren’t in use, as they are both antifungal and antimicrobial. Cross-linked foam is used in the construction of these shock-absorbing wrestling mats, which are 1 3/8′′ thick.

The mat tape is included in the price of your mat and will serve you well for many years, even if you’re a wrestling aficionado who trains a lot and practices frequently.

The same mats have been purchased by schools, government training institutes, and even the military for use. Heavy-duty 22 ounce vinyl is used to make these 8-by-8-foot mats, which have to be taped together in two 8-by-4-foot portions.

AK Athletics Wrestling Mat with Starting Lines and Red and White Circles

Make sure you have enough room for the 8′ x 8′ AK Athletics wrestling mat with starting lines and red and white circles because it will take up a lot of area when it’s put together.

Designed to resist mildew and UV rays, these high-endurance wrestling mats are ideal for use in a variety of settings. Shock-absorbing 1 3/8-inch polyethylene foam is used to make the mats antibacterial and antifungal.

To save space, these mats can be rolled up. Wrestling mats are built to endure the grueling punishment that comes with the sport.

You can expect to see these mats at college and high school wrestling tournaments everywhere.

8′ x 8′ x 1 3/8′′ thick is the thickness of a wrestling mat when it is taped. The mats are made of 22-ounce heavy-duty vinyl and feature high-endurance shock-absorbing foam.

Ordering this will need you to use the complimentary mat tape that is provided in the packaging to put together the two 8′ x 4′ portions.

When wrestling on a mat with white starting lines and circles, it gives the illusion that they are genuinely competing.

AK Athletics Roll-Up 10′ x 10′ Black Wrestling Mat with Red Circles

This black AK Athletics roll-up wrestling mat is worth every penny when it comes to the best performance mat on the market.

These mats are designed to withstand heavy use while yet allowing athletes to react quickly when the situation calls for them.

These mats are built to last, with UV protection, rot and mildew resistance, and shock absorption.

Each mat is made of 1 3/8′′ polyethylene foam and is antibacterial and antifungal.

The mats appear substantial, but they can be simply rolled up for usage at home, work, or even school.

The mats are divided into two portions of 10′ x 5′ each, and the mat tape needed to connect them is included free of charge.

Competition Wrestling Mats - High and NCAA School Regulation Sizes

The huge 10 ft × 10 ft wrestling mat is ready for action once it is installed. For the serious wrestler, these mats have been meticulously crafted.

Made in the United States, they’re built to last for a long time without chipping, tearing, or otherwise breaking down.

Just choose a wrestling mat size that works best for your home now that you have a better idea of what goes into making a long-lasting mat.

Set placed outside on a flat surface, the materials are sturdy enough to withstand the elements without tearing or ripping apart.

There are many government training institutions around the country that use these wrestling mats, although in a smaller form. They are similar to tough tumbling mats.

You can buy with confidence that you’re obtaining a product that will help the wrestler develop their skills and gain the competitive edge they need to thrive in this highly demanding sport.

Price Comparison of Wrestling Mats

Wrestling mats come in three varieties, each with a distinct purpose and price range.

Classic Mats

For both training and competition, the most common wrestling mat is the classic mat. These are frequently purchased by schools and universities, and they come equipped with heavy padding to keep students safe from a variety of wrestling tactics.

Many universities prefer to use one half of the mat for regular training and the other for competitions.

Lightweight Mats

They are primarily used for home training sessions and private tournaments or friendly competitions, not for professional wrestling. The primary purpose of these mats is portability and ease of storage. In a matter of minutes they may be unrolled, moved, and installed in a completely new location.

There are other benefits to purchasing a lightweight mat, such as greater freedom in choosing its size and thickness.

Competition Mats

Even while traditional competition mats are still in use, they are not the same thickness or size as those permitted by the NCAA for certain events (National Collegiate Athletic Association).

In order to keep costs down, competition mats have a set thickness of 1-5/8′′ and are solely used for competitions. Mats like this one are commonly used in high school and college wrestling, as well as professional wrestling.

This chart lists the approximate costs of various 10′ by 10′ wrestling mats. The cost of a wrestling mat varies depending on the thickness, the cost of installation, and the cost of printing any custom graphics you want on the mat.

How Big Is a Full-Sized Wrestling Mat?

Depending on your preferences and needs, the size of your practice and home training wrestling mats will vary.

There must be a wrestling circle no larger than 32′ in diameter inside the mat for competition wrestling mats, according to NCAA standards.

How Much Does a Wrestling Mat Weigh?

To determine how much a wrestling mat weighs is a matter of how much material it’s made of as well as its thickness.

Today, a conventional 42-foot-by-42-foot wrestling mat weighs 700 to 800 pounds (317.6 kilograms) (362.9 kg). For a 42′ × 42′ mat, the old version weighed over 2000 lbs (907.2 kg). The newer version weighs less than half of that.

Because they are lighter, these new wrestling mats are more easily transported and put up wherever they are needed.

How Long Do Wrestling Mats Last?

It’s not uncommon for vinyl-coated wrestling mats to shrink over time, thus most manufacturers make their mats somewhat larger than the intended size.

A wrestling mat’s lifespan and durability aren’t predetermined. Depending on the frequency of use, storage conditions, and upkeep, a wrestling mat’s lifespan will vary.

Your wrestling mat will decrease another 2–3 percent over the next year before it stops shrinking completely.

  • Your wrestling mat will last longer if you regularly check it for cracks or foam depressions and fix them.
  • Flattening it will help keep the mat from being wrinkled, so make sure to store it that way when not in use. Avoid using ropes, wires, or chains to hold the mat together if you need to roll it up.
  • When storing the mat, roll it from one side at a time, alternating each time.

Using these suggestions, you may extend the life of your mat and keep it in good condition.

Where To Get a Wrestling Mat?

Here are a few places where you can get your next wrestling mat after having a general knowledge of the types of mats available and their price ranges.

  • There’s no better place to get lightweight wrestling mats with some of the most stunning digital prints you’ll ever see than MatsMatsMats.
  • Resilite – Resilite has one of the largest collections of wrestling mats in the world. Classic, lightweight, and competition mats in various sizes are all readily available.
  • If you’re looking for rubber flooring, you don’t need to look any farther than Rubber Flooring. Soft flooring is still available on their website, where you can buy a range of wrestling mats and other equipment.
  • Wrestling mats and padding are the primary focus of this website, which specializes in this area. Mats that may be conveniently moved and set up are available in a comprehensive collection from this company.

Size and type of wrestling mat will affect the price of a product.

Before purchasing a mat, it’s a good idea to figure out what you want it to do for you. Look no farther than our selection of portable, self-contained devices. Alternatively, are you considering purchasing a mat to be used in a facility that you own or operate?

By figuring out what you need, you’ll be able to focus your search and estimate how much money you’ll need to spend on the mat.

Signs You Need A Replacement

Even though there are numerous indicators that you need new wrestling mats, there are certain that are more common than others. This list includes a few examples:

Divets or Holes in the Mats

The presence of holes, divets, or gouges in a wrestling mat’s surface is a telltale sign of abuse. Freak collisions and forceful takedowns could cause the mats to become damaged this way. Do not wait until it’s too late to take care of these clear symptoms. Wrestlers are more likely to get hurt if they don’t have full mat protection between them and the floor. It is also possible for various bacteria to permeate into the mats through these damaged places, putting everyone who touches the mat at risk.

Outdated Mats

In addition, if your mats are seriously out of date, it’s time to get new ones. Regulations in existence now stipulate that a minimum of five feet must be left around the circle to accommodate competition. Replace any old mats that don’t satisfy this requirement right away. This rule adds an extra layer of safety in the event that the wrestlers leave the circle at any point during the contest. With the extra five feet of the mat, they have a lower risk of slamming into the gym floor.

People who come into touch with mats that have not been cleaned or stored correctly might be exposed to bacteria, which can pose a serious health hazard for everyone. In order to ensure everyone’s health, it’s imperative that you and your athletes adhere to the precise guidelines that govern mat cleanliness. If your mat is infected by bacteria, you need to buy a new one as soon as possible.

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What makes a good wrestling mat?

Support and Shock Absorption: A mat that feels like a genuine competition-grade wrestling mat must have a supporting, shock-absorbing surface. With household cleaners and an antibacterial and antifungal coating, look for a mat that’s easy to clean.

How thick should a wrestling mat be?

Thicknesses of 1-1/4-inch and 2-inch are the most prevalent for wrestling mats. Researchers have shown that cross-linked polyethylene foam needs up to 60% more foam to match the PVC Rubber Nitrile foam’s impact and shock-absorbing properties.

How much does a wrestling mat cost?

Costs for building a 42-by-42-foot building range from $6800 to $8000, depending on the manufacturer and materials utilized.

Are wrestling mats hard?

There’s a common misconception that the ring floor is a soft landing spot. Being propelled by the ring ropes might be difficult for those who haven’t had a chance to get used to the sensations. However, wrestling is a sport where things don’t always go according to plan.

What Are The Dimensions of a Wrestling Mat?

What is the average size of a wrestling mat?

For convenience, mats can be separated into many parts. Mats must be 42 feet by 42 feet and have a minimum wrestling circle of 32 feet, according to NCAA regulations. The minimum wrestling circle size for high school wrestling is 28 feet.

How long does a wrestling mat last?

Despite the fact that our wrestling mats are built to survive for many years, they will eventually need to be replaced. As one of the most physically demanding sports, wrestling has a significant impact on both the wrestlers and the schools that train them.

How much do old wrestling mats weigh?

These mats weigh on average 0.8 to 1.25 pounds per square foot; a 40-foot by 40-foot mat weighs between 1,280 and 2,000 pounds, depending on the manufacturer. Some of the heavier and more cumbersome old-school mats have lasted the test of time, despite the fact that they are cumbersome to store.

How much does a Resilite wrestling mat cost?

Starting price is $12,069.00. Since 1963, just one company has provided the NCAA championship with mats.

What is under a pro wrestling ring?

There are no springs in wrestling rings. There was a day when WWE used springs, but those days are long gone. As an alternative, the majority of the force is dissipated by a layer of foam beneath the canvas. There are also flexible hardwood planks beneath the foam that absorb some of the impact.